Love in the time of covid

So this week Victor fucked up our perfect record of no covid in the house because I guess he just likes to be contrary. Luckily he’s just feeling like he has a bad flu (thank God for vaccines and boosters because I can’t imagine how bad he would be feeling without them) but he’s been banished to the bedroom, so the whole rest of the house belongs to me, Hailey and the furries, which was sort of nice for a few days because I could turn the entire living room into an arts and crafts studio while I remodeled my haunted dollhouse and no one yelled at me for gluing miniature wallpaper to the the coffee table and possibly a cat. Also, I binge watched every horror series I could find while making dozens of miniature books which I then accidentally dropped into a black hole in my couch and have been pulling out with chopsticks like it’s my very own claw-machine. In all, a very productive week.

But today felt particularly lonely so Victor and watched Boba Fett together but in different rooms and texted about (I’M NOT INCLUDING SPOILERS HERE SO YOU’RE WELCOME) and it was both nice and very, very weird and I’m really ready for covid to go away.

My service announcement to you: Please get your shots if you haven’t already and can. Also, don’t walk away from your sticky wallpaper while you’re waiting for it to get tacky because you will 100% have a cat walk through it and then leave gluey paw prints everywhere and while you’re cleaning that up another cat will just fucking FLOP onto the wallpaper and you’ll have to peel it off him and give the cat a bath in the sink while assuring your husband that the hissing and deep, mournful meowls he’s hearing are just the sound of the cats missing him dearly.

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  1. Oh Jenny….you make life so much funnier.

    TOTALLY agree on the vaccine and boosters! We’ve been lucky with no Covid, so far.

  2. Next time, just leave the wallpaper on the cat, add a little more to it, pop a bow on top, and send it in to Victor’s room as a gift-wrapped cat.

  3. I’m vaxxed and boosted and mask, but have to go into the office regularly. I tested positive two weeks ago, and while I never got really sick, I’ve felt like poop for long enough that I’m totally done with it. Every day is a surprise though, not knowing what my energy levels or symptoms will be. The worst part is the sleep cycle disruption.. no idea if that’s a covid thing or a sleeping-so-much-because-I’ve-felt-like-poop thing, but 3a-11a is not the most helpful sleep schedule.

  4. Hahahaha yeah…

    My wife is isolated in our daughter’s room. She caught omicron from the ER, which we had to visit for a possibly torn rotator cuff. This is her second time with covid. The first was before any vaccines were available. This time she is vaccinated and is doing better than the first, though it still sucks. With her immune system we’re glad to see the vaccines helping her.

    Good luck!

  5. The hits just keep coming. Glad that all are vaxxed and hoping he has a swift and complete recovery.

    As for the rest… well, this is why I no longer have cats. Well, that and I simply cannot deal with losing them.

  6. Poor Victor and poor cats! I hope you and Hailey don’t catch the Rona.
    I just LOVE the Boba Fett series, it’s so well done. I’m looking forward to all the other Star Wats related series that will be coming out soon. That is the one thing I have enjoyed about the pandemic making us more house-bound, more time to watch excellent tv series that I would have no time to watch if life was pre-pandemic normal.
    Best wishes for everyone in your household staying and getting well, and for your cats to forgive you for the wallpaper glue.

  7. Sounds like you are handling it all in your typical Bloggess fashion. Hope you and Hailey stay covid-free and that Victor recovers quickly. Thanks for the tips on wallpaper safety. A scenerio that had me laughing as I imagine the disaster. Sorry. It is just so YOU! Thanks for sharing…and ask Victor to please NOT share.

  8. Here’s wishing Victor a speedy recovery. I would imagine that having a wall paper cat would be interesting, but who am I to judge you for risking your life to de-paper them. Stay safe and healthy, and yes I’ve had my vaccines and booster so thanks for the PSA on getting them. I know some people are against vaccinations, but this is really important. #stopthespreadofcovid.

  9. Hope Victor feels better soon. Tell him not to rush getting better – one, because it’s better for recovery, even mild cases, and two, more time for you to craft unsupervised.
    Also, oooh! How do you make miniature books?! Yes, I know that can be Googled, but sometimes those who make things have better advice and connections.

