Just call me ‘mom’

Hailey:  Jenny, will you read me a story?

Me:  Uh…yeah.  But call me “mom”, okay?  It’s weird to call your mom by her first name.

Hailey:  Oh.  (Shrugs.)  Okay, sweetie.

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  1. wait till she says her first cuss word. or has that already happened?
    i remember the look on my mother’s face when i got in the car in middle school and absentmindedly said, “Damnit!” good times.

  2. Does she warn you to “be careful, it’s hot” when you take something out of the microwave. I think I’m hearing my words out of someone else’s mouth a bit too much these days.

  3. Gotta love it! My grandson is currently calling me “Empress of the Universe”. Of course, that’s because I made him. Oh well.

  4. What? She’s not referring to you as “Ma’am”?

    Clearly she’s not watching enough Little House on the Prairie.

  5. That is totally cute!!!!

    Enjoy that cuteness…. because like Lotta said, wait until she is 13….remember, I have a 13 yr old. 🙂

    (Okay really she is still pretty fun!)

  6. damn it, you know I get weird looks for giggling at the computer! hailey is such a sweetie, herself 🙂 good luck, mom

  7. 3-year olds are fun and funny to talk to.
    I am keeping a journal with my three year old daughter and I urge everyone to do the same.

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