me:  Hello, and welcome to the first ever meeting of the Fantastic Strangelings Book Club! You:  Wait…what happened?  I just walked in and everyone is staring and I didn’t even know I had reading assigned and THIS IS MY NIGHTMARE. me:  No, it’s cool.  This is a super laid-back book club.  I’m not even wearingContinue reading “HELLO, STRANGELINGS!”

Completely and utterly overwhelmed. In a good way. Mostly.

So. Remember yesterday when the Nowhere Bookshop website went live?  And Elizabeth (our superhero manager) and Victor and I were surrounded with hundreds of shirts and mugs and books that I was certain we’d still be surrounded with a week from now?  Well, turns out I’d underestimated the excitement and support because we got thousandsContinue reading “Completely and utterly overwhelmed. In a good way. Mostly.”

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