I mean…

Graduation is only a few weeks away and Hailey just picked up the stole they’re supposed to wear with their cap and gown:

And I’m not even mad about it because I really fucking needed that laugh.

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  1. That’s priceless lol when I was in grade school, our class picture said pulbic instead of public

    (Better than “pubic” I guess? ~ Jenny

  2. OMG, dying! Not a reflection on the graduates AT ALL!!! Congratulations to Hailey!

  3. That’s how you pronounce it after a few cocktails, which you deserve for raising a great kid. Congratulations

  4. oh lawd. i passed on a small scholarship and admittance into the honors program at a college because my name tag at the honors meet and greet said UNVERSITY.

    i also got struck from jury selection this week for pointing out the DA had misspelled “reasonable” on his slide a out Reasonable Doubt sooooo maybe i’m just a nerd. RESONABLE IS NOT A WORD THO

  5. Oh my!
    Well that’s on graduation that won’t be soon forgotten!

  6. That is hilarious and irksome at the same time! XD

    No one seems to use spell check anymore. I got an email from my gym about their Mental Health Awareness Day events, and it contained a quote from Maya Angelous.

  7. Congratulations to Hailey. I hope they have a wonderful experience. And congrats to you too- I am staring down an math final for my kid next week and recognize the team it takes to get our kids to graduation. Well done!

  8. That’s fantastic! I made a grade banner of my senior and used the Kindergarten one where his face was covered with spaghetti sauce instead of the retake. Because we all need more of that in our lives these days!

  9. Hhaaahhaaaahhaaaaaa. I needed a laughh today. Desperately. Thhank you, Jenny

  10. Ok, I am laughing too!! And Jenny, I really hope you are doing ok!!

  11. As a NEISD retiree, I am dying over here. I mean..shit North East, SCHOOL is what you are and what you do!! You had FIVE fucking words to proof!!! And you’re gonna make GRADUATES walk around with misspelled words on their chests?

  12. Shhooly they’ll not make that mistake again. Congrats anyway, Hailey!

  13. At least she didn’t go to the North East School for Correct Spelling.

  14. Northeast Shul of the Arts? (oy!) Northeast Shawl of the Arts? I got nothin’

  15. That shhool is really setting the kids up for success! (Actually, it’s apparently preparing them to be managers who send out error-ridden emails.)

  16. I’m sure as a Texan you know that not too long ago the program for one of the departmental graduation events at UT referenced the “LBJ School of Pubic Affairs” 🙂

  17. They said school of the “arts” not “spelling.” Sheesh. JK, congratulations on the graduate!

  18. Congrats Hailey! I won a spelling bee trophy in grammar school and they spelled my name wrong. 😉

  19. Congratulations Hailey for surviving high shhool! And congratulations to you Jenny and Victor for raising a really great kid who graduated!
    This typo will look really funny in the graduation photos when you look back on them years from now, and will make it clear, life is full of typos, mistakes and false starts, and that’s how we learn and grow.

  20. I once emailed all the school staff asking what size shit they wanted to order…. Instead of shirt

  21. I am going to spell it this way from now on. *giggle* Congrats, Hailey!!!

  22. At first I thought it was a design fail (an arts school should do better than that!) and then saw the spelling….

    But, Congrats to all!

  23. The East coming out of the second part of the N instead of the E bothers me more.
    Go Shhool! (The Fighting Slurrers…?) Go Hailey!

  24. I won the district spelling bee in 3rd grade and the dictionary they gave me as my prize (oooh, ahhh) was inscribed congrats on winning the so-and-so district “shool spelling bee”.

  25. Good opportunity for the kiddos to come up with a way to poke some good-natured fun at it… (think Scarlet Letter, for a start…)

  26. I remember when I lived on Sherman Way in Canoga Park (Jay Silverheels Jr was my playmate) and we had an alley behind our house. I put up a sign “Grils Club no boys!”. I live on in infamy…and I had no members except me.

  27. Mazel tov to Hailey and you and Victor. Wow. I can’t wait to find out where Hailey goes from here. It’s all so exciting and amazing and oh-my-god-what-happened-to-that-baby-who-followed-us-home-from-the-hospital.

    I had the same thought as Dylan about the spelling (“shhool” for “shul”). I think I speak for most of our people when I say we infidels would be delighted to have you all join the club.

    I hope Hailey will agree to let you post some graduation photos.

  28. 😂 Guess we don’t need proofreading when we’re artsy. Congratulations, Hayley!!

  29. Just sitting here thinking about how many people looked at those stoles during the process of ordering them, approving the samples, printing and packing them…and yet here we are. Congratulations to Hailey!

  30. 😂 😂😂 it’s just too freaking good…fried gold!

    How much trouble is that printer in as well as the probable harried staff member who submitted the logo images to said printer?

    I would whip out a bleach pen with the quickness. 😆

  31. I’d get a red sharpie and write the letter grade “C+” on the shawl itself. Circled. 😆

  32. Actual sign posted by the local high school (& my employer): “Become a Partner in Pubic Education” in Sept. 2012. Yup. It happened.

  33. My old high school repainted the gym floor… They spelled the school name wrong. Rondout became Roundout. A common mis-spelling, but anthemic in execution.

  34. Congratulations to Hailey, and to her Mama and Dad!

    Perhaps that sash can be um…embellished somehow?

  35. In my brother’s ninth grade junior high school yearbook, the misspelled the school’s name ON THE COVER. For further reference, it was designed by one of the students, and had to be approved by some of the teachers, and still NOBODY CAUGHT IT.

  36. I’m a little disappointed. After reading the first sentence about a graduation stole I was waiting for a pic of Hailey in a fox or mink that your dad had prepared for her.

  37. I was so busy cringing at the layout that it took me a few minutes to even see the misspelled word.

  38. Coulda been the Trojans, class of 69. I was so clueless that I didn’t understand what was so funny about that.

  39. I won a statewide scholastic award, with a banquet and everything. They misspelled my school’s name: Prepatory instead of Preparatory. Oh well.

    Congrats to the whole Lawson family! You all did it!

  40. I’m over here cutting out 3,000 letter Cs in hot pink that they can all pin to their stole.

  41. My high school printed School of “Excelence” on everyone’s ID cards.

  42. From our local city newsletter today: “SPOTTED LATENRFLIES RETURN: HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN TRAP”

  43. One year in the late 80s, the graduates of the US Naval Academy received diplomas that identified their alma mater as the US Navel Academy. The company re-printed them correctly, and the Academy gave them to the grads, but the grads had to return the misspelled ones to get the new ones. I think I’d have just kept the first one.

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  45. Thank goodness it’s not the North East School of Spelling? I mean, it is very eye-catching, so I feel like they got the theme right!

  46. That’s awesome! When my son graduated they changed our yearbook ad from ‘we couldn’t be more proud of you’ to ‘we could be more proud of you’ and same — it was too funny to be mad.

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  48. Well, they’ll have a fun story and unique (youneek) momento to show friends and family as they get older 😆😆. Congratulations Hailey, and good luck as you move forward to the next chapter in your life!

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  50. Congratulations to Hailey!
    That is hilarious. My husband injured his back last week and that is how he would have pronounced school while he was on muscle relaxers 😂

  51. Amd here I would have thought that’d be a shhool for librarians, not arts.
    congrats, hailey

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