So tonight I’m celebrating the paperback release of Broken (in the best possible way) by having a free virtual tour stop where I will do a bit of reading and then be in conversation with Victor. I think this may be the first time any of you have ever heard Victor in real life and I am both excited and absolutley terrified.

I’m not sure what questions he will be asking but last night I had an anxiety dream about it and his questions were:

“Why do you keep buying scissors when we already have scissors?”

“Who turned down the air conditioner?”

“Why are you a maniac in a hotel room?” (Not sexually)

“If you were a mermaid would you rather be top half fish or bottom half fish?

“Do you smell that?”


“Why do you keep running over the trash can?”

And I would like to say that, 1. Do you smell that is a terrible question for a virtual event, and 2. if I had a nickel for every time I’ve run over the trash can I would have three nickels, which isn’t very many nickels at all thank you very much.

I do quite like the mermaid one though, so well done, Dream Victor.

Anyway, my point is that I’m a little worried so please leave a question for us in the comments below and if things get weird I can pull those out instead.

PS. It’s not to late to join. (And I’m told it will be close-captioned.) Just click here and pick a wonderful place that’s partnering with us and they’ll set you up. They’re also selling copies of my books if you want to help support them! You’ll get a link to join the zoom later today if you haven’t already. See you tonight!

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  1. Who do you think would win in a fight, Victor or three taxidermied squirrels come to life?

  2. What type of taxidermied animal would Victor choose to be and why? Or, what taxidermied animal would you choose for Victor to be?

  3. Victor, how do you feel about being the straight man in Jenny’s posts? (Also, not a question, but I have to say how much I admire you for the way you comfort and support your wife through her struggles with mental illness. My husband does that for me and I know what it means.)

  4. Deep question:
    “What coping skill are you most grateful (to yourself, to Victor) for developing during the challenges of your marriage?”

  5. Questions: Do you think there have been long term improvements from the TMS? Will you write similarly about your ketamine treatment? Would Victor agree to a pool for otters if there were a separate pool that was specifically human only? Did the Sharks ever greenlight any of your product ideas?

  6. At what point did Victor embrace his love for the chicken, as part of the family?

  7. When Jenny is struggling, what do you do you keep yourself calm and remain positive and helpful?
    (My husband has trouble dealing with my anxiety and my coping mechanisms, so this would be very helpful to him to get advice from Victor.)

  8. Victor, my mom and I rave on you when we talk about Jenny’s books. What a blessing you’ve been! So my question for you is, in the beginning of Victen…..Jennfer??? Tell us about that first moment with her family where you thought, “wtf am I doing here?”.🤣🤷‍♀️

  9. Is Victor going to write a book? Or are you going to write one and say Victor wrote it and you could make him say all the things you want him to say but he refuses?

  10. What do temperature do you set your air conditioner for? Is it true in Texas, the hotter it is outside, the lower the a/c is set?

  11. How much day to day involvement does Victor have with the bookstore? Does he secretly move things from your house over there under the guise of window decorating? (My husband would also like to make it clear that his name isn’t Victor and I really need to stop saying “What the shit, Victor?” Because it confuses him and makes him think I’ve adopted another cat and he just hasn’t found it yet…which would be totally awesome to do (adopt the cat, not confuse Victor who isn’t Victor, I mean Mike. 😀 )

  12. I really wish I didn’t have plans tonight that involve being no where near a computer at the time of this virtual book tour stop. I hope it’s available later for people to watch. Have fun and enjoy!

  13. What are your dream vacations?
    When the other one is driving you crazy, what are some of your strategies to deal with it?

  14. If your spouse precedes you in death, have you & Hailey thought about what monuments/crypts/epitaphs you will choose to enshrined their memory?

  15. Victor, do most of your co-workers, businessmen you meet and greet know only you for you? Or do they know you as “that” Victor?

  16. This is actual a question for you, Victor, and Hailey:

    What advice would you give the students (grades 7-12) in my school, who are daily faced with apathy, ignorance, and erasure? How do you all support each other?

  17. Victor, I suspect your real first name isn’t Victor, as it seems like a classic middle name to me, so you do have a measure of a private life, but is it private enough for your taste? How do you decide as a family what will be your “public face” and what you won’t share?

  18. If there were a natural disaster and you could only take one thing from your home, what would it be? Assumption is that Hailey has taken their item and is safe along with all pets and presumably their individual precious items.

  19. How do you manage to be so successful (as an author, a business owner, and active social media contributor) while also managing mental health struggles? You are an inspiration!

  20. Jenny, what do you love most about Victor? And Victor, what do you love most about Jenny?

  21. Interviewing your spouse could be problematic. Will you two be fimes?

  22. Victor which of Jenny’s quirky hobbies or interests did you end up adopting as your own? Jenny were there some quirks you held off showing him until you knew he was “the one?” Break a leg you two!