  10. My 6 year old tested positive a little under two weeks ago. And we live in a tiny house with no possibility of isolating. (And also, you try getting a 6 year old to wear her mask in the house at all times…) BUT – we are boosted, she is vaxxed, and so far the hubs and I haven’t gotten it. Yay science! The vaccines worked – she was not as contagious thanks to her vaccine, and we were able to have sufficient immunity from the boosters. I count that as a win. Hoping it passes through your house quickly and no one else gets sick.

  11. How do you get him to STAY in the bedroom? Husband and I are both home with it, and we’re not big fans right now.

    Also, need to see pics of the dollhouse, like, yesterday.

  12. Also, am now horrified I used the word “better” 4x in a comment. It’s like I don’t own a thesaurus. Obviously, it was just important to emphasize feeling well in the simplest way repetively. Fight the good battle, Victor.

  13. We’ve had all our Covid vaccines, boosters, flu shots, tetanus shots, and wear masks every time we leave the house, BUT I’m going out right now and buy some glue in case of Covid. And wallpaper. And a cat. Just because it sounds like such a freaking fun thing to do when you’re sick. Hope you are able to stay Covid-free.

  14. I’m so sorry about Victor – I’m glad he’s had all his shots. Now about these furries you mentioned … oh, the pets! Right. I also sympathize with the cat helper problem.

  15. My 7 yr old got covid this week too. She’s already better and just waiting for the quarantine to be over. My wife and I are in isolation because our jobs require it when a contact happens. Oddly enough, our 5 yr old is allowed back to school. It’s “recommended” that he wear a mask. I hate our school district.

  16. I am sorry about Victor, but thank you for such a lovely write up about it all. I mean, I know you ARE a writer, but you make reading so fun. I feel bad that this story made me smile and laugh. Feel better soon Victor.

  17. Without my vaccine and booster I would have been in the hospital. I knew I was high risk and even with them I barely stayed out so I definitely am with you on those who can get them, please do! But also I love the mental imagery of trying to bathe an angry cat and assure your hubby it’s just missing him 🤣

  18. Sorry about Victor. This Omicron is supremely contagious and doesn’t care about how well you are vaccinated. Fortunately, as you noted, fully vaccinated people get only a mild case. Still, better to avoid it completely, right? As to your black hole in the couch? For the last year or so they have been popping up all over my house and transporting items around various rooms and locations. I’m hoping someone will come up with something like a fly strip that will catch them.

  19. Omg I can just see my #SamSam walking around with wallpaper on him. I’d just cut it off (long hair) and then when Lou asked me what happened to him I’d end up playing the what game until he was so confused he either just decided it wasn’t worth it or forgot what he was asking about in the first place.

  20. I hope Victor feels better soon. Good you all are vaxed. We are expecting a monster storm this weekend so i just checked to make sure i have enough wallpaper for the cat. She’s plump. And i do. In case i am looking for something to do in between shovelling.

  21. What a wonderful (except for the Covid) wacky post! My cat would have rolled around like a top if glue was involved. And also had a punishing bath, too! Scamps!

  22. Hope V is back to “normal” soon. I just got my booster today after having three shots. My dance card is full… I guess they’ll give me a second card whenever I get another dose!? Stay healthy and mask up!

  23. Next time, can you add audio of your cat getting the wallpaper and glue washed off? Note I did not as “if” there is a next time.

  24. Poor Victor. I’m so sorry he’s going through the Shit Show.

    Your cats are so patient and loving, but maybe they’re not the best at fashion design / interior design? They should stick with yarfing on the carpet!

  25. Hope Victor is feeling much better soon…

    And… how good was Boba this week!?!?

  26. So sorry he has COVID. We’ve been blessed so far and have not gotten it even though my husband has been in office the entire time.

    What horror series did you watch?! I LOVE HORROR and need more.

  27. This has me so nervous. I currently am waiting on surgery for 4 shoulder tears and I’m severely immuno-compromised. Wishing your wife and family the best.

