Get the cake out

If you don’t feel like celebrating Independence Day this year you can skip it and instead celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary. Traditions include cake, one small fight, very loud laughter, cocktails, light arson, binge watching a season of some guilty pleasure, snuggling with small animals, naps, reading, giant metal chickens, contemplating our best and worst decisions. Feel free to pick and choose to create your own perfect holiday.

Happy Anniversary, mister. I love you.

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  1. Happy Anniversary,
    Himself and I don’t celebrate 4rth anymore, to many Roman candle fights in our misspent youth. I’m hoping your day was amazing 🤩

  2. What a positive way to think today! Happy anniversary you crazy kids

  3. Thank you and congratulations! We just returned from a Plaguecation at Port Aransas! Drove from Dallas with a dying chihuahua. He did great! The other family members were either sick or assholes. Viva Texas. Congrats again on your anniversary!!

  4. Happy anniversary to someone whose book Furiously Happy got me through a messy break-up and whose own relationship helped me believe in finding Someone Right… and now I have my very own amazing, weird, capable, darling partner who is a special blend of Spock, Sherlock Holmes, and Dune’s Mentats. I hope your anniversary is full of laughter, light, and Kenny Chesney! <3

  5. Happy anniversary! I’ll be having cake in your honor today heh

  6. Happy Anniversary Jenny and Victor! Wishing you many happy and healthy years to come.

  7. My wife and I have had some wonderful anniversaries, but to keep things spicy, I would like additional information about light arson.

    Congratulations to you both!

  8. Not feeling very patriotic this year. Celebrating your anniversary is a much better idea! Happy Anniversary! ❤️

  9. I am in mourning for our independence today, but I’ll celebrate your anniversary! Many more happy years to you two!

  10. A very Happy Anniversary to the couple who are the goals for the rest of us!

    Wishing you hugs and many more years of weirdness together!


  11. Happy anniversary. Our 33rd is just a few days away. We also have a metal chicken (actually a rooster, and it’s normal size, not giant).

  12. Happy anniversary to a beautiful couple!! Hope you’re having a lovely day!

  13. Happy happy joy joy to y’all. Too hot to bake cake. But cake flavored ice cream is a thing.

  14. that wedding shot is gorgeous! i will celebrate this day by reading your book, broken, which i just got for my birthday!

  15. Celebrated the US’s 246th birthday by donating $246 each to and to the Together Rising fund for reproductive rights, because they are all freedom fighters… but they can be anniversary gifts for you too (2 gifts, 2 of you… makes sense!)

  16. Happy Anniversary!!! And nice to hear I’m not the only one who has small verbal arguments with my spouse.

  17. Happy anniversary! We’ll be celebrating our 24th on Valentine’s Day next year and it’s been…a ride. Fun, happy, sad, crazy and stress inducing at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  18. Happy anniversary you two crazy kids! I shared the tradition list with my spouse and he’d like to know how you fit all that in one day.

  19. Happy Anniversary! I hope today creates some new awesome memories for you and Victor.

  20. Happy anniversary Jenny and Victor! Not celebrating the 4th this year but I’ll gladly celebrate y’alls anniversary!

  21. Happy anniversary! A much better thing to celebrate, since women’s (and all of our) independence is being stripped away.

  22. Happy Anniversary! Yep I’m in the spirit to celebrate other things this year!!

  23. I have joyously consumed pie in honor of your anniversary. Happy Anniversary! (To answer your unasked questions: fresh local strawberries with homemade crust lined with dark chocolate.)

  24. Happy Anniversary, ya crazy kids! I raise my bottle of Cheerwine in salute, and wish you many, many more happy anniversaries!

    [So not celebrating ‘Merica today. In fact, in another open browser tab, I’m logged onto the Immigration New Zealand site.]

  25. Happy anniversary to you both!
    I, for one, am thoroughly sick of fireworks going off for the last week. I’d much rather be having cake that someone else made (too hot to bake.)

  26. Nice to see you’re keeping things simple. May you have many, many more fiery celebrations. I was just re-re-reading the passage in _Broken_ about the shattered dove and Victor’s response to it. It’s those occasional pitch-perfect moments that cement a marriage. It made me cry — in the best possible way.

  27. Being a Californian, I dread the insanity of fireworks and dry everything.
    Today, I will celebrate the wonder that is the magic of Victor and yourself.
    Happiest of Anniversaries, and long may they happen.

  28. Happy Anniversary! I spent the 4th of July weekend cleaning the yard, I’m exhausted. No parties here, unless you count the watching of Stranger Things with my family a party. We did get some delicious take out.

  29. Happy anniversary and wow I never noticed how much Hailey looks like you.

  30. Happy Anniversary to you both! A great reason to celebrate. The hubs and I have been listening to protest songs like “God Damn Mississippi” by Nina Simone today. 🙂

  31. In honor of your anniversary, I’m taking your suggestion and binge watching Firefly. Shiny!
    All best wishes to you and Victor, and many more. And since I live in Burnban, Texas, there won’t be much light arson or fireworks around my house.

  32. Yay, a reason to celebrate today! Happy Happy Jenny & Victor Day!! 💜💜💜

  33. Why does everyone think of cake when you say anniversary? Hold that though…. I’m making a cake…

  34. Since we live in (choke, gasp) Texas, we aren’t really up for celebrating the Fourth. Now you’ve provided a reason to be happy! All the best (I mean every bit of the best) to you and Victor. I’m shutting down my computer, fixing some food, and finding something funny on the tube. You are the best.

  35. Conveniently, I baked a Jenny-and-Victor anniversary cake! It is sweet and buttery with fresh strawberries, and delicious. Thanks for letting us share your anniversary!

  36. Happy Anniversary, Jenny and Victor! I hope your day has been fime!

  37. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I also married on the 4th of July… always have the day off!

  38. Happy Anniversary! Between being indigenous, and the state of affairs, the 4th is not something I celebrate. I’d much rather celebrate your anniversary! I’ll tell my kids to say “Yay Jenny & Victor!” before they light a firework 🎇

  39. Happy Anniversary to both of you! Thank you for sharing your lives and your metal chicken fights with us.

  40. Happy anniversary, you two! I saw – and loved – your evening show from the bookstore and understood immediately why you’re the perfect couple.

  41. Happy anniversary you two ❣️So Victor has been sucsessfully got past a nother year with “suprise vacations” with You and all your plates and other dishes..😉

  42. Happy anniversary, you two lovebirds. Fold tuberculosis-laden towels, and eat cake for me!

  43. Happy anniversary to one AMAZING couple! Wishing you many more years of happiness!❤️

  44. Happy Anniversary! I’m still a bit irritated that my Victor didn’t get me a metal chicken of any size for our 15th anniversary. Our 21st is next week.

  45. Happy Anniversary to you! I love your emphasis on the personal forms celebrating can and should take.

  46. Here is to getting through the hard stuff, you two! 🥂 Nothing but blue skies… and monkey pox.. and colorectal cancer checks….
    On second thought, just cheers!

  47. Happy anniversary to you and Victor! That sounds like a perfect way to celebrate ANY holiday!

  48. Happiest of anniversary to you both – of course, I’m only reading this the day after, so I can only assume your day was filled with copious amounts of laughter and lots of eye-rolling.

  49. Happy anniversary! The 4th of July was my favorite holiday for many years(it’s even part of my email!), due to an unfortunate event at my home one November 2nd that is no longer the case. I don’t have a favorite holiday any more I guess. It warms my heart that you share so much of your lives. You’re a beautiful, funny, wonderful person!

  50. Happy belated anniversary!! I also can’t get over how much Hailey and you look alike! ❤️❤️

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