It’s not always funny

I should be writing my weekly shit-I-was-doing-when-I-wasn’t-here post but instead we took Hailey hiking in New Mexico just to get away and see Victor’s family.  I listened to the thunder, walked through the forest, watched a snail make his way down a moss-covered tree and took a bit of time to get to know my daughter a little more than I did before.  So now I don’t have time to write about what I was doing when I wasn’t here.  Because I was too busy doing it.

I’ll be back to my normal, irresponsible self tomorrow.  Probably.  Or possibly I’ll get into the car and drive Hailey to West Texas so her grandfather can teach her how to work his moonshine stills and I can keep working on ignoring important emails and finding me again.  I’ll be back with me when I find myself.  I’m sure it won’t be long.  I usually turn up the last place I left me.  I just can’t remember where that was…

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  1. To know know know you, is to love love love you. We love you truly and that’s why we love all faces / phases of you.

    No fret. Take your time. 🙂

  2. p.s. DAMN! It’s on my bucket list: To be the first comment on The Bloggess website. One of these days…

  3. Love it! I mean I’d never CHOOSE to get out into nature, but I’m glad you got to spend time with family and the great outdoors. Did you bring back a bear?

  4. You are in the bottom of my giant purse. Unfortunately you have a mix of suspicious crumbs, glitter, and lint on you and are not usable to me anymore.

    Oh wait. That was a piece of gum. Not you.

  5. Whenever I get lost from myself, I just make a left… into the ice cream parlor. I’m usually sitting at the bar with a triple cone.

  6. Dear Jenny,

    I once drove off the side of a mountain in New Mexico. New Mexico is bad for bloggers. Totally understandable.


  7. Hey, just a quick comment, but in case those scropions are still a problem, sprinkle dried lavendar by windows and doors. It doesnt kill them, but it does repell them. 🙂 Goodluck.

  8. I don’t know where you are, but then again I don’t know where I am. But I am sure that when you find yourself again you’ll be very pleasantly surprised. 🙂

  9. Far too much nature for my liking, but my, that is a beautiful child you made. I’m a noob to your blog. And am quite hooked. You should know I didn’t get to sleep until late last night and part of that is your fault.

  10. you’re never too young to learn how to operate those stills! if you can work in some sluicing in a creek, you will have had the perfect gold prospector’s weekend.

  11. Have you tried looking down the back of the couch? That’s usually where I find myself. Hiding from the wife while I look at porn.

  12. Even comic geniuses need some R&R. Glad you are one and got some with your lovely little girl and long-suffering husband. Happy Trails!

  13. butterflies and snails > scorpions and e-mails.

    That rhymes. Not on purpose. But still. IT HAPPENED.

  14. Every time you post pictures of some gorgeous place in texas or wherever you happen to be, it makes me feel a little bit better about spending all my time in my room alone. Thanks for that.

  15. Your daughter has awesome boots. Therefore she deserved your attention. Few people in life have such nice boots.

  16. Go enjoy your new surroundings!! You’ll find yourself somewhere but don’t rush it, you will come back and don’t forget, we’ll all still <3 you as much as we did before 😀 xx

  17. I was sure glad to find you. Well, at least find your bloggings. Since you’ll find yourself soon it looks like you got the better deal.

    I tried a little outing today, just to get away, but it was a flop.

  18. I’ve invented a word. It is Blirony. Blogging + irony. It’s what happens when you are doing so much shit that you have more to write about than normal, but less time in which to do it. It’s a pain in the butt, but I can’t see a way around it.

  19. Hey Jenny–
    I have been enjoying your blog from Istanbul for the past few months, ma?allah, which is excellent for me since it makes me feel at home and excellent for you because it makes me feel at home and I think that bodes well for your karma. But also I dont really understand karma. Anyway wanted to say thanks for the sweet and unfunny post today, since I can handle no more hilarity for the next few hours after a gingery, sweaty muslim man approached me this morning and asked to borrow a pair of underwear. I agreed but warned him I get all of my panties at Omaha’s Biannual Prostitute Clothing Swap so chances of infection were HIGH. But so were the chances of looking sexy so he agreed and hand-selected the pair with a picture of a flacid penis on the front, same idea as those tuxedo t-shirts which EVERYONE finds hilarious. and also I am sorry I had to use the words ‘flacid penis’ when all I wanted to do was compliment your photography and your beautiful daughter and wish you happy “finding you” time. see you upon return!

