Strep throat

I felt only “mostly bad” until the doctor said “yep, you have strep throat” and now I feel like total garbage.  Next time I’m going to have him tell me that what’s causing this sore throat is an excess of hotness. 

Meh.  That’s not really very funny but I’ve got strep.  They’re not all going to be winners.

In other news, a new study shows that the number one key to a happy marriage is to pick up your own fucking socks every once in awhile.  Those dishes aren’t going to wash themselves, asshole.  From now on I’m going to keep a written list of every chore I do and then nag Victor like a harpy until he does his equal share.  Oh my God, we’re going to be so happy.

PS.  My husband thinks that people might think that I’m actually griping about him above so I thought I’d clarify that he doesn’t even wear socks. 

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  1. You’re my favorite harpy.

    Just this morning I said something like, “is it *so* hard to actually get the clothes *into* the hamper?” I’m pretty sure I was ignored.

  2. I thought about creating a chore chart and giving Kevin a gold star every time he does something, even if it’s “not peeing on the toilet seat.”

  3. I am a good husband. I not only mow the lawn (with my wife’s help), but I also clean out the nasty-ass guinea pig cages!

  4. Wow, that’s crazy – I, too, have strep throat. It’s seriously gross, though I am finally feeling well enough to be back at work.

    Also, the fact that you and I both have strep is living proof that our sore throats are being caused by an excess of hotness, ne c’est pas? 😉

  5. Snort.

    My husband just LOVES it when I do that. It’s a total bonding experience.

    But one time? After I asked him to help me with my ginormous chore list one weekend so I could actually leave the house for some fun? He made the tremendously huge mistake of saying, “Well, exactly HOW does my working at a REAL JOB count around here?”

    Now he gets lists.

    Progress reports, if you will.

    And see? We are so happy!

    Hey feel better soon…the antibiotics should help fast, right?

  6. Ooh – Julie, I’d have smacked him for that one.

    Strep sucks. You’re entitled to feel like garbage and to *not* be funny, but you’re funny anyway. How do you do that?

  7. Too funny – not the strep throat part – BUT –

    I keep a little bedside journal and whenever my husband really pisses me off, I write it down – and one day I was SO angry, I actually made a list and showed him how many times he had actually done this same thing. It was not a pretty sight.

    Don’t go there.

  8. A friend actually gave me that advice one time. To keep a list of the things I do and he does and make sure they’re equally balanced. Um, no thanks. I’d like to stay married. Well, most days I do.

  9. oh, and I just read that survey. It was conducted by phone? No wonder the kids didn’t rank high on the priorities. The people who might have ranked kids higher weren’t able to talk because their kids were demanding attention

  10. Feel better jenny. Streptoccus is nothing to mess with. You’re a winner even if your sick. Sending heeling woodoo vibes your way. They may be slightly delayed due to the RAIN. Here they are woohoo ~~~~~~~~~~***

  11. sorry you’ve got strep. the last time i had “strep” it turned out to be mono…AGAIN. please stick to strep…and don’t kill your husband!

  12. Ack! Strep! No fun. And also one of my greater fears as it landed our youngest in the hospital this year. Feel better.

  13. Poor babys got strep..sucky! I don’t mind the dishes as long as I don’t have to touch the garbage!

  14. OK, technically not married yet, but damn…I’d be thrilled if Mark could put the toilet seat down, let alone share in chores.

  15. I can’t really ask the hubby, or “the has been” as I affectionately call him, to do any chores. He’s really busy at work these days and has also started working on his doctorate degree, that leaves me to do everything else. However I did show him how to put a new toilet paper roll in the little holder.

    I hope you feel better soon. Drink a margarita. They always makes me feel better.

  16. I knew it! I knew it I knew it I knew it!

    I KNEW beating the dead horse of household chore imbalance was the key to marital bliss. I am going to print out that piece of gold you linked to. Possibly I will write excerpts backward on the fiance’s face when he sleeps as I pick up his – yes – SOCKS.

    Feel better, and ‘member to finish all your antibiotics.

  17. Thank you! You have finally proved my theory of relativity!! How bad you feel is directly related to the seriousness of the diagnosis.

    OH, did you read the subsequent study that found the No 1 reason for the break-up of marriages is nagging bitches.

  18. And I’m sure we don’t have to remind you to take ALL the antibiotics. Don’t stop them just because you feel better. Mae sure you kill all those buggering bacterial bastards.

  19. Oh… I’m going to jump on your sickness bandwagon, because I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since THURSDAY. *grumbles* I hope you feel better!

  20. I’m as healthy as a horse and my husband picks up his own socks.

    *Admittedly he probably does this because he’s scared I’m going to kick him in the head with my iron shoe…

  21. I sympathise with the sick thing because I too am sick this week. And I just laughed my head off at Karmyn because I have done that too and it always backfires.

  22. I have strep throat.. I’m in grade 9 and I want to know how long I stay off school. Probably not that long, but my case is bad. I cough every 2 seconds, I am sick to my stomach, I have migranes(spelling?), and I can stay away for more than 1 hour and my throat is killing me !

    How long?

  23. Reading some of your older entries, and its true…The more my husband cleans, the happier our marriage is. He does the dishes..nice. He does the dishes, sweeps, cleans the shower AND does a load of laundry…Our marriage is very happy. Which equals lots of sex. Which makes him happy too.

  24. Shut the fucking bin!
    It’s all I ask.
    Sometimes twice.
    Sometimes nicely.
    Mostly in a voice pitch I don’t recognise as my own so I’m pretty sure it doesn’t count.

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