Lesson learned

Why you should never send your husband out to buy stamps:


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  1. if The Thing or Vader was giving the finger that would be the best stamp ever

  2. Ha, I love it!

  3. Sadly, those are the stamps I would have bought too.

  4. Why is Katie’s address censored? Is she a porn star or something?

  5. A super hero Christmas? Awesome!

  6. No one says “Merry Christmakkuah” like Darth Vader…

  7. Hahaha. I mean, oh no. I will definitely heed this very useful advice.

  8. Is Happy her first name? I need that kind of first name spirit.

  9. That is just frickin’-a perfect!

  10. Hahaha. Those are great.

  11. Hehehe! My hubby would’ve done the same. And the grocery store? No way! Always a bag full of horrible for you munchies and tons of sugar cereal. Not a fruit or vegetable in sight!

  12. I actually kind of prefer those to kissing swans or somesuch. ­čśë

  13. Wow, I would have bought those stamps too! We don’t have fun stamps like that here.

  14. I totally would have cracked up if hubby bought those home for our Holiday cards.

  15. Who is Katie and why is she so happy?!?!

    Mark would buy the exact same stamps. I feel no pity for you. Sorry, hon.

  16. Victor=Genius

  17. I see nothing wrong with cool stamps.

  18. I would buy stamps of old women super hero’s.

    Say The Green Hairnet, or the Hot Flash.

  19. What, are you kidding me? Those are perfect for ANY occasion.

  20. Ok, I have to admit that I bought the Star Wars ones. I did it because Tango is such a geek and I thought he would love them. And he did.

    Well, he’s SUCH a geek that he didn’t want to use them on anything…he wanted to save them.

    I told him no. And had to keep checking up on him that he was actually putting them on things. I bought them in August. He still has 3 stamps left.

    *sigh* Nerds.


    Really, those are sweet… do they make The Godfather ones? ­čÖé

  22. oooh. cool stamps!!! lol

  23. Too funny. Husbands!

    Using My Words

  24. Heh! That’s better than a photo of the Queen!

  25. Had to stop by and say Happy Birthday even though I had to comment on your 28th post.

    Hope you had a wonderful day and all that!

  26. Happy Birthday, Jenny!

  27. Frilliant!

    I mean, I didn’t even know there were Darth Vader stamps.

  28. funny.

    my brother gave me stamps for christmas with pictures of Boscoe as a puppy on them. i had no idea you could do that.

  29. Hubby would also have come home with these stamps. Similar to why you should not send husband and preschooler to grocery store – did you they make Star Wars fruit snacks and Dora the Explorer Spaghettios? Well, they do, but don’t go to my grocery store to find them because we have them all in our pantry now…

  30. What’s sad is that if I saw them, I’d totally buy them. Better than the flag and flower ones that I don’t like.

  31. Ah hahahaha – have a very Scary Christmas.

  32. see, that’s their ploy. husbands do things incorrectly so that we don’t ask them to do it again. for example, my husband can make sure that the ps3 is hooked up to the surround sound system, but for some reason he just can’t seem to get hospital corners while making the bed. don’t give in! tell him he’s the best stamp-picker-outer ever!

  33. I’m with Teresa…he’s going for immunity from stamp buying. Tell him you’re sick of sentimental Christmas stamps and LOVE the masculine touch of Darth Vader and Spiderman!!!

  34. I totally friggin’ want those.

    If there is a Spider-man stamp I will be forced to start sending out Christmas cards.

  35. Hee hee – what you don’t realize is that I actually saved the envelope and it is hanging on my fridge next to the gorgeous painting from your shorty.

    I just figured you were sending me maturity-appropriate stampage. They were a hit ­čÖé

  36. […] about┬ámy new marvelous manicure but he was just┬ápissed off┬áthat I’d┬ádepleted his dorky superhero stamp┬ácollection┬áto┬ámake my fake nails.┬á┬áMy talents are┬átotally wasted on this guy.┬á At this point I […]

  37. 37
    Lady Penelope

    You asked hubby for stamps.
    He bought stamps.
    Score 1 point for Team Victor.

  38. We have the Hulk.

    So deliver the friggin letter NOW.

    And by the way, Mr. Postman, I am your father.

    HogsAteMySister recently posted Preparing NOW to make the 2016 Rio Olympic Games the Best Ever! And the Most Naked!.

  39. +1 to Lady Penelope.

    …and 10 points for Team Victor.

  40. Happy Katie should leave Houston and move to Katy. Happy Katie in Katy just sounds better.
    Also, they have that tiny replica of the Chinese forbidden city.

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