The Cynical Nymph

Cynical Nymph wrote an amazingly blunt post about her eating disorder.  You should go read it here because she fricking nailed it.

 Why are you still here?  Okay, fine…there’s also hot celebrity gossip in it.  God, you guys are shallow.

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  1. I went, I read, and now I’m confused because I apparently don’t watch enough TV.

    Now it’s like a riddle I will never know the answer to. hehe.

  2. WTF? This is like your 9th post in 3 days. This would cover 18 days for me!

    Not that I’m complaining of course. It’s just that you keep interrupting other things I should be doing instead, but don’t want to because this is way more fun. You know, like work?

  3. dewd. weird. i got linked.

    and aimee too… i teeewtelly would have put her name, but then i would have just felt like one of the worst human beings ever, ever.

    (but i will email you it if you want. because i’m a bad person. just not the worst one. like, maybe Putin is worse than me.)

  4. yeah, me too on the email…I’ve even been googling. I have a name in mind, but am not sure.

    I am apparently more of a gossiphound than I’d thought. sigh. mk

  5. hm. just realized that since i am not amalah or dooce (hah.), i do not HAVE a list of email addresses to whom i can send the spuriously desired Name.

    she’s not so much a tv girl anyway. in fact, without looking at imdb, i don’t know that she’s even ever BEEN on tv. i just know when i saw her, it was a sad mixtures of “yeah, it makes sense,” and “wtf, no way.”

    and it’s


    p.s. MORE POSTS FROM JENNY! MORE POSTS FROM JENNY! this is basically how i fill a good percentage of my day, now.

  6. Ack, now I must know who it is! I’d like to think that I’m not that person that needs to know but I SOOOO am. Teehee!

    Ali, I think we need an email count of how many inquiries you get about this!

  7. Wow, I have a very stong urge to be the real asshole and just say who I think it is but since everyone else is practicing restraint, i suppose I will too.

  8. Princess Slea, thank you. I would NEVER have gotten that one on my own.

    I feel very much like I have just scratched a giant itch….aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh


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