Questioning my sanity more than usual.

I was just listening to the I Saw What You Did podcast (love them) and they were talking about how much they hate the tight tuck at the bottom of hotel beds and then Victor was like, “EXACTLY” because he also hates when I tuck in the top sheet under the mattress and I always assumed it was just Victor being weird but now I’m wondering if I’m the only person who needs the top sheet very tightly tucked in like a straight jacket for my feet in order to go to sleep? In fact, in a perfect world someone would staple the sheets around my whole body after I get into bed, like I’m sleeping in shirt pocket of the Jolly Green Giant, because then I don’t have to worry about floating into the ceiling fan at midnight or being pawed by the thing that lives under my bed and as I’m writing this I’m starting to realize that, you know what, maybe I’m the one with the problem.

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  1. Not hotel sheets tight, but I do have to have the bottom sheet tucked or I can’t sleep. I will retuck any sheets that come out

  2. I am with Victor on this one. I cannot be trapped by the top sheet, but I have to have a top sheet…

  3. My husband also hates the tight tuck, but I feel weird and….not secure without it? My grandmother was an old school nurse and taught me hospital corners as a kid and it’s just habit now. Can we also talk about how terrible the new trend is hotels of bo sheets and blankets and just a gross duvet in a loose cover is? It’s the worst.

  4. Same, except for me I think it’s because of my ADD and I suspect I may be on the spectrum too! I just think it’s very comforting and more than once I have wondered if they make swaddles for adults.

  5. You would have loved being tucked in by my grandmother! She would wedge the sheets all the way around your body so tight you couldn’t pull your arms away from your side AND she starched the sheets and pillow cases so they crinkled when you moved! It was mildly horrifying to me, but we definitely never floated up into the ceiling fan!!

  6. Nope, I want to be able to move around, even stick my foot out to cool down. Maybe a weighted blanket would help you feel comfortable.

  7. You would have loved being tucked in by my grandmother! She would wedge the sheets all the way around your body so tight you couldn’t pull your arms away from your side!

  8. I absolutely need to have the sheets tucked in around my feet in order to sleep. I’m not going to make it any easier for the demon who lives under my bed to mess with my feet and yank me out of bed.

  9. I can’t sleep if my tip sheet is untucked. My husband pulls his side of the top sheet loose, so the sheet fairy retucks his sheet when she makes the bed

  10. I like it like the hotels to begin with and then as you move around it loosens up. It’s like taming the beast!

  11. Tucking the sheet in tight means there’s less chance of it pulling up, getting disheveled, and revealing the most desirable targets for the thing under your bed: your feet!

  12. No, you are right. Tightly tucked, at foot and all around body, so nothing can get in. Obviously.

  13. I hate the “tuck” as well! Although, my weighted blanket provides much comfort and “security” from whatever may be lurking under the bed.

  14. The sheet has to be tucked in to keep all “the things” from under the bed from crawling in. 🐁🐍🕷️👹🧌🧟🧛 Victor is weird 😂

  15. Like Victor, I’m not a fan of the tight tuck. I have to have at least a sheet over me, but I usually leave one foot out from under the covers, like, I dunno, to valve off heat or something?

    My mother has to sleep with the sheet over her head because she’s been afraid of a roach falling in her mouth at night since she was a little girl, and I think THAT’S weird. Except I did once talk to a guy who’d had that happen when he was a missionary in Malaysia, so maybe not.

  16. My wife and I recently started using two duvets – we have pups who will sleep between us and sausage roll the covers off of both of us. I highly recommend it, if you both have different preferences. Also, maybe you need to try a weighted blanket? Some people swear by them.

  17. I can’t be locked in like a straightjacket, but I HAVE to have the covers tucked under my feet and I can’t have my hand hanging off the edge of the bed. I read a 2 sentence short story once about hanging a hand over the edge of the bed in the dark and something reached up from under the bed to shake it. NOPE.

  18. I’m not a fan of the top sheet tucked tight in the mattress, but I do like to tuck the sheet under my feet. Kinda like a mummy I guess?

  19. Hospital corners for me, loose and free for my husband. But then if I get hot I have to stick a leg out…so it’s just a lot of tucking and untucking for us.

  20. Tuck the sheet when making the bed, so it looks pretty, but untuck it when in use. In the summer, the purpose of the top sheet (no comforter needed) is only to hide me from the ceiling troll. I’ve been known to tie all the sheet corners to the bed posts and stick a fan at the foot of the bed so the sheet billows, and barely touches me. I’m hidden, but not trapped!

  21. I’m with you. When you described it as being in the pocket of the Jolly Green Giant I got a warm fuzzy feeling. Being in a giant’s pocket is exactly the sleep experience I’m hoping for (but never get bcs my husband is an untucker too)!

  22. I’m with Victor, need my feet free. My husband is with you, tuck as tight as possible lol. I even bought him the hug sleep bag thingy off Amazon, basically like a baby swaddle for adults. He loves it, it would drive me nuts lol.

  23. Tight Tuck, bottom sheet and top sheet. Can’t let the under the bed demons get your feet.

  24. I’m with you. Need to be tucked in 🙂 But my husband is insane and also doesn’t understand why I also need to have AT LEAST a top sheet at all times on me because monsters and apparently he’s never had this concern?

  25. I don’t have enough gas in my tank to make the bed si once it’s made I grab a comfy blanket, wrap myself up tight and sleep on top in my cocoon. I have yet to be one a butterfly. I do the same in my wheelchair.

  26. There are tight tuck people who are fairly certain that all but the face must be protected by sheets at night. There are also people who require the freedom of a temperature control foot that must be out of the covers or they will never be able to sleep. For some reasons these people tend to form couples.

  27. I’m tream tuck, though both my kids are anti-tuck. Actually, the youngest is completely against the top sheet altogether. I get where he’s coming from, but it’s also easier to wash sheets than thick blankets.

