If my blog was a cocktail party, someone would be topless

I like to randomly click though my comments and pretend that I’m throwing a cocktail party for all my friends and that I’m just picking up little bits and pieces of their bizarre, disjointed conversations as I drunkenly push my way to the bathroom.  For example: Nonlinear girl: What kind of Christians are these that have such a bigContinue reading “If my blog was a cocktail party, someone would be topless”

Fooling technorati and other award-winning junk

So according to technorati, this is what my blog is all about: I was feeling really crappy about this “review” but then a friend pointed out that this was mostly just from the tags I use on each of my posts so starting today…new and improved tags.  (See above.)   I’m taking suggestions for others.  *******************  Overheard in a full elevatorContinue reading “Fooling technorati and other award-winning junk”

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