I’ll be available for hire next week if the rest of the chupacabra body goes up for sale

Last week I got an email from a lady named Sarah who founded Juice in the City.  You might be asking yourself, “What is Juice in the City and why are they emailing Jenny?”  I wondered the same thing but it turns out that they wanted to hire me as their social media consultant for the day.  Probably because they were all high.  Regardless, I immediately accepted because I wanted to expand my professional portfolio and also because Victor wouldn’t let me have any money to buy a chupacabra foot (more on that later).

Here is a slightly paraphrased version of our email thread, which will now serve as a warning to anyone considering hiring me:

Sarah: Juice in the City promotes local businesses while giving moms super cheap deals on things they specifically recommend.  We’re THE original mom-run, mom-sourced, locally-based deal site and every day it’s a different deal in eleven different markets.  It’s cool stuff.  Like recently we offered deals on vajazzling and lipo.

Me: That sounds like a terrible combination.  Your vagina rhinestones (vaginestones?) would be falling off by the time your lipo bruises fade.  I suggest not offering those two things as a package deal.

Sarah: Um…they weren’t a package deal.

Me: Awesome.  Then you’ve already taken the first step.  Next step would be to offer deals on things that people *really* want.   Here are my suggestions:

Victorian vampire hunting kits, taxidermied mice wearing small top hats, freelance ninjas (by-the-hour), zombie-defense consultations, time-share ponies….that sort of thing.

Also, time-share ponies is totally my idea so if you end up starting that business you need to pay me royalties.  In ponies.

Sarah: Explain “time-share ponies”?

Me: Everyone wants a pony but if you get a pony it’s hard to sleep because you’re thinking about all the pony-time you’re wasting when you’re asleep so instead you buy a time-share pony and when you’re sleeping or eating you let the other people who bought shares in the pony ride it.  That way the pony is in use 24/7.  Fully-efficient ponies. Except that now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure ponies need to sleep too.  God, all my ponies are going to die of exhaustion. Are ponies allergic to amphetamines?  I haven’t worked out all the kinks yet.

Me again: WAIT.  HOLD THE PHONE.  Okay, we’ll let people who have pony-phobia have the ponies during pony nap-time so that they can just sit near them and conquer their fears.  WE’RE CONQUERING MENTAL ILLNESS WITH PONIES.

Sarah: Once, a traveling partner I was with in Istanbul was offered a camel in exchange for me.  That is the closest I have come to timeshare ponies and it’s not even close.

Me: I don’t know what the exchange rate of camels is but it sounds like you were seriously undervalued.  But never mind that because OMG, I FOUND IT. I found the perfect thing for you to offer.


You get a dismembered hand AND three wishes for only $55. IT PRACTICALLY SELLS ITSELF.  Except that I don’t know how many hands she has to sell.  One would think at least two.

Sarah: Huh.  They do usually come in pairs.  I don’t know if this is quite what we’re looking for but I appreciate your enthusiasm.  Let me think about it.

And that’s why you should check out Juice in the city.  Because they could be offering amazing deals on monkey paws and time-share ponies any fucking day now. But until then you can check out whatever today’s deal is.  Like in Houston today they’re offering FIVE DOLLAR BOOZE, which is awesome, but not quite as awesome as time-share ponies.  But honestly…what is? Also you should check them out because they actually paid me for that consultation and I’m using that money to buy a chupacabra foot.

So technically I just got paid in chupacabra feet.

That shit is so going on my resume.

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  1. Did the camel have one hump or two? I think that would be an important consideration when trading for a human.

    Also, considering all the crazy stuff that happens with monkey’s paws, I don’t think anyone would want two. Really, they’re doing you a favor by only selling you one and letting you mess up three times instead of six.

  2. Side note: Holy crap! I was the first comment! I’m normally comment a gazillion and two! Where are the rest of your followers? Did the zombie apocalypse come and we missed it?

    Perhaps someone did get that monkey’s paw and messed up already?

  3. I’ve decided that you being paid in chupacabra feet is kind of like being paid in blood diamonds, and that’s the reason Satan’s frosty asshole has parked itself over the entire central part of the country. And that’s why you don’t piss off the Dark Lord by relieving one of his earthly minions of their feet.

  4. I’m reading at work and I clicked the link so I could see the chupacabra foot (because *how awesome*) and I got this shit:

    Based on your corporate access policies, access to this web site ( http://www.customcreaturetaxidermy.com/Site/CURIOSA.html ) has been blocked because the web category “Tasteless & Offensive” is not allowed.