  28. I was painting the bathroom, left to answer the phone & came back to find blue paw prints going down the hall, around the corner, into the bedroom & under the bed. I bent down & found an all blue smurf/cat crouched under the bed hissing & spitting at me – like I was the one to tell her to jump into a gallon of paint!

  29. Oh, I am so glad to hear he is not as bad off as some of the people I know who have gotten it, even with their shots. Admittedly, the one friend has a body very much like yours. Always coming up with new ways of causing problems.

    And yeah, cats and sticky things don’t mix, dogs either. Also some of you, but possibly not Jenny, have no idea how hard it is to catch an animal with something stuck to their tail. Especially when it keeps whapping them as they run.

  30. I pray Victor gets well soon Jenny, and you and Hailey stay well. Yeah, cats and glue are a bad match!!😁

  31. When my mom got covid last year, she was vaccinated but I don’t think the booster was available yet. She had a rough time with it; she spent a week in the hospital and a couple months at home recovering with an oxygen tank. Hopefully Victor doesn’t have to go through that and recovers quickly.

  32. So what I’m hearing is that wallpaper gives you COVID? (I joke, I joke!) Still, wallpaper does tend to be pretty evil as proven by its hatred of your cats. They were just trying to protect you from it.

  33. Wishing Victor a speedy recovery, continued covidlessness for you and Hailey, and a glue-free existence for the cats. We love you guys.

  34. Oh no!!! Poor Victor! 🙁 hope he has a swift and speedy recovery and that you two stay well! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

    Covid recently swept through my family like a sociopathic hurricane. My mom, sister, uncles and aunt all got it, regardless of their vaccination statuses. Covid is on fuego in SoCal!

    I just came out of quarantine last Friday after being inside for 15 days (my mom and sister got it and I was within close contact at one point). I tested negative many times, but just to safe I quarantined to protect my hubby just in case.

    My plethora of tests kept coming back negative, as did my hubbys thanks be to God, however I had what were probably terror fucking induced migraines simply from the stress of the whole thing!

    Not good timing, brain!!!!!! Wait to have the migraines until AFTER the Covid scare!

    The only thing that got my hubby and I through: scrabble go! It’s really the only reason to have Facebook.

    We played each other each nightly as some form of connection and routine. All you have to do is download the free app, and sign into your Facebook within the app. Hope that helps! 🙂 hugs!!!

  35. I’m in almost the exact situation as you. The exact part being my vaxxed and boosted husband having Covid and me being lonely on this, the third day of his exile. You hang in there and I will too.

  36. We all – 4 of us – finally got it too. At the same time. THAT was a fun week. I don’t recommend it. Stay healthy, y’all.

  37. Which reminds me of the time when, two decades ago, my kitty was sitting on the window sill watching my middle-school age daughter use a can of spray foam insulation for some school project I have long forgotten the purpose of. Overwhelmed by curiosity, my kitty LEAPED into the unset foam and then when I yelled NO! RAN with paws filled with the unset foam around the entire carpeted downstairs!
    The foam hardened within 15 minutes and I spent HOURS snipping the foam out of the carpet and when I finally retrieved the kitty from under our queen-sized bed, also snipped all the hardened foam on the cat’s fur between each toe!

  38. My 85yo mom with lung cancer got Covid last week. She was pretty sick for one day. Ended up in the hospital for a couple of days, but she came home yesterday, feeling better than she did before. 🤷🏼‍♀️ She’s vaxed and boosted, and had she not been this outcome likely would have been very, very different.
    My kid in college just told me that their roommate tested positive today and moved out to an isolation room. We’ll see what happens over the next couple of day… I feel like it is almost inevitable at this point.

  39. I read that as: “so the whole rest of the house belongs to me, Hailey and the FURIES” 😂 Get well soon, Victor!

  40. My daughter was meticulous about social distancing and precautions and vaccines for herself and family. This past fall she and the kids returned to in-person school (she teaches). Fall term went okay other than a few false alarms of exposure.. January comes, first one child, then the other tested positive. Then husband. This week she tested positive. Fortunately no one was hit hard. But she has probably missed at least a full month of work days.