  28. For 13 years I was the untucker. Mi ex was the tuck-tuckity one. Now I’m completely untucked at all times.

  29. I’m with you, need to be tucked in! But husband is also insane because he doesn’t understand why I need to have at least a top sheet on me in bed at all times because MONSTERS and he thinks that’s weird? What a childhood, to never have been afraid you were about to be attacked by demons or whatever. Weirdo 🙂

  30. I’m with Victor on this one. I’ve broken many nails over the years trying to free those hotel tucked sheets so I can get under them. If I can’t get it, I will ask for an extra blanket and just sleep on top of the whole thing. No straightjacket sleeping for me. I gotta be freeeeee! #teamvictor

  31. My partner doesn’t like the tight tuck – he’s diabetic and it annoys his feet. I, on the other hand, can’t stand a sloppy untucked bed – I want those sheets straitjacket-tight too.

  32. Hate the tuck so I bought a weighted blanket. I can get feet free but I feel protected.

  33. Team Victor, all the way! I tuck in the sheets (hospital corners) when I make the bed, then promptly untuck them when I get my side of the bed ready at night. 🙂

  34. In our house it’s ‘one tuck, one no tuck’ – which we always say outloud whenever we go into a hotel room.

    Obviously from responses you can’t claim more craziness from your desire to be tucked – but don’t worry, you have plenty of other craziness to keep you and the rest of us happy.

  35. Tightly tucked sheets give me the horrors. I actually keep mine separate from the bed so they aren’t tucked at all.

  36. I was taught to make “hospital corners” when making my bed. It’s to keep things neater. I prefer my bedding all tucked in, for comfort and maybe safety too? I was raised by the OG Mrs. Clean.

  37. Uh, YES, sheets must be tucked in. Otherwise, monsters can slither up through the gap in the bed and get under the covers. Also, spousal unit is a COVER HOG and if I don’t tuck it in tight, I get cold.

  38. No tucking for me! I have to be able to get my legs out from under the covers. Freedom for my feet! I do need sheets tucked around my shoulders to start off. And my ear covered 🤷‍♀️

  39. I’ve read too many Stephen King books not to tightly tuck in all the sheets and blankets. Something could attack my feet at any time.

  40. I’m a free footed floozie kinda girl but if I’m feeling extra stressful I flip it 180 degrees. Then I MUST sleep in my recliner wrapped like a mummy… I mean tight from the tosies to the throat.

  41. Must have sheets tucked into the end of the bed. 😊. Doesn’t have to be as tight as hotels, but definitely need to be tucked to sleep.

  42. Team Jenny. The sheet has to be tucked. Also my arms can’t hang over the side. Because of the alligators under the bed that my sister told me about when I was little and we shared a room. Keep thinking I should get over that now that I’m 63…

  43. I’m with Victor. I always pull the sheet out from the end of the hotel beds. I don’t tuck them in at all at home. I can’t stand having my feet pressed down. For becomingcliche: for the spousal cover thief, I suggest trying the Scandinavian sleep method–each person gets their own duvet or blanket. Only drawback is the lack of top sheet, but the smaller duvets are easier to launder.

  44. You need a weighted blanket and Victor needs a toe pleat. We were taught to do this in nursing. Bedridden people need to be able to move their feet.

  45. I’m a sheet tucker but you can pull it down to create “slack” so your feet aren’t being smooshed……leaving the top sheet loose results in the sheet getting pulled off one to the side by whomever is the bed hog. On a side note, I was in Denmark and Norway over the summer and there were NO TOP SHEETS!! Only feather duvets and it was TOO FUCKING HOT for that shit. I took the duvet out of the cover and used it as a sheet…..insanity!!

  46. This is why I started using a weighted blanket. It works even better than a tight tuck, and it’s easy to keep it on my half of the bed, since partner is not a tucked sheet person.

  47. I’m a rough sleeper, thrashing around and waking up in a completely different position than when I went to sleep. (I had a relationship that fell apart because of it). so no tuck for me.

  48. People who allow their feet to be loose apparently don’t have my level of anxiety. Give me a tight tuck and a 40lb weighted blanket.

  49. I’m German – we don’t do sheets so I like to take the whole duvet (with duvet cover) and fold it right under my feet. It’s not tight but it makes a cozier pocket for my toes… without pushing down on me 🙂
    I can’t sleep with tucked sheets.

  50. Hate the tightly tucked sheet, but definitely require a weighted blanket! Even if it’s 95 degrees out, I need that weight to sleep.

  51. A Navy Captain (Nurse!) once complimented me on how well I make a bed. Need it tucked!

    Partner on the other hand makes the ‘straight jacket’ jokes and untucks his side.

    It’s ungrateful, really.

  52. First thing I do in a hotel is dismantle all the tight tucks. I need freedom to move and not feel like I’m in a burrito.

  53. I have to sleep with a massage pillow at my feet to lift the covers up, or I will point my toes and get calf cramps. Light tuck all the way (but still tucked).

  54. In the old movie, “If I Had A Million” (I think it’s on TCM), random folks are given a million dollars. One recipient is in an oppressive “old folks home”, and she uses the money to buy the home and turn it over to the residents. One of the first things they do is loosen the bedsheets from the ends of the beds! A great movie, BTW. Fun to watch.

  55. I always tuck in the top sheet when I’m making the bed because otherwise, it makes the bed look messy to have the top sheet peeking out from under the duvet or bed spread like dirty laundry. Yuck. And having a top sheet hanging out from under the duvet or bedspread is a giant housekeeping no no (or at least that’s what I was taught by my grandmother who tried her very hardest to teach me to be a lady and ladies DO NOT have peeking top sheets, apparently).

  56. A loose tucked in top sheet, because my feet need to be able to move, but we don’t want our feet exposed for the spiders, monsters, mosquitos, cats, or other creatures real or imagined to attack our feet. But I like the sheet pulled up over most of my face too, because of spiders and mosquitos and other nasties that might go into my nose or mouth or bite my ears or eyelids or mouth while I sleep. They need to make top sheets longer to accommodate me and my neuroses, because I’m tall.

  57. I’m TOTALLY team Victor but my husband is just like you. Since it’s hard to have it both ways we leave the sheets untucked but he got a weighted blanket that he puts under the sheet on his side. The weight replicates that tucked in feeling for him. Something to consider if you haven’t already tried one.

