Almost exactly like Sally Struthers

So for the past week I’ve been threatening to seriously defame any Houston blogger who didn’t come to Mama Drama Con Queso II.  Nevertheless, my beloved/evil pseudo-editor Dwight Silverman told me he simply could not make it.  Mere moments later, the rumor I started about him being drunk and naked at our last MDCQ event was picked up and widely distributed by one of my favorite publications, The Houstonist, which is read by more people than the Bible.* 

Hi.  I’m officially dangerous.

Anyway, MDCQ II was amazing, as expected.  We had 50+ bloggers in one room and I swear that almost every conversation somehow came back to motel porn.  It was one of those parties where you’re horrified to hear yourself confessing to strangers about that bustier you once stole from that dead whore, but instead of backing away slowly they’re all “Well, who hasn’t stolen lingerie from dead prostitutes?” 

Things I learned at MDCQ II:

1.  If a serial killer cuts off your hands and head they can still identify you by the serial numbers on your boob implants.   

2.  If you’re in a big group of people who tell you that they “really, really like you” and you drunkenly/giddily respond that you feel just like Sally Struthers, no one is going to let that sh*t slide even though you know they totally knew what you meant.

3.  Number of margaritas it takes before I think it’s a good idea to stand on a table =  < 1.


4.  Bloggers and commenters are amazing people.  Not just for their ability to share stories and listen, but also for their capacity to support one another in so many ways.  If not for the feedback from you guys I never would have gotten the nerve to walk out of my car and into that party.

You can find fabulous pictures of blogger debauchery herehere, here, here and here.  (Including the one I stole and defaced above.)  The next MDCQ party will be in about 3 months.  Start making travel arrangements now, out-of-towners. 

*No, seriously.  More than the Bible.  I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere.

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  1. Things I learned at MDCQ:
    1. There’s always some guy in the crowd ready to wave a dollar when a girl stands on a table.

    2. That guy is sometimes me, but not always.

    3. Red Bull goes with anything. And makes it better.

    4. One should aways avoid using the phrase “smokin’ hot” when describing the hostess and having one’s wife in tow. Now I’m on the hook for diamond earrings.

  2. I LOVE that I was a part of #1 AND #2!!!

    Oh, and I’m still a little bit in love with you. Jeff and I are determined to shrink you down and carry you around with us at all times. You = AWESOME 😀

    Fuzzball’s last blog post..What a Girl Needs 😉

  3. Hmmm…I wonder if I could convince my hubby to take a business trip to Texas in about, say, three months. And let me tag along. And then ditch him for the day. :0)

    Tracey’s last blog post..Starting Over Sunday

  4. Looks like an awesome time. Contrary to what I predicted, I was not in bed with a hangover from partying the night before… I was in bed with a hellacious cold that is still crippling me today. I’m so sorry I missed it!

  5. Ummmm I just realized that it might look like I meant that I have implants. Yeah, not so much. If I got implants I’d tip over. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Er, the implants, not tipping over.


    I need to get back in bed and start over. ;P

  6. LOL! It sounds like so much fun! I wish I didn’t live sooo far away. I wanted to go to blogher this past summer (it was an HOUR away from me!!!) but didn’t end up able to.

    Chris’s last blog post..Good Friday Fun

  7. I’m in awe of the fact you were able to climb on and off the table twice. What the hell was in those margaritas, anyway? After 1/4 of one, I spilled some of mine all over myself seconds after meeting Min for the first time in person – I’m not sure she believed it was my first one. Rico Suave I am not.

  8. That was seriously loads of fun and I’m really glad that everyone likes you, Sally…Struthers. 😀

    (Tracy and I really do want to put you in our pocket.)

    Jeff’s last blog post..Weekend Exhaustion

  9. Damn. The possibility of me being able to afford a trip to Houston in the same month that I am splurging to go on a cruise to the Bahamas is pretty much nil.

    A cruise, people! ME!!! The hermit!! To the BAHAMAS! That is OUTSIDE OF THE US! mk

    markira’s last blog post..Kira and the Snow

  10. Did you mean “Sally Struthers” or “Sally Fields”? Sally Fields siad “you like me, you really me” at her Oscar acceptance speech for some tearjerker film. Sally Struthers was on “All in the Family” and some African charity on TV.

  11. It is, however, truly comforting to know that you really RESPECT the dead whores. You just steal their clothes. After all, if you don’t, who will?

    We need to get together for photos. And no, it is nowhere close to $10K. (I’m such a dork. Excuse me while I go and pull my foot out of my mouth.)

    Christine’s last blog post..Do They Even Know How to Knit?

  12. I am SO wishing I still lived in Houston. And you wish it, too (even tho you don’t know it), b/c I would have made a total fool of myself and my clothes are NOT as cute and pretty as yours – you guys would have looked even MORE smokin’ hot!

    Tiggerlane’s last blog post..Fun Monday Addictive Web Sites

  13. Things I learned at MDcQ2:

    1. I am not smart enough to own an OLPC.

    That’s about it. I’m not a fast learner.

    Enjoy meeting you, Jenny, and all the other bloggers and Twitterers who until Saturday were just avatars and URLs.

  14. It was a blast! Though I wish I would have talked to more people. I kept getting in conversations with my soul mates.

    I so cannot wait for the next one.

    But note to self, eat SOMETHING before coming!

    Erica’s last blog post..Oy! What a Monday!

  15. I’m so glad that we could finally have that meet! you’re totally a super-fun hostess (with and without booze *LOL*). And, the ones seated at my table… what a freaking hoot of a time we had! My mind’s been so jammed yet tired since I’ve not even blogged yet (eeps!). But, that’s okay. The only thing is I didn’t quite get to talk to quite everyone, but indeed, there’s always a chance next time.
    Tx-sized hugs, you wild and crazy one. 😉

    The Pear Lady’s last blog post..The Shopping Adventure

  16. You guys are totally cracking me up.

    MotherGooseMouse – I bought the dress where I buy all of my clothes…Ross Dress for Less. $18. They should totally sponsor me.

  17. Third time is suppose to be a charm (or is that a strike out?). I WILL be there for III come baby shower or graduation.

    p.s. and thanks for stopping by and yes you were the FIRST to comment.

    Belinda/Shuttle Mom’s last blog post..CELEBRATE!

  18. I demand one in London now. In fact, sod it. Come to London for a holiday. Crash on my sofa and lets drink the bars dry.

  19. Hey – first time visiting, but will definitely be back…you sound like someone that I would be friends with “IRL”. Laughing my ass off reading this entry.

    Minivan mom’s last blog post..Help Wanted

  20. Count me in for the next one.

    Carrie, you can live in Texas….just give us the secret password. Hint: rhymes with Ca’ll.

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