You know in Carrie when the blonde chick got all the pig blood dumped on her and everyone at the prom was laughing their asses off right before she lost her shit and set them all on fire?  Wasn’t that just the best?

 Well now you can relive that moment with your toddlers over and over!


The only way this toy could be more disturbing is if it came with your own angry Indian corpse or a barrel of intestines from rabid monkeys.

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  1. Can I say, I am just a little scared?

    Also, haha I’m first. I’m never first. 😉

  2. Thank god I have a pool. It’s gonna be a *huge* bloodbath.

  3. I ended up with a bath like that once. And all I did was try just a little too hard to make smelly bubbles.

  4. We gotta try that out in the baby pool….

  5. I had stuff like that when I was little. I LOVED it. Well, that is until I got the yellow and I cried because I thought someone peed in my bath.

    Mom didn’t let me have any more after that. 🙁

  6. Oh ICK! LOL

    We used to play Prom Night on the playground in 5th grade…demented little girls we were LOL.


    Ravin’ Picture Maven

  7. Ewww… It looks like she is holding a giant mucus plug.

  8. Yuck. Don’t they make it in colors that don’t resemble body fluids, or is that half the fun?

  9. wow … ummm that is creepy.

  10. Just one word – nasty.

    Well, technically I guess that was four words, but still, nasty.

  11. Those stupid limey bastards will think up the most retarded things.


  12. Ew.

  13. I wonder if the jelly is made out of red rum…

  14. oh my god, Halloween is right around the corner(we plan early)that will be so totally awesome.

  15. Awesome…in a sick and twisted sort of way that might lead your kids down the road to therapy…Bring it on!

  16. I was OK with this until somebody said mucus plug. Blegh.

  17. Oh no…

    Please don’t let my daughters see this…

    OH NO!

    Don’t let THEIR BROTHERS see it either!!!

  18. what. the. fuck.

    that is just so NOT right on SO many levels.

  19. That can’t be good for you.

  20. OMG that is totally revolting and yeah, just a smidge disturbing.

    PS so did you enjoy the porn I sent you to?

  21. So, um, does it wash off completely, or does it stain the sheets? If it stains the sheets, is the next step a li’l toy horse’s head in the bed?
    I’m sorry; this is just too much…

  22. 22
    Lady Penelope

    Love. It!
    I gave a friend’s kid coloured bath bombs but he put them in all at once and the water turned black.
    Kid had nightmares for the next month.
    I have been banned from buying any more *presents*.

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