  58. I call it my “envelope”. I imagine that I am a very important letter being sent to a very important business person and I slip right in when it’s time to go to sleep. The stamp for the envelope is when I pull a little bit of cover over my head because I have alopecia and my head gets cold. If I do it right, I can toss and turn and never get tangled in the covers because being tangled in the covers is panic town.

  59. I used to do that, until I realised that it meant my feet were perpetually flexing and being damaged. With arthritis, plantar fasciitis and bone spurs, on top of having broken both ankles, I now value a looser approach.
    And it also stops my feet burning overnight, because I can easily get them out of the covers.
    But I still love hospital corners. I just need to find a way to have them, and space for my feet to remain unflexed so I don’t run the remaining ligaments which still work!
    I do however agree that being wrapped up tight like a cocoon is the only way to sleep.
    Sigh. Compromise is hard!!

  60. I think it was Louie Anderson that talked about that too like “I can’t move but I can pirouette to the door!” Not too tight that I get foot cramps but tighter than not tucked in at all.

  61. I’m so obsessed with it that I double check before getting into bed to make sure it’s tight. Even though I am the ONLY one allowed to make the bed because no one else does it right.
    Is Victor insane??

  62. I get cramps in the arch of my foot if the sheet pushes them into points or other weird positions, and my husband prefers to wrap his feet in a blanket/sheet pocket. So, no to the tight tuck (or any tuck, really) in my house … that being said, have you tried a weighted blanket to help with the floating away feeling? They’re magical.

  63. When I was little, I definitely wanted the tight tuck, because how else do you protect yourself from monsters all the way at the end of the bed?? When I was in my 20s, I briefly dated a guy who liked to “sleep in a heap” (of blankets, laundry, basset hound, or anything else residing on the bed when he collapsed into it). My OCD wasn’t a fan, but I admitted less restriction was nice, and feeling cocooned with blankets was comforting. He ruined the tuck for me forever. The top sheet still has to lay perfectly flat and even when I make the bed before I can proceed smoothing on the comforter like icing on a cake, but there is no tucking whatsoever because there has to be enough freedom to cocoon at night… and yet, the cocooning is not so extreme that in the morning I can’t just give each side a tug to smooth out the ripple where I lay, and voila! Bed is back to compulsive perfection. It’s no wonder I’m still single.

  64. I never considered NOT tucking, it would come loose during the night and I’d wake up cold (sheet/blanket theft) AND maybe float up into the ceiling fan. Who knows. Anything could happen.

  65. Feet must be free! The top sheet tucked in thing is terrible and I always pull it out as soon as I can. I have to be able to stick my feet out of whatever side/end of the bed is nearest at any given moment.

  66. At home, NO top sheet! I just use a loose blanket and wrap up in it. lol I do not like to feel confined when I sleep, plus, my feet need to be free. haha

  67. Firm tuck, but with a little pocket around my feet so there isn’t any pressure on the top, which makes them feel trapped.

  68. I don’t tuck in the sheets on our bed and one of the first things I do when I get to a hotel room is untuck the end of the bed. My husband does, too. #teamVictor

  69. OMG NO. Got to be free to thrash about and cannot be restrained in any way! I untuck all sheets before I even get into bed. Even on the hottest days I need a thin sheet over me because that’s how the monsters and/or burglars/murderers etc cannot see me. Obviously.

  70. I have to tuck my sheets or they move around and bother me. But hotel sheets are tucked too tight!

  71. Feet need to breath and body needs to move. In addition, everybody seems to love weighted blankets, but it feels like they would be by worst nightmare.

  72. I have to have the top sheet tucked under as well. A free sheet will just get tangled or end up on the floor (which I can’t stand).

  73. You are right and Victor is wrong. At least twice a week I too have to do battle with the sheets. My husband yanks it out of the protective tuck and then I have to remake the bed before I can go to sleep. I’m leaning towards getting my own top sheet.

  74. Oh, I hate the tight tuck! I travel for work, and the first thing I do when I get to a hotel room is untuck the entire bottom of the bed. I cannot sleep if my feet are being pushed down by tight covers.

  75. I’m with you. I will get out of bed in the middle of the night to re-tuck the sheets in at the bottom. Otherwise, I cannot get back to sleep.

  76. Love the top sheet tucked under…what craziness if it isn’t? It’ll be all tangled up, going wherever it feels like, willy nilly otherwise. No thanks! Tuck that sucker in!

  77. Tight tucked corner, please! I will get up to retuck my sheets in the middle of the night. I also tuck hotel sheets in too. My husband can’t sleep with them tucked in at all and it makes me shudder when I make our bed. Suppose it’s a metaphor for the balance in our relationship.

  78. Sheet has to be tucked tightly because that is the only way I can assure I won’t fall off the bed and into another dimension. It used to be to keep my feet safe from the monster under the bed, but as an adult, under my bed is for storage so the monster had to find a new home.

  79. I have to have my sheets and blankets tucked under the mattress to sleep or it feels weird on my feet. My husband calls it short sheeting and wants his completely untucked.

  80. Oh how this same debate happens in our bedroom! I was taught by my grandma (a nurse) how to make the bed… those corners are crisp.
    My personal husband, hates it.

  81. Team tucked sheet over here, my husband is team untucked. I blame his large feet and try to only tuck half the bed. Sometimes he pulls the blankets up and doesn’t even notice his feet are sticking out….

  82. My feet can not breath with tucked in sheets….so noooo. Geez, as if hot flashes are not enough. And my cat is the monster under the bed. I solved that mystery ages ago. 😅 Feet free or not..they are getting attacked.

  83. I need the bottom to be tucked in, but not around the corner to the side. My problem is that when I move my body pillow around (when I switch from side to side during the night), even the bottom gets untucked, and then I’m angry because it’s hard to get the sheet over my feet when I want it. Life is tough, isn’t it?

  84. Not only can I not stand the tuck, I’m part of the no top sheet at all club. It’s bottom sheet, super soft light blanket (not tucked), weighted blanket, and quilt if needed for me.

