Walk it out

I went to the doctor to find out that my strep throat is gone, but now I have a viral infection and an ear infection so terrific that my doctor actually brought in more people to look at it.  (The little blonde doctor said “Ew”.  Highly professional, Buffy.)  Then they gave me a shot of steroids which made me feel quite a bit better and also STRONG LIKE HULK!

 In completely unrelated news, I can not stop watching this

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  1. Oh my lord I hope I can remember to watch that video again at home when I can have sound! (stupid missing earphones). And also – gotta love it when the doctor brings in backup, not for help but for show and tell!

  2. That video is da bomb!

    All I can say is you must have one crack research team. Either that or a research team on crack.

  3. geeeze woman! don’t you love when you have the “you guys gotta see this” illness?? last year I got Hand Foot & Mouth disease (no, not mad cow disease) and my doc had to show EVERYONE in the damn office because he’d never seen someone as “old” as me with it. thanks, asshole.

    so i am thinking about going to houston to see some familia in a few weeks…we should drink lunch! hehe

  4. Hope you feel better, and what the hell does a female hulk do with all that strength and rage exactly?

    That video makes me want to bust out with Rock Em – Sock Em Robot Arms at my desk.

  5. Oh, she wasn’t being unprofessional. Don’t you know that type of ear infection is referred to as “Ew”? She was being brilliant, diagnosing it properly… :-p

  6. I love the video, although I posted it on my derby team board as a joke that we should “walk it out” for our intro at a bout and nobody appreciated it for just being funny. They got all huffy because they thought I was trying to change things around. Women.

  7. I once had a sinus infection so bad, the doc prescribed me vicodin and then didn’t charge me my copay.

  8. It’s like my Aunt Virginia channeling Carole Brady in a grown-up dance recital… I’m not sure I can forgive you for making me watch that. Fosse rap… ew.

  9. Thanks for that video. Now I have to watch it over and over and when hub comes home, I’ll make him watch it and the Teletubbies version.

  10. Okay, clearly you need to stop smoking teh crack. It really impares your immune system.

    (Don’t feel too bad. This one time? My friend and I? Went to a water park? And she got an earache that didn’t go away for a month. So she finally went to the doctor? And he took a huge pair of tweezers? And removed something that looked eerily – in size and shape – like a cotton ball from her ear canal.) (So she told me.)

    There. Now you must feel better, in comparison. Right? Right???

  11. OUCH! I hope you are feeling much better soon. (and if you start turning green – better get some new clothes (rip factor))

  12. Where do you find this stuff?!! So funny. I’m still paying for showing my boys the Potter puppets, they WILL NOT stop singing “Snape, Snape..”

    Feel better soon!

  13. Dude, clean your house today if you can stand it. I swear my house has never been as clean as when I’ve cleaned it under the influence of steriods. Seriously, I’m not kidding.

    ps. I was sick and NEEDED the steriods, I promise. The clean house and hulkish feeling was just a perk.

    (Dang it, I posted this in the last one. Sorry about that. Your site is so tiny on my screen that it’s hard to read.)

  14. WTF!?! So that’s what Bea Arthur did before Maude!

    If I could paraphrase the venerable Homer (Simpson), “Just because I’m ignoring your sickness doesn’t mean I don’t care”.

    Oh yeah, you better watch those steroids, you cold grow a penis, but probably not, I took them for years and mine didn’t grow at all.

  15. Forget the healthy crap. Have a beergarita.

    and I just wrote about you and your chickies at MamaDrama.

    Feel better.

  16. Holy shit! I’ve seen that video in original form and it was too sad to watch. But to that music? It makes me wanna DANCE!!

    TOO funny. We should do it at the wedding.

  17. you evil, evil woman – that video is addictive!! not unlike your steroids, I’m sure. get better, damn it!

  18. Funny that glasgow commented about that. I saw that same story this morning and was going to drop a link for you.

    See what you’ve started!!!

  19. I hope your penis doesn’t get all scriveled up from teh steroids! Feel better! That video is hilariuous!

  20. Great. Now in the middle of the night instead of “The Map,The Map The Map”,
    I’m gonna have
    “Walk it Out’ Walk it Out Walk it Out”
    going around and around and around and around in my head.
    Geez Thanks Jenny.

  21. So I’m really trying to figure out why you watch it over and over…. is it to get that hip/pelvic action down, or are you contemplating a new hair do, and that one is at the top of the list?! Jenny I think you could pull that one off… go for it. If anybody gives you any shit just show them what roid rage is ALL about, and walk it out all over them.

  22. I had an ear infection so bad the doctor looked in my ear and said “Oh. My. God.” She then breezily (in an attempt to reassure me I suppose) said she had no idea if my eardrum was still there or not, handed me some antibiotics and told me to come back in a week.

  23. How is that not a diagnosed fear?
    Doctorphobia : The fear of a doctor calling in back up and you become the case they talk about that could not be diagnosed but really freaked them out.

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