  23. Victor, I remember in the first book (I think) Jenny talked about a file of weird internet stuff you kept and there were definite peeks of your own weird personality. I doubt Jenny would have married, and stayed married, to someone conventionally “normal.” What part of your weird fits so well with Jenny’s weird?

  24. I can’t help but notice that most of the questions submitted have been aimed at Victor. I find that interesting, and also a statement about how Jenny has written Victor in her books.
    Love you two. I am team Jenny+Victor.

  25. You wanted questions…you got it! 😂 Good luck you two!! It’s going to be so epically awesome! 😊

    Questions for you and Victor:

    If you could write a Lawson family slogan/mission statement what would it be?

    What are your favorite Lawson familial traditions?

    What are some favorite qualities you admire in each other?

    How did you two meet? What drew you to each other?

    What are your favorite guilty pleasures (Example watching trashy reality tv, watching sappy Hallmark movies, etc?)

    If you could be any literary character who would you be?

    I’m stealing a few questions from the late great James Lipton:

    If heaven exists, what would you like God to say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

    If you could have dinner with anyone alive or dead who would it be and why?

  26. I was hoping we would hear a replay from “Furiously Happy” when Victor prepped you for an interview! 🤣

  27. I you could keep one thing from any museum in the world to showcase in your bookstore, what would it be?

  28. Jenny, first I want to say thank you. You and your books came into a time of my life when I was in my deepest depression. TMS really pulled me out of that and I would’ve known nothing about it without you.

    You’ve shared with us Jenny that you’re bisexual I am curious how that works in a heterosexual marriage. Have you had relationships with women before you were married? I know I’m getting all up in your business but it’s just something that I don’t know much about.

    I appreciate the support you give Hailey and wonder if your parents were supportive of you regarding sexuality. I learned some things from your post about non-binary pronouns and I know that is gender, not sex, but I just wanted to throw that in here. Hailey, I wish you a happy life!

    And hey Victor, thanks for being here and for being you.

  29. Victor: have you made peace with Beyonce? (The chicken not the singer….)

  30. Victor: have you made peace with Beyonce (the chicken- not the singer…)

  31. #Colleen: You’ve shared with us Jenny that you’re bisexual…

    WTF? How did I miss that?

  32. Is there anything Jenny hasn’t written about that you, Victor, want to see put out into the world?

  33. I got to try barbiturates today (Don’t panic, it was prescribed), and I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was not THAT. What is your best advice for trying new classes of drugs?

  34. Jenny, have you convinced Wordle that “foxen” is a legit word yet, and if so, can you tell us about your process? Victor, are you a Wordle fan as well, and do you two compete or cheat off of each other?

  35. What’s one thing from your childhood that you wish Hailey could have experienced first-hand? What’s one thing from Hailey’s life so far that you wish you could experience from their perspective?

  36. thank you Jenny and Victor – that was everything I’d needed from a zoom call with the two of you!

  37. This was absolutely amazing! I loved every minute of it! You both are amazing and hilarious 🙂

  38. This was so wonderful! It was very nice to finally “meet” Victor!!!

  39. For each of you……If you could visit anywhere AND time travel where/when would you go?

  40. You two were fantastic tonight. Jenny, it felt like we got to know you better and you were more relaxed than in any of your previous online readings/interviews. We want more! Podcast YES.

  41. The virtual event was fab! I totally get why you might not want to do a podcast, but it would be much easier to do quarterly Zoom webinars, similar to what you did tonight … with/without Victor, maybe some of your other friends/fellow bloggers, etc. You could theme them around holidays (Halloween!), hobbies (the all-taxidermy event), and so on. Just a thought…

  42. This was so much fun! Thank you for introducing Victor to us and sharing a tiny glimpse into your daily life.

  43. Last nights event was brilliant!! Thanks so much for sharing you time with us. I LOL’ed the entire time!!!

  44. Oh, I hope it’s recorded so I can watch. The boy had a band concert last night so I couldn’t dial in. Hope you guys had fun!

  45. Thank you for doing the zoom last night – it was so fun. I loved watching the rapport between you and Victor and hearing about how he supports you with your mental health issues. Thank you for your openness and your honesty! 💗

  46. Hi Jenny! I love how you and Victor seem to still “like” each other!! That’s nice to see in long-term married couples!! I had a Zoom audio issue, and I finally ended the call, early. Just wanted to let you know why I left. You and Victor were great!!! Thank you!!

  47. Thank you! Enjoyed hanging out with you two and the chatter from the Strangling community.

    Still trying to wrap my head around how the bear goes with the menacing, glow-in-the-dark Will F poster. Are they there to protect you from the bear or is it full court press?

  48. We tuned in and were literally crying laughing. We’d literally pay money to listen to you guys paint a wall or grocery shop. Unfortunately for my husband, I now annoy him with prompts to “Be Victoriffic” if he tells lame jokes.

  49. What if you were a mermaid who was left side fish, right side human?

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