Thank you. Again.

I just went to Target and I was looking to see if they had my book and I found this:


I don’t know who did this but I could not stop giggling and now I can’t go back to Target because they think I’m insane.  More insane than usual.

PS. I just found out that Furiously Happy is #3 on the NYT bestseller list again (!) this week and I cannot thank you enough.  So many people have contacted me to say they saw a friend quoting from it on twitter and Facebook and then decided to check it out and suddenly realized how unalone they are.  Thank you.  I don’t have the right words to say what it is that you’ve done for me.  For all of us.  Just…thanks.

PPS.  Tomorrow I leave again for leg two of the Furiously Happy tour.  Two and a half weeks on the road, but I’ve built in lots of downtime and Victor and Hailey are coming for a bit to keep me from getting too homesick.  Will you come see me?


Click here for details.

Moral: Don’t fucking tell me I can’t have cake

Eighth Argument I Had With Victor This Week (which I’m skipping the first part of because it wasn’t as entertaining and that’s how editing works.)

Victor: …Well, you can’t have your cake and eat it to.

Me: That phrase makes no sense. I totally can.  In fact, the only way I can eat cake is if I have it.  You can’t eat cake you don’t have.  Unless it’s cake you ordered for dessert and I eat it all off your plate while you’re in the bathroom.  Then I can have my cake and your cake and eat it too.

Victor: That’s not how the phrase works. You can’t eat your cake and have it too because if you ate your cake you wouldn’t have it anymore.

Me: Um…but you still totally have it.  IN YOUR BELLY.  Where it’s safest.  That’s why smugglers always eat condoms filled with heroin.  Because then you can eat it and then have it again after you leave the airport.  So you can have your heroin and eat it too, but only after you shit out the condoms and sift through the poo, I guess.  If you still wanted it, that is.

Victor: Let’s just stop talking.

Me: Seems like a good way to break yourself of wanting heroin really.  Having to sort through your own poo to get it and then you have to put it up your nose?  That’s a sinus infection just waiting to happen.

Victor: You’ve confused heroin with cocaine again.

Me:  Basically, you can’t eat your cake and then have it too unless first you put your cake in condoms, swallow the condoms, shit them out, thoroughly wash and then open the condoms and then you can eat your cake.  Again.  Because technically you just ate it twice.  I MEAN, JESUS,  THAT’S HOW WRONG THAT SAYING IS.  You can eat your cake and have your cake and eat it and have it and just keep going until you run out of condoms.  That should be the new saying.

Victor: I don’t think that would fit on a t-shirt.

Me: Well, that doesn’t make it any less true.

Winner: Me, because this argument made me want cake so I got some ding-dongs at the gas station and they were delicious.  Except now I want more but I don’t have any more because I ate them all and-OH MY GOD I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND THAT PHRASE NOW. They should really change it to “You can’t enjoy the same piece of cake twice. That’s the tragedy of not enough cake.” That shit is a basic truth and it’s much more quotable.

If it’s Saturday this must be Florida.

Hello, Florida!  Today I’m at Books &Books in Coral Gables, Florida at 7pm.  Come see me?  Pretty please?  Space is limited for the event so you may want to buy a book from the store to have a guaranteed spot for the reading, but I’ll stay later and sign anything you want for free even if you don’t have a book at all.

This is my last stop on the first leg of the tour and I love you all for your support! It’s been exhausting and wonderful and terrifying and brilliant all at once. But it’s the final stop for a week, which is good because I miss my couch and everyone who snuggles with me on it.  So let’s make this awesome, Miami, because I am leaving it all on the stage.  And by “it” I mean my dirty laundry, probably some empty bottles and what’s left of my dignity.


See here for the rest of the tour.  Pretend I said something witty here, okay?


I’m having a hard time finding the words.

I wanted to announce this last night but I couldn’t find the words.  Last night I found out that this strange little book I wrote  (one I was sure would scare people away – one that I struggled with for years) made it on the NYT bestseller list its first week out.  I screamed and laughed and threw up and brushed my teeth and cried and then screamed again.  This was a shock, not just because I thought the subject matter might be too scary for a humor book, but also because we published this book in the fall even though that’s when all the big, important celebrity books come out and so I went in knowing that I’d almost certainly not be able to compete.  But last night I found out that Furiously Happy made it to #3 on the NYT list on its debut week!   And this in spite of the fact that so many of you weren’t able to buy it because it sold out so quickly some places.  In fact, it’s #2 in ebooks and was beaten only by Bill O’Reilly, which figures because that motherfucker ruins everything.  But I’m too happy to even let Bill O’Reilly get me down because the fact that so many of you supported this book means that now other stores will take notice and it can make it’s way to smaller towns and libraries and to people who might really need to read those words and to remember that depression lies and that there is joy in life and that there is an amazing tribe of intellectual misfits out here waiting for them.  That they aren’t alone.

That I’m not alone.

That none of us are.

I’m so honored and proud and I don’t have the words to say thank you for making this happen but I’ll have to just stick with “thank you”.  This book was written by all of us and I consider it an invitation reaching out across the world to people like us…strange, wonderful, broken in beautiful ways, haunted, and so much more important than they suspect.

Thank you.  Thank you for listening and helping.  Thank you for buying the book or reading here or putting it on your wish list or passing it on to others.  Thank you for making me believe that I’m worthy even when my brain tries to convince me I’m not.

