Nice Holiday Sweater

Fake Steve Jobs blogged about this website which lets you create your own holiday sweater and it’s actually fricking brilliant.  In fact it’s so fricking brilliant that it’s “frilliant”.  That’s a new word I just made up.  Please add it to your spell-checkers.

 Anyway, I cyber-knitted this lovely holiday sweater for my sweet husband:


PS. My coworker just saw this and was all “Uh…why did you make the panda bear have sex with the deer?” which was unsettling because I think it’s pretty clear the panda is attacking the deer.  I mean, what on earth would a panda bear getting it on with a deer have to do with Christmas? 

Think, people.

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  1. I totally went to my dirty place when I saw the picture. Is it wrong that I thought it was wildly funny even if it was dirty…

  2. No, I think the your workmate is right, there’s definitely some serious hide the sausage going on there. You can tell by the pick-up line.

  3. Um…am I the only one that knows Pandas are vegetarians? They only eat bamboo.
    I’d say he’s in it for the sex.

  4. “frilliant” – ok so that is awesome and I will begin using it immediately to spread the frilliance of that word. Seriously.

    There are no words for that shirt. I also thought the panda was doing something dirty but after the salad tossing that was going on here yesterday I don’t think I can be held fully responsible for heading down that path! 😉

  5. Sorry Jenny, this one is *definitely* about sex.

    Or, maybe it *is* being attacked.

    Either way… that poor little reindeer is very seriously screwed.


  6. JenE….you’re ‘frilliant’
    and I totally agree…the two animals
    are getting it on. What happens in the
    woods, stays in the woods.

  7. Ok, if it’s not about sex, then I don’t get it. Why exactly is a panda attacking a deer again and what does that have to do with Xmas?

    It’s probably too deep for me.

  8. Dude the Panda totally has it in for the reindeer’s ass. You’re just trying not to look like such a pervert.

  9. I admit I also thought the Panda was mounting the deer, and still laughed my ass off. Either way, it is a great sweater.

  10. Uh…why did you make the panda bear have sex with the deer?

    That is exactly the thought that I had upon seeing your highly frilliant sweater. That’s fantastic.

  11. Off-topic, sort of… but did you see the guy at the mixer thing last week wearing the AWFUL Christmas sweater? I wanted to go over and comment on it, because it was so obviously meant to be ironic… but my friend wasn’t so sure. She was like, “What if he really thinks he looks good?” Whatever – if he really did think that, he would SO need to be told.

  12. I think it really is the panda raping the deer…and you are trying to pull the “wool” over our eyes. Tehehehehehe *snort*

  13. Yep…. I’m right there with everyone else. But I’ve seen the video – “How Vixen became a Vixen”, the next scene shows the Reindeer games eluded to in the song, but never explained.

  14. How did you get the text to say what you wanted instead of the suggested text on the page?

  15. There’s gotta be a pun in there somewhere.

    Merry Xmas panda humpin’ you, deer?

    That doesn’t sound quite right. But am I at least leaning in the right general direction?

  16. Umm, I got that the panda was attacking the deer (I’m very smart), but only after a few seconds of wondering if they were doing it. Very clever idea, and so much quicker than actually knitting.

  17. Oh yah – I totally just saw mounting action too. But I’ve always known what a sick mind I possess. In fact, it has become a twisted source of pride 🙂

  18. I work the night in a hospital and you had us rolling on the floor with our *designer* sweaters…awesome! Thanks for the laugh and thanks for stopping by!

  19. I think you’re mistaken. That panda is definitely having sex with that deer. Which is weird, because I thought pandas only dated their own. Oh, and platypode (those freaky lil’ dudes will get it on with anything).

    By the way, all three make good eatin’.

    p.s. “platypode” is a fun word.

  20. HAHAHAHA ok so my three year old see this and says “Why do Pandas not like deer? Is he eating the deer? Why? They are hugging? No they are not, they are not friends!” HAHAHA

    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!
    May your family’s wishes all come true this coming year 🙂

  21. Brilliant. I’m totally sending my boss a fauxgift sweater as consolation for the handknit gift I never finished.

    Happy holidays!

  22. I thought sex too. The phrase on top doesn’t help since that’s the cliche about women losing their virginity. Still, an awesome sweater. Also, “frilliant” is, indeed, frilliant.

  23. If I were a panda, I’d so tap that deer. But since I’m not, the authorities cannot come after me for making that statement.

    In related news, Merry Christmas.

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