Not what you think

Dear person who emailed me a link to this:


This is not a giant squid.  It’s a cochlea.  But I appreciate the effort.

PS.  Deep, honest, offensive blogging will resume soon, I swear.  Reality is a little too real (slash menial) to be written about with any sort of perspective right now. 

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  1. Hang in there, babe. I’m wallowing in the muck now too.

    That necklace does look awfully squid-like. And what a fantastic Christmas present it would make!

  2. Off topic-But does anyone know how Terry Hayes is doing? She hasen’t blogged in awhile and I was just wondering..

  3. Hahaha. I bet someone is feeling a little sheepish right now. Heh.

    For the record, I have nightmares about giant cochleas. Can you imagine getting hearing aids for those suckers? *shudder*

  4. Jenny…I would NEVER do such a thing to you. Unless of course, i was under the influence. in which case, anything goes!

    totally off the subject, but could you or one of your mama drama cohorts freakin approve me to make comments?!!? seriously dude, it’s been like 5 months!

    i wrote mama drama a letter on my bloggy….

  5. First of all, I’m sorry if it sounded like things were bad here…just too busy. So busy I haven’t had a moment to write anything more important than post about cochlea’s and Britney Spears. And for that, I apologize.

    Secondly, Biddy, you are a nut. And I adore you. I’m totally writing you a post Sunday about this very issue.

    Third, Cancer Diva has been a little sick and very tired so she hasn’t updated her blog but I just got an email from her yesterday and she promised she’d be updating soon.

  6. *singing*
    Papa can you EAR me??!!!!”

    Sorry…I gotta cut down on the caffiene. But DUDE!! It was almost a nurse’s joke!!

  7. *singing*
    Papa can you EAR me??!!!!

    Sorry…I gotta cut down on the caffiene. But DUDE!! It was almost a nurse’s joke!!

  8. I have upcoming photos from our aquarium trip, but I will warn you in the post so you will know where to stop reading. 🙂

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