    My office is an asshole. On the other hand, thebloggess.com is not considered “Tasteless & Offensive”, which is a little surprising considering that they find taxidermy distasteful. Win? I don’t know, but I’ll probably now waste an hour of my company’s time as retribution for denying me chupacabra parts.

  5. Ok so I’m all for the discounted booze (who wouldn’t be) but really… am I the only one to think the marketing picture they have is sooo unrealistic… “Mom’s” wearing white shirts while drinking Red Wine? Not to be that girl in the back of the theater who yell’s out “He’s hiding in the closet” but give me a little bit of reality otherwise I will think that I’m already drunk and not even bother with the discounted booze. Ok ok I’d still go for it, I’m mean it’s half off AND I get a Souvenir Glass!! Knock Knock Knocking on that Cellar Door!

  6. I love how your mind works….or doesn’t work. We are sisters separated at birth! Well I always told my mother that I was adopted and I needed to go out and find my real family so it must be true.

  7. Well, if you don’t want to continue to get paid in chupacabra feet, I might put that in the “Hobbies” section of your resume, rather than in the “Salary Requirements” section. Think of all those poor footless chupacabras you’d be creating. But, since they couldn’t go anywhere, maybe they would provide companionship for the time-share ponies.

  8. What gets me is that they are offering more than one chupacabra feet. Clearly they have a secret supply of chupacabras that they are KEEPING FROM THE WORLD and selling off part by part. 60 Minutes ought to look into this.

  9. Five dollar booze AND you get to keep the cup? Sweet. I normally just steal the cup on the way out because I’m too drunk to realize I still have it in my hand.

    I’ve ditched a lot of accidentally shoplifted wine glasses in the back of taxi cabs.

  10. I went out with a guy once. Brought him back to my place. When things got heated, he turned out to be a biter. Three times I told him stop with the teeth, and he didn’t. Then I just decided to get this shit over with. The next day I was covered in bruises (OK, hickeys, really) from my neck to my knees. Not pretty. Since the guy was Mexican I figured he was a chupacabra. His feet looked nothing like that. Sorry, but you got gipped. Really, it’s like your paycheck bounced.

  11. Yo, woman. I checked out the foot and noticed it specifically said it would last for years “if cared for properly”. You might want to check into the small print on that. It could be a trap.

  12. The fact that “Juice in the City” sounds like “Sex and the City” AND the woman’s name is ‘Sarah’ which also makes me think of “Sex and the City” because of SARAH Jessica Parker and then you went the “pony” route and I’m not even gonna go there about SJP because who wants to beat that dead horse makes me just want to go back and reread this whole thing because I’ve totally lost my train of thought now.

    I feel bad for Matthew Broderick.

  13. Once, at the Ren Fest, I was sold for 236 sheep by my not-quite-boyfriend. To a random, very tall, man in velvet pants. Like he picked me up, threw me over his shoulder, and walked off.

    I was told I should be proud because a normal wench only went for one or MAYBE two sheep. Apparently I’m an expensive wench.

  14. I clicked on the Chupacabra foot link, and the photo of the foot resting on a book made me laugh. Then I gagged. Then I laughed again. Starting my morning off with a bang, Jenny. Thank you.

    P.S. That was not hyperbole.

  15. I love all you people. And I am already a big fan of Juice in the City just because she played along with you and even threw in a camel story. Good for her! 🙂

  16. Okay, usually by the time I comment I am like commenter number 3427, which is SO frustrating because I can’t imagine that you get that far reading all of your comments. But TODAY? I am SO quick on the draw. I have to tell you that you are SERIOUSLY my all-time FAV Blogger. I LOVE your kooky, quirky mind! My mind is only like 1/3 as kooky as yours as I have been called weird more times than I can count…although that means very little as I am extraordinarily bad at math. Anyway, just wanted you to know that you have a new HUGE (yet pint sized) fan. Not to be confused with stalker. I don’t do that…anymore. Besides, those charges were dropped.

  17. –>My friend leases her horse but I don’t think she’s ever considered time shares. This would save her a lot of trips to the barn and shoveling manure. You’re a genius!

  18. So, 5 dollar booze is a mom tool? Pardon the naivety, I am a non-mom – well technically, as a non-american, I would be a non MUM, but yeah. Who knew. Alcohol fuelled parenting. Is that to make up for all the time during pregnancy you’re not allowed to drink? Or is the booze for the kids?

    I am totally confused, Juice in the city.

  19. I think there’s a tequila called “Chupacabra.” I could be wrong, tho … because I was drunk on tequila when I saw it. Not very helpful, I know. But if there isn’t a “Chupacabra” tequila, there should be. And instead of a worm, it could have a chupacabra hand floating in the bottle.

