I have writers block

It took me 15 minutes just to come up with the title.  Comments are open for random hook-ups and soap-box rants until further notice.

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  1. What? The writing fairy is failing already? That’s it! I’m sending it back for a refund! Writing Fairy my foot!

  2. Don’t worry. It’ll come back! At least your hair doesn’t smell like a 40-year-old campfire, like mine does! 🙂

  3. dude. i like goat cheese and orange peppers. one of the best combinations i’ve ever tasted.

    now how’s that for writers block.

  4. My husband got drunk on Saturday night by drinking two margaritas. Ok, the first one was pretty big, just to give him some sort of credit. But still. My husband is a lightweight.

    I am not sure whether this comment is an attempt at a hook-up or a rant. I will let you be the judge.

  5. I have been suffering myself but I hope I came up with a good one tonight.

    Any one up for a hook up? 🙂

    Just something random too, I was a baking fool this weekend.

    That’s all.

  6. You know what I wanna know? What you were like as a little kid. You have that kid-like life about you…I’m curious as to where your adorable little spirit-filled smirk comes from.

  7. I think it must be the start of school or Fall or one big menstrual full moon or something – I’m so whiny and blocky I’m having a hard time not just bitching forever on my own blog about how I suck like hoover these days.

    The only thing that is stopping me is that I’m afraid someone over there will just tell me to shut up already with the whining. And I’m just not ready for that kind of ice-water-in-the-face kind of reality.

    So I’ll just do it a little bit more here, because what are you gonna do? Retaliate on my blog? You don’t have the ‘nads.

    Eyyyyyyyyyye don’t got nothin’ to saaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy. Pity me. I wanna be a writer except for the writing part. Whaaaa.

    Ok, I feel better. Thanks. I’m gonna go get some ice cream. Wanna come?

  8. Single girl looking for adventurous (single) boy with whom to sneak into abandoned buildings and scary places.

    Crossing fingers for hookup, random or otherwise!

  9. “I feel so betrayed”.

    Ok, I totally wrote “whore” and then chickened out worrying you wouldn’t get the total sarcasm. But I’m back and I’m holding my balls. Whore.

  10. Um, I haven’t posted anything substantive in eons. I got nothin’! And so I come here to laugh & you’ve rolled up the carpet & shut the door. Damn. it.

    You’re so selfish, Jenny. Don’t you know that the world revolves around ME????

  11. my kids drive me nuts sometimes…especially when they wake up before the sun…that is supposed to be my blogging time…but that is what ya get when you are a mom…unconditional “love” that drives you nuts…thank god for spongebob…he is the best babysitter i never paid!–ps..thanks for stopping by!

  12. Hey, I’ve got a patent on the whole “writing about nothing” scheme. You’ll be hearing from my lawyers.

  13. well.. I’ll get you started. Just popped over from Mama Drama… and….
    too dark to see to shiv

  14. I could see how a video like that would result in writer’s block. I mean, really. How does one compete with that?

    I’m being serious.

  15. Ok, which shows in the new fall lineup do you think are already on their last legs? Which standby shows are “jumping the shark”?

  16. Sometimes I wish I had writers block. I have time block and a million things going on in my head. Hope it passes for you. Thanks for visiting my Fun Monday.

  17. Biddy,

    What a great idea. My problem is I get myself drunk and take advantage of myself.

    I am so cheap. I hardly even put up a fight.

  18. I feel your pain. Every time I go in to Blogger, I just stare at the screen and then go to You Tube.

    Maybe we should start our own fucked up meme. Like…um…the..yeah I got nothing.

  19. I get like that when it comes to blogging sometimes. I sit and stare at the screen. Then I put my fingers on the keyboard and stuff comes out. It’s like a Ouji board for my subconcious storyteller.

    Personally? I think it’s the rain.

  20. What the fuck time is your clock on your comments set on? 10:26 is when I posted my comment? Hardly…I am asleep by then.

    Did I mention I got shit faced drunk on my wedding night? Mark tried to get frisky and I had a severe case of the hiccups. It ended with the party continuing in our room with friends and me giggling hysterically from hiccupping. God, getting drunk was much needed.

    Speaking of getting drunk…when is the next Mama Drama?

  21. It is a *severe* case of writer’s block, too: otherwise, you would have come up with something more original, like “I have writers block. Oh shit.” – at least


  22. I’m thinking of letting my blog just expire when my one year of typepad is up. Saves money and cures the writer’s block problem.

  23. Melissa – I will pay for next years subscription myself. You are not excused.

    -R- All of your comments go to spam. I’ve told my spam catcher a million times that you’re one of the good guys but it insists you are trying to sell me something.

  24. Jeff: the NAME of my friggin’ blog is “Reflections of Nothing.” So line up behind me, boy, where you belong. mk

  25. Spamboy – Hmmmm super tuber. I bet he was hoping for something else…. he must be a size queen! ROFL

  26. I’m late, but I am drinking a Bloody Mary after polishing furniture so I figure that’s a pretty good excuse.

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