I needed that. Maybe you do too.

So I’m at Nowhere signing books, which looks like me in the back room with boxes of books and a stack of personalizations that sometimes read “Surprise me!” (which 75% of the time leads to me implicating you in a fascinating crime that will confound your grandchildren when they come across it one day) and sometimes have lovely notes that the sender wants to me write to the person they’re sending my books to, and sometimes it’s wonderful, funny or inspiring messages that people want me to write so that they remember them, and sometimes it’s slightly veiled threats that I can only assume they are sending to enemies while disguising their handwriting since I’m the one writing “We love you but please stop microwaving fish in the company breakroom” in their book and I tip my hat to your creativity.

But this requested inscription was actually exactly what I needed to hear for myself, and maybe you might need it too.

“The you who you are is better than the you who you want other people to think you are.”

Amen. (Thank you for the reminder, Amy. Your book is on the way.)

Happy New Year, everyone. Let’s be kind out there.

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  1. This is the BEST! Today is my birthday and I would love this inscription. Amy is lucky!!

  2. Inspirational notes like this is what every writer and author needs from time to time. Feel free to check out my latest blog on tips for writers looking for new opportunities in 2022 on lilpickmeup.com. We need to look out for ourselves and practice self-love, which means positive self-talk from time to time but also knowing what we want out of our next career opportunity.

    Happy New Year!

  3. This is a lovely and most definitely needed inscription, yet why is my next thought “but that’s not true.” What a mess we are when we never really believe that we are wonderful.

  4. When I ordered books from Nowhere while you still weren’t going there much, I asked the shipper to stand on one foot and count to three, and to draw a cat on a random page.

    The receipt had a note ‘Sorry, I can’t draw’.

    I received no information regarding the standing-on-one-foot part.

  5. What if Amy wants people to call him Rob, and the person Rob wants people to think Rob is, is actually the same person that Rob already is, but their friends and family are super attached to Amy? I keep having to fight this fight, where i explain that my life as a male, wasn’t a lie, that I am still me and that the thing I need people to see is that there was and is also this whole female part of me that they didn’t see, or didn’t want to see. If Amy wants people to see something else, maybe her friends ought to give it a good hard look.

  6. Dearest Jenny, sending you all the good wishes that 2022 will be a year for you full of peace, calm and love. I adore you and I will be awed by you until forever.

  7. And now I’m crying. Thank you, Amy, and thank you, Jenny, for sharing it. I hope you both have a peaceful new year.

  8. I love the thought of sometimes we try too hard to please other people and change for other people, because we think we are not good enough just exactly the way we are. Having someone who cares about you saying don’t try so hard to be different, because you’re fine just as you are, is great.
    On the other hand, if someone is denying your true self, because they are hung up on the way they see you, isn’t so great. (Thank you poster #14 Sean McKibbon, for reminding us that is sometimes the case.)
    So I hope it is the former, and not the latter.
    Thank you Jenny, and Amy, and the person who requested the inscription (I can’t read their signature,) for reminding us to be true to our true selves, and telling us it’s okay to be ourselves.

  9. Hi Jenny! My good friend, Vicki, had you sign a book for me and I was thrilled!!! Best gift ever! Thank you so very much! Love you ❣️

  10. I’m Amy. Or at least an Amy and it’s always helpful to get a universe-sent prompt.

  11. Love this and also needed to see it today. Thank you for always shining your beautiful light Jenny Lawson (and all of the Amys) 💫

  12. What a great inscription. And I have to mention, I think it’s a testament to what kind of stuff is ‘normal’ on your blog that I read the microwaving fish part and *didn’t* immediately realize it’s probably just about lingering fish smells from someone heating their lunch…. My first thought was basically someone randomly killing goldfish or something by microwaving them.

  13. Jenny, Please don’t forget Booksgiving. I ended up with 3 signed copies of Broken and I sent two to people who asked for them in these comments, a week or so ago. I loved doing it. Please don’t forget!

  14. I have to think that anyone who would ask Jenny Lawson to write that inscription in one of her books must intend the message to be supportive and reassuring.If any of the Amys in teh conversation get that book, I hope you’ll let us know.


  15. The me that I want other people to see? She got left back in 2021. Hopefully I can be the next that I really am. Keep on being the you that you are!! 😊

  16. Let’s try this again with me proofreading before I click submit. Autocorrect is the bane of my existence.
    The me that I want other people to see? She got left back in 2021. Hopefully I can be the me that I really am from now on. Keep on being the you that you really are, Jenny!! 😊

  17. My husband got me your book for Christmas. When he saw my surprised and delighted face, he said ” See, I listen.” I need him to inscribe my book with that. I haven’t read it yet because I’m waiting for my life to calm down a little, and also because when I have read it, I will not have it to look forward to.anymore. For now I am just enjoying the cover and the anticipation.

  18. Amy is lucky to have such humans in her life ❤️ Wonderful, thank you for sharing.

  19. An excellent reminder that being our genuine, vulnerable selves is far better than being anyone else.

  20. I love getting books from your store. I don’t know why it seems like they are special gift books even though I pay for them. Maybe it’s because your store is not part of a big corporate chain store. When I was little (actually, I’m still short in stature) my mom took us to the library every Wednesday after school. It was my favorite day of the week! Getting a book from your store has that feel to it. Real books from someone who understands their possibilities and power as well as their magic!

  21. and now I am thinking of running my own blog. Because sometimes somewhere somehow someone may need just as simple yet beautiful words like these.

    Thank you Jenny for being you and share this beauy. Love you. ^^

  22. Another Amy here. Thanks to you Jenny for being the vehicle to a lovely universal message.

  23. So I just uttered a sentence to my best friend I don’t think will ever be uttered again. “I need the hvac guy to leave so I can wrap string around my nipple.” I feel like this is truly a worthy sentence for you to see. This is what happens when you try to order a breast pump while your house is trying to kill you.

  24. This made me cry, in a good way. Thanks for sharing, and thanks to whoever ordered this inscription.

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