  20. As a person who has recently been through a major existential crisis I definitely understand what your getting at. A simple thing like a weekend getaway with family can cause your values to shift into a new focus. I’m very happy for you to get this hellelujah moment. Your journey gives me inspiration. Now get back to work. 😉

  21. it isn’t always funny, sometimes people are real, human even

    it is nice to know (well, read) things that give you a real human look to the blogging celebrity type.

    this was a cool post Jen, I like the occasional change of pace

  22. God I love moonshine. Especially once it hits you good and you go out into the hurricane you are partying for and start firing off guns at it….

    /hope the snail got to where he needed to be

  23. Choosing to spend time outside > sitting in front of a computer, if you ask me. (Which you didn’t, but you should, because I tend to be right about these things. Unless it’s tornado-ing or spitting fire or some other such thing…then I’d be extra-super wrong). Anyway, your daughter’s beautiful! Love her rain boots…did she pick them out herself?

  24. Sometimes it’s best to lose yourself…sometimes you find your true self. Or in this case you found your daughter in beautiful NM. I always love the times I lose myself and immerse myself in my daughter it helps the days go by faster and the mundane world disappear for a bit.

  25. Gorgeous pictures! You should definitely give your daughter the opportunity to learn how to make moonshine. A girl has to learn a trade!

  26. It may not always be funny, but it is always worthwhile to visit here!

    Lots of changes going on in your life…I can understand why you’re feeling lost. Much luck finding yourself.

  27. Is it weird that I want to snatch that snail off the log, pop him in my mouth, and let him slither across my tongue? I don’t want to eat him. I just. Ok, nevermind. It’s weird.

  28. Where is New Mexico is that?! I lived in Albuquerque for a while, and if I had known they had trees somewhere in the state, I might have stayed a little longer! Not forever, but a little longer. You can’t help where home is… and mine is in Buffalo.

  29. aww, that’s so sweet! beautiful pics! …and enjoy your “me time”!! …just keep letting us enjoy it vicariously with you. 😉

  30. Just got back from New Mexico, the place I like myself so much more than home. But that’s just it, the Land of Enchantment casts a spell, whispers in my ear and says, “Stay. Stay in this moment. This is all that matters.” I like this whispering better than the yelling in my ear when I’m at home, “Pay those bills, get earthquake insurance, eat your fiber and stand up straight.” I want to go back to Taos because I lack the imagination when I’m at home to bring Taos back with me…too busy chasing my tail. So enjoy…you’ll find your tail soon enough, my friend.

  31. It isn’t the journey—–the doing—-, it’s the “is”—-the being—- of life.

    Hailey’s being just fine. As are you.

    (i)This is about as philosophically deep as I want to go on a Monday morning.
    Don’t bring up this shit again.(/i)

  32. Hey gorgeous, take your time. We all lose ourselves, then find ourselves again, then find out we’re still lost. I’ve been lost since before I was even born. I’m missing my kids right now (they’re at camp not missing me at all, probably), so you go for it, spend time with your fambly, breathe Hailey in, and we’ll still be here. Love you.

  33. This post is so wonderful , Jenny. I’m glad you were out in nature with your family and (hopefully) not worrying about all the shit you “should” be doing. Enjoy it, lady! Also, as much as I enjoy your “shit-I-was-doing-when-I-wasn’t-here” posts, this particular post probably has more effect on your readers than anything hilarious you could write 🙂 Keep on keepin’ on!

  34. I think you should be where you are. Because where you are in those photos looks heavenly. And my daughter has been asking for awesome rain boots like the ones Hailey has. So we are way jealous right now.