  41. Bawhahaha you wallpapered your cat lol. Now I wondering which cat? Feel better soon Victor and I can’t wait to see a pic of the new doll house remodel

  42. So glad Victor was boosted prior!! I hope he recovers quickly and that you all miss it completely. My parents both just got over mild cases (also vaccinated and boosted). So far I’ve avoided catching it from anyone and trying to isolate a lot because I’m pregnant and scared. I miss my sister but she’s anti-vaccine, along with her husband and I just can’t risk my baby boy.

    Also, good luck with keeping your cats out of everything sticky. I have not figured it out either.

  43. It’s me. I fucked up our family’s perfect record as well this week. And, yes, I suspect it would have been a lot worse without the vaccine. Covid sucks! Good wishes and good health to you and yours.

  44. It’s been awhile since I’ve visited your blog. I agree with you…I’m tired of Covid too. I’m glad to have made the time to stop and visit. Thank you for sharing and I’ll be back again soon. Get well soon Victor.

  45. oh man 🙁 my youngest son brought it home from work for us for Christmas. It was the gift none of us wanted. Almost our whole house and my oldest sons house all got it. And yes like you said sort of a bad cold mild flu. The after effects are what I’m just about over, 2 weeks later I can still tell I had something. I hope Victor gets over it fully and can return to life as normal. This current variant is just so damn contagious.

  46. Sending tons of health-vibes for Victor (and you and Hailey)!
    This sort of thing is honestly my worst fear, the fact that people can still catch covid even if vaccinated… I know it’s usually not nearly as bad if you are vaccinated, and I am (booster too), and so is my mom, but knowing that my elderly severely immunocompromised mom still has a chance of getting it is why I’m still taking every precaution possible and we are both still semi-isolating except for doctor appts and my occasional grocery trip.

  47. Ummm…doesn’t Victor know that traditional 20th anniversary gifts (or whichever your next is) is wallpapered cats? Seriously hope he is better soon and the rest of you avoid the plague.

  48. Sending all good thoughts for a speedy recovery from this horrible bloody virus! Abd talking of horror shows, did you watch Archive 81 yet? So creepy!

  49. Yes, my son came to visit from Oklahoma so we could meet his girlfriend, and they both came down with “colds” the second day of their visit. I suspect they really had COVID because we ended up getting sick with COVID 3 days later and it does indeed suck. I’ve been sicker, but not by much and not requiring the hospital, so at least we were able to recover at home. Take tons of immune support–by the way, I strongly suspect that only people who are doubly vaccinated are getting Omicron, because this is following the pattern of everyone I know who has gotten it. Still, glad we stayed out of the hospital! Stay well and hope Victor heals quickly.

  50. Stick with it! Isolating is hard but worth it. I have a 16 year old who didn’t fare as well as the rest of us and is dealing with long covid now and heart issues. You just don’t know! I know you know this but worth the extra effort. We are also all vaxxed.

  51. Hear you on the cats. When we got our hard wood floors redone, our cat decided that was the time to make a trip through the room. His prints are permenatly imprinted like it was a dog running through a wet sidewalk. Including the corner where he tried to come to a screeching halt and turn a corner. For those who draw action cartoons – the action marks are EXACTLY how it looks in real life, on my hard wood floors, forever.

  52. Not to diminish Victor’s misery (or yours!), but I thought you should know, when I told Dear Sweet Mama that Victor got the COVID, her reply was “That damn Victor!” As though we were talking about a relative. So, you’re our cousin now.

  53. Sucks about the Covid. Had to laugh at the cats and the glue and the wallpaper. You’d think about living with you for so many years they’d learn to avoid certain items.

  54. Victor! Thank goodness you were Vaxxed! Kitties! Keep your toe-beans out of the glue! Thank goodness there was a bright side to the story. Early Commenter above is on to something-Just stick a bow on Kitty head and he’s a gift! And to everyone who is vaxxed-thank you.