  85. Have you tried a weighted blanket? That may help you feel more secure. Just don’t put it on Victor’s side!

  86. My husband cannot stand the tuck, but I can’t sleep without it. One, monsters under the bed, I mean come on, obviously. Two, I pull the covers all night and if the sheet isn’t tucked, its around my waist in the morning, leaving my feet both cold and subject to monster attack.

  87. I am the opposite. I need weight on my body, but can’t stand my feet feeling penned in. So I have a heavy comforter, but I also have a u-shaped blanket lifter that slides under my mattress and keeps the sheets and blankets off of my feet and lower legs. It is glorious.

  88. I love the tuck. It keeps the blankets from sliding off as I flip back and forth in the night. Husband wants his feet to be free in the breeze. That’s one of the reasons that after 30+ years of marriage, we decided to have separate rooms!

  89. Absolutely not just you! I, too, need to be tucked in protectively. And my husband needs the covers untucked on his side.

  90. I also HATE the tight tucks. And I rip them open with my feet. But my husband wants to be wrapped up like a mummy. So his side of the bed and mine are very different!

  91. i’m team victor on this. i need my sheets UNTUCKED! i cannot stand them being tucked into the bottom of the mattress because the tucked in sheets bend my toes over and make my feet cramp. its a special kind of hell to wake up in the middle of the night from feet cramps. i will however, tuck the blankets around my feet. but NOT tightly and only under my feet, not under the mattress.

  92. I tuck the bottom of the top sheet so it doesn’t creep up and get lumpy while I sleep. However, I don’t tuck the sides so I can slide my feet out to cool off and pull them back under when they are cold or a monster tickles them.

  93. Have to have the sheet tucked in but also not too tight – goldie locks just right style over here.

  94. I untuck the top sheet and tuck it and the blankets under my feet and sometimes sides. I can”t stand the trapped feeling of it under the mattress. You could make a sheet sleeping bag for just you and long enough to tuck under the mattress so you don’t float to the ceiling fan.

  95. People can either do it your way or the wrong way, and all people who do it the wrong way aren’t necessarily psychopaths. Their insane behaviors are simply evidence that they might be psychopaths.

  96. Nope, I’m def a tight tucker. Hospital corners are a must. My husband and kids hate the bed that way, but that’s the way it’s gotta be for me.

  97. My feetsies must be able to poke out freely as needed, like the good temperature regulators they are. I saw ads for this Sleep Pod by HugSleep, which looks like swaddling for adults–you might like something like this (makes me recoil in horror, though!).

  98. Argh!! My husband kicks and wallows and flails about and untucks the tuck, and it drives me bonkers. I must have the tuck. Must.

  99. I can’t sleep with them tucked at all. I got used to sleeping with a duvet and cover so I “nest” rather than sleep. The first thing I do when I get to a hotel is untuck the sheets!

  100. I need a laissez-faire tuck. Like, I want it to stay put (otherwise I will turn all the blankets into the world’s most cumbersome scarf by the end of the night), but I don’t want it to hold me down.

  101. You’re not alone. My mom taught us to make the beds with “military corners.” My husband HATES IT. And I hate not having the sheet tucked!

  102. I highly recommend a weighted blanket. It was a game changer for my night time anxiety. If you tend to run hot like I do (why, just why with night sweats?!?) They have more cooling types made with bamboo. I have the YNM bamboo version and love it.

  103. I definitely tuck the sheets at the bottom but not mummy tight. If they aren’t tucked in they go everywhere and soon you have no feet covering and it’s chaos. Some people seem to think wearing socks to bed will solve this but they are wrong. My feet need to communicate at night and can’t if they are bound up and gagged by socks.

  104. I struggled with plantar fasciitis until I trained myself to sleep with my feet pointed up, tractioned slightly back by a firmly tucked top sheet. So I am 100% with you on this. And also a bit odd, but I’m okay with that. P.S. It worked.

  105. First thing I do Is pull the sheets out from under their prison so that I can properly wrap all the blankets around me like a cocoon. That tucked in crap is like how people sleep on TV. Real people do not sleep on their back like they are in coffin.

  106. I have to have the bottom of the sheets tucked under my feet (they can’t be tucked under the bed) so I hate the tight tuck.

  107. I really hate loose sheets. I always tuck the bottom in at home. As a kid I had a top bunk where it was tucked in on the sides, too, and I loved that. I don’t like the feeling of bunched up sheets, and I like the light compression from being tucked in.

  108. I don’t need it to be TIGHT, but I do require any blankets covering me to be tucked under the mattress. How do you keep your feet from popping out the bottom and getting cold otherwise???

  109. Noooo the sheets are always untucked all the way. I don’t wanna feel like I’m in coffin when I’m sleeping. I need to be able to flail and flop around with no restrictions 😳

  110. I tuck in the top sheet but not tight. I’m a stomach sleeper and hang my toes off the end of the bed. Need the space to get the toes down, but need the sheet tucked so cold air doesn’t drift up. My husband thinks I’m insane.

  111. I hate the tight tuck too, because it gives me charley horses. But I love having the sheets tucked in. Just a normal amount. 💗

  112. No tucking at our house! I do, however, flip the blanket and sheet around so they make a little pocket for my feet so they are nice and cozy but can still wiggle!

  113. I need to have the sheet tucked in, or I can’t sleep. Also, sheets that aren’t tucked in are — upsetting in some fashion that I try not to look at too hard. My husband hates tucked-in sheets. This makes for a compromise (the definition of “compromise” being “an agreement that satisfies neither side”) — his side untucked, mine tucked, and the cats hogging the blanket.

  114. I am #TeamVictor on this one. But my wife, well, lets just say there are few things that will get me into more trouble than untucking her corner of the bed.

  115. It’s not you. My husband has weird Welsh toenails, so he detests having his feet trapped if he’s let his toes get a little wild. Actually, it’s not just his toes, but no matter. I make him sleep in the guest room. Problem solved!

