Disturbing photos

Picnik seems to have taken my advice and so for Halloween they’re offering a few special effects to make your photos zombi-riffic, including peeling skin and blood-stains.


 Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

By the way, I was just thinking that this was the most disturbing picture I’ve ever posted but then I remembered this.  And these.   And…um…damn.  I think I need therapy.

Update – At Julie’s request, a soundtrack for this post.

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  1. Ooooh scary and yet so happy! You’re making me want to splurge on Picnic Premium. I want to be a Zombie too!

  2. “Did you supposedly eat someone?”
    Yes. The cat. It’s not a zombie family without a zombie kitty.
    Jana – The zombifying and blood splatter is free! I haven’t splurged on the picnic upgrade either yet although I think I should totally get it for free since I’ve been pimping them so hard.

  3. Cool! Can you use your newfound Picnik clout to get them to give us all the cool features they offer without making us order the premium upgrade?

  4. Deliciously halloweenish –

    Kind of a scary picture – but not as scary as the picture I’m sending you tomorrow!!! (insert evil maniacal laughter here)

  5. Ohhhh, fun! fun! I am heading over there right now to transform me and Piper into disgusting ghouls! LOVE IT!!!

    This photo is great and yet, Hailey still looks adorable. Go figure, those damn kids screw up everything fiendish with their sweetness.

  6. You mean I can whiten my teeth there, too?!

    That rawks!

    My husband saw me tooling around with it last night and he asked, “Aren’t the tools to make you look BETTER?” He really has no sense of fun. He’s a fun-hater.

  7. And what the heck? Are you in China or something? I did not just post that comment TOMORROW! I think we’re even in the same time zone, if I’m not mistaken.

  8. I don’t know why my blog decides to reassign the very fabric of space and time when it comes to comments but it does. Apparently it’s Halloween come early at the Bloggess. At least until I find someone who knows the inner workings of wordpress.

  9. That is a great picture! I wish I was that creative and that into Halloween to do something like that! I loved it! See ya.

  10. I need to go inhale something – what inspirational theme music. Anyhoooo… Happy Hallowe’en Bloggess and family – you look zombierrific 🙂

  11. thanks for visiting and commenting.

    nice effect on the photo. that’s about the only way i would ‘dress’ for halloween anymore. haven’t gotten into it since i was a kid.

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