    Pretty sure I’m on to something here.

  20. She zeroed in on the time-share ponies but completely overlooked the freelance ninjas. Hello! Gold mine. Who doesn’t need a ninja? Especially at work?

  21. I think I’d like to have the whole chupacabra thingy that way I can show him off at fairs and such and he’d pay for himself.

  22. I’ve commented a few times, I don’t know if you read any of my comments, so I’m gonna repeat myself.
    I’m Brazillian, therefore a native Portuguese speaker.
    Portuguese and Spanish are very alike…
    and also I’m pretty sure that WE came up with Chupa Cabras, not spanish speakers.

    Anyway, just thought you should know that chupa-cabra means “suck-goats”.

  23. Gads the monkey’s paw. Are you familiar with the story? The lesson to learn from it? That if your son dies by falling in machinery at work and is all mangled and you wish for him to come back he’ll come back as a machinery-mangled dragging moaning scraping zombie ready to eat you?

    The zombie-defense consultation needs to be a package deal with the monkey’s paw.

    The story is online – consider yourself warned. http://gaslight.mtroyal.ca/mnkyspaw.htm. Herbert would be a lovely name for a time-share pony, don’t you think?

  24. normally, i would ignore a site like that. but the email exchange proves that their organization is run by top-notch people.

    ALSO: i would like to know where i can order a taxidermy mouse with a small top hat. i have the perfect spot to put him and a name picked out and everything. i’ve been WAITING for one, like thinking WHY OH WHY CAN I NOT FIND A STUFFED MOUSE THAT ISN’T A CAT TOY??

  25. I don’t have a chupacabra foot, but I did get a My Little Pony in my happy meal yesterday. She’s pink. And I brushed her tail.

    I blame you for buying myself toys, by the way.

    xo Susie

  26. I should have never clicked on the link to the chupacabra foot. That just scarred me for life – Yich! Now I’m going to have to drive to Houston for the five dollar booze so I can drink to forget all about it.

  27. I have long had a plan to buy miniature ponies and train them to be assassins. (Because seriously, who is going to expect death to be that adorable?) I will train them to attack, put blades on their hooves, that sort of thing. So how about we go in together and get ponies and have them actually be TIME SHARE NINJA DEATH PONIES.

    (Also, If you steal this idea I will send my top ninja death pony Mr. Fluffykins after you. He is ferociously adorable)

  28. I believe you may very well be the first person to successfully combine taxidermy with a foot fetish [citation needed]. All hail Rule 34!

  29. I can’t believe you want the Chupacabra foot when you could have Siamese Twin Squirrels! I am sure you could find someone to sew up a little siamese suit and top hat for it (them?) to wear.

  30. I’m totally on board with the pony time share thing-sign me up! As for the chupacabra foot…did you see where it said ” Created from a real animal foot”. What the hell does that mean? I’m thinking you’ve got a variety pack of animal parts created especially for your Chupa foot…couldn’t they find the real deal? Losers.

  31. I’m offering a pony, a chupacabra heart, and a mummified hand that only has 2 wishes left on it. It DID have 3, but I really wanted some jello salad with little marshmallows in it.

    Let’s trade.

  32. Jenny, I’m concerned. Not because you’re potentially going to turn into a mass-pony slave driver, and not because you excitedly chose to spend your consulting earnings purchasing a chupacabra foot. I’m concerned that you may be on the verge of getting ripped off. On the website, the chupacabra foot mounted on a plaque is over $300…the link you provided is discribed as the chupacabra food *display*. What if you order this and it comes sans foot? You’ll have spent your time patiently waiting by the door for the delivery person to bring you this foot, when all you’re going to get is the display case for the foot you wanted to have!
    Also? I find it curious that just your good ole fashioned mummified hands come at a pricier rate than the hand that also comes with three wishes. How does this make sense?!

  33. I’m gonna need all the $5 booze I can get after looking at that site. In fact, I think, if I get just drunk enough, I might buy the dead bird head necklace. awesome.

  34. The problem is that now whenever I make a comment I know my “Queen’s last blog” is going to show up and well… it’s called “Lost Cat” which is bad ’cause I didn’t really lose a cat but I’ve been stealing them and making fun of people who put up the lost cat posters! And no… at the moment I’m not giving them heroine but it’s a consideration. So when you see “Lost Cat…” post you shouldn’t think I’m all wimpy!

    I looked at the foot… and the entire site… and oddly ever since you got a Boar Head I keep looking at weird taxidermied shit and get all excited over it. I saw at trout in a squirrel suit the other day and it was all freaky squirelled wiht a trout head coming from it which was odd and gross and disturbing but now I’m thinking if they vajazzled it… maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.

