This isn't a real post. As usual.

I’m still on tour and today I’m in Cincinnati.  Come see me?

It’s my first time in Cincinatti and I asked if I could go on WKRP to talk about the book but I was told that WKRP never really existed, which I think is code for “They don’t want you, Jenny.”  Also, now I can’t get the WKRP song out of my head.  And now, neither can you, probably.

But I did get one of my tv interviews back and so I’m sharing it here because you can only see my facial tic twice and that is a huge improvement from my first tour and so I need to show it off to someone.  Thank you for being that someone.


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  1. Had to pass this on…

    Love ya! Hope your tour is as awesome as you are!

  2. In my mind, WKRP will always be real; it was part of my childhood–don’t spoil my myths.

    Morgan Eckstein recently posted Between Light and Darkness.

  3. Yeah….I didn’t need you putting that song in my head. Good luck on this leg of the tour!

    Naked Girl in a Dress recently posted Where I am Going: Forward Thinking for a More Balanced Life.

  4. So close to Columbus! Come visit us!

  5. Of course its real, WE WATCHED IT.

    Also, you must eat Graeter’s ice cream while in town (its like a requirement)…its SO GOOOOOOD!

  6. He’s so generous with eyeballs. <- I want to be known for this, so I'm off to buy some eyeballs.

    PippaD @ A Mothers Ramblings recently posted News of the Week.

  7. You’ve answered the question….Baby, if you’ve ever wondered….if WKRP is real. I always wanted matching shoes and a belt like Herb. *sigh*

    Sharon recently posted Numbers.

  8. 8
    Annadanna from Canada

    I feel taunted every time you say you’re somewhere and it isn’t here. We’re good here. You’d like it. (Although it is the fist day of Spring and we just got 25 cms of snow, so…)

    Annadanna from Canada recently posted He didn't even lose his shit.

  9. Ok…the giggle at the end was so amazingly cute and priceless. And I didn’t notice a single tic!

  10. At least the guy dresses like Les Nessman. Did you check him for the bandage?

    Bill Dezell recently posted Chuck Wendig's Flash Fiction Challenge: Motif.

  11. Did you say “Bowties are cool” to him? I would have.

  12. Well, it looks like you got interviewed by the son of Less Nessman, so at least there’s that.

  13. I’m flying from Baltimore to Ohio just to see you! Well, actually, I was coming to Ohio anyway but I’m coming a day early to meet you. I’m really looking forward to it! I hope that we can discuss The Doctor and social anxiety.

  14. 14
    Juliana from Brazil

    Lovely interview! You look fabulously confident and relaxed… Congratulations on the tour!!

  15. Loved WKRP. Yet another favorite show I must share with my children. I love the Less Nessman comment made by Molly.

    Becky recently posted A Day Late.

  16. I’m here for you, Jenny.
    And don’t sweat the pseudo-posts; reality is overrated anyway.

  17. Baby. If you ever wondered. Wondered whatever became of me?

    Nice earworm to start the day. But I’ll do you one better. With no references to being born or raised in West Philadelphia. Except the one.

    Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got. Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot.
    Gimme a break, I sure deserve it. It’s time I made it to the top.
    Show me that smile again. Don’t waste another minute on your cryin.
    There’s a time for love and a time for living. You take a chance and face the wind.
    Now, the world don’t move to the beat of just one drum. What might be right for you, might not be right for some.
    You take the good, you take the bad. You take them both and there you have the facts of life.
    Sometimes the world looks perfect, nothing to rearrange.
    Believe it or not, I’m walking on air. I never thought I could feel so free.
    Life is such a sweet insanity. The more you learn the less you know.

    joey b recently posted Organizational Chaos Explained - Poorly.

  18. And now it is stuck in my head. My kids thank you.

    Mom Off Meth recently posted Food is....

  19. That bow-tie is pretty much amazing.

    Michelle recently posted Kindle Fire: A Review.

  20. Awesome interview!

  21. Okay, apparently my computer hates you because I see nothing but a big blank white space at the bottom of your post. :-( I’m sure it was awesome and I hope to get to see it sometime!! :-)

  22. You did such a good job during your interview! I am very proud of you (and I didn’t see any tics). You came across as intelligent, poised and totally in control.

  23. “As God as my witness I thought turkeys could fly!” You can at least do a drive by of the fountain downtown. But DO NOT get out of the car. It’s #hippopotamus’n freezing around here. See you again tonight! #wkrp #unicorns

    Julie Ott recently posted nine.

