Your cat has a cooler house than I do.

Go home, everybody.  The best cat toy ever has been created and nothing you buy for your cat will ever be impressive again.

star wars catMy cats just looked at this picture from their cardboard box on the floor and then shook their tiny heads at me in disgust and shame.

Frankly, I’m disappointed too.  Why don’t they make these in human size?  It’s like a loft bed without having to have a loft.  Plus, if you just got comfortable but you need a drink you can just drive your bed to the fridge.  If they put a bathroom and a well-stocked bookshelf in there I’d probably never leave again.

PS.  In case you missed it…yesterday a lot of you expressed envy at my horrific 80’s cat sweater, so I found you something even better.  It’s at the bottom of the post.

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  1. Wow how do people have so much time on their hands!?

    Now my 6 year old wants one. He refuses to sleep in his bed now.

    Ann St. Vincent recently posted Using a butt plug as a door stop. No, that’s not a euphemism.

  2. The fat cat sat in the AT-AT.

    Laura recently posted Mudville, 2358 (Casey at the Bat, With Aliens).

  3. I now have an urge to search Pinterest until I a) find the plans for the cat condo or b) find the plans for a person sized bed…either way office work is not getting done today.

  4. Fuck the cats! I need one of these when the in-laws come to visit.

    Sarah @movefuellove recently posted A Diagnosis.

  5. 6

    I feel like victor should make your cats this, He owes it to them.

  6. This is when I get sad that our dog is so prey driven. When she saw the kitten we brought home a year ago, she looked just like when people on TV are supposed to be demons and their eyes turn entirely black. (Kitten was returned to the rescue peeps 2 days later.) Once I find a big cat who can teach Morgan manners, I’m so looking for something similar, but perhaps in a Hogwarts style…

    Kara recently posted Midweek Throwdown Red White & Blue.

  7. The comments for the cat sweatshirt are like a bonus post.

  8. Loki REALLY needs this. However I am afraid it would complete his plan to rule the world. Maybe not a great idea.

  9. My cat is always trying to trip me on the stairs. With that he could just shoot them out from under me. No. Thank you.

  10. This wins the internet.

    Karen Marie Peterson recently posted Paris, je t'aime.

  11. The feral cat in our neighborhood sometimes sits in our broke ass koi pond so that’s almost as good.

    Or not.

    Michelle recently posted I Am A Feminist.

  12. I’m starting to regret not being born a cat. They get cool houses and they get to be on really cool sweaters and trip people as they are walking down the stairs.

    Teri recently posted Silent Saturdays in soccer. They suck....

  13. You just inspired me to waste more time than I want to admit looking at google images of “cat sweater”. There’s a lot out there…

  14. I’ve seen the best of the Internet, and it’s not even 6 am. I might as well pack it up the for the day. Right after I order that cat sweatshirt…

    Foxy Wine Pocket recently posted When All Else Fails, Re-brand Yourself.

  15. Arguably, the cats probably can’t tell the difference between that and a regular box. Or else they can and they’re just sitting up there all snootily judging all the other cats on their poor life choices that led them to not have a robot fighter house.

  16. I guess you could call that a Cat-AT house

  17. This would scare the ever-lovin’ shit out of my cat and my dog and possibly my husband.

    Where can I get one?

    awesomesauciness recently posted Brain-stipated.

  18. Merge skills, imagination, and obsessive cat love and apparently some pretty cool things can emerge. How about though if, after all the construction hours, you find out your cat is just not that into sci-fi. More of a Harry Met Sally or Sleepless in Seattle cat. What a disappointment.

    momus83 recently posted Going to the Hop.

  19. Any chance you’ll post the directions of how you made this. :)

  20. Have you seen the Tardis for cats? Love!

  21. I want one! It’s like the treehouse I’ve always wanted except INDOORS and COOLER and not what I imagined. It’s perfect!

    janice recently posted Grandma + Naked Janice.

  22. Actually. They do make them in human size. Granted it’s outside.

  23. 27
    Kristen Welsh

  24. Cool! However,the best cat toy ever is still a paper bag.

  25. Most cats are cooler than I am regardless of their sleeping quarters. I’ve learned to live with that.

    Manicmom recently posted No offense to cowboys.

  26. I want one.
    My cat, Bizzy, wants one…
    but where the hell do we put it?
    In the neighbors garden??? xx

  27. JENNY!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! I am crying after looking at the “new” cat sweater! I think I might have to get one, maybe 2 so my daughter and I can match!

  28. I know this isn’t the right post to tell you that, but see what you’ve done to me??

  29. If someone can build an AT-AT for their cats, I think Husband should be able to build me a Tardis bedroom.

    Jess@NoPithyPhrase recently posted Why Yes, I DO Prefer Non-Test-Tube Men, Thanks'.