    I wonder if I can find a social media consulting job that will pay me in trout squirrels?

  35. I actually have a friend who was born in Iraq, she was a “ginger” and people offered her father camels for her all the time because she was “rare”. Gotta love foreigners.


  36. Awesome. I’d definitely be interested in a Victorian vampire hunting kit and zombie apocalypse class combination package. I see real cross-sell potential there.

  37. When I first went on the Chupacabra site I saw what I thought said “GRILLED MUMMIES” and I thought back to Sunday night when I basically mummified my pork chops by roasting them for and hour at 500 degrees and I was all like those pork chops sucked so bad how could a Grilled Mummy be any good. Hard as a rock. Which is good for somethings but not for your teeth.

  38. Hilarious. Seriously, Juice in the City? Shouldn’t they just be marketing, well…juice and other assorted beverages? I totally get the $5 booze, but a pony or severed hands and wishes just seems off their product line. I could be wrong here though, you have a point about people wanting ponies.

  39. A 100,000 years ago I had a blog. And, idolized you. Because you are spectacular and live in my ‘hood. And, you let me be your +1 at a blog-vention so I got in cheaper. So as the Regional Manager for Juice in the City, Houston, Sarah (my boss) asked me who I wanted to handle PR for the market. I took about 3 milliseconds and said, “You gotta hire Jenny, because despite receiving dissassembled Legos in the mail and having freakish women show her boobs with tats of their illicit lesbian lovers, she kicks ass. And, those are the kinds of subscribers I want.” So thanks for answering the call. I am so delighted. And, although we only have wine today, I’m on the lookout for a used camel dealer or a vaginal beader who also does lipo in Greater Katy. Cause that’s how I roll, apparently.

  40. This is Sarah. Not Jessica Parker. I fucking love Jenny. I wish we could offer more pony and camel related deals, but shockingly most moms want mani/pedis. Still, I’m looking for a deal on male strippers that do mani/pedis, or maybe midget male strippers that do mani/pedis. Please contact me asap if you know of any place in the country that offers this service.

  41. This is exactly why I stalk your site. Oh and I just finished voting for you in the 2011 blog awards, go Jenny!!!!

  42. Ok, first time commenting…. hehehe….

    You are full of awesome and mystery ingredients … This blog makes me laugh til it hurts many many times … (maybe free neck braces for chronic readers?)… which is inconvenient for my husband when I’m reading in bed while he’s trying to sleep… bonus… free “vibrating” bed.

    Tho I have to say I check out other bits of the chupacabra foot site… and all I can say is WTF?! Cat and kitten paw necklaces? ACK!! No Bueno!

  43. My husband told me it “wouldn’t be a good use of our funds” to buy a chupacabra foot. Plus he told me that it was probably imbued with evil magic, like that’s not a bonus. There should a support group for women who are denied chupacabra feet by there fuddy-duddy spouses.

  44. That would be so cool. Put it on your coffee table and when people come over, they will look in the box and go “Oh my!” and slam the box fast, and you can go “What are you doing?” I would rent a pony. I used to own 2 horses. I sold them, they cost to much to take care of, plus it is non stop poop scoop duty.

  45. Time shared ponies is a great idea. I’m toasting to you. Of course I’m already pretty toasted because it’s colder here right now than a well diggers ass or a witch’s tit as my dad used to say.

    The last time I say a pony ride they put a “big girl” on a pony. I felt so sorry for it. It was pony abuse. Thank God they only let her go round once.

  46. That is too bad that they aren’t going to take you up on what you wanted to sell. I personally,am disappointed because I lost my first endorsement deal from my blog. I thought I was going to get to be a spokesperson and get a welcome basket and stuff. Here’s the link to see how my own email conversation went. And yesterday’s blog inspired today’s post. Those were the good old days. . .


  47. That was some website…I am specifically instersted in the “faux vulture head.” If I double-side sticky tape it to the dashboard of my car, maybe people will not try and steal my GPS. And I do not think she was undervalued by the offer of the camel trade….just sayin’.

  48. 5 bucks for wine is a hell of a deal. That’s almost tempting enough to make me move to Texas.


  49. I have deeply regretted a lot of the things that I have Googled in recent past (I’ll never eat a blueberry waffle ever again), but I’m going to get right back on the Time Share Pony and put in a search for “What the hell is ‘vajazzling’?”

  50. I am hard core addicted to those deal sites, here in Ontario, Canada.

    I end up spending more money than I ever would on things like mice with tophats, simply because how could I possibly pass on a deal like that!

