This Sunday I’m doing a Second-Chance Book Tour and that means we’re having fun at Nowhere and you need to come because I’m bringing the most ridiculous gifts for you. Keep reading for details.

And if you can’t make it to San Antonio you can still be part of it because I’ll be signing books for you too and if you order online this weekend you can get 20% off my signed books using the code SURPRISEME. Just let me know what you want me to sign when you order your books, but be aware that if you say “dealers choice” you may get something insane. Need proof? I was going to share some of my recent autographs here but it was too image heavy so I put them on instagram if you want to click through the slides to see 70 examples of why I shouldn’t be left unattended with books and markers:

And I just did a live instagram video to show you everything we’re doing on Sunday and it was a mess but very indicative of everything I do, so here you go:

Come see me, friend.

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  1. Oh I wish I could come to the Second Chance tour! But hubby and I are planning a US road trip in 2024 and Nowhere is one of the stops for sure!

  2. I am from NJ and was just in San Antonio for my son’s graduation from basic training in the Air Force. I was so excited to visit the Nowhere Bookstore! I bought a few books and everyone was great. No Jenny sighting, but it was still amazing. My favorite part is all of the staff recommendations that line your shelves. Two Texas things I didn’t get to see where you and an armadillo, but it was still well worth the trip! Have a great holiday.

  3. I would probably burst into tears if I ever got to meet you. ❤️ I know I’d be some sort of mess.

  4. Yay, great live video. Boo Dorothy Barker. If there is ever another live, please I’m begging you to lock Barker inside a cage, in another room, far far away!

  5. I’m volunteering with our Rotary Ice Rink & visiting the Giving Machines at the Pearl on Sunday; totes hope to attend in btwn! Yours is my fave local business -&- bookshop, ever since I discovered y’all last Fall✨💖✨

  6. OMG!! My friend is visiting from Canada for the first time in seven years and visiting your store was a must! She’ll still be here! It’s like YOU KNEW. 😳

  7. I super crazy love you too. Wish I could come visit Nowhere, but I’m in Wisconsin

  8. Is it weird that I want someone with a signed book to die suspiciously so that the cops looking into their death find your book and think they have a lead (or at least be very confused)…

  9. There is nothing wrong with you and everybody here loves you! You are a force for good in the universe.

  10. lordy I so wish I could join you!!

    Best moment of video (so far):
    “OMG I forgot to take my ADD meds, what’s *wrong* with me??”

    (um… you have ADD so you forget shit a lot?)

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