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-R- asked what she could talk about with her hairdresser after finishing the hair-talk.  I suggest going straight for something personal to break the ice.  Something like “How’s the vagina?” or “So what’s your stance on home-made sex tapes?”

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  1. These are always my topics of choice.

  2. I did have a hair dresser once that got a phone call in the middle of doing my hair and, after she hung up, informed me that her gynocologist had just given her some not-so-good news.

    I didn’t ask for her to elaborate. *shudder*

  3. Were you at my salon yesterday? How else could your topic suggestions be so accurate?!

  4. PS Cool blog!

  5. I just want them to shut the f*ck up and do my hair.

  6. There was a really popular hairdresser in the small town where I grew up. She wore really low-cut shirts and rubbed up against her male customers. I bet they didn’t need to talk about anything to break the ice.

  7. Can we say “fuck” on this blog?

  8. Ah…typical dinner conversation when my family gets together.

  9. Margaret – You can totally say “fuck”. You can actually say any word your heart desires here. Except “fustrated”. “Fustrated” gets you banned.

  10. This blog so rocks! PS. Please vote for me if you get a chance! 😉

  11. I never seem to know what to talk to my hairdresser about either. I can’t seem to break that barrier. I mean, she’s working FOR ME. Why should I talk to her?

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  12. You are the Most Interesting Chick in the World….

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