    It’s worse when I am up late. In the morning the Boyfriend always asks what I’ve been up to. Oh lordy.

    Also? I want pony time share. FOR REALS.


  51. First, I though a chupacabra was something you get at Taco Bell. Second, I checked out the fine print on your chupacabra foot seller site. It says that it’s made from real “animal foot”. I suspect you’re only going to get about 36% chupacabra foot and 64% oats, water and filler….just like Taco Bell Beef! Correct me if I’m wrong but by this logic, I’m pretty sure that Taco Bell beef is made from chupacabras.

  52. Holy shit! The girl who commented above me is named Stephanie from Ontario, Canada. I’m Stephanie from Ontario, Canada!

    What kind of nexus of the universe shit is happening here?

  53. Ok, wait. I posted under my own post…so of course that’s me…but if you look 2 up from the last time I posted THAT”s another Stephanie from Ontario. *head explodes*

  54. How could I have not figured that out on my own?
    I have a vagina and a hot glue gun. I’m so turning this into a DIY project for snowed in days.

  55. I so want a time share pony along with the Victorian vampire hunting kit now. Valentine’s Day is coming up and it would be a lot better than the flowers I get year after year along with the last minute card that looks like it survived an explosion.

  56. The government contractor I used to work for did some business years ago with the Saudis. One of the sheiks or princes or some kind of royal dude was in our office and saw my boss. He offered the president of our company 50 camels for her. From that point on, she always got paid time off whenever the Saudis were in town.

  57. Wait. They *paid* you for that? I mean, not that it wasn’t hilarious, but I’m sure it wasn’t quite what they were looking for.

  58. Also, we haven’t heard anything about polydactyl kitty in a while. I’m assuming this is because he has killed you, assumed your identity (and your wigs) and is now blogging as you. He buys chupacabra feet because they increase the strength of his little opposable kitty thumbs.

  59. I’m totally interested in the time-share amphetamines. Oh, wait – you were talking time-share ponies. Well, the time-share amphetamines are totally MY idea. Now, I haven’t worked out all the kinks yet, either, but if this takes off I’m getting royalties.

  60. Bahaha suck-goats. That’s ridiculous. But completely accurate.

    Juice in the City is not available in my area. What the hell. (Statement, not question.)

  61. FINALLY! You are approached by someone who GETS you. Good Advise. I see a meteoric rise in this career in your future.

    PS – I totally admire the person who started the business Custom Creature Taxidermy. I mean, hello, PERFECT business. I hope they make tons o money.

  62. I think Sarah gets a gold star for being rolling with it in that e-mail thread. For once, it sounds like a PR person knew what they were getting into.

    Also, I really want a time-share pony. I want all the care and maintenance of said pony to occur on someone else’s time, though, because I don’t shovel pony shit.

  63. I also noticed that the Chupacabra foot notes that it will last, “if cared for properly.” I suspect that the foot requires daily pony rides. I think Sarah owes you a pony now, at the very least a time share in a pony.

  64. BTW – I’m in the Pacific time zone, so your blog just sucked away two hours of my life (my post was made at 12:19 pm and it is only 10:19 a.m.), so I probably need a pony now, too. Oh, wait. Maybe you just GAVE me an extra two hours. I’m confused.

  65. Do freelance Ninjas give blow jobs? Seriously Hooker Ninja’s…it would be like..you don’t even know they are there.

  66. I hate to be the one to break the news, but someone needs to do some serious educating on proper camel/human trade values.

    Someone once offered 500 camels for my hand in marriage. The best part was that when I refused his offer, he turned to my friend and offered her 400 camels. Quite the confidence boost. Also, quite the friendship killer.

  67. Don’t ask me why I thought of this while getting ready for work this morning…have you ever seen the movie Teeth?

  68. OMG! Now I know how my hubby can bring home some extra money: zombie-defense consultant! He’d be so perfect for that! I must tell him now.

    Also? Sarah is awesome, both in her emails and the comment she posted. I’m with the person who said it’s great that you finally got approached by someone who gets you.

  69. I absolutely love how willing people are to hang in there… hahaha I’m going to have to start being more creative with my e-mail responses………

  70. I’m in one the time share ponies, but mine MUST be rainbow colored w/ purple eyes and glitter hearts on its butt. Like my favorite My Little Pony. But real. And I only want her in the mornings, cuz how cool would *that* look as I ride to work?

  71. Ms. The Bloggess,
    Your kookiness never fails to amuse me. I think you are the best consultant ever for any company looking to expand into… what shall we call it… fringe market niches? At any rate, I am now giggling, as is usually the case when I read your stuff.
    If I keep getting so much entertainment from you, I’m afraid I will have a moral obligation to pay you (much the same way a transaction with a prostitute works, except I don’t think we’ve ever had sex. With each other, I mean. I’m sure we’ve both had sex.) Let me know when more chupacabra parts are offered for sale, because I have to get out from under this debt!

