The awesomeness of Amazon, part 2

This is the most awesome thing I’ve seen all morning.  Not the fact that Amazon is selling uncooked headless rabbits that look disturbingly like freshly skinned kittens, but that the “sponsored link” on the cook-your-own-dead-bunny page is this:



(You can read “the awesomeness of Amazon, part 1” here.)

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    (I didn’t say my comment would be an interesting one…)

    p.s. YOU HAVE A BLOG!! WOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  2. W00T! I’m first!

    I had to sneak that one in because once this place catches on I’m pretty sure that will be the last time I get this distiction.

    BTW, I can see it now. This place is going to be the hazizzle to partizzle!

    Oh yeah, and because I can…


  3. I’m more impressed by the fact that customers which bought said rabbit carcass were also happy owners of micro G-strings and crotchless French knickers.

  4. I came here ready to click on advertisers to generate a little revenue…all I found were headless rabbits.

    Hey this is just about the coolest blogsite in the world—like a new planet ready to be populated!

  5. Hilarious, yes, but what about the other items bought by customers who purchased Fresh Whole Rabbits – Chiquita Bananas, G-String Thong Panties, and French Crotchless Knickers. So Jenny, what was it that you bought?

  6. Ummmm, Jenny, did you notice that people who bought the dead rabbit ALSO bought “string of bubble panties”, crotchless knickers and a silk micro G-string thong…

    Please tell me what you get when you add one and one! Please?

  7. hey, thanks for the invite. i’m honored to be one of the chosen to preview your new and improved raunchy (bring on the swear words!) blog.
    regarding the Mermaid Vampire, i’ve been encouraging her to write a little book about her Blood Club adventures. I was informed that if I too wanted to join her Blood Club then I wouldn’t be a Mermaid Vampire but rather a “Tree Vampire.” I was hoping for at least kitten vampire.

  8. That’s why I can’t eat rabbits, I can however eat pussy. Hey, I’ve left a comment on every post so far, is there a prize for that?

  9. About fucking time you get this blog going. Dammit all to hell it took forever.

    The rabbit is gross. the “people who bought this also bought…” was odd too. So you buy headless skinned rabbits and an assortment of thongs – do they ship them together? Or group together for discount on shipping?

  10. I just threw up in my mouth more than a little. They REALLY don’t need to be putting a picture to go along with that item for sale. I guess we are lucky they didn’t show a video of the beheading and put it on Al-Jazeera tv. Too far?

  11. Fucking A!

    Ahhh…I love that I can say that here…

    I am stoked that you have your own blog.

    And am dyin’ ovah heah about the rabbit/panties/bananas/grapes extravaganza.

  12. I came all the way over here to read about dead bunnies??!! WTF?? (wait a minute! I can write that out here!) what the fuck?? yeah, headless rabbits. now *there’s* a hook…

    Okay, so I’ve blog rolled you and added you to my reader anyway, but that’s just because you rock – dead bunnies aside.

    (thx for the email head’s up! this place is gonna be brilliant) 🙂

  13. What is up with the bunnies latey? Th other day I was sitting at a restaurant minding my own business when I looked up and saw an insurance company commercial
    with a bunch of bunnies running around with lucky rabbit’s feet. There was no sound, so it really just weirded me out and cofused the hell out of me (I can say hell here !) so anyway, I want the bunnies to stop.

  14. “Tags Customers Associate with This Product:

    “fap fap fap”

    just totally not okay. if you’re spanking it to skinned whole rabbits you’re beyond the aid of modern medicine.

    highway’s last blog post..Yes We Did!

  15. So apparently, in 2010, customers that bought this product also stocked up on office supplies, most notably ink pens. And a stapler.


    Here I sit at a boring office job (though for the present, let’s pretend I’m sitting at home during non-work hours, okay?) when I could be selling rabbits for $43.50 apiece.

    I can’t do math real well, but I’m pretty sure if I catch 50 rabbits a week I’ll be a millionaire by May. (Not to be confused with the Maius of the Julian calendar.) (It’s a common mistake.)

    Now all I need is a blase-ness regarding blood splatter and a complete lack of empathy.

    Night filled with violent video games and PB&J sandwich fights, here I come.

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