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  1. Bloody horses are never trustworthy. They want everyone to be as bloody as they are, which probbly isn’t healthy for anyone.

  2. God told me some interesting things about you yesterday. which I have scheduled to publish in my Sunday column. He drew me a picture of you, too. I’ll censor all the best parts. God won’t mind.

  3. I read this with the British meaning of “bloody”, and suddenly the juxtaposition made a little more sense to me.

  4. Zak, I think I think you’re right, but the Bloody Horse would have less yelling at Victor and fewer cute pictures of Hailey, so it’s still probably better to come to The Bloggess, because she won’t stain your shoes.

  5. I don’t know. I’ve never been steered wrong by The Bloody Horse… yet… The Bloggess? Well.. We all know she just consults with TBH anyway. I know this because The Bloody Horse told me. And it always tells the truth. It’s in the Bible. Look it up.

  6. Ah yes, The Bloody Horse is a reference to the people of an ancient land. They were a noble crowd of nags, nabobs and ne’er do wells who were nomadic in nature. The Bloody Horse was their Oracle, the man they went to when questions and doubt plagued their lives.

    Legend has it that when you made the mistake of upsetting the tribal leaders you would wake up with a horse’s head in your bed, not all that unlike the Godfather.

  7. I tried asking the Bloody Horse, but most of the replies seemed to do with a clean stall and sugar cubes.

    Stupid Bloody Horse.

  8. “Ask the Blo” makes me think of The Princess Bride scene where Max is claiming he heard different words than true love.

    I”m not sure why.

    But then, I’m not sure of a lot of things.

    Like why do bird suddenly appear?

    Especially every time you are near?

    I’m just not sure.

  9. I dunno. I’ve found The Bloody Horse to be startlingly helpful, except on the topic of which glue is best to sniff. Apparently glue is something of a sore subject for horses.

  10. Hmmm…I’d like to know which “bloody” the bloody horse is.

    Is someone querying a livestock-horror movie oracle here, or is it an exasperated British farmer?

    You need to put these things in context. Do we have colored caro syrup and screeching strings while someone with a knife is praying at a gothic altar chanting, “Ask the bloody horse….ask the bloody horse….” Or is someone from the cast of Monty Python dressed like Mr. Green Jeans hopping up and down in front of another member of the cast dressed in a floral frock while shouting, “I don’t know, why don’t you ask the bloody horse?”

  11. If the bloody horse was Mr. Ed, he could be really helpful. Though I think I’d still prefer you. Mr. Ed would never recommend hobo fingers for a phone stylus.

  12. That Google is a funny thing. Also I’d rather ask you too…I’ve found your Zombie advice to be invaluable!

  13. Now I’m trying to come up with some really good questions to ask the bloody horse.

  14. The last time I asked the Bloody Horse, I was all “Damn, I totally should have asked The Bloggess.”

  15. Bloody horses make me think of Dark Horse which makes me think of Neil Patrick Harris and how badly I want to have a slumber party with him and the cast of Glee. *sigh*

  16. I’d rather ask you too, because that Bloody Horse is always fucking PMSing. And sure, her advice is sound, but she’s such a BITCH about giving it!

  17. I’m sorry, I’m still stuck wondering who the hell Blo is and what ChaiLynn was trying to ask her in the first place. But yeah, it’s always good to be chosen over a bloody horse.

  18. go straight to the (bloody) source
    and ask the (bloody) horse
    he’ll give you the answer that you (bloody well) endorse
    he’s always on a (bloody) course…

  19. Honestly, now that we’ve brought him up, I really just want to ask the Bloody Horse why he’s bloody. We don’t have time for those shenanigans, HORSE.

  20. I dunno. Does the bloody horse have a good animal trapping guy? Can he tell me where to get confidence wigs? And most importantly, has he ever be-dazzled a vibrator?

    Nah, I’m good here.

  21. Imagine the answers The Bloody Horse would give you.
    But if the Horse is Bloody, does that mean he is from England or a case of bad farm conditions?

  22. Freaking bloody horses always trying to steal your thunder, they wouldn’t be bloody if they hadn’t rubbed off their unicorn horns.

  23. You know you’ve succeeded when people choose you over a bloody horse. Bloody horses are pretty amazing, with all the being a horse and having all that blood.

    I also thought you might like to know that I have serious bathroom anxieties at work. Our flush doesn’t work very well, so sometimes you have to flush several times just to get the paper down. I always worry that someone is outside waiting to use the bathroom and they’ll be thinking to themselves that I must have digestive problems because I flush so much. It makes going to the bathroom stressful. Now you know.

