It’s good advice

-R- asked what she could talk about with her hairdresser after finishing the hair-talk.  I suggest going straight for something personal to break the ice.  Something like “How’s the vagina?” or “So what’s your stance on home-made sex tapes?”

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  1. I did have a hair dresser once that got a phone call in the middle of doing my hair and, after she hung up, informed me that her gynocologist had just given her some not-so-good news.

    I didn’t ask for her to elaborate. *shudder*

  2. There was a really popular hairdresser in the small town where I grew up. She wore really low-cut shirts and rubbed up against her male customers. I bet they didn’t need to talk about anything to break the ice.

  3. Margaret – You can totally say “fuck”. You can actually say any word your heart desires here. Except “fustrated”. “Fustrated” gets you banned.

  4. I never seem to know what to talk to my hairdresser about either. I can’t seem to break that barrier. I mean, she’s working FOR ME. Why should I talk to her?

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