  24. ticks!? nope. none.

  25. You should definitely try Skyline Chili, Husman’s Potato Chips, Graeter’s ice cream, and then go across the river to Kentucky and get some Ale8 One (awesome ginger soda)! You are only 60 miles away from me and yet I still am unable to get to you. I work two jobs and can’t get away, but I am there in spirit. But don’t worry…I’m a friendly one! Loved your interview. I love how you talk with your hands, because I do the same thing!

  26. See you tonight! So excited!

  27. Try Skyline chili while you’re here. This is the only city where you can ask for a three-way in public and no one blinks.

    WKRP does exist, despite what anyone says. We live it every day here in Cincinnati . . . Les Nesmann and his ilk are alive and well on the air.

  28. There IS a WKRP now. It’s a TV channel that shows old TV shows. I think it’s a network station for Retro TV. I don’t think they do any modern/live programming, but they DO have “paid programming” so that would be one way to say “I had my own show on WKRP. (Their website is

  29. Now I’m sad. I want WKRP to be real…


    kitten recently posted My twin brother from another mother* is cool.

  30. Great interview!!!

    Kate recently posted The wheels on the bus… come off?!.

  31. See you tonight! I second what the previous posters said–go by the fountain and get some Graeter’s (something with chips in it!).

  32. WKRP would be lucky to have the likes of you. Totally their loss. Or they are fake. Whatever.

    thedoseofreality recently posted Hold It Right There, Hombre!.

  33. So excited to see you tonight!

  34. Fabulous interview! I always wanted to be Loni Anderson. Alas, I was the Mary-Ann to her Ginger. My friends and i were just talking about your psycho on the other side of the door chapter – we peed a little.

    SuburbanPrincessteacher recently posted Roots and Wings – Not Just for Breakfast Anymore.

  35. WKRP DOES EXIST (to me).

    Dawnie recently posted Adventures of Pocket Boyfriend.

  36. That’s so wonderful that you’re doing better!!!

    Morraha recently posted Recap..

  37. you are just awesome. thats all. :)

  38. Yay! I am someone. Big step up from no one.

    Holly Folly recently posted I Have Purchased Another Vehicle..

  39. LOVED seeing your interview, especially since you refuse to come up here to Columbus to see us. Whatever. Those people in Cincinnati think they are so cool because Jen loves them best. I mean, you can totally get Graeters up here too. Next time, okay? You could totally visit Pickerington, because who doesn’t want to see a town with a name that absurd? Think of the jokes!

    Robin recently posted Our Church Family.

  40. Hey Jenny,
    If anyone deserves to be interviewed on WKRP, it’s you!
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now but I just got your book yesterday. Thanks to you, I was laughing out loud while my husband was trying to watch TV, stayed up way too and almost made us late for school this morning. Good work!

  41. You are so close to Michigan! And it’s beautiful Spring weather. Well, in my head it is any way. Good luck on your tour, thanks for the posting some of your older stuff. Would you consider running the Beyonce one again? It’s the best one ever! Thank you Jenny.

  42. You are adorable! And, by the way, did not see any facial tics – and I was looking!
    I hope you killed it in Cincinnati! I’m a fellow writer, mom and crazy family survivor and I’m makin’ a movie (co-writer) that’s shooting in NW Arkansas this summer! We’re raising the last chunk of money through our Kick Starter campaign. If you think it looks like a worthy project then I’d SO APPRECIATE IT if you’d blog and/or tweet about it. I’ll be your best friend. Or… you can be an EXTRA or have a SPEAKING PART in the movie. And who wouldn’t want to spend June and July in NW Arkansas?
    Here’s my (suicidal) blog: btw) so you can get a taste of my writing. And/or read the first pages of my novel ‘The Playgroup’ here:

  43. Other people’s messed up families make my messed up family seem normal, perspective: now I have it. Thanks!

    The Suzzzz recently posted Shimmering Sands Bellydance.

  44. 44
    Write Softly

    Tics? I must have missed them. I was watching the gorgeous and hilarious brunette who enchanted her interviewer.

    You’re a freaking rock star. Take GOOD care of your precious self. Enjoy your tour. It’s not really so much a tour, truly, as it is a several-days-long celebration of how chock-full-of-eyeballs-awesome your book is.

