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I got the “Rockin Girl Blogger” award from Chicky Chicky Baby which is awesome because I adore Mrs. Chicky and hearing she wants to stalk me makes me all tingly inside.  But then I read the name of the award and I get a bit twichy.  Why “Rocking GIRL Blogger”?  Seems a bit exclusionary to me so I’ve decided to accept the award but to make a bit of a change in it.  Instead of awarding 5 chicks with this award I’m sending it out to five dudes.  Five guys who rock the world of this girl blogger.  And thus was born the “Rocking (the) Girl Bloggers” award.  I even whipped up a new badge: 


1.  Kevin Charnas.   He makes me think and sends me dirty pictures.

2.  Dirty Uncle Mark.  He rocks the leisure suit like Jesus, and is manly enought to share his cookbook collection.

3.  Jeff.  Former musician trades band groupies for blog groupies.

4.  Willowtree – He has issues.

5.  Bloggsend – I don’t understand this blog.  I’m not even entirely certain it’s written by a guy.  I do however find it a welcome respite from an otherwise fluffy blogosphere and occassionally I even get it.  I think.

And while I’m making up my own rules I’m throwing in a bonus blogger, Galoot, whose Nutcracker post sends me to fits.

You go, girl guys.

(The guy in the badge is Longmire.  If you don’t know him, you should.)

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  1. I’d like to thank Jenny for nominating, voting for and electing me, the academy, my lovely wife and children for their support, all my fellow blogfriends – but most of all my Dog and savior.

    You crack me up girl.

  2. It is with great humility that I accept this honour. Ahh….who the fuck am I kidding!? I deserve this bastard, probably more than half the rockin’ chick bloggers who got it so far just because they were wimmen.

    Thanks Jenny. Are you sure you’re not really a guy?

    (See, I can be gracious if the situation warrants it)

  3. Sometime in the wee hours of the morning when I can’t sleep, I’ll be back to check out all those guys. Presently, I am dealing with the guy who lives at this house.
    And yes, I can believe that Hailey rode The Bull. Any child with a doll named Snake would ride it.

  4. Blogg’s End is indeed written by TWO guys. Ige is a brilliant Brazilian artist who I’ve never met but am in awe of his work he has deigned to allow me to post his work and then I thought, “what the hell” he can just be my coblogger and now he posts his own. He has another site which is in the links of Blogg’s End. Check it out. It’s totally brill. As for the rest? Well its just me and whatever wanders through my brain. I’m not brilliant like IGE or as well composed as you, min and les autre mamacita bloggers but I think, therefore I blog. It also helps me keep track of the days that go by. I’ve got about a 3 day window. After that I couldn’t tell ya if something happened a week or six months all recedes into this grey foggish miasma of events. Its very therapeutic too. And besides I SUCK at math so I couldn’t very well do anything with that, so blogging it is. I am not worthy. But thanks anyway. Onward through the BLOGUE!

  5. dude. how did i not know about this magnificence over here? oh, and love the rocker dudes.

  6. I had a problem with the girl part too… For about a second. Hey, more buttons right?


    But now i’m cursing you because I really didn’t need more blogs to read, dammit.

  7. I’m the sixth man! Yes! I haven’t been the sixth man in almost twenty years.

    Thanks for the props. Word.

  8. I wasn’t sure about the girl part either…is it like “you’re a good blogger…for a girl?” JUST KIDDING!

    Trust you to turn it on its ear.

    Now…come in at BlogRhet about these sorts of buttons and awards (it’s my day for post-up) so I don’t look like a jackass.

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