  72. Does Sarah still have the number to the camel guy? Perhaps he’d like to make an offer on my mother-in-law?

  73. I am worth at least one and half camels. I’ll venture to say that I could bring in the top half, with the humps. But camel teeth are also on that half and tend to be quite freaky so I might have to rethink. I wonder how many wolverines I could get for half a camel. Ponies are overrated, in my opinion. Except those really tiny ones that look like clunky dogs.

    Food for thought.

  74. OK. So there used to be someone who posted really obscure replies on your posts. I don’t remember who it was, but they never had anything to do with anything. I miss that. Can someone call him? Or point out who it was? Because I crave answers.

  75. Ah. That was Furiousball. His last comment was a few weeks ago: “That’s just like my new years resolution, except mine has more jazz hands, caramel corn, and Tom Berenger’s butt crack.”

    He hasn’t commented lately because he’s probably in jail.

  76. I miss him.

    I’ll donate my pocket change to his bail. When you get him out, will you ask him to explain to me why it’s supposed to snow…in Houston…again…for the third year in a row…despite being promised when I moved here that it “never snows”? Awesome, thanks.

  77. $5 Booze may not be as good as time-share ponies, but in the interest of sweet combo deals, how about $5 booze AND ponies? Is there such thing as a DUI for ponies? I guess that’d be a RUI, riding under the influence. We should investigate the laws regarding drinking and saddling up. But REGARDLESS, it’s a great deal for those with PONY PHOBIA because the booze helps calm their nerves and actually probably acts as a natural sleep aid, so before you know you’re not scared of ponies AND you’re snuggled up taking a nap with one.

    Ye Gods, Juice in the City should consult ME next.

  78. I’m not a mom, but I could totally use some mice wearing small top hats. Mainly because I just bought a snake, and sometimes she seems bored, and I’m thinking a mouse in a top hat would entertain the hell out of her. Right before she bit it and strangled it and swallowed it whole and then pooped out its little bones.

    Actually, you know what? Never mind. I’m good.

  79. Discount booze? Sign me up. Then I will be keeping my eyes open for other deals such as half-off House Elves and Husband Brainwashing Lessons. Keep up the good work! And if the time share ponies thing falls through, there is always Goldfish Hypnosis.

  80. You should buy the monkey’s paw and use it to wish for a whole chupacabra. Then you would have both! And then maybe also wish for ponies that don’t get tired…or more monkey paws!

  81. Someone once offered to my trade 4 goats for me. I said that was WAY too small of a price. I’m a 5 goat girl, at least.

  82. I think you’d make a good personal media consultant because I’m pretty sure you could talk a one camel trade up to two camels AND the packs they’re carrying. You have a gift, my friend. A gift.

  83. “Will remain preserved indefinitely if cared for properly” I need to know what the care instructions on a chupacabra foot are!

  84. @Stephanie from Ontario — I don’t think Taco Bell carries the Chalupacabra any more. However, given the recent kerfuffle over “beef,” maybe they’ll be bringing it back, as a distraction. I mean, someone’s got to be making something with the rest of the body, right? Or that site would have whole preserved Chupacabras? (Chupacabrae?)

  85. This has little to no connection to today’s post… but I had to tell you.

    Today on Nat Geo Wild, they had a show about Zombie Alligators. Knowing you, you are probably well aware of this phenomenon. Still, if I had your number, I would have called you immediately to let you know that, once again, Florida’s about to fuck everything up for the rest of us by letting their ‘gators start the Zombie Apocalypse.

  86. Victor is mean. Chupcabra feet would be awesome! I could display them with my poison bottles.

    As for hands with wishes….ehhhhhh, I’ve read too many stories about those wishes not working out the way you want. Like, you would wish for a million dollars and it would be Australian dollars and you live in the US or something.

  87. I can’t get past the kitten paw earrings. They are disturbing me in a “Wow, we can’t WAIT to show up in your nightmares!” kind of way.

  88. I don’t know if anyone has pointed this out yet, but what is the difference between time share ponies and rented goats? The apple doesn’t fall far from the crazy house… just sayin.

  89. If everyone on the planet had a pony, or even access to a time share pony, I’m pretty confident that we would finally have World Peace.

  90. 1. Your house must be an awesome curio museum.
    2. You must leave PR/marketers either really excited or incredibly confused.
    3. Your creativy will either land you in the loony bin or in a millionaire’s mansion.