  116. Sides tucked, feet slightly loose. tight feet makes cats attack, not sure if this happens in hotels

  117. I like the bottom of the sheet tucked under the mattress so my feet don’t come uncovered and the sheet doesn’t end up around my waist, but not the sides (no hospital corners, or only a very loose approximation) so my toes can wiggle and my feet don’t get bent over. Trapped, cramped feet are no good, but neither are cold toes.

  118. My kids got me a weighted blanket back when they were only marketed to people with mental disorders. Now, they’re even popular with people who, weirdly, aren’t worried about floating away. Because it’s like your bed is hugging you all night long.

  119. I will tuck everything when I make the bed, but I have to untuck before I can sleep. Can’t stand having my feet feel trapped. Years ago, I dated a guy who slept on a waterbed and those sheets came attached to each other, which I found annoying but he loved it.

  120. Wow, who knew this was such a contrary topic! 😀 I hate having my feet trapped, so I completely untuck the flat sheet most times when I’m a hotel (and at home, I just use a comforter in a comforter cover unless it’s stupid hot and the a/c isn’t working).

  121. I like to have the sheets tucked in to stop them from getting pulled up and all cockeyed during the night. But my husband insists on yanking them out because he needs room for his feet and “you’re going to break my toes with those tight sheets.” Yet then he complains when I steal all the covers … which I wouldn’t be able to do if he kept them tucked in. Some people are just never happy!

  122. It must be firmly tucked in under the mattress. Otherwise it creeps up to strangle me in my sleep. Or wraps around my foot. I don’t see how people who don’t tuck control this.

  123. Sorry Jenny – Team Victor on this one. Clearly, you do not have an iota of claustrophobia. Or painful toes. Or are a hot sleeper who needs a foot out of the whole ensemble sometimes.
    Perhaps it’s inherited/learned behavior. When my dad returned from the Korean war, my mom said he always slept with one leg out of the blankets in case he needed to snap into action. He also would reach for an imaginary rifle when that doze-off-falling-feeling would jerk him. Can this be inherited? Am I really reaching for an Army rifle when I go for my phone and glasses? I need to be READY, Jenny. o/ Don’t [tuck] me in o/

  124. Since I spend the night pulling the covers up higher, the sheet must be tucked or I will be wearing it like a scarf by morning.

  125. I like the sheets tucked, but not the ridiculous, have-to-get-all-the-way-out-of-bed-and-yank-on-the-sheets tuck that some hotels do. Partner likes the sheets untucked, so when I make the bed I tuck everything in (so it’s even) then pull his side out. I do sleep with a spare pillow on my feet, under the top blanket so it stays put, because that’s where my old dog used to sleep and I find it comforting. Plus a weighted blanket when it’s not too hot, because that feels cozy.

  126. My husbands mother tucked them in tight, my mother didn’t. So it’s half and half with us! My tootsies gotta breathe!

  127. I HATE the tight tuck. I need my feet sticking out easily in order to be comfy!!! Team Victor on this one!! 🙁

  128. Tight tucks suck. Hate them. Feel like the bed is trying to control me. Sometimes if I’m irritable enough, I’ll yank it out completely while yelling, “You’re not the boss of me”

    But that’s probably just a me thing

  129. The only sniglet (Rich Hall, 80s SNL) I remember is pedaeration: the perfect body temperature achieved by keeping one leg under the sheet and hanging the other leg over the side of the bed.


  130. I make our bed so that my side’s bottom corner is tucked nice and tight. But my spouse’s side’s bottom corner, I leave loose.

    It’s an imperfect remedy, but it’s working well enough.

  131. We don’t even use a top sheet anymore but that’s another conversation for another time.

  132. I keep getting ads for this cocoon type blanket thing on Facebook, it would be perfect for what you are describing!!

  133. jenny, i think you might really like a weighted blanket. it gives you that secure feeling and you can move around under it, plus a monster wouldn’t be able to bite or claw through it..worth a try..

  134. I liked to try to roll out of bed as a kid – but I had a Dad who could have been in the championships for bed tucking – he could have had a job at your house – you’d have really enjoyed the service – he was great at it!
    He did it to two of my nephew’s when they slept over and they had crawl up and out to get out of the tuck. It was hilarious.
    I miss that man!
    He had a great method of
    “Additional Wake Up”
    On lousy mornings – the entire foot of the bed would get lifted – with you still in bed. Then “Thunk!”. lol Oh the squeals!

  135. I need my sheets tucked tightly with hospital corners (I was forced to learn them as a child by my RN mother) so that I can work them loose and free my feet in the night. This is the way.

  136. I have a tall husband. I am also tall, but sleep in the shape of a ball. I don’t like the tight tuck at my neck, but I have to have the sheet tucked very tightly at the bottom. Which was our problem. He always kicked the sheet free at the bottom. I have learned to fold the top sheet (which he hates) in two, then tuck it tightly in on my side. He leaves it alone this way. We can still share blankets and comforters, just not a top sheet.

  137. My mom was a nurse and would tuck the sheets so tight that your toes would get bent out of shape. As an adult, I never use a top sheet and just go with a comforter/duvet. Perhaps consider investing in a weighted blanket to keep you anchored to the bed!

  138. I never use a top sheet and just go with a comforter/duvet. Perhaps consider investing in a weighted blanket to k

  139. My mom was a nurse and would tuck the sheets so tight that your toes would get bent out of shape. As an adult, I never use a top sheet and just go with a comforter/duvet. Perhaps consider investing in a weighted blanket to keep you anchored to the bed!!

  140. No tucking! It stresses me to even think about not being able to uncover my feet when necessary!

  141. I am a special snowflake who needs the top sheet tucked into the foot of the bed (so it doesn’t migrate and leave my feet exposed & cold), but the sides cannot be tucked in, and the tucked in part cannot be oppressively restraining (because my joints will dislocate).

  142. My dad liked untucked and my mom liked tucked so his side was as he liked and hers as she liked. They made it work! I am definitely an untucked person. I just use a bottom sheet and then duvet.