  45. WKRP may not be a radio station, but the call letters are used by a local independent TV station in Cincinnati: So it exists in some form!

  46. WKRP…. In Cincinnati…

    Tayet recently posted Wordless Wednesday - Pregnant Kitty.

  47. Luckily, I don’t know that theme song because I only saw the show once. But try to have fun in Cincinnati. I’m sure it won’t be easy.

    Karen Peterson recently posted Do Not Read This if You are My Mom.

  48. 48
    Stephanie Jones

    GREAT interview!! Glad I got to see that since I didn’t get to see you in Dayton. And I watched carefully for the tics – not a one!!

  49. I’ve always suspected that I’m a real life incarnation of Bailey. Les, Herb, Andy– I’ve had to deal with them all. Loved that show. So very Cincy. Enjoy your time in the Queen City. Get to a Graeter’s if you can.

    Ally Bean recently posted Bad Coffee On A Monday Morning.

  50. Driving from Columbus to see you this evening – looking forward to meeting you!

  51. Go Maine! How did I miss this when it was aired? You sounded great :)

  52. I didn’t see any tic. But LOVED the giggle at the end. You are awesome! :)

  53. WKRP is real! But, it’s a TV station…

  54. 54

    Happy Birthday to me tomorrow in KC—sqeeee! Would you like some wallpaper from a haunted house for your haunted dollhouse?

  55. I’m so excited for tonight! I just bought my book so that I’m guaranteed a place in line! Love your writing and love your blog!

  56. THAT SONG. Dammit. But I am chuckling at the memory of Les Nessman reporting on the turkey drop.

    Baddest Mother Ever recently posted Do You Have Issues?.

  57. We have faith in you Jenny. You could have been THE BEST drug addict.

  58. Man, I want to hang out with you so bad some time.

    Emelie recently posted My Friends are Talented and I Have to Brag About Them..

  59. I wanna see your facial tic!

    I can never go on TV. I’ll go viral as the crazy twitchy guy. Which would be good for sales, but crushing for my everything else.

    thedavidcmurphy recently posted Return of the Living Dead.

  60. I was stranded in Cleveland once while travelling to Florida at Christmas… I was convinced I was in Cincinnati, despite buying a 4XL t-shirt in the hotel gift shop from the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. I also sought WKRP.

  61. Michelle is right, you MUST eat Graeters. Black Raspberry Chip is my favorite. You should also eat Skyline Chili Dogs. Sooo yummy!!

    And for the record, there’s a typo in the spelling of Cincinnati one time in your post. As a native Cincinnatian, I feel compelled to mention that for some reason. ;)

  62. Tics?

  63. What????? No WKRP??? Lies. Lies.

    I’m crushed…

    Angela @Momopolize recently posted Bad boys, bad boys. What’cha gonna do?.

  64. I’m so glad you came to Ohio! It was really great to see you yesterday in Dayton. Enjoy Cthulhu – he’s a little rough around the edges, but nothing that a cape or top hat or monocle can’t fix.

    Cranky-Faced Knitter recently posted 52 in 1 Bonus Book: Heart of Steel.

  65. That song is in my head now. LOL! I have pre-purchased my copy and will be there tonight (with kids in tow).

    Graeter’s does have GOOD ice cream, but for a unique Cincinnati ice cream experience, go to Aglamecis. It is not far from the bookstore. Lots of great restaurants, too.

  66. This station would beg to differ aout whether or not they are real

  67. Loved it. I think my favorite part was you telling an Ohio man wearing a bow tie that wet raccoons smell like a one-night stand. ROTFLMAO!

    But he’s clearly read the book and is a fan, so he can take it!

  68. Am I the only one who thought that 207 talks with you are a lot of talks? Anyway, I was almost disappointed by the interview because you sounded and looked so sane and normal on it.

  69. Sooooo… Jenny, when does your European book signing tour start?

    Amelia recently posted Gay (why homosexuals shouldn't raise their voice).

  70. I’m looking forward to the event tonight. Unlike the previous Skype event, I will not be bringing my 6 year old daughter so feel fee to curse away.

  71. 71
    Mary Elizabeth

    You totally have a twin, and she lives in New Orleans. You should come to New Orleans on your book tour so that I can get her to come and introduce you two!

  72. SO excited about tonight!! I will try to find Venus Flytrap or Doctor Johnny Fever!!!

  73. That was a fun interview to watch!

  74. Great interview….didn’t see one tic, so no worries…LOL

    I always thought that even though the show was fictional, that the call signs were real…bummer!

