Don’t eat your baby

I’m always looking for new ways to display photos but I don’t get this one.


You print out your kids photo and paste it over your canned veggies for a homemade frame.  It’s kind of cool to look in your pantry and see your cute kid’s face on your cans of fruit cocktail but it also sort of looks like your pantry is filled with fresh canned baby which is…actually pretty cool too.  Never mind.  I’m doing this and inviting people over to freak them out.

Oh and I’m going to take a picture of Hailey on the toilet and paste it on the cans of baby peas.  Get it?  Baby pees.  Oh my God I’m so hilarious stupid.

Speaking of hilarious, the always provocative Chase of Taste the World turned me on to the Midwest Teen Sex Show which sounds like it should be illegal but is actually the most hysterical collection of teenage sex education videos ever.  Go watch them all now.  I wish they’d been around when I was a kid because then maybe I wouldn’t have believed my cousin who told me that people have sex by having bees sting each others butts.  Good one, Chris.

PS.  I’m not ignoring you, I’m just still really, really sick.  I am answering emails but in slow motion.  It’s not you.  It’s me.

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  1. I’m not always provocative. I just always want to have sex with everyone.

    Wait…what does provocative mean, again?

  2. You people are all so crazy in a yummy kind of way. Punditmom-now I know what to get my m-i-l for Christmas.

  3. THAT IS AN EXCELLENT IDEA!! However, seeing how we don’t have kids…I think that I may print out pics of hot penises and put those on cans of…um…cans of…asparagus spears?

    And maybe pics of balls on…um…olive jars?

    I dunno.

  4. i think the parvo has made you delirious…but in a really funny way

    and i love the baby pees….

    although it is a rather creepy product all together…

  5. baby peas. No, you ARE hilarious.
    But don’t be too miffed when Victor hands you a tin of carrots with a picture of a diamond anniversary ring on it…

  6. That’s pretty creepy, actually. I don’t think I’d want to open my pantry and have a bunch of baby eyes staring at me!

  7. OOoh I love those odd education videos, thanks for the link. I think it would be hilarious to put fake labels on all your canned food. But kind of crazy too. That must be why I like the idea. But I would put crap like “Poor ass generic soup”.

  8. From a bloggie-stalker perspective, you seem to be getting better? That level of sense-of-humor requires more brain power than most mega-sick people can muster. Hopefully you’re on the mend??

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