  143. I don’t like tucked in sheets because what if I need to flee a serial killer at 3am? But I hadn’t thought about floating up into the ceiling fan. I don’t have a ceiling fan in my bedroom yet, but it’s on my home improvements to-do list, so I will have to factor that in someday.
    We all have our quirks, our 3am fears to combat. And that means some of us have to be fully swaddled and some of us need to run if necessary. And we’re all equally sane. Or equally crazy.
    My staff picks book display this month is my favorite mental illness books. You and Samantha Irby are my nonfic reps with Mrs. March, Anxious People, The Midnight Library, and The Book of Second Chances as the fictions. I hope you approve.

  144. Not any more, but when I was young but older than I care to admit I was terrified something would grab my feet while I was in bed. So I can relate, although I still get hot flashes so I’m lucky to wake up with clothes on, much less blankets

  145. You are NOT the one with the problem! Tucking is the only you can survive the thing under the bed! And the thing in the closet! And the thing in the mirror!

  146. It’s totally obvious from the comments that you’re not alone. I’m a rebel without a top sheet at home and kick the sheet corners off in hotels…so I’m no help. But ican doa neathospital fold on top sheets when put on the guest bed…so you’re safe if you ever visit!

  147. I probably wouldn’t have married my husband if he wanted the sheets tucked in. Just kidding. Maybe.

  148. I love a fuck but for me it’s more about keeping the sheets in place? I… need them to be orderly?!? If they get wonky/uneven it really bothers me and I have to fix it. This might be worse than your need. 🤣

  149. Totally on your side with this one. I even splurged and got a weighted blanket! Gotta feel secure!

  150. I’m all for a bottom tuck with sides open. Anchor the sheet in place, but let me stick my foot out to the side if I get to warm.

  151. If I don’t have a tight tuck, my feet are hanging out of the covers after a few minutes. I can’t sleep that way.

  152. The tighter the tuck, the harder the demons have to work to get to my feet 🤷🏻‍♀️

  153. I am a mix of the two. I like to have the top sheet tucked in, but not too tight. Don’t want to feel like I have been embalmed.

  154. No tight tuck here! I have to sleep with one foot sticking out of the blanket and sheet. A head start in case I need to make a quick exit??

  155. German here. We don’t have top sheets to tuck in. Neither at home, nor in hotels or hospitals.
    All the commenters here saying they learned the “hospital tuck” from their mothers who were nurses give me panick attacks.
    The thought of being a patient in a hospital, being sick and helpless, and then being constrained by a tightly tucked top sheet that bends my feet into unnatural positions, causing cramps… being unable to move because of my weakened state (as I’m in a hospital, because I’m ill) and the straightjacket-like quality of the top sheet…
    I guess I’d have to try to gnaw my way out in the middle of the night and crawl away to save myself.

  156. I can relate. If you don’t already sleep with a weighted blanket, I bet you’d love one. When I was little, my Dad would tuck me in so tightly that you could bounce a quarter off me. I think it was his way of keeping me from falling or crawling out of bed once I moved from a crib into an actual bed – but he kept it up for years. Also, proprioceptive input is truly calming.

  157. The Lycra sheet was a game changer for my ASD kid when he was little. Like a snuggly little squeeze pod. It would make me mad claustrophobic, but it might be worth a try if you like the squeezes.

  158. Ok. Just try this and see what you think. Give up the top sheet all together. I’m serious. It is awesome. Making the bed is a breeze too. Make sure whatever comforter you use is lovely to the touch, I recommend something from the down or down alternative family with different seasonal weights although you live in Texas so not as important as in the North maybe. You will then crawl into a bed where the bedding feels so good on your skin that you will leave all your night fears behind. Ok maybe most of them I don’t want to make false promises. And if you need a little safety tucking just tuck the comforter under your feet a bit. Trust me and try it!!!

  159. I’ve always thought my husband was a weirdo for not wanting the top sheet tucked in but I guess he isn’t one. Our top sheet and blanket is tucked in on my side, untucked on his side. He likes the blanket to “be available” but most of the time his half in bunched up between us.

  160. Tuck Em! I was buying new sheets and learned it’s now a thing to have fitted sheet and pillowcases but no top sheet! What the heck? I need a nice cool, top sheet, tightly tucked at the bottom so ghosts can’t tickle my toes!

  161. My feet have to be uncovered. I’m convinced they will smother if they’re covered. But I need my cushy blanket up around my face. My body must be bipolar. The foot thing is so serious that I’ve made my family promise to bury me barefoot when I die. The thought of being in the ground with shoes on forever gives me the heebie-jeebies.

  162. I was a sheet-tucked-in gal until I transitioned into a comforter-all-year-long gal. Thanks, company who is famous for their deliciously light comforters starting with a “B.”

    It only took a couple of months to realize a top sheet AND duvet cover over the comforter was just too much.

    So, can’t tuck in the comforter…what to do?

    Shake the comforter, spread it out and fold about 12 inches at the bottom under. Cozy toes all night long, 60 seconds to make the bed in the morning!

  163. Definitely have to have the bottom tucked in. Also, the other side from me has to be tucked as well. Otherwise, sleep will not occur. Also, need a top sheet! when traveling in Europe, I bring a top sheet and fold it into my suitcase when not in use.

  164. I must be untucked! My wife must be tucked! The secret to 37 years of a great marriage? Separate bedrooms!!! 😎

  165. I like the sheet tucked so I can brace the bottom of my feet against it with my ankle flexed. It helps with the plantar fasciitis. Better than wearing a brace!

  166. My feet need to be free, but you might enjoy the compromise: put a pleat in the sheet across the bottom of the bed before tucking. Then it both leaves room for feet and is tucked in.

  167. These are available in different bed sizes. I got one for my kiddo when she was little because she got too hot with a weighted blanket. Its exactly like sleeping in a giant pocket

    Special Supplies Sensory Bed Sheet for Kids Compression Alternative to Weighted Blankets – Breathable, Stretchy – Cool, Comfortable Sleeping Bedding (Blue, Twin)

  168. I too have called it a straightjacket (sooo comfy) and also “sliding into my envelope.” The best part about sleeping this way is you can remake the bed in two seconds after you slither back out!