  35. Really? They have me competing against you in that funniest blogger contest? There is no way I can win against your greatness. Crap. That said, good luck, I heart you, have always hearted you, etc. etc. You go, Bloggess!!

  36. I think Hailey and my girls would get along famously… Sammie brought a corn worm (found it when she was shucking) for sharing today and Ellie is thrilled to be learning all about insects at her camp. I’m so glad you took the time to ignore the less important stuff to focus on what really is.

    Wonderful photos!

  37. Jenny, you are very lovely. I was going to DM you with something sweet after I read about all this walking in the grass business but then I figured, you don’t really need it. All of us with one head, two arms and two legs go though this sometimes, and it’s as healthy as a glass of freshly squeezed something in the morning. Wait, it didn’t sound right. Why do I sound like a clown even when I try to sound like Tony Robbins? Anyway. You are lovely (and smart and talented and you very well f*cking know it). Hooray.

  38. What a wonderful way to spend the day with your daughter. Gotta tear yourself away from the computer sometimes to experience life. Cuz it’s lovely.

  39. That picture of the snail is incredible, and your daughter is a doll! Have fun finding yourself. I’ll be here when you get back.

  40. First of all…aaaawww!

    Secondly, this is very like when my wife gets out to commune with nature and she comes back and she’s all like “I saw the cutest little snake” or “you won’t believe the pictures I got of a spider weaving its web,” and I have to ask, “Who the hell are you, and what have you done with my wife?” even though I know I am not going to get a straight answer because she has totally been body snatched by aliens. After a while it seems to wear off, but I don’t know if it’s really wearing off or if the aliens are just doing a better job of impersonating my wife because they have been inhabiting her longer.

  41. Check the freezer. That’s where I found the remote when I lost it last time.

    Also, I’d like to try moonshine, even though I hear it’s terrible. That probably says something about me.

  42. beautiful post; beautiful kid; beautiful pics: just awsome! great way to start my day ,love you!

  43. Stay out a little longer honey. The blogosphere is remarkably self-sufficient. I think we can reach the Cheerios on the high shelf if we must.

  44. Youre making memories for you and your daughter… that above anything else takes presidence. Now get your funny ass back to blogging the funny!!!

  45. Take all the time that you need. So long as it doesn’t take too long. I’ll have withdrawls and then take it out on the people around me. They hate that. 🙂

  46. Love the photos! Time with family and in the beautiful outdoors is time much better spent than blogging. Good for you!

  47. I love her boots! Le me know if you’re headed to West Texas any time soon. We’ll put some jalapenos on the grill for ya!

  48. I found myself a long time ago. Enough of me already; how do I make me go away again?

    Don’t say “help a stuffed animal with her Twitter account.” I tried that. Now she just sits in the window sill looking at her favorite tree and saying “uh-huh” to whatever I say she’s about to tweet. That’s more an answer to how to make a stuffed animal go away and make myself more present.

    And even from the window sill, she gains friends faster than I do. O_o

    I should comb my hair and go see what the jackhammers outside are trying to accomplish. It’s usually a bad idea to leave them unsupervised so close to home.

  49. I don’t think anyone would begrudge you living life instead of writing about it. And emails are made to be ignored, aren’t they? 😉 Lovely pictures.

  50. My daughter introduced me to you, I cannot thank her enough. You make my day so much brighter, I am glad you are taking time for yourself. It is good to re-charge once in a while. Your daughter is such a cutie-patootie!! Love the boots. just sayin’

  51. I don’t blame you! Seriously, your daughter is so cute that for a moment there, I actually reconsidered my decision to declare my uterus a “Child-Free Zone”.

    (And trust me, that rarely ever happens…)

  52. Update, in case anyone wondered:

    The jackhammers outside my building are breaking up uneven sidewalk for immediate replacement. This shouldn’t be a surprise, since sidewalks in the neighborhood have been marked for weeks to indicate which sections need replacement. But, I’ve seen markings like that for years in various places, and can’t remember another time when the markings were actually followed by action.

