My husband, Victor, is in surgery right now.  They’re trying to remove his gallbladder laproscopically (?) but it’s so enlarged that there’s a big chance that he’ll have to have the major surgery which is like 4-6 weeks of recovery.


He’s so nonchalant about the whole thing.   He just walked into OR in his business suit like he was there for a meeting.  Like “Let’s kick the shit out of this gallbladder, boys.  We’ve got work to do!”

As we waited in pre-op he made me laugh with such vile and offensive jokes that he made me swear that I wouldn’t blog about them but when the nurse came in she mistook the tears of laughter for tears of panic.


Victor grinned at me and said “If I die in surgery you’ll probably be remarried in a week, but there’s no way you’ll ever find anyone as funny as me.”


*Dammit*.  He’s right. 

I’m not really that into organized religion but if you happen to have some extra prayers lying around…you know… smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.


UPDATE:  Victor’s surgery went really well and they were able to do it laproscopically (?) so it’ll be just a few days of recovery.  He’s in surgical observation now and is really tired but good.  We both work at the hospital that he had surgery at so we kept seeing people we know, which was weird.  Imagine being mostly naked, flat on your back and high at your office.  (Other than at the office Christmas party.)


Thanks so much for the wonderful and supportive thoughts.  You guys are the best.


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  1. I’m praying…but ONLY because I am extremely disorganized. None of that “organized” religion going on around here. Nosiree. 🙂

  2. sending good vibes for you and Victor. (sorry, prayers aren’t much part of the vocab around here, either) My sister went through this last year (the gallbladder part, not the major surgery part) and it’s done her wonders. He’ll no doubt come out of surgery cracking questionable jokes as well 🙂

  3. If I prayed, you’d have mine, for sure. But since I don’t, you have all my best thoughts. And also a hug:
    (I’d hug Victor, but laproscopic surgery.)

  4. Wow…I’m feeling like a real hypocrite since I AM the praying type and I can’t seem to get through a comment on your site w/out using the word “fuck”…see? I’ll definitely say a prayer!

  5. we had that last year. My husband was planning trips for the day after the surgery. Oh, to be that confident.

    Sending out lots of positive thoughts and prayers.

  6. Hang in there, I will muster up a prayer or two (although I don’t think I have any clout, if you know what I mean). Thinking of you and hope Victor heals up real soon.

  7. Well, I don’t pray, but I’ll certainly smoke something for you guys.

    A speedy recovery to the funny man! 🙂

  8. i’ll say a little prayer for yoooooooou
    forever and ever…

    oh sorry…

    hope it all goes well, and damnitt, i hope they can get it out laproscopically. that other surgery sucks royal ass…

  9. I’m thinking of you and all the boring old magazines in the waiting room you have to read. Or can you blog? Do they have wifi in hospitals? Probably not, that would make it too luxurious to be there.

  10. The good news is, Victor can blog about this on his NEW BLOG! Did you hear that everyone, Victor’s starting a blog!

  11. Sending positive vibes Victor’s way –

    Make sure and blog about what he says right after the operation (when his anesthesia hasn’t quite worn off and he won’t remember what he said)

  12. Hope all went well! I’m 3wks out from lap. gallbladder surgery – recovery has been relatively easy.

    Hope he didn’t get the big cut.

  13. Youza all gonna be fiiiine. Gallbladders are just silly little things anyway. Probably more trouble than they’re worth.

    Funny that you should be the one with ACTUAL health stuff going on with the hubby when… I mean, you saw my last post.

    *omg feels ridiculous*

  14. A sense of humor is a great thing. I’m sure he’ll be fine, but I’ll send some positive thoughts your way.

  15. For whatever it is worth, you both are in my thoughts. I got ’em, I’ll smoke ’em…errr, I mean say ’em.

  16. You work at a hospital? Why did I think that you were a high-priced hooker?

    Ooooh, you work on the corner NEAR the hospital! Nevermind, I get it.

    Glad everything went well. 🙂

  17. So glad it went well! And I didn’t know you worked at a hospital! Can you get us a free EEG hookup? 😉

  18. I’ll pray for a speedy recovery but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. The Big Guy still hasn’t given me the super powers I keep asking for. I think the prayer part of my brain is busted.

    But seriously… I hope he’s doing well (see? And my wife says I can’t be serious for five minutes)

  19. I’m glad things went well.

    I had my c-section at the hospital my husband worked at. Some of his coworkers got to know me reeeeealy well.

    I haven’t been back since then. In fact, we left the state.

  20. everyone will have lots of advise
    My biggest problem with the Lath. surgery was they pumped my abdomen full of gas — and it doesn’t have any natural vent. So it was uncomfortable. Tell him funny dirty jokes so he can laugh BIG… and that will encourage the osmosis. the only way the gas get out. There is no farting.

  21. Imagine being mostly naked, flat on your back and high at your office. nightmare

    glad he made it through fine and the less invasive procedure was successful!!!!

  22. So glad to hear Victor is doing well! You know, I always pictures you working for the Houston Chronicle, but I guess you never really said that. Hmm.

  23. We just got done with surgery in my family this week also. It’s been a very long week, but I am glad y’all are doing fine.

  24. Jenny and Victor,

    I pray, but you pulled through the surgery before I even had a chance to. I hope you recover quickly and things are pain free for you.

    I had the same surgery four years ago. The only real downside is when I eat Mexican food, my lower digestive track goes into TURBO mode!

    I know have all the closest bathrooms from my favorite Mexican restaurants and work mapped out in case of emergency.

  25. I’m glad the surgery went so well. Is that robe really acceptable workplace attire though?

  26. Nothing organized about my religion either…but I’m putting in a good word for Victor with the universe anyway.

  27. That’s nerve-wracking.
    Hope all goes really perfectly well and he’s back up being a pain in no time.
    Hugs from the Great White North!

  28. Glad it well. Yeah, the only bad thing about a lap chole is that you look 8 months pregnant afterwards from the gas…it deflates over a few days or so, but you can definitely get in a few good cracks about that one. As well as the hospital gown butt-flap crack thing.

  29. You know I tell Roy all the time that she may be hotter, but no one will ever think he’s as funny as I do.

    So glad Victor’s doing well.

  30. Well it’s a good thing he made it, since I don’t think I could fit into that holycraphotpink dress again in case you were to have to get married next week. Get better
    Victor, oh and if you need it, I might be able to spare some maternity clothes for you.

  31. I’v so been thinking about this but didn’t want to bring it up and make you bummed. So glad you let us know that he’s doing well. So stressful though man.

  32. Ok, so I’m reading all the past entries tonight and I’m up to this one.
    I have to admit I was scared to read some of the comments as I thought there might be an updated comment informing everyone that Victor got to keep the gallbladder. Or it is re-named and in a jar on the kitchen window sill. Or even a link to a picture.
    So I kept reading.
    Please tell me, did you get to keep it?

    (Sadly, no. They tossed it. ~ Jenny)

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