I don’t have a good picture to share here because I’m on the road still (next stop, Miami!) but this photo I took during yesterday’s signing feels right…

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 9.01.33 AM

Thank you for sharing your stories and lives with me. Thank you for convincing me that mine is equally important.

If it’s Wednesday this must be Nashville.

Hello, Nashville!  I’m here to see you.  Are you here to see me?  Please?  A reading, Q&A and signing will be hosted by Parnassus Books offsite at Salon@615 at 6:15pm.  Click here for details on location and reserving a seat.

A giant thanks to all the people who’ve come out so far, especially since so many of you stuggle with the same anxiety issues I deal with.  You give me the inspiration to keep going even when I’m terrified and it’s been so incredibly worth it.  Thank you.

Photo by Maile Wilson

Photo by Maile Wilson

Next stop?  Miami.  See all the tour details here.


Can’t make it to any of the stops?  You can follow along here.

If it’s Tuesday this must be Atlanta.

Hello, Atlanta!  I’m here to see you tonight so will you come see me?  Pretty please?  A reading, a Q&A and a signing.  Plus cake!  If somebody brings cake.  (Disclaimer: There probably won’t be cake.)

It’s hosted by A Cappella Books at an offsite venue so that there will be more room.  Click here for directions and details.

Photo by Maile Wilson

Photo by Maile Wilson

PS.  Today is Victor’s birthday and it’s the first birthday I’ve been away from him in 20 years. Happy birthday, sweet Victor. I love you so much. Thank you for not putting me in the chipper-shredder yet. You know…The usual.

PPS.  Next stop?  Nashville and Miami.  I think.  I’m bad with geography.



What goes on tour stays on tour. Unless you have a blog in which case it’s all over the internet.

First week of the FURIOUSLY HAPPY Book Tour and it’s been so amazing.  Thank you!  I’m always shocked to see so many faces there, especially since so many of us deal with anxiety levels that keep us from attending the things we want.  And I totally get that.  If you came or plan to come to the tour I am incredibly thrilled and proud, but know that it’s okay if you can’t make yourself.  If you come you will not be alone and you will be surrounded by other people who understand completely.  Even if you just drive to the parking lot and make it no further you should be incredibly proud of yourself.  And if you know that you can’t do it and are practicing self-care by staying home know that that is a brave act in itself.  I’m so proud of every single person in this community and I want you to know that.

This week I met a woman who had only made it to the parking lot at my last book tour and then could go no further and cried in her car feeling like a failure for not having the courage to come in.  This time she made it inside and met lovely friends in line and made me so happy with her story.

I met a beautiful girl who missed my last book tour because her agoraphobia had her confined to her home for months.  She showed up in Houston and is now getting ready to start her new job…as a flight attendant traveling the world.

I met a lovely man who gave me jewelry his wife made out of broken things she finds who couldn’t make herself come to the signing line but watched from a distance as she saw me appreciate the beauty that comes from the broken pieces so many ignore.

I met a woman who told me that her beautiful transgender daughter struggles with depression but that this book is helping to convince her that although her life right now is now easy, every day she’s alive is a chance to find happiness.

I met a man who brought the book I’d signed for him years ago when he was battling leukemia in the hospital.  I’d written “KICK CANCERS ASS” in it.  Three years later I was able to finally hug him in person and write “YOU KICKED CANCERS ASS” in my new book.

I’ve met Whovians and psychiatrists and teenagers and people in red ball gown carrying taxidermied possums or giant metal chickens or fee tie pajamas.  I’ve met people who hand me a book to sign and say only, “I don’t have words” and I understand and appreciate what it means that they are there.  And it’s been amazing.  Today I’m hiding in my hotel room because that’s how I practice self-care.  And that’s okay.  And however you practice self-care is okay too.

Just, thank you.  Thank you for being here.  Thank you for the feedback online or in person.  Thank you for keeping me going.  Thank you for finding friends in book-signing lines or online or (the hardest one for me) thank you for finding a friend in yourself.  I’m still working on that one too.  We can work on it together.

A few shots from the road so far…

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 4.07.19 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 4.02.49 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 4.02.25 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 3.56.24 PM


Next stop?  Atlanta, Nashville and Miami.  I hope you can come, but no matter what you’re here with us in spirit.  Click here for the whole tour list.


If it’s Saturday this must be Dallas.

furiouslyhappy quote

Hello, Dallas! What are you doing? Are you coming to see me and to buy great books and meet wonderfully odd misfits? Because you should. I’ll be at the Dallas Half Price Books at 3 this afternoon. Please come?

PS.  Next week: Atlanta, Nashville and Miami.  Details here.

If it’s Friday this must be Houston

Photo by Justin Hackworth

Photo by Justin Hackworth

Hey!  So Wednesday was the first stop of the FURIOUSLY HAPPY tour and it was amazing and I may have cried a few times and laughed slightly hysterically.  Tonight I’ll be in Houston at Blue Willow Bookshop at 6pm for a reading and signing.  Please come?

Also, Entertainment Weekly has a review of Furiously Happy this week and it’s so great I have to share it with you because you guys and your rampant awesomeness are making people really take note of this strange book and I love you for it.  Thank you!

See you in Houston tonight, then I’m off to see the rest of the world.  Check out the tour details for a stop near you.



So this is eleven.

Happy birthday, Hailey.  


You are our sunshine.