If it’s Sunday this must be Chicago.

Hello, Chicago!  I’m here to see you but there isn’t enough room at the bookstore so we’re doing this at a church.  For real.  4pm at the Ebenezer Lutheran Church, 5 minutes from the bookstore.  And now you can tell everyone that you can’t do whatever it was you were supposed to do because it’s Sunday and you have to go to church.

Photo by Justin Hackworth

Photo by Justin Hackworth

Next stop?  Hell!  Wait, no…Milwaukee first!

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If it’s Friday this must be Ohio.

1. Holy shit, you guys.  Just found out that Furiously Happy is on the NYT bestseller list for the fourth week in a row.  AAAAAHHHH!  I’m blaming you for this (in a good way) because people keep coming to book signings and saying they only just discovered it because a stranger on the subway was laughing so hard at it they peed and/or cried and/or lost their liquids in some other fascinating way.  You are better than a billboard made of chocolate bacon and I love you.


2.  Hello, Dayton!  I’m here.  Are you here?  Let’s be here together.

I’ll be at Books&Co at 7pm.  Come?  Please?

Photo by Justin Hackworth

Photo by Justin Hackworth

Next stop?  Chicago!

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The 80th argument I had with Victor this month.

Me: Do you think telekenesis is real?

Victor: Probably not.

Me: I bet you five dollars I can move that glass with my mind.

Victor: Okay.

Me: Done. BAM. I picked up that glass WITH MY MIND.

Victor: Uh…no, you picked it up with your hand.

Me: My hand may have helped, but my mind was the one in charge. And I didn’t say with ONLY my mind.

Victor: You need to be more specific.

Me: You need to stop betting against me. And you need to give me five dollars.

(He did not give me five dollars, but later I got $10 out of his wallet WITH THE POWER OF MY MIND {and also my hands, and a flashlight}. The lesson here is that 1) It’s amazing what you can do with the power of your mind, {and also a corporeal body}. And 2) I will charge you a late fee if you renege on a bet.)

Winner: Me. Unless Victor reads this and takes back the $10. Then I guess we’re even. Except that I do have telekinesis to fall back on so I think I’m still winning. With my mind.

If it’s Tuesday this must be Toronto.

Hello, Canada!  I’ve traveled across your snowy gloriousness to reach you.  And by “your snowy gloriousness” I mean “customs”.   Come see me, Toronto?

I’ll be at the Indigo Bay and Bloor at 7pm.


Next stop?  Ohio!

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PS.  I’ll be on CTV Canada AM today because Canada has not yet learned that I should never be allowed on live TV.  I’ll try not to talk about my lady garden this time.  Sorry about that one, CNN.  (Not sorry though about the time I went off about the zombie apocalypse and prepping for when the internet becomes self-aware when you brought me on to talk about politics.  I don’t want to blame the victim, but you knew what you were getting into, CNN.  That one’s on you.)

Updated:  Here’s the interview if you wanna see it.  I rambled like hell because that’s what I do when I’m nervous.  BUT! The nervous tics I had on the last tour aren’t there.  Baby steps.

If it’s Saturday this must be Boston.

Hello, Boston!  I am in you.  The reading is sold out (holy crap, y’all) but you can still come for the signing and standing room is available outside where they’ll be playing the audio of the reading.  Come?

Thank you again for all your amazing support.  Thank you for being there.  I just found out that Furiously Happy is on the NYT bestseller list for the 3rd week in a row and that’s because of you guys.  So many people show up at these readings having heard of the book from y’all and are almost as grateful about finding this strange and amazing community as I am.


Next stop? Toronto!

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PS.  Hailey and Victor are flying in for the weekend because I can’t do two full weeks without seeing them.  Anything we shouldn’t miss in Boston?

Scenes from the road…

As seen in the airport:



Just…what?  Why is this sign even necessary?  How many crazy motherfuckers were just randomly wheeling themselves down escalators?  And am I the only horrible person who can’t stop giggling at that image?

Ps. After this escalator there was another one with the exact same sign.  Just in case you thought the first was an anomaly, I guess.


If it’s Thursday this must be New York.

Hello, New York City!  I’m gonna be at Union Square Barnes & Noble at 6:00 tonight.  Come see me?


Next stop?  Boston.

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PS. Some bookstores require you buy the book from them for  a guaranteed spot at the reading and all that jazz if they think there will be too many people otherwise.  This is one of those so just bring a receipt from a B&N or you can buy one at the store and give it to someone else, or just sneak in the back when no one is looking, or if you can’t do that (and I totally get it) I’ll stay late and sign anything you want for free even if you don’t have a book.  Even babies and kittens and prescription bottles.  If we get kicked out I’ll sign in the parking lot or a nearby bar or whatever is outside the store.

Scenes from the road

Scenes from the road on the Furiously Happy Tour, part 1:


This ad was not well thought out.  Or too well thought out.  No, I’m going with the first one.  Just…gross.  Stay away from my pee spot.

Stay classy, Miami Airport.

PS.  I’m about to get on a train for New York.  I feel like a super grown-up.  A terrified super grown-up.

If it’s Monday this must be DC.

Hello, DC!  I’m here to see you.  Will you come see me?  I’ll be doing a reading and book signing at Politics & Prose at 7pm.  

Photo by Justin Hackworth

Photo by Justin Hackworth

Next stop? New York City.  Yeehaw.

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If it’s Saturday this must be Huntsville.

Hello, Alabama!  Today I’m at the Rocket City Lit Fest.  Come see me?  Check the website for details and tickets but I’ll be doing a signing at 11am, a signing at 1pm and a reading/interview and Q&A at 5pm on stage.  Then I’m going to pass out, probably.


Next stop?  DC.

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