    Mishka recently posted Virtual 5K And Overall Catch-up.

  75. Great interview–you looked and sounded wonderful, and the interviewer knew his stuff.

    The vision of the OCD raccoon haunts me in my dreams…Kind of like a feral version of Lady Macbeth…

    LisaAR recently posted What If God Wrote You a Letter?.

  76. 76

    This seems like the most normal interview you’ve done yet! Congratulations!

  77. Awesome interview!!!!! Please come to Columbus we want to see you.

  78. The 207? WCSH6 – thats MAINE! Oh dearest Jenny, come to Maine on your tour. Come in July though. Right now you would be appalled at the “spring” we’re having. Its bullshit. But in July, its gorgeous here!!!

  79. Hi Jenny When are coming to Toronto? I so want to meet you. I too suffer from anxiety but not social anxiety. My friends wished I sufferred from social anxiety cause I talk to way too many people, most of whom you don’t want hanging around you when out for cocktails or dinner. I guess I could travel to the states to meet you on Book tour but that is kind of far and a bit stalkery. OMG I just finished your book and now I am talking like you, I’ve caught the Jenny-Run-on-sentence-make -up words-virus. I hope it isn’t fatal.
    Anways, I loved your book. Please come to Toronto. (but say No if you have to cause I so wouldn’t want to be responsible for your nervous breakdown)

  80. I am so bummed that I can’t see you tonight when you’re in my hometown! My son’s kindergarten registration meeting is tonight at 7pm and as much as I’d like to skip out I don’t think I can pull that off. I hope you have a great time in town!

  81. Mostly, I just love that you’re shirt and his bow tie match. IT’S A MATCH MADE IN FACIAL TIC HEAVEN.

    Jessica recently posted reassurance that it’s totally cool not to have your shit together.

  82. STAY AWAY FROM THEIR ‘CHILI’. You’ll thank me when you get back to Texas, believe me.

    Bodaciousboomer recently posted And just what are you doing here?.

  83. Aw, you’re pretty and you make me smile. Been thinking about your last tour/vital exhaustion extravaganza. But clearly you have mastered that shit. So much so that you’re not on tour during the brand new Dr. Who epi. Well played.

    Joules recently posted Top Ten {Tuesday} – Mighty Fine YouTube Shows.

  84. No tics spotted here! Just a lovely looking lady. I love your lipstick color btw, what brand?

  85. You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. Never stop being you!!!

  86. I could just see (in my mind) the station manager kind of convulse when you said “Raccoons smell like one-night stands.” AWESOME!! It’s so true!

    Erica recently posted Will the real slim Slinky please stand up?.

  87. I want to meet your father,….from a distance.
    Is there a hotline where I could call at night to hear these stories? I could listen all night,….AWL NOIGHT!!!

    The Cheeky Daddy

    Jason recently posted Hiding Places.

  88. I wish your tour took you to Minnesota. Your book is amazing. I was just reading it at the gym while on the elliptical machine and now I think I’m going to be sore because I lost track of time.

    Alison recently posted Ping's Big Shit.

    i am SOOOOOOO coming to see you!
    and i’m bringing a friend!

  90. Baby, if you’ve ever wondered
    Wondered whatever became of me
    I’m living on the air in Cincinnati
    Cincinnati, WKRP

    Got kind of tired
    Of packing and unpacking
    Town to town
    Up and down the dial

    Maybe you and me
    Were never meant to be
    Just maybe think of me
    Once in awhile

    Heading up that highway
    Leaving you behind
    Hardest thing I ever had to do

    Broke my heart in two
    But, baby, pay no mind
    The price for finding me
    Was losing you

    Memories help me hide
    My lonesome feeling
    Far away from you
    And feeling low

    It’s geting late, my friend
    My love, I miss you so
    Take good care of you
    I’ve gotta go

    Baby, if you’ve ever wondered
    Wondered whatever became of me
    I’m living on the air in Cincinnati
    Cincinnati, WKRP

    Got kind of tired
    Of packing and unpacking
    Town to town
    Up and down the dial

    Maybe you and me
    Were never meant to be
    Just maybe think of me
    Once in awhile

    I’m at WKRP in Cincinnat

    Now I have to go watch the show.