  91. Thanks to you, Jenny, I now have the massive desire to buy a unicorn goat for my French class. Finally, a pet we CAN’T ACCIDENTALLY MURDER!

  92. Damn straight you should have gotten paid all your suggestions where great. All things I would pay for! They are crazy to pass. Today has been a very crappy day for me and this post brought a bit of happy into it.

  93. Jenny, I’m so disappointed that you missed out on the opportunity to spread the awesomeness of rented goats! That would have been the perfect idea for “Juice in the City.” Recall how many of us said we’d rent goats if there were any available in our neighborhood. JitC needs to get with the program.
    Also, unfortunately, I think that chupacabra foot is phony; it looks nothing like the last chupacabra that I saw. Don’t do it.

  94. Haha I love how you are always messing with people via email. Like a vaginestone cowgirl! (spoof off the song, Rhinestone Cowboy.) Sorry if clarifying jokes is annoying… Sometimes I just don’t know if anyone gets them due to their level of corny bunghole-ness.

  95. I think YOU’VE been seriously undervalued in this deal Jenny*. Screw the chupacabra foot**, do you know there’s a coyote eating Hermione (from Harry Potter) on that site?! I think you deserve to be paid in ‘Hermione eating Coyote’s’ – we all know you deserve it.

    Hermione >>> http://www.customcreaturetaxidermy.com/Site/TRADITIONAL.html#8

    *I always feel like Forrest Gump when I say your name…. Jiiiinnnnnny. I wonder if anyone else does this?!
    **I wouldn’t advise ACTUALLY screwing the chupacabra foot. There would be all kinds of maggot and fur issues up in there, and nobody wants that.

  96. Time share ponies. Fuckin’ brilliant!

    Wait. *sniff sniff* Yup. I think I smell the next great postcard idea. Awesome. :0)

    That or my sniffer is off, I do have a cold. Could be pony poop.

    Ok, I just grossed myself out. ;0p

  97. So, when you send in your tax returns, do you pay the IRS in Chupacabra feet, too?

    BTW, Juice in the City: brilliant marketing move. I never would have checked your site out, but I had to find out who would hire TheBloggess to handle their web marketing. As I said… pure brilliance.


  98. “…explain to me why it’s supposed to snow…in Houston…again…for the third year in a row…despite being promised when I moved here that it ‘never snows’?”

    Global. Warming.


  99. Is there a reason my comments won’t appear?! Did you throw me in spam… I’m not spam. I don’t even like spam.

  100. I’ll have your Spam, I love it! I’m having spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, baked beans,
    spam, spam, spam, and spam!

  101. I’m so grateful for this morning’s blog reading because I now know I will drink MORE when I have kids and all this time I was thinking I’d drink LESS. Thank you, blog roll…

  102. Does the magic mummified miniature mystery hand come with a free Frogurt? If so, I’m in.

    I can’t believe I’m the first person to ask that question.

    Also, I’d have to imagine the camel exchange rate is down due to current political strife in Egypt. So now is not the time to exchange ANYTHING for a camel.

  103. Seriously a severed hand and wishes would make the bestest birthday present EVER!!! Also, you should never take a camel as payment for anything…the fart and spit way too much for it to be worth it! Maybe she can sell some trolls or fairies. I’ve got two who are looking for new work prospects…here’s their blog (http://bjornandmick.wordpress.com/)

  104. I heard vacations to Egypt are really reasonably priced right now. I’m thinking you could pick up mummies super cheap if you buy them direct from the source (like right outside the pyramids). It always helps when you cut out the middleman. But stay away from the camels though. They’re designed to retain water, which means they are walking around with permanent PMS. Poor bastards, no wonder they’re grumpy.

  105. This is why I want to go do something awesome (perform a full-head transplant, solve world hunger, develop the real Star Trek transporter, etc.) so that I can become incredibly famous. Then whenever I talk to ‘my people’ (media reps, agents, managers, lawyers, accountants) I can yell into the phone ‘I don’t CARE what she wants to do, say or be paid in. Get me The Bloggess NOW!!!!’ Then I get to slam the phone down.

  106. Does the hand *do* the wishes or is the mummified genie one of those small-print add-ons?

    I just want to know what – exactly – I’m buying, here.

    Also: if you buy it on your birthday, is that a loophole where you get four wishes instead of three? I’m just trying to look out for us little people, here.

  107. Off topic, but I am short on time and wanted to post for you to see this.

    I laughed a LOT!

  108. i will never understand why anyone would want to draw attention to their vagina. no amount of sparkle is even gonna spruce up that area.