  55. I might have claimed not to hear the cat sounds at all and that they must be a COVID symptom.

  56. Dear KJ (comment #55), please don’t feel guilty about not seeing the members of your family who won’t get vaccinated. You are doing the absolute right thing: taking good care of your soon-to-be little one, and equally importantly, taking care of yourself! Covid is particularly difficult for pregnant people, and your little guy (and all the people who love you) need and want you around for a long, long time.

    So you just keep on being smart, careful, and protecting yourself and your little guy-to-be; in other words, being the great Mom that you will continue being after your little one arrives.

    I have had to deal with anti-vaxxer family members who claim to love me, but don’t seem to care a bit that I am at high risk because of immunosuppression and clotting disorders. I know that it is so, so hard to process how the people who you love can be so careless, and put the very wrong “advice” of strangers above the well-being of someone who loves them. It’s baffling and heartbreaking, but I have finally had to acknowledge that you just can’t reason with the unreasonable.

    I have come to the conclusion that the “why” they are behaving this way, matters far less than the fact that their actions speak a different story than their words. If someone doesn’t value me enough to take such a simple step to keep me safe, especially since I
    was more than willing to vaccinate, mask, etc to keep others safe, then I just cannot be around them right now. I can email, I can text, but I cannot bend on having no in person contact with them, no matter how many times they say, “We’ll be careful!” or “If you cared, you’d be at the family dinner!” The truth is, whatever the reason behind their choice, their choice to socialize while unvaccinated is selfish, not loving.

    There will be plenty of time later, after the new medicines are readily available, after your baby is safely here and the pandemic is under control, to try to sort things out, meet, talk, with our anti-vac family members, if we choose to. But for now, please do not feel any guilt about making the wise, loving decision to protect yourself and your baby boy. Cherish your friends and loved ones who are respecting and loving you and your community by vaccinating and masking. They are the ones who are in your corner now, and will continue to be.

    Sending you and the little guy both love and light. You’ve got this, and it will all work out in the long run!

  57. We went through something similar in the Brody household, recently. Tiki VonTiki of the Roaming Land Manatee Vontikis (a blue nosed pit) and Llewellen Faerluddengrin Brody (The bearded dragon who lives atop my piano in a glass box) got to rule the house while my wife, whose name escapes me at the moment* recovered alone in the bedroom. Vaccinated, she got a mild case and felt better well before the quarantine period was up. Still, she maintained protocols. We all try to do it right to the best of our ability. The virus sneaks through. Slide tea and chicken soup under the door to Victor.

    *I avoid putting my wife’s name in posts like this because she prefers to maintain a degree of anonymity and I find it very difficult to memorize.

  58. Sorry, Victor! I’m 2x Pfizer and 1 Moderna boost and thanks to people in the building going unmasked I now have the Rona.
    Ask Victor if he’s using 2020-era toilet paper as kleenex, or did he update with a 2021 or 2022 model. My nose is raw!
    Science everybody, and stay well.

  59. Glad Victor’s on the mend! … Reading this post, I couldn’t help thinking, where’s the photo of wallpapered cats?

  60. This is my husband this week too! It was crazy, he took a test as soon as he woke up and it was positive. Panic set in and he was quickly banished to our bedroom. It was like, “hurry get outta here before someone else gets it!”, even though literally 20 minutes before we were sleeping in the same bed. Surprisingly, and knock on wood, no one else has gotten it and it has been 6 days. Stay healthy and get well soon Victor.

  61. 3x Moderna here and I got it last month anyway, during the ongoing after-Christmas wave. I’m sure I got it at work, but there is no way to know. It’s been a few days I see so I hope all is well and that Victor can get out of isolation soon. I live alone at least, so there was only one person I KNOW I exposed – I mask at work, I would even if we weren’t required to which thankfully we are. Now if the tourists would…

  62. Totally not relevant to the discussion (and I hope Victor’s feeling better) but I was sent a link by a friend and you need to see this – it’s a taxidermied furby! (just google if you’re not okay with clicking a random link, which I totally get, it shows up in the images results). My first thought was “Jenny needs to see this!”

  63. Is Victor ok? Are you and your daughter ok? If you have central air, the virus will find you all even though he’s in the bedroom. Please keep us posted!

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