For a pig, she’s aging well

Holy shit, ya’ll!  I just saw the trailer for Saw IV and guess who’s in it? 


I freaking love her!

Best comment of the day comes from hello insomnia: “If you already went to the Saw movie, would the name have to change to Have Seen?”

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  1. Oh man. Those first Saw movies freaked me right out.

  2. Shit, I’m glad you cleared that up – I thought it was Paris Hilton.

  3. Ha… what a lovely profile. And why is there a pig there anyway? I guess I’ll always ponder it, since I’m a wimp who could barely watch the first few movies.

  4. If you already went to the Saw movie, would the name have to change to Have Seen?

  5. Have you seen the trailer for that Repo movie? Oy, it is terrible. That’s what I thought when I just saw that picture.

  6. People still go to movies? You’re lying.

  7. hello insomnia just cracked my sh*t right up.

    i can’t go to horror movies. i spend the whole time with my hand in front of my face.

  8. I went to see Saw…I mean teeter totter.

  9. Oh dear…

  10. LOL about your post and these comments!!

    Using My Words

  11. LOL! “Have Seen”. That’s GREAT!

  12. Kermie! Why didn’t you love me?

    Take this you skinny green freak! HEEEEEYAH!

  13. The only person that should be singing “It Ain’t Easy Being Green” is Al Gore.

  14. I saw about five minutes of SAW and that’s all I could take.

  15. hahahaha makes you wonder where Kermit is….

    oh and herniated disc sister, we’ve got to quit following in each other’s footsteps!!

  16. OMG bet she had frog’s legs for dinner, too. That’s totally creepy. I do love your sick self.

  17. HYSTERICAL!! I guess Kermie finally got her, huh? I still haven’t seen all of the first one – and the kid has seen them all. I am a rotten parent, that’s for sure.

  18. Those movies scare me — a lot.

  19. It’s good to see Im not the only hard core Mrs. Piggie fan. What happened to the muppet show that was the best puppet TV show ever.

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