  169. I prefer the term “swaddled,” the same way we wrap a baby up like a tight little burrito to soothe them.

  170. I’m a tight tucker, which sort of reminds me of tucking left or right and sorta grosses me out

  171. My brother and I are very different on this subject. (Discovered as I was making the guest room bed at Mom’s house.) I was tucking the top sheet in and he said ” You can do that if you want, but I will pull it out when I sleep here.”

  172. Sheet must be tucked. Comforter must be on. If that means the AC needs to be set to -10, so be it.

  173. I have to tuck the sheet and blanket in on my side at the end just to keep my husband from yanking everything off of me, but still sleep with my feet out (and hanging off the side of the bed, usually) except in winter. When we get up my side is neat and flat and his side is a mess because he thrashes around so much!

  174. I’m with you on the end of the flat sheet needs to be tucked under the mattress. However, the sides are loose for me so if I get hot during the night, it’s easy to free my feet and uncover my legs to cool off. Realized this when I wasn’t sleeping well at my sister’s and slept well after I tucked the flat sheet under.

  175. I thought this was going to be about drag queens, but in either case the tight tuck rules.

  176. Lol. So absolutely must must be tucked in, but I can’t have as tight as the hotel tucked in. I gotta have room to move my toes or they cramp. But there cannot be a draft anywhere coming in by the feet!

  177. No tuck for me! I need that foot out for temperature, and the most likely monster under the bed will be purring, making biscuits, or asleep on top of my partner.

    My partner and I are both arrant blanket thieves, and both need different strengths of blanket, so we each have our own set. When we’re snuggling I flap a wing of my blanket over them. Instead of a top sheet I have a light cotton thermal blanket (easy to wash) as my closest layer, and additional items over that as needed. I’m also a side sleeper and need pillows to prop me up. I didn’t vibe with the weighted blanket I got from ikea, so I have it rolled up and stuffed in a long pillowcase. It barely drifts at all, which is great.

  178. The tuck is necessary. Otherwise my blankets and stuff will get twisted up, and I wake up cold.

  179. I am both, I have to sleep with my weighted blanket all around me but NEED room for my feet to move.

  180. I used to love tightly tucked sheets. But as my body has gotten worse at temperature regulation, I need my feet free to be uncovered. Weighted blanket from chest to knees helps though.

  181. It’s not you. I need flat sheet tucked, even if I stick a foot or leg out because I’m too warm, the top sheet needs to be tucked.

  182. The very first thing I do after getting to my hotel room (after going to the bathroom, of course) is rip the tucked in duvet and top sheet out from underneath the mattress. Unless it’s Europe, cause they’re heathens and have no top sheet, just the stiflingly hot duvet.

  183. Oh no, no, I’m with you. Tight tuck. As tight as possible. Stapling me into the bed sounds ideal, actually.

  184. Tucked tight exacerbates my plantar fasciitis- so my feet never flex when they should. So even if I liked it, I just can’t. And I really don’t know if I hate it because I just hate it or because it hobbles me and causes me a crap-ton of pain…

  185. Ok I was like that and then I got a weighted blanket and it was legit magical! So if you have not already tried one, I would really recommend it. (I just bought a 2nd smaller one for traveling. Bearaby blankets have been great. (Not sponsored!))

  186. Ok I was like this also and then tried a weighted blanket and it’s been magical. (Not sponsored but I really like Bearaby!) If you haven’t tried one, it’s definitely worth a try. (Free returns I think.) I actually just got a small travel one that’s not quite the same but helps a little.

  187. If I try to sleep in tightly tucked sheets I immediately get feet and leg cramps, not to mention my sciatica might threaten to make an appearance.

    Plus I don’t like feeling trapped in my own bed, boogeymen or no 😆 Team free!

  188. Eh. Tucked or not, somebody is going to hate it!! Me, I’m in the don’t-give-a-F group!! All I know is that it’s easier to UNtuck it than the other way!!

  189. I discovered on a camping trip at 2 in the morning that I’m apparently FAR more claustrophobic than I had originally believed. I can no longer zipped into a sleeping bag without hyperventilating. So now when we go camping, the sleeping bag is completely unzipped and used like a blanket instead. My kids, on the other hand, enjoy being zipped in and then completely buried under blankets and pillows. *shudder*

  190. NO TOP SHEET! In fact my husband and I have separate blankets as well so we don’t wake each other when rolling over. That was a game changer.

  191. I don’t use top sheets at home at all, but if there is a sheet it has to be totally untucked. My feet need to be free.

  192. My feet a my thermoregulation at night (and day if I’m being honest) so I need room to stick them out at will.

  193. I tuck in my side, leave the bottom of my husband’s side untucked. I mean, he is obviously WRONG, but it’s all about compromise in a marriage !

  194. There is nothing worse than an untucked sheet at the bottom of the bed, getting wrapped around my feet. Ugh. I want my top sheet tucked in and as smooth as possible, thanks!

  195. Team no top sheets here, I adapted from my European partner, lol. Untucked at a hotel.

  196. For me, it really does boil down to the monster under the bed. The sheet must be tucked at the bottom or he’ll get your feet while you sleep! And, one must keep their arms and legs under the sheets and away from the edges at all times.

  197. I believe that George Costanza addressed this very issue on ‘Seinfeld.’ Tuck or no tuck? That is the question!

  198. You need a weighted blanket! Also, if the sheet is not tucked in at the bottom, my feet end up sticking out and I hate that!

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  200. I don’t like them tucked super tight. The hubby does. It makes me colder with that tent of air on either side of my body. I was going to suggest Hug Sleep also. Saw someone above suggested it already.

  201. My mother can bounce a quarter off her bed still. The joy of being a military child and wife. Birth my husband and I are untuckits. I pull the comforter off half the time. Heck, that’s if I remain in the bed and don’t go to my recliner!

  202. That top sheet needs to be tethered! I don’t need covers freewheeling around my feet and legs; I can’t sleep in that kind of chaos!!