  24. I want to hear more about this “Ask the Bloody Horse” game. I’m intrigued. It sounds sort of Godfather-ish. The bloody horse head, the wedding day where you can ask anything of the Godfather.

  25. Why is the horse covered in blood? Did the horse prove to be great competition and you got stabby? Should I be asking the horse too, to get both sides of the story? I think I’m confusing myself now.

    …oh, the horse isn’t actually covered in blood. And horses can’t type. Never mind… it’s been a strange day. It would be more believable if it was a bloody unicorn anyway. They use unicorns in factories to poke holes in CDs – true story. It’s in Bansky’s intro for The Simpsons.

    P.S. Horses are assholes anyway. You never hear of people being thrown off or trampled by unicorns.

  26. The Ask The Bloody Horse party game is a little gross, but at least it’s better than Spin The Bloody Horse’s Head.

  27. You always get the same answer from a horse. “Nay.” And a bloody horse is gross. So bloody horses make you sick AND make you feel rejected. SCREW YOU, HORSE! Just because you’re bleeding doesn’t mean you have be all Negative Nancy.

  28. I’m just concerned that the next step after asking the Bloody Horse is asking the Bloody Ass and I’m just not ready to go there. Will stick with asking our Bloggess!

  29. You would think a Bloody Horse would have other things on his mind besides answering random questions from the interwebs. You know, such as, why am I bleeding? How do I make it stop? Why won’t someone help me since I don’t have thumbs. Things like that.

  30. It’s a bloody, damn horse because the best you can ever get from a horse are hoof beats: once for ‘yes’, twice for ‘no’. Quite aggravating if it’s not a yes/no question.

  31. I asked the Bloody horse but he didn’t have much to say for himself.

    Probably because he was dead. You know, from all that bleeding.

  32. I’ll bet that Bloody Horse is a real nag.

    The Bloggess, on the other hand, is like a magical unicorn.


  33. You know, I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I believe it might be the punchline of an Irish/British/Scottish joke. “Well, we ended up going from Kilkenny to Lambeth instead of to Tunbridge Wells.” “Why’d you do that, then?” (said with an accent, of course.) “Ask the bloody horse.” Ahhh haa haa haa!

    I don’t know.

  34. Being that we are a Web TV Channel for pet lovers…we would ask you both and administer first aid for the horse. If you needed first aid we would administer as well. But, for the most part, we think that’s why wine slushies exist.

    Have a great day.

  35. Maybe the search meant to say that it’s the same whether the words come from your mouth or the horse’s mouth.. So, Jenny = Bloody horse, right?!
    Now, I am going to do some serious talk, thanks for the comments on Wendy’s blog, she can have all the support that she can get and let me tell you something girl, apart from being silly, nasty, cruel, bitchy, narsiccistic, snappy, a work hazard(can’t imagine opening your site on my work computer), you are also BRAVE!
    Absolutely can’t wait to hear more of your BSing! 😉

  36. the funny thing is, now when you search for “ask the blo”, it comes up with this comment from your blog:

    MonsteRawr October 13, 2010 at 10:14 am
    I’d rather ask you too, because that Bloody Horse is always fucking PMSing. And sure, her advice is sound, but she’s such a BITCH about giving it!

    hilarious. 🙂

  37. whenever i try to look up the weather and start typing such into my address bar, your site is what it always suggests. i dont know why.

  38. After inadvertently being caught in a Zombie Crawl last year in Denver, I am kind of wondering if the Bloody Horse is not headed to such an event. I mean, those “pretend” zombies had blood smeared all over them. Maybe the horse is just headed to a zombie party. Or maybe all those people and The Bloody Horse are actual zombies.

  39. I’m not sure how I feel about the Bloody Horse…if the horse is covered in someone else’s blood, then it probably gives pretty badass advice. If the horse is bleeding…well…that’s just unfortunate.

  40. I’d actually probably want to ask the bloody horse, only because it would mean I’d be in the original Godfather movie, which means I’d be famous, and rich, and not stuck in this hellhole of a life.

    But I love you more, Jenny. Obviously.

  41. Well it is October, maybe asking The Bloody Horse might be a fun Halloween-ish game..? I’m grasping to make sense of it..

  42. And forget about looking the Bloody Horse in the mouth. No gifts of laughter and wisdom such as you give us, Your Bloggess…

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