WTF, a photo series

My three-year-old got a digital camera for Christmas and she loves it but I’ve gotta tell you, it’s fricking weird.  You turn it on for her and she disappears for a half hour and you hear her giggling all over the house.  Then you download her pictures and discover numerous shots of the toilet, the cat’s butthole, and a bunch of things which I’m reasonably certain don’t actually exist in the known universe.  I imagine that this is what the world looks like through the eyes of a delusional psychotic or possibly Mr. Tumnus

Stuff like this series entitled Who the F*CK gave her a camera?!” which is I’m pretty sure what my cat was thinking when she apparently shoved the camera in the bathroom sink where he was sleeping and started clicking away. 



Still, the thumbnails were kind of interesting so I montaged a few of her shots into one photo and threw it up on my flickr site so she could “be like mommy”and damned if she hasn’t already gotten more comments on her picture than I’ve ever gotten on any of mine.



PS.  This weekend Victor took me to see the World’s Largest Squirrel for my birthday.  It was a total rip-off so we kept driving until we hit the end of America.  First person to guess where we finally landed gets a free drink at Mama Drama Con Queso II.



PPS. Sandy and Robinella, who actually remembered my birthday before I did?  You guys scare me.

PPPS.  You have RSVPed for Mama Drama Con Queso II, right? 

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  1. The largest squirrels in the world are in Nepal, so I’m guessing that you drove across Asia to spend the holidays in the Promised Land and ended up at the Jonah ride in Six Flags over Bible World.

    I’ll have a Virgin Mary.

  2. I assume I’ve RSVPd for it. It’s on my calendar anyway. But…no location specified on aforementioned calendar. Where?

    Your montage/collage is pretty cool Jenny.

    And I love H’s eye-view. I STILL haven’t developed the photos all the kids took with my camera.

    I do my level best to avoid large, mammal rodents so I won’t even hazard a guess. 😉

    Using My Words

  3. I would totally comment on that shark picture before I commented on the three-year-old’s montage. Does that make you feel better?

  4. I only lived in Texas for a year, ergo I don’t think I qualify. But I think if I ate beef jerky from now until then and also renounced my Jerseyness I could get in?

  5. MCDQ II is totally on my calendar.

    You had a birthday? I’m such a bad friend! Bah.

    Hailey is amazing, and KayTar approves of her subject matter. She loves that Posey. The sneezing kitty.

  6. I love kids with digital cameras! My grandson takes some amazing shots that I could never have framed if I actually tried.

    and your birthday? All the credit to Robin – she made a list of the December birthdays!

  7. You went to Corpus! I have a photo of myself in that shark’s mouth as well. The store was closed when we went, though. Stupid Easter Sunday.

  8. I WISH I could come! I don’t think I can justify the airfare, though…

    I was awfully tempted to get pumpkinpie a camera, but now I see why I should be happy I stuck to ponies and doggies.

  9. Happy birthday!

    I didn’t comment on Hailey’s pictures. I am sure that makes you feel better. Consider it my birthday picture to you.

  10. My girlie got a digital camera for Christmas too…and when I posted her pics yesterday? She got more comments than I ever have! I feel your pain Mama Drama…I feel your pain.

  11. My daughter got a camera for her birthday and we now have TONS of pictures of chests and chins. Lots of doggie ears too!

    I’m guessing Padre Island or Gulf Shores on the whole shark mouth. I’ve got one really similar to that!

  12. You’re not one of those families with a herd of cats are you? Cause I see at least 2 in Hailey’s pictures.

    Plus a can of Oust.

  13. Hey, I have a herd of cats or, as a friend refers to it, “a shelter.”

    I’m sure the delete button will need to be used often for incriminating evidence your daughter photographs. It’s like when I strapped a web cam onto one of my cats and he walked in when…you know what, that never happened.

  14. *ROFLMAO*

    I’m sorry, but those pics are great. Maybe you can retire early when her abstract art photos sell for tons of money.

  15. Occasionally, when the kids are really driving me insane, I give them the camera. Or they sneak off with it and I figure it out later when I’m downloading pictures.

    Your kids got a camera, mine, a bear hide.

  16. You went to …um… somewhere on Padre Island, ’cause that’s the end of America, right? Especially during Spring Break.

    Sooo… Knob Creek bourbon on the rocks for me.

    Oh, and I always knew Hailey has an artist’s eye!!

    (Poor Bubba, though! He knows I love him, right?)

  17. My boy had a camera when he was little, it worked well as a bribe during allergy testing. Lots of nurse butts, though.

    See ya MDCQII….if you ever figure out exactly where that will be…

  18. Your child has a better eye than mine with her camera, that’s for sure. I get 25 pictures of the couch. Pretty much the same angle.

    Happy New Year!

  19. Awesome. I’m scared to upload my 11 yo’s pictures cuz I know they’re better than mine. Sorry you didn’t get to be Marge Simpson for $205. But for $200- that would be a steal!!!

  20. Well I was going to guess the beach since you were in the mouth of a shark. And that’s apparently what you find at all our beaches. Lucky I didn’t get it right because that is an awfully long way to go for a free drink voucher. Although if I am in the area I’ll be sure to drop by (I should mention here I am around 14,000km from the area so it is rather unlikely).

  21. I think she’s got talent, that one. Watch out… soon she’ll be old enough to get on Picnik. You in trouble then, girlfriend.

    Love the shark! What fun!

  22. Oh lord, I laughed my ass off about the pics of cat butt. My daughter (who is also 3) has this same camera. All the pics come out 70s bong-induced like these. We have lots of pics of chins and me driving (I’m sure the flash totally weirds out all the crazy people driving on westhiemer too). I absolutely adore the tramatized cat photos.

  23. Hollis has one of those. I’ll have to try putting some of his up on flickr & see what happens. God knows my own photos never get any comments!

    He did once take a picture of my boob while I was changing in the bathroom. Actually, he took several and I apparently missed one when I was deleting them and didn’t notice it until he decided to show his camera to one of his little friends. Yeah, I’m *that* mom.

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