Goofy is creeping me out.

I walk by this Goofy Christmas statue almost every day at work:


I was gonna write a long post about how Goofy looks like a depraved lunatic about to plunge an icepick into the heart of a soldier as his dismembered comrades sit below, holding their own severed limbs and praying for the sweet kiss of death, but then I thought it would be too offensive and I’m really trying hard to stop myself from being so inappropriate here. 



Nice weiner, Goofy. 


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  1. OMG that’s DEMENTED!! What a Criminal Minds moment.

    I will never understand what passes for art/kitsch sometimes.

    Oy! LOL!

    (But hey thanks for sharing and on the bright side? It’s not a clown…just a jester.)

    Using My Words

  2. Oh good gracious Jenny. I thought nothing would bring me out of my grumpy, sickly funk today. But, nice weiner Goofy? You win! Who could be sickly funky when they know someone who is a Goofy testiculator?

  3. Goofy is packing heat or not.

    In all seriousness, that soldier had it coming, when you diss the Goof, you diss yo’self.

    I love that contraction, yo’self. Thank you Snoop. It’s my favorite contraction since the one that shot my daughter out into the world.

  4. Funny. I’d be tempted to write either of those things, too, if I were in your shoes. I mean, how can you make a decent post out of that, otherwise?

  5. if you cant be inappropriate on your own damn blog where can you?

    that whole Goofy analysis is like the glass half full or half empty. a disney rorschach test. fascinating.

  6. I don’t know. I had a joke about Goofy, Disney and Basic Instinct in my head and now I can’t get it to sound coherent. Suffice to say that I think Michael Douglass looked just like that when he saw Sharon Stone naked for the first time.

  7. *snort*

    I have to admit when I first looked at that picture I thought “dear god, is Goofy about to stab the soldier?” Sick minds think alike.

  8. How you manage to not attach crude post-it-notes to the Goofy figurine is beyond me – just carefeully write with your non-dominant hand, and announce the delivery of a box of doughnuts (that you purchase and put in a conference room AWAY from the figurine), and slap away!!! Hell, spend the $$ on getting food several mornings in a row so you can strike multiple times!

  9. The idea of Goofy plunging anything into anyone is…well, how should I say this…exactly what I was thinkin’ also? 🙂

  10. Ew. That is a creepy statue, though. How big is that thing? The statue, Jenny, the STATUE!

    Plus, it just wouldn’t be you if it were all appropriate and such. How dull.

  11. Very freaking creepy. I saw the same thing you did. Scary.

    I posted on my blog, btw. Damn me and my ego. I need to show everyone my wedding pictures when the time comes. How the hell am I gonna do that without a blog?


  12. Poor Goofy…he always gets picked on. I think he is simply give the old solider a little tap to awaken him from his drunkenness. I mean the two at his feet are hopelessly wasted : )

  13. Holy hell!
    I am going to have to call my Houston friends and ask them about this.
    I like your idea though, that it’s the idea more than the actual Orange show that people are so enamored of.

  14. OK, I’ve made it further now– I’m laughing so hard my husband is looking at me strangely…

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