If my blog was a cocktail party, someone would be topless

I like to randomly click though my comments and pretend that I’m throwing a cocktail party for all my friends and that I’m just picking up little bits and pieces of their bizarre, disjointed conversations as I drunkenly push my way to the bathroom.  For example: Nonlinear girl: What kind of Christians are these that have such a bigContinue reading “If my blog was a cocktail party, someone would be topless”

Cloverfield owes me $3.50

We went to see Cloverfield this weekend and we got about halfway through before I got a migraine and Victor had to go throw up.  Victor, being A Man, was shocked and mortified to get motion sickness.  (This is the same guy that was lost at sea several years ago and was the only guy onboard who didn’t get violently seasick.)  But yesterday he wasContinue reading “Cloverfield owes me $3.50”