  30. I went and looked at the sweaters…..not only is the first one enough to make you want to poke sharp objects in your eyes, but apparently it is frequently sold with another not much less obnoxious one…..I kind of want them. :)

  31. Here’s the thing–sure, that cat will storm the rebel base (aka the dog’s bed) and overcome it. But it still won’t catch Luke and R2.

    Tragic Sandwich recently posted Summer in Santa Barbara.

  32. I wish I was a cat. Specifically, my cat, who got on the counter and ate my breakfast cupcake. The little asshole.

    Steph recently posted Shark Tears and Other Lies.

  33. I want one!!!!

    susielindau recently posted Timing and Coincidence or Fate?.

  34. I can haz awesome killing machine?

  35. The cat-AT-AT is brilliant. That sweater, however, has obviated the need for me to ever try acid. I’ll be rocking in the corner for the rest of today.

  36. My brother builds hamster and hedgehog play places AKA cages made out of old furniture. I’m often jealous.

  37. Even if it came in human size, my kids would take over, tip it while inside, scare the crap out of me about their booboos and safety, then they’d take it apart and put it back together where the feet are on top of the head…. They are so bad about destroying the house, they destroy the house in my dreams, fantasies, and imagination.

    Michelle Grewe recently posted How to be Lord of the Flies: a pep talk for the next school year.

  38. I usually let the cats read your blogs . . NOT this one! I won’t be able to live with the constant whining at me to get them one!!! Meow!

  39. My cat was the type who, after I’d spent all week building something like this for her, would’ve sniffed around it for a few and then gone to lie in the dustpan.

    Eva recently posted Careful What You Wish For.

  40. my mother always said that in her next life she was coming back as a cat. Now I can see why!

    Mary-Anne recently posted Tinking back.

  41. 45

    The people sized version:

  42. I’m not sure it’s wise to put even pretend weapons in the paws of our kitties. My kitty loves me but would not think twice about enslaving me to keep the ear scratches coming.

    Laurie recently posted Back on the Horse.

  43. It’s Grumpy Cat’s Castle!

  44. I have to hide this picture from my husband. I mentioned off hand one day that it would be cool to have a Tardis for Halloween décor. Now I have a 7 1/2 foot tall Tardis that is also about 5×5 feet taking up the corner of my bedroom. I love it, but I have no room for an At-At as well!

  45. The best part about the screaming goats in this week’s wrap-up? The suggested link to a guy playing Goat Simulator, which is the most awesome game evar.
    Jennie, you have to play this. Victor will love you forever if you show it to him.
    I promise.

  46. Shit like this is why cats have a superiority complex. They’ll never respect you if they know you put that much work into something for them.

    I can just see this cat going to its friends, “So my human built me this gorrrrrgeous AT-ST, but I couldn’t let him actually think I liked it, so I told him the Star Wars prequels were better than the original trilogy just to watch him cry.”

    Spoken Like A True Nut recently posted Convos With Cleverbot: One Defection.

  47. Do a video with the Star Wars theme tune and a little caption on what it is all about. He’s got more than 9 lives now.

  48. And I thought I was being impressive by hollowing out a vintage tv box to make a cat condo! You’ve put me to shame.

  49. Optimus Feline. (The one thing Transformers movies are missing are more cats in robot suits, IMO)

  50. I love how the cat could totally FIRE ON YOU if you don’t quit peeking inside his fortress and go fill the food dish.

    stef recently posted Time Traveler--Nice to Meet You...Your Friends Call You- WHAT?.

  51. This would go perfect with the Taun Taun sleeping bag.

  52. They make a human sized one. Scroll down to #11.
    You’re welcome. Now, where did I put my Visa?

  53. I am loving this post. I showed it to The Hubster and asked him to build me one. He said as soon as he gets around to it.

    I’m going to hold him to it!

    Heather Keet recently posted All that is missing is a White Castle….

  54. Now I wish I had a cat, just so I could get one of those – awesome. Also, I followed the link to the thing that was better than your 80s cat sweater and PHYSICALLY RECOILED at the picture. Also awesome! xx

  55. Yes! This is must have for all cats and humans alike! wanders off to find the husband Maybe we will redesign the living room. Do they have dog houses too?

  56. He clearly needs to work on an R2-K9.

    tanktronic recently posted Children and/or Friends.

  57. You know. I made my cat a scratching post. It’s three levels and after seeing that I realise as boring as bat shit.

    I wonder who I need to bat my eyelash at to get that though. Maybe my cat would love me forever if I got him that.

    Or at least I’d be excited. Sometimes it’s just not about him.

  58. ZOMG. What is that sweater you linked to doing to my eyes? Can just looking at it induce seizures? I think it might.

  59. Listen to Oscar Brown Junior
    And stay cool.

  60. I see your 80s sweater, and raise you a taxidermy truck:

  61. That is truly majestic. I’m tempted to show it to my boyfriend, who is just the sort of person who would build something like that…

  62. You know, at least one person DOES have a human sized one of these, as shown here

  63. That’s so cool, I’m hyperventilating.

    Paul recently posted 1983.