  91. I saw you at the Louisville event and didn’t notice any tics (and believe me I’ve seen some tics…working with special needs kids) so Kudos! Also loved the interview!

  92. You are gorgeous! I can’t wait to catch you on tour… but the weather is getting a little “iffy” for Kansas City tomorrow. I’m a hearty midwestern gal, but this snowstorm can kiss my ass! I do not want to drive the 3 hours in snow and ice! Boo, Mother Nature! Let’s Hope It Never Happens! :-)

  93. 93
    Amie from Maine

    I’ve already called my parents who watch 207 every night- my mother is so excited for me to lend her your book! As someone who suffered from anxiety/depression, I think she will really enjoy your openness and humor. Next step… come to Maine! Although not right now, we just got snowed on all over all the place. Thank you for your writing!

  94. Come to San Fran! We have amazing fictional radio stations here too, and they are much more welcoming.

    Renee recently posted Cover Crush: This Song Will Save Your Life, Reality Boy, Man Made Boy, Parasite & more!.

  95. 95
    Kathy Prado

    Don’t wear yourself out!! Loved the interview…you look great in red!


  96. I think Ferris Mewler would look darn cute in that bow tie!

    whatimeant2say recently posted Look Out Synchronized Swimmers! Wonderbutt is Headed for the Olympics..

  97. I’m so bummed I missed you when you came through!

    Shea recently posted Fucking Cyberstalkers.

  98. My state spoke with you….kind of makes us related now :)

  99. Ahhh FUCK. I missed it.

    xo Ashley

  100. OMG 207 is one of the worst shows ever LOL but i am so excited that you were on it! No one cares about Maine :P when was this on?? That show bores me to tears so I always change the channel :P You should come to Portland sometime….and I mean Portland MAINE…..there is more than one portland!

  101. You looked amazing. You ROCK!!!!

  102. Just got back from your talk! It was so good (and really crowded). I’m gutted that I didn’t get a chance to have my book signed though

  103. 103

    Alas, no WKRP — however I seem to recall there is a WKRQ, which I assume is where they got the idea for the call letters. Maybe you can get onto that?

  104. Amazing. I love that he’s never sure *quite* how to respond… But he did pick a good favorite chapter. Loved seeing you read that one last year in Gaithersburg!

  105. Love your blog and book! WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO CLEVELAND!!!???? Sorry for shouting. Would love to hear/see you in person but my travel anxiety prevents me from driving the 4 hours from the Cleveland area to Cinci. I’m sure you rocked it and I’m sorry Ohio had to welcome you to the first day of Spring with sucky weather!

  106. The Mighty KRP lives on and on!

    Not so much with the turkeys.

    “The turkeys are hitting the ground like bags of wet cement.”

    Something to think about when you are helicoptering around on your book tour.

    You’re welcome..

    HogsAteMySister recently posted The Disconnect of Aging.

  107. Gahhhhhh! Sosososo mad that I missed out on this! You were sososososo close to me and now you are going away! I came to blog-stalk to see if you would be headed up to Indy next…. but nope. KC bound, eh? Balls.

    Next time.

  108. You are so right about the WKRP song!

    Kathleen recently posted What We Witness.

  109. “As God is my witness… I thought turkeys could fly!” Best. episode. ever!

  110. Mr. Carlson (Gordon Jump) was my next door neighbor growing up. So it was kinda like visiting WKRP every day!

  111. It was so great to meet you in person tonight! You said you were nervous about the reading portion but no one would have guessed – you seemed totally comfortable. I am really proud of you for stepping so far out of your comfort zone! And thanks for bringing Copernicus – he is much cuter in person! But sorry the weather was so cold…

  112. I now have a humongous crush on that interviewer. And, bow ties are cool! Feeling the love.

    Punky Coletta recently posted …As I attempt to achieve a realistic happiness. Instead of, you know, like an unrealistic happiness..

  113. The real test of whether you’ve made it in the world isn’t whether you’ve had a book published or whether you have a loyal following, it’s whether you’ve been interviewed by a dude in a bowtie.

    You, my friend, have made it!

    Lisa Newlin recently posted I need an entourage.

  114. Such a great clip!!! Thank you for sharing it with us. And I must say, you looked truly beautiful.

    Also, I love that the interviewer was such a huge fan. Super cool.

    Happy Spring, Jenny.

    Julie recently posted All Equal, All Here..

