Fame, of sorts

When I was at Blogher my camera commited suicide which is not that bad because the thing about partying with hundreds of blogstars is that everything you do in front of them is going to be recorded on the internet anyway so it’s like someone else is keeping a diary for you.  You can get dead drunk and still have a photographic record of almost getting kicked out of your hotel.  You can find a picture of Amy Sedaris showing off the styrofoam cake that you bought (don’t judge me).  You can have your coworkers sarcastically ask why every picture of you on the internet has booze in it.

Or sometimes you can have someone you really admire crown you the Blogger of the Day.  *blush*

And that makes it all worthwhile.

Until you find stuff like this on flicker, anyway:


(Booze not shown, but probably understood.)

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  1. Such a diva! Maybe someone should start a blog called “Alcohol Soaked Bloggers.” I’m sure there are plenty of pictures of me with Jack Daniels eyes and Jose Cuervo facial expressions floating around online.

  2. In the picture of you with the booze, the wine bottle is so tiny! Or you are just giant. Either way, it’s not that bad. I cannot say the same for the pictures of Princess Jenny with a viking, pirate, and other mysterious character. Love ya, Jenny!

    PS When are you coming to the Midwest to hang out with me and Nat with the Marmite Breath?

  3. -R- It’s actually mini-wine from the hotel mini-bar. And I would come hang out with you and Nat in a heartbeat. Maybe you should hold your own blogher? Or you guys could come down to the next MamaDramaConQueso party? I’ll even make beergarita’s.


  4. Gotta say, this is a great place you have here. 🙂 You definitely look like you know how to have fun. Keep it up, doll!

  5. The bottle is not even open, Jenny! Should you run for office, you can totally say that you were just giving it to someone as a gift. I’ll vouch for you. I can be bought. I don’t think it really matters that I wasn’t actuallY THERE, does it??

  6. Even more pictures will surface, I’m sure.

    I’m so glad that Victor’s surgery went well. Scary stuff.

  7. I love that. Where the hell did you guys get all the props? Tell me someone didn’t cart all that to Chicago just for this purpose…

  8. How come this post keeps showing up on Bloglines every eight hours or so? Have you found some secret HTML codes that will keep putting this post up until I comment?

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