What do you see?

What do you see?


My kid playing in her grandfather’s taxidermy shop, or a bobcat square-dancing with a 3-year-old at the winter dance?

If the graphic doesn’t give it away, I’m in West Texas for the week visiting my family.  I’ll be back in the blogosphere next week. 

 Dosey-doe, ya’ll.


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  1. My ex-Inlaws have a bobcat in their living room. But, not as cool as that one! Theirs never dances.

    Have fun!!!

  2. Ahhh, here I thought your daughter was playing hoops with the bobcat and they had just executed a text book pick and roll, you know high fiving afterwards. The taxidermy things sounds more plausible, but not as cool

  3. Josh and I once had the MOST AWESOME argument over jackalope. He was TOTALLY convinced they were real. He fought hard for that one…and lost. It was SWEET. LOL.

    And dude, Hailey definitely has the coolest date at that winter dance. I wish I was that cool.

  4. The biggest jackalope I’ve ever seen is one that a friend of mine made that still rests atop a building here in Fort Worth. The business used to be Mexican imports/pottery/clothing and it was, indeed, called Jackalope. The building’s still there, but it’s a used car dealership now. Bummer. They kept the enormous jackalope, though. Community outrage would have been severaly punishing had they trashed it.

  5. Oh, c’mon, you round it up with “dosey-doe” and don’t use a picture of a stuffed deer? Clearly you are too busy dancing with wildcats to pay attention.

  6. That is fantastic! I just posted a video you HAVE to see. The post title is “Canada Dry” – Check it out when you get on a good ‘puter again.

  7. sigh…i wish one of your family members would be like “hun, can we reschedule for tomorrow so you can go have a beer…er…long talk with your friend biddy today?”

    i’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed 😉

  8. When I die, I want to be stuffed and mounted. Definitely in some sort of action pose. Probably not square dancing, since I’m not actually a hick. Maybe just sitting menacingly in the corner, eyes open and everything. My descendants could have tons of fun, taking me places like the train station, sitting me on a bench and waiting till somebody asked me what time the next train was. Then they’d walk up and say “hey, why are you talking to him? He’s dead.” And it would be like an M. Night Shyamalan movie but without the crappy twist at the end. This comment started out better than it ended. You only have yourself to blame for letting the crazies on the internet post whatever the hell they feel like posting. So to sum up – remember kids, when I die, think “action pose”.
    .-= Mark 2100´s last blog ..I could be allergic to vampires. =-.

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