  109. That time share ponies thing is genius. You could use it for parrots too…or monkeys. Except you can’t ride those.

  110. That monkey paw is an excellent deal because it comes in an ornate wooden case. Once you waste your third wish on wishing that the monkey paw had never come into your possession (which is the proper wish since it undoes all the crap you brought upon yourself with the previous two wishes, unlike that crazy dad in the short story who basically just killed his son all over again), you may still be in possession of the box, which can then be used to store all manner of useful things. $55? It’s a steal!

  111. Yeah, yeah, yeah, time-share ponies are cool and all, but I want to go back to by-the-hour ninjas. Now that’s some shit I can get behind because, let’s face it, it’s rare that I have need of an all day ninja. Not to mention there is so much you could have them do beyond simple ninja-ing. Asses all kicked? Enemies vanquished with 15 minutes left on the clock? Put those wax-on, wax-off skills to use cleaning the windows. It just gets better the more I think about it . . .

  112. My mom once threatened to trade me for a chance to go backstage to see Steven Tyler at an Aerosmith concert, which isn’t like being traded for a camel, but is very much like being traded for a mummy. Or an old lady. That dude just looks weird.

  113. “Created from a real animal foot.”

    So it isn’t a Chupacabra–it’s a fake!

    I’m pretty certain there is a Chupacabra that hangs out in my back yard some times, because the dog’s hackles get up and she freaks out but we can never see anything out there. So it must be something imaginary, and what is more imaginary than a Chupacabra?

    Which reminds me of the knock know joke my 5 year old made up

    Knock knock
    Who’s there?
    Meow who?
    I can’t tell a joke–I’m a kitty!

    So I told him I didn’t get it
    He said Mama it’s a REAL kitty so it can’t talk.
    So how did it tell me it couldn’t tell the joke?
    Just use your imagination mama, don’t you get it?

    Apparently I do.

  114. Have you seen the show Oddities on the Science Channel? You would love it. And I am so sorry for clicking on the link you posted. On the other hand, my husband will have quite a choice of things to buy me for birthdays and anniversaries.

  115. Did you realize the website has a link that says, “Formative Years”? Yeah, I clicked it. I don’t know what I was expecting, but a gold-leafed rotting squirrel corpse was not initially at the top of my list. Oh, how my lists have changed!

  116. speaking from experience, i’d have to say she was severely undervalued. When i was in Nairobi, I was almost sold for 20 camels. Of course, I don’t really know the camel currency conversion rates between Istanbul and Kenya. And my value could be higher because I apparently look like a Somalian woman. a very large, strong, somalian. wait…where was I going with this comment? shit, i forgot. Now, where do I put in my order for a time share pony?

  117. I’m not sure who is more mental, you for coming up with all this stuff or me for reading it for entertainment and enjoying it….Why do you need the Chupacabra Foot anyway?

  118. I saw a thing on the internet (so you know it’s true) that aid chupacapras are just hairless raccoons. Like those Chinese Crested dogs and the Egyptian cats, I guess. Except they are raccoons. I saw a couple of pictures, too (again, it’s the internet,so you know it’s real). It sure looked like a big hairless raccoon. Which is actually kind of gross looking. Nothing like James Garfield.

  119. I didn’t see this the day you wrote it because I was in Texas, trying to avoid the snow in Denver. Except it snowed like a bitch while I was there, so nice going, Dallas.

    Anyway, I’m hoping you can clear something up for me. Do chupacabras use their feet like hands?

    I can’t tell if the toe on the left is like a thumb, if it was a hand, or if it is like a pinky toe (as in foot). Because, supposedly, if your ring finger is longer than your index finger, then you’re oversexed or something, and if that’s true, and the toe on the left is a pinky toe, then no problem. But, if it’s like a thumb, then that means all chupacabras are probably totally oversexed, and that worries me more than just being attacked by a chupacabra, because it would take on a whole new meaning, if you know what I mean.

  120. I would totally buy a Victorian Vampire huntng kit and if taxidermied mice in tuxedo’s weren’t so expensive, I would have a whole army of them now.

  121. Wow you get a lot of comments! (State the obvious award goes to…)

    I just wanted to thank you for being you. Its taken me the best part of a week but i have read every post you ever put on here. You have made me laugh and laugh like an idiot/mental patient and helped me to forget the shit that finds me stuck here in my bed.

    Also, id totally buy the Zombie defense consultation except i bet you dont ship to the UK, well thanks for that now my family is the walking undead and hygiene-challenged and it could all have been avoided if you would have just shipped abroad.

  122. Juice had pony rides for Dallas (Denton county) today…just wanted to let you know…you should call that one in.

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