    This has nothing to do with the sudden packs of actual Japanese schoolgirls throughout downtown Minneapolis… I have decided I like living in a town big enough to host international events I know nothing about.

  53. Screw moonshine, leave her with the foxen. Which would you rather have: a daughter who knows how to booze it up or a daughter with a chip on her shoulder, who ends up rich and creepy like batman with totally awesome gadgets and rubber nipples? Yeah, thought so.

  54. Beautiful photos! Good to know you had a nice break and time to rejuvenate. Assuming that the ultra-conservative Christian in-laws didn’t make you insane. Er.

  55. I have stolen your daughter solely for her rain boots. You can come pick her up at any time, but I’m keeping the boots.

  56. “It’s not always funny” reminds me of the phrase “it can’t rain all the time” from The Crow. That was not a funny movie. At all. In fact, it was very depressing despite its core theme of undying love. Although not as depressing as P.S I Love You which has been playing about 5 billion times and which I have watched about 3 billion times. Then I find myself depressed over a spouse I haven’t lost and wondering why the hell I am watching this damn movie again. Until the next time.

    This post? Adorable. Heartwarming. Not at all depressing.

  57. Good choice, she will be all grown up before you know it, getting to know your kids is time consuming – they keep changing 🙂 As for finding yourself, your right there, I can see you.

  58. This is an amazing example of how life can really grab us and shake the life back into us… when we give up a little of the control and go with the proverbial flow… your day sounds absolutely flow-full. Keep doing it. I think you’re finding yet another way to shine from within your multi-faceted self!

  59. Truly beautiful post. I was speechless, my husband is now asking if you can write these all the time.

  60. According to the laws of physics, if we were the size of quantum particles we would be in all states at all times. For example, you could be shopping and watching snails at the same time. Or running a marathon and making love at the same time. In fact, you are. Or you would be if your mass were, like 1/1800 that of a proton. I’m totally serious.

  61. Isn’t it wonderful how refreshing and recharging a trip in the woods can be? I think the trip to grandpa’s house is a great idea! See you when you get back!

    Oh, and don’t mind me climbing into your luggage. I’m just, um, inspecting it. Yea. Inspecting it. Making sure it is free from foxen.

  62. Where are you going in West Texas? My grandfather was born on the banks of Jim Ned Creek outside Abilene when it was a still tent city and grew up in Fort Davis. He spent the drought years of 1917-18 running a (failing) cattle ranch outside El Paso. My great-aunt was once engaged to a man who willed her his cattle and disappeared, and his skeleton was found years later in a canyon in the Fort Davis Mountains. I know more stories about West Texas than anyone could possibly have any business knowing.

  63. LOVE her rain boot!!! They are the cutest ever… I bought my daughter some really cute one’s…they were froggies…except she called them “floggies”…LOL… I think I need to take some time and fucking find myself too…I’ve been lost for WAY TOO FUCKING LONG… LMAO…

  64. Hailey is adorable – spend as much time with her as you can. Drop us a line every now and then to let us know you are okay,

  65. this next shot is for you!

    also I once left myself in a tattered copy of catch-22 I then lent to my friend. So you know check a book you maybe there.

  66. Wherever you go, there you are. If you don’t believe me, you can test it. Go somewhere, e.g. the kitchen. Look around. I think I’ve proven my argument.

  67. I was going to DM you with something sweet after I read about all this walking in the grass business but then I figured, you don’t really need it.

  68. It’s not always funny. Sometime’s it’s breathtakingly beautiful. Your non humor-based posts are often just as refreshing as the ridiculous ones. Smiles.

  69. I love this!! If you happen to find me when you’re out looking for you, could you tell me to call me so I can come and find me and maybe take me home again too? 🙂 x

  70. Hailey is so big!! I remember the first photos I saw of her, she looked like an adorable little pixie 🙂 She is so beautiful! And so are the photos – man, how can you make a snail on a rock look that awesome?

