Agree to disagree

Victor: Nope.

Me: What? It’s just a doll someone sent me.

Victor: That’s not a doll. That’s a threat.

me: Why? Because it’s missing a face?

Victor: Yes, Jenny, because it’s missing a face.

me: Hang on. I think I have something that will fit.

me: Aha. Made it better.

Victor: Agree to disagree.

UPDATED: First off, Boni Mitchell is the perfect name for this doll. Well done, y’all. Also, several people asked for before and after pictures. As you wish:

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  1. You’re a problem solver and Victor needs to appreciate that aspect of who you are.

  2. Love this!! It’s brilliant! Last year I gave my granddaughters “deady bears” for Halloween – cuddly teddy bears with skull faces. They loved them.

  3. Doll still doesn’t have a face. It just went from “not having a face” to “having a face once upon a time.”

  4. OK. Boni Mitchell is the PERFECT name. PERFECT. Just add a “Made in Canada” sticker.

  5. “Boni Mitchell” is hilarious!
    That belongs on a Laffy Taffy wrapper:
    Q. What do you call a skeleton who’s also a folk singer?
    A. Boni Mitchell
    Yep, still laughing. And Victor has no sense of humor.

  6. I love you and Victor AND I love your commenters. I can always count on a snort laugh, or even s full belly laugh.

  7. It’s beautiful! Sometimes our dear ones just don’t understand art.

  8. Ooh! I love what you did with her! I knew you would find a way to make her pretty. I think Shirley Temple would approve, even if Victor doesn’t!

  9. Jenny, When can we see the Nowhere Bookshop Halloween window display please? And the 2023 version of your front-yard 12-foot skeleton’s costume? I look forward to seeing these all year . . .

  10. I’m no expert but I’d say a smaller skull could suit her better. Maybe one size smaller. My english is a bit out of order now so I almost called the face-of-bones a “squid”. Then “skull” came to me, without tentacles, much better.

  11. Boni Mitchell is perfect for Halloween displays. Put her/them in the window and freak out your neighbors more than ever!

  12. I’m trying to figure out if she is a skeleton dressed up as Shirley Temple, or if it’s Shirley Temple’s ghost. Either way, I would definitely go see that movie.

  13. I’m trying to decide if that’s a skeleton dressed up as Shirley Temple for Halloween, or if that’s the ACTUAL ghost of Shirley Temple. Either way, I’d go see that movie.

  14. Since it’s almost Halloween I wanted to put a skull on my dad’s grave in lieu of flowers. Mom said NO! She did laugh first tho. ps – dad LOVED Halloween!

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  16. Gorgeous! I certainly don’t have a skull handy to improve any faceless dolls. Good job!

  17. I wonder how many times Victor gets up in the middle of the night, half asleep, to use the restroom and then is sleepily surprised by eerie eye shine from the taxidermy, or happens to see this latest curiosity like a ghostly apparition in the dark, or has a run in with any of your other collectibles and then proceeds to shrilly scream like Data from “The Goonies.”

    I would plug in night lights all over your house 😂I mean that in the very best possible way! Happy spooky season Jenny (and tribe)!

  18. I’m liking the doll. The mouth is good and the nose is a bit Voldemort-y. I would, however, like some eyeballs. Have you considered some red, glowing ones? Better yet, how about a couple of black marbles? I know that would scare the bejesus out of me.

  19. What kind of a doll has a fully formed skull behind the “face?” That’s some sort of homemade Frankenstein kinda creature there.

  20. By far, I find the weirdest part of this situation that you had a spare wig and outfit that fit it…

  21. On a completely different note, but the names reminded me; I received a “Beyoncé”for me birthday. But it’s a male, so I named him Rooster Cockburn.

  22. I agree with a PP. We need the “before” picture.

    Also, whoever mentioned “Shirley Temple of Doom”, PERFECT!

  23. I forgot to add, your blog thread has reminded me that somewhere, I have Once Upon a Zombie Princess Dolls. Have to find them sometime…..

  24. That’s not the way *most* people would solve it … it’s the Jenny Way!! I appreciate your solution and I get it get it!! 😀

    The face needed something to provide its shape, from the ground up — this looks like it came straight out of the ground!! 😀

  25. That’s not the way *most* people would solve it … it’s the Jenny Way!! I appreciate your solution and I get it get it!! 😀

    The face needed something to provide its shape, from the ground up — this looks like it came straight out of the ground!! 😀

  26. Weirdly enough that’s a lot less scary than most dolls.

    Dolls really freak me out especially baby dolls.

  27. The law enforcement self sided with Victor, so…do you still have the packaging she arrived in? Was there a return address or a note from the person who sent it? Has she received similar ‘threats’ in the past?If you still have the packaging carefully place it in a sealed bag.
    Meanwhile, the JennyFanClub side was hollerin “OOOOH WHEEE! LITTLE DEBBIE, LITTLE DEBBIE!”
    (PS Thank you Victor for loving Jenny and protecting her)

  28. Ahhh Mother! The things you’ll do to get close to celebrities! ( Remember the LeBron front gate episode?)

  29. There’s a shop in Louisiana that sells handmade voodoo babies and other La items, and you can find it on Facebook called Louisiana Marketshops at the 115. Granted they’re not as magnificently disturbing as this, but he might be more amenable to that!

  30. My original interpretation of “it’s missing a face” what is that by having a skeleton face what you meant was that it was missing its skin. So creepy.

    I was relieved to realize that it was really just missing its face and you fixed the problem by adding the skull.

    Is that really relief? I don’t know.

    Happy Halloween, Faceless Doll! Welcome to the Stranglings!

  31. Boni Mitchell is brilliant!!! And yes, WE NEED A BEFORE PIC! Also, who just has a perfect sized skull lying around to fit the faceless doll? Ohhhhh, wait. You do! You’re just the perfect creepy doll mom!

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