It’s Friday and you need this

It’s Friday and that means it’s time to step into my office so I can show you the videos I’ve been saving for you. They will make you laugh and laughter is medicinal so it’s almost like I’m giving you free drugs. You’re welcome.

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  1. Thank you for the funnies, I needed it. I feel like the deaf white cat today, crying out for some attention.

  2. I would respectfully request that you remove the mattmcgorry video from this post. That’s a video of a disabled individual, likely someone who is recovering from a TBI or other similar brain injury. We disabled folks sometimes call that type of exploitative “feel good” media “inspiration p0rn” and it’s damaging. That person in the video had no control over the video being shot and had no agency over it being shared. That’s not gratitude in the sense that a neurotypical person experiences it and it’s awful to share that video without proper context. Please help those who can’t help themselves. Thank you, Jenny.

  3. omg, the little boy with the raccoon! LOL
    that Komodo Dragon(?) or Monitor in the store: Nope. ::runs away::

  4. The youngbloodz church one has made my entire chest hurt from laughing and I can’t stop watching it over and over

  5. No no I don’t procrastinate. Also
    Me: Omg these were so funny, I lost
    track of time and had to reschedule my doctor appointment, or I was avoiding it, and these gave me a good reason? I’m going with so funny I lost track of time. No, I don’t procrastinate at all noooo 🙈😹

  6. Kelly and Geoff – I love your heart and wanting to protect people. This guy though is just coming out of anesthesia after having wisdom teeth removed. His video won americas funniest home videos like 5 years ago. 🙂

  7. Jenny, thank you for the missing context. I appreciate it so much and feel loads better. You have a heart of gold and I so appreciate not only that you took the time to read my comment in the spirit in which it was intended, but that you also answered. Thank you. You are, and remain, a fantastic human. Thank you.

  8. “who did this??” This is a horrible thing to do to a dog and is not funny at all. The dog is nervous, scared, and has no idea at all what is going on. It is teasing in an unkind way and I really wish people wouldn’t put those upo for other people to laugh at. What is funny about scaring a dog?

  9. Please don’t put up videos of someone saying “did you do this??” at a dog. It is unkind to the dog, who is obviously made very nervous about it, if not frightened. It is teasing the dog in a mean way, and very unfair because the dog has no idea whatever what is being said or what is wrong. I wish people would stop putting this kind of thing up and laughing at it. What is funny about scaring a dog for no reason?

  10. Just saw my headshot for work and saw how much weight I’ve gained, but I also just saw that you made this post, so you’ve definitely save my day. Thank you!

  11. So happy to see the Friday video post. I really needed the laughs. The drama kitten dramatically falling over is one of my all time favorites.

  12. Much needed laughs this last day of our university‘s spring registration. Not enough Valium in the world can kill the stress and anxiety this week has brought. 🤪

  13. I’m just glad Freckles made it into two videos! But low key that woman’s boob strength.

  14. “Hotel California” with the kitten solos straight up made my day! 😆😆😆 I actually personally loathe the Eagles, (I have my reasons) but I have a personal connection to them now that makes me detest their music a little less than before.

    My husband’s dad loved the Eagles so whenever I hear the Eagles on the radio I let the music play and always tell my hubs that it’s a sign from his dad saying hello from heaven-that he loves him, he’s proud of him, and he’s always with him.

    I shared it with him today and I think he very much needed it 😊 Thank you Jenny! Hugs! Also the church dancing folks were KILLING me! There were so many Peanuts/Charlie Brown dance moves in that one! 😆😆😆

  15. I needed this more than you know, because I’ve been in a lot of pain since having surgery on Thursday. It’s no fun to be stuck awake feeling awful but these random videos made it easier to exist for a bit and I really appreciate it.

  16. One of the best compilations yet. The clingy dog is my favorite and I’ve watched it no fewer than a dozen times.

  17. #11 LJ said omg, the little boy with the raccoon! LOL. That’s one of my favorites, too, except for the way the mom speaks, and I quote: “Jaden-ah! Take that thing outside-ah! That’s a racoon-ah!” Why the heck does she do that-ah?

  18. Oh, I forgot these two. What kind of religion is Ty Dalton showing us? It reminded me of that scene in the Blues Brothers when those folks in church were jumping up and down and spinning round.

    Also, the one with Raymond the dog being forced to dispose of that nasty looking bug. The bug wasn’t the only nasty thing in that video. There were urine stains on the corner of the mattress cover. And that’s why I don’t have pets!

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