  203. My partner has to tuck the bottom of the sheet/quilt in tight, but then he sleeps at the edge of the bed with his feet out. At least I have convinced him it’s not worth it to tuck in the sides of the top sheet/quilt so we have to untuck it to get into bed at night…. but I will never win on the bottom of the bed.

  204. Tucked tight-ish. Must always have room to kick out a foot in order to cool down, but never far enough to hang off the bed….that is just total danger for bad dreams to come true. Shoulders must be covered for protective feelings. TV on so you can tick off the passing of time. Ohh….and a fan always helps. I sleep under the sheet, hubby sleeps on top of it and it sometimes becomes a struggle. FULL disclosure: I am an ICU RN who works nights, so my methods are most likely not helpful for the real world…

  205. You know they have that adult sleeping swaddle thing now right? With or without closed in feet? I think I saw it on Amazon but not completely sure.

  206. I’m with you. If I get in bed and find that the top sheet has come untucked I have to fix it – can’t stand having my feet stick out from under the sheet, and I don’t like drafts on my feet. I also have a weighted blanket.

  207. Hospital corners keep spiders out of ur bed. I once got bit and my knee swelled up like crazy! Always keep it tucked now!

  208. Interestingly, I grew up being taught the proper way to make my bed was the envelope corner tuck in at the bottom and snug tuck along the sides. But as an old lady I have discovered that I hate that. In fact, I use the next size up top sheet [queen size to my standard full size bed] and don’t tuck any in. I can toss and turn and kick my feet out and I’m never going back to “proper” bed making again!

  209. No you are correct. The top sheet should be tucked. My ex didn’t like his tucked so I’m pretty sure that makes him an anarchism.

  210. My dear Jenny, get a weighted blanket! It feels like your stapled in, definitely no floating!! Love mine!!

  211. Love love love the tuck and have been doing it myself for as long as I can remember. I wanna sleep like a dang mummy!

  212. First of all, I check in my bed for snakes every. single. night. I don’t live in a place where finding snakes in your bed is common, but WHAT IF? Also, any part of my body that hangs off the bed is in danger of being cut off, so I obviously don’t let that happen. And if I slept by myself, the sheets would be tucked so tight. It would be delightful. I used to never sleep with my palm open and up, because what if something awful ended up in my hand? But I’ve been relaxing that rule a little bit. It’s usually tucked under my pillow anyway.

  213. Forget sheets( though they are on bed under blanket) – sleep on bedspread, blanket in winter, with another soft blanket or two loose on top of me .. advantage- never have to make bed. Disadvantage- don’t wash bedspread/ blankets often enough ( forget to!). But oh so cozy and comfortable- and we each sleep with our own blankets on top.

  214. I LOVE the tight tuck! My mom was a nurse, I was taught “hospital corners” at a young age. My current mattress isn’t heavy enough to keep the tight tuck at all and it drives me nuts! I feel “protected” when all snuggled it. I get you Jenny, I get you… not the flying into the ceiling fan but the rest 💗

  215. I HATE the hotel tight tuck- it leaves way too much room betweeb my body and the blanket. I always tuck the covers under my feet- I end up wrapped up like a burrito, which is the best way to sleep.

  216. I cannot stand having the corners tucked. My mom does that too after years as a hospital nurse. I need my feet to have freedom for air. My MS makes my leg burn with heat at night and this keeps me sane to stick my feet out. I also hate having my feet smooshed under the tight sheets.

  217. It never occurred to me that there might be someone else who fears getting drawn into the ceiling fan while I sleep…

  218. You’re all wrong. There is no such thing as a “top sheet”. There is a fitted sheet and then there is a duvet, and that’s it.

  219. Once upon a time I wore socks to bed and would have been all about the tuck. Then menopause hit, and my feets (thermostats) can no longer be restrained. No socks; no tucks given!

  220. I’m late to the comment party, but I finally learned to accommodate both a neat, tightly tucked hospital corner and room for a foot wiggler, by creating a pleat in the sheet. I even it across the head first where I want the fold-over, then tuck only a couple of inches firmly under the foot of the mattress. The excess gets pulled onto the top into a pleat across the foot of the bed before tucking, pleat and all, at the corners. Sheets stay anchored but still leave slack for feet to find, and usually the sheet doesn’t get pulled out at the bottom.

  221. My husband makes “hospital corners” and I always pull my side out as soon as I get into bed. I’m with Victor on this one.

  222. There are two kinds of people in this world and they marry each other. I’m on your team and my husband is team Victor.

  223. The thing that sneaks up and grabs my feet gets in through the tuck at the end of the bed. Intellectually, I know that is impossible, but my trying-to-sleep brain thinks my feet are being grabbed. I blame the tuck itself. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  224. No tucking for me BUT you’ve got your worry on wompis. You’re not going to float up to the ceiling fan… The ceiling fan is going to FALL ON YOU and cut your legs off. There, now I’ve shared that irrational fear with someone besides my husband.

  225. Ok so im odd in this, I dont want it tucked under the mattress and I have to have a top sheet, but also I lift my feet up a bit and tuck the sheet under my feet and the left side which faces the room. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ can’t get comfy if feet aren’t tucked in ( like something would drag me out by my feet 🙃)

  226. if i am in ahotel the first thing i do is untuck the top sheet and blanket. at home, i use a wieghted blanekt and no top sheet. the cover gets washed when i wash the sheet and pillowacse. Tucke din sheets give me foot cramps.

  227. I’m a tucked kinda person. I wanna feel like nothing can get between my sheet and my feet. My husband is an untucked. Solution: two twin top sheets in the same color. Mine tucked, his not. Won’t see them once the comforter and pillows are on anyway

  228. I can only tuck in my side of the sheets, in this preference, my husband is like Victor. Even as a child, I used to turn myself into a human burrito every night, no matter the temperature in the room. Although at 61, as tightly tucked as I am at night, I now have to stick a foot out from under the sheet. Gee, thanks Mother Nature for years of reprogramming me to partially leave my security burrito to keep from catching fire from hot flashes I now no longer have!

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