Fooling technorati and other award-winning junk

So according to technorati, this is what my blog is all about:


I was feeling really crappy about this “review” but then a friend pointed out that this was mostly just from the tags I use on each of my posts so starting today…new and improved tags.  (See above.)   I’m taking suggestions for others. 


Overheard in a full elevator this week:  “Well at least I didn’t say that her womb smelled like butterscotch.”*


Dog attack update:  After a week of Victor getting annoyed with me constantly asking ”Does this look infected?” he was about to strangle me but then I went to get my stitches out and it turns out that bite I kept insisting looked infected?  Is infected.   Yay?


* I’m pretty sure you can call it “overhearing it” even if you were the person saying it.  Also, guy-on-the-15th-floor, “womb” is a perfectly acceptable word and I do not appreciate you giving me the stink eye every time I see you.

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  1. Yeah, those tags… they can bite you in the ass! Categories are not the same thing as “what your blog is all about.” They’re a way of sorting through your blog for people who are already there. I do not appreciate the way Technorati takes them out of context.

    Sorry about your infection! But hey, at least you can say, “I told you so.”

  2. Jenny, I just love reading everything you write. Sorry I haven’t been around or sufficiently empathized with your dog bites, I’ve been TRYING to finish my stupid master’s degree. Anyway, sorry about the dog thing and your “Yay?” Comment is exactly how I feel about life right now. Feel better soon!

  3. Oh! Well, I guess the ‘YAY’ part is that you aren’t crazy?! At least when it comes to obsessing over dog bites. 😉

    You’re womb smells like Butterscotch?!

    I’d really like to hear the rest of that conversation. ROFLMAO. Something tells me that it wasn’t so much the word ‘womb’ as…how the Hell do you tell someone their womb smells like butterscotch??!

    omg. I have to stop typing because I’m laughing so hard.

  4. I would take pride in this… here are some of my categories… farts, dog shit, cat shit, and barf… it’s a wonder I get no dates.

    I’d add “butterscotch womb” to your categories, you’d pretty much be the authority on the web.

  5. Man, having your hypochondria reinforced with the occasional ACTUAL, MATCHING diagnosis is the BEST. (I joke. But not really.)

  6. How come “blow job” didn’t make the list? I don’t get it.

    Poooor Victor (NOT)…a totally justifiable “I TOLD YOU SO” if there ever was a case for it.

    But, I sure hate it for YOU :(.

    Got antibiotics left over from the parvo?

  7. I just found your blog through Mrs. G at Derfwad Manor. You SERIOUSLY fecking phunny! Bookmarked fer sure.

    Sorry about the infected dog bites. 🙁

  8. Okay, so I’m like DUMB and stuff and I’ve never really been to Technorati until just now, and my healthcare post is making the rounds evidently. I had no idea.

    And also? My list of content is awesome. The last one is STREP. And guess what KayTar has right now? YUP! STREP! Technorati is also psychic.

  9. I don’t tag my blog – so does that mean my blog is about nothing?

    Sorry about the infection – they’re right – Victor has earned a great big TOLD ‘YA!

    And ’bout that “butterscotch” thing…

  10. I can’t believe they didn’t just give you antibiotics to begin with. Hello. Dogs eat their own feces?!

    Love “stink eye” and am going to try to work it into a conversation as soon as possible.

  11. What about a tag called, “the meaning of life.” Either that or, “guaranteed to enlarge your penis.” Between the ads I see and the spam I get, everyone on the Internet is interested in one of these two things.

  12. “…how the Hell do you tell someone their womb smells like butterscotch??!”

    I think it’s more like “WHY the Hell…”


  13. I just noticed that in my bloglines list of blogs, you appear (in an otherwise alphabetical list) between Metroblogs Portland and Metrodad. Explain THAT.

  14. I haven’t done any good tags since I switched to typepad. Can “butterscotch womb” be used interchangably with like, “being a mom”? If so, I can totally use it.

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