    Good luck finding yourself, I bet you are going to sneak in lots of fun before you find… you.

  71. A sincere comment for a sincere post:

    It’s good to know that some people never get too important to stop and find themselves.

    I think I’m going to have to actually have the guts to say hi to you this time at BlogHer.

  72. Looks like Hailey has a future as a politician – she’s already a master (mistress?) at sitting on the fence…

    Seriously, I am glad to see y’all are getting out. I hope you find yourself pretty soon (and I won’t make the obvious joke about “with both hands tied behind your back”.)


  73. We forgive you for your lack of irreverence because we enjoy how much joy you find in your daughter. Thanks for s haring.

  74. Don’t rush back. Take your time, recharge, find ALL of yourself (including the piece cowering under the couch), and stockpile the memories. By taking this time time with Hailey now, when you’re 90 – and that day WILL come – she will be much more inclined to take care of you than we will. Enjoy!

  75. I’ve been away for too long! How are you? Hey, I saw your FB page and I “liked” it! You should use that way you can post on Twitter and on FB at the same time. Love ya!

  76. If you feel the need to get away, and you don’t regret the getaway, then you definitely needed the time off. Decompressing is so much more important than worrying about what we’re not getting done, correctamundo?

  77. Love the photos, love your daughter’s boots! Love that you got away and had a break.

    p.s. will you be at BlogHer? If so I’ll make sure I know where the bathrooms are so I can find you 🙂

  78. Well, I’ll say what no one else has the cojones to: I wish it would get funny again.
    Jenny, I’m really glad you’re enjoying some family time, but right now you are the WORST BLOGGESS.
    So when do you think you’ll get back to telling us hilarious stories about drugs and stabbing and brushing your teeth with eyelash glue?
    No hurry. I’m only going to find a new favorite bloggess.

  79. Oh those photos are divine my Dear! You guys looked like you had a blast – and your daughter is so freaking adorable. Enjoy losing yourself – it’s gotta be done sometimes xx

  80. Sigh.

    I am so jealous. I have been buried up to my eyeballs in womens clothes and surrounded by nasty unhappy women trying on those clothes all day every day and now, my stupid left eye twitch is back.

    It’s not pretty at all, unlike our photos! Gorgeous.

  81. I should be commenting more, but I was compelled to take the time today and do so. You take beautiful pictures!

    Also, your posts get me through the work week. Keep writing!

  82. Uh…I’m getting worried. Are you ok? I don’t post much but I visit everyday and well, yes, I’m obsessed. And freaked out. Hope everything is cool and you’re just chillin.

  83. Take as long as you need – but a word of advice; don’t put yourself in a ‘safe place’ because you’ll never find yourself again. Just as I’ll never find my passport, Oyster card or parents’ house keys ever again…

    ps I *love* Hailey’s wellies

  84. That is a really pretty snail! Oh, and your daughter’s gorgeous too 🙂 Have fun finding yourself! Just look for where the hobo’s and trannys are hanging out and I bet you’re there.

  85. I wonder if, in future, you might consider having a warning before you post photos of snails. Or perhaps one of those links that says “this photo may be disturbing to those of a sensitive, snail-fearing nature” so that you have to click the link to see the photo. Out of consideration for your many snail-phobic readers. Ok, your handful of snail-phobic readers. Ok, your one snail-fearing reader. Which would be me. You’re laughing at me now aren’t you?

    If you think that’s funny you should see how I react when I see a slug. o_O

  86. Hailey is such a pretty girl. For me, the best playing ground for children is the nature. It is therapeutically and relaxing as well. The fresh air is also good for their health.

  87. Please tell me you noticed that in the last picture theres a face in the tree? !

  88. Random.
    2 years after this post I somewhat serendipitously have just returned from a ‘breather’ feeling lighter, calmer and full of new hopes and dreams. Inspiration has wrapped me in a warm blankie and made a safe nest for me to create.
    Your beautiful photos are in my nest.

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