  64. And now I have tacky cat sweaters in my Facebook ads. Thanks Jenny!

  65. My cat objects to her current cat-nest because a friend bought it for me and carted it across town with her guide DOG. The smell of dog has thoroughly traumatised Smokey who has decided she needs a replacement bed.

    Dark Matter Zine recently posted Alternative dimensions – a silly illo by Ian Gunn.

  66. Cats really live better lives than us, just in general. They just get to poop and eat Fancy Feast all day long. My food is never fancy. It is Hungry…a Hungry Man to be exact. :(

    Donna recently posted Dragnet:The Buffet Files.

  67. My best friend is obsessed with all things Star Wars and I just found her the perfect 40th birthday present!

    Ribena Tina @ ribenamusings recently posted The Leaking Pipe.

  68. I need to park one of these at my front door. It would give people a better idea of what they’re in for if they choose to come in…

    Jamie recently posted My Brain has Melted..

  69. I think I’d be terrified of your cat!

  70. It’s a pretty cool piece of furniture for your cat, but here is a great place for cat furniture!

  71. People sometimes scare me. Just scare me. If I had this much time on my hands, I would have brokered world peace. Or taken a bubble bath.

    candidkay recently posted Can I begin at the end?.

  72. I read the P.S. post and thought you had MADE an 80’s sweater out of a cat!

  73. This in a bunk bed would be AWESOME.
    Also I just bought that insane cat sweater you linked to. No lie. I’m going to give it to my sister-in-law for her birthday. Don’t worry – I’ll make sure to tell her it was your idea. Must give credit where credit is due! I’ll try it on and take a picture for you when it arrives!

  74. Jenny DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    First you get the little extortionist little bastards their own AT-AT and then they will want a TIE Fighter and then they will be bugging Victor to borrow his Storm Trooper outfit!
    It’s not like the little shits don’t run the house now.
    Stay strong Jenny!
    Draw the line!
    Draw an Imperial Symbol on their cardboard box and tell them to STFU!

  75. Damn.

    Like THAT wouldn’t look great out in the backyard looking over the fence at the neighbors dog who would then be screaming for a legitimate reason instead of just screaming and making noise because they’re dogs and apparently have nothing to do during the day but annoy me.

    ASassyRedhead recently posted Always, always make it worse than it really is because then it ain’t so bad when it ain’t that bad..

  76. Makes my scratched up cat perch look like something I bought from Goodwill. Damn. I want one of these!

    Kim recently posted Fly on the Wall in the Nuthouse.

  77. The only thing not awesome about this is that most people are calling this an AT-AT.

  78. I’ve always known cats would one day take over the world and I think they’re launching the mission at your place.

    Pinky Poinker recently posted Dishing the Dirt on School Lunches!.

  79. Although cats will eat your eyeballs when you die, I think this house is really cool for ’em…T:)

  80. The cat sweater HURT MY EYES.

    Kathleen recently posted Begin the Balsam.

  81. I have a cat named Kenobi. He needs this.

  82. Looks like a Star Wars groupie. I like the idea of a Tardis instead.

  83. I wonder if they make things like this that your kids can sleep in at night so that they won’t get up and crawl into bed with you and stick their cold toes inside the top band of your pj shorts and scare you while you’re dreaming? Something that’s not a cage….

    AmberLynn Pappas recently posted Hell-Bent on Cakes.

  84. Haha, a friend of mine would probably rob a bank just so he could have that.

    Scarlet recently posted Cats are murderers.

  85. I never used to eat donuts and now people keep bringing them into work and now you’re talking about them and now I’ve just eaten two donuts and am also eating a third?

    Jillian recently posted Short Post and a Song #80: (With imaginary special guest title reader, Jerry Seinfeld) What is the DEAL with airline advertising?.

  86. Holy shit, that’s amazing.

  87. We have a Kitty Fun Zone for our cats, but I can’t compete w/ that. Maybe if I didn’t have kids I could spend more time enhancing the kitties’ lives.

  88. I hate powdered donuts, and I knew my marriage was over when I asked my husband of 11 years to pick up donuts from the store and that was what he bought. True fucking story.

  89. Too funny! I am sure my dog would bark like crazy and then hide under a table at this cat house!

    The Pure Connoisseur recently posted Diaper Distinction.

  90. You cat looks ready to fire those guns at you if you.

  91. Several people in my world need this.

    Jeanie recently posted MENU for NEW Raglan Road Signature Dinner, Book NOW!.

  92. I buillt a TARDIS for our cats, but this takes the cake.

  93. I built a TARDIS for my cats, but this one takes the cake.

  94. I seriously need to make one of these and I don’t even have a cat!

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