  115. what a fabulous evening! Thank you for entertaining us. AND for bringing Copernicus. Well worth the drive from Columbus – and those people in Dayton who censored you don’t know what they missed! While I’m sure 14 Hippopotamous’ (how the hell do you spell that?) in one chapter was priceless, hearing you read the story as written was WAY better.

  116. I have a daughter named Bailey so you know how I feel about WKRP. And who would want YOU for an interview. I mean there is always the off chance you’ll mention your lady garden, but hey that’s true with Dianne Sawyer too.

    Sara recently posted Goodbye Two....

  117. I am going to see my dad in the hospital today, and I’m wondering whether I’ll be able to resist mentioning that raccoons smell like one night stands. It seems the perfect tidbit to alleviate tension.

  118. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. You are changing lives. You have certainly changed mine for the better. I know now what I need to do to become the kind of mom and writer and person I want to be. The kind who spends time with her kids, is productive at work, and also has enough time–and a lovely clean environment–to take care of herself.

    Clearly, I need a raccoon.

    Just a quick question, though. Once everything is washed up, will the raccoon also dry & put away, or do I need some other sort of pet for that?

    Heather Head recently posted What Happened in the Library Today.

  119. It would be really cool if some clever person did a fake video of you being interviewed by Howard “Dr. Fever” Hessman…or even a meme. It’s not gonna be me ’cause I don’t have time for stuff like that but I would totally laugh if someone did.

  120. SO bummed that there is finally something awesome and exciting happening in Ohio and I’m not there! But I’ll be there when you tour for your next book! Probably, I mean I don’t know what I’ll be doing then because I don’t plan my life that far ahead and I might be somewhere weird like France again, but you get the point… I’ll try to make it! Because you are awesome! Thanks for making all of us with anxiety and depression feel like we’re not alone!

    Mallory recently posted Ireland Day 4.

  121. If by “tics” you mean “smiles” then, I can tell you that I saw more than just two. You’re gorgeous as always! Great interview. :) I’m annoyed that I haven’t been able to make it to your book tour. You should come to Binghamton sometime… We’ll get drinks. :D

    Devon S recently posted It's the little things.

  122. It felt so good to put a voice to the book. I’m only 28 but you give me hope i can be okay in this world of mentally ill people. I am Bi-polar and very scared. People like you amaze me.
    Thank you…….You give me hope..

  123. 123
    Tracy Morkunas

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Come to Pittsburgh. Today is my birthday and this is my birthday wish…. how awkward is this. My birthday wish is for you to come here. Haha. yay to the awkward people.

    p.s. Would it be more or less awkward if I were a small child as opposed to the 26 year old me? Because I think it would be awkward to wish for a Jenny Lawson visit if I were say 6. But sooo much better than a pony… unless you were stuffed. Because that would be awesome.

  124. first time i have seen a video clip of you. you are so pretty and have such a sweet voice. i have to say i cannot imagine the word ‘motherfucker’ ever leaving your lips. (although i know you type the word a lot!) anyway, finished your book and had some much-needed laughs and i thank you for that…

  125. I love this one. You’re completely adorable and did a great job. Anxiety-havers of the world unite.

  126. if others have said this, i’m sorry.. sorta. wkrp exists!! there’s a scooter rally(no joke) in april. no johnny fever, sadly. but yes… krp vespa, lambretta, etc…. it’s the shit. sorry i’ve had several local wins(um s. indiana) and here we go. schmerks.

  127. “Raccoons smell like one-night stands.” Assuming this has never been uttered on TV before, but if I’m ever on TV, I’m saying it.

    Julie the Wife recently posted Bliss, Chicks, and Mojo.

  128. Great interview! Didn’t see any tics!

  129. You. are. adorable. And so kind, and so fabulous, and it was so lovely to see you and you are giving me strength for a really difficult week. THANK YOU for being you!!

  130. Hey. neat! This is my local NBC affiliate. I will have to watch the video, as soon as I’m not in a crowded room and can actually hear it.

    Fia recently posted Ian’s Birthday Pizza.

  131. I watched this video and I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve actually heard your voice.
    I always thought it would be deeper, it always sounds a bit deeper when my inner narrative reads it to me.
    Then I realized that was just my voice. Carry on.

  132. WKRP was actually VERY loosely based on a real radio and television station in Cincinnati with the call letters WKRC, which I bet you didn’t know, and which makes it ALMOST real, and yes, I AM this far behind in reading blog posts. :-/

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