My adorably tormented friend Annah supports my wig addiction.  Want to see your ad here?  Of course you do. Contact me.

PS.  Thank you. I do realize how lucky I am to have a blog that’s almost entirely reader-supported.  I’m like the NPR of blogging, but with no telethons and lots of unnecessary profanity.

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  1. I love that your blog is reader-based ads. Or something. Did that first sentence make sense? Sorry, it’s late. Anyway, just another way of saying, “LOVE the picture ads. The pretty pictures.”

  2. She’s fabulous. She reminds me of Hyperbole and a Half but raunchier.

  3. I have totally whipped out my (sometimes Halloween) wig collection for my sister-in-law tonight, and while I’m not sure she totally did get the fun of wearing a wig, at least she wasn’t opposed to trying them on, and she looked FABULOUS in them!!! For real Jenny … I must now more than ever wear the feather hat … It’s possible that I may offer you even a more obscene figure to buy it off you than what you paid for it!!!!! 😉 Either way, I will pay it’s shipping to PR just to have the privilege of it on my head for a night!!! Can’t wait to see you!!!!

  4. Whenever I read one of your posts I realize how much I miss profanity, & how I need more of it in my life.

  5. I read Red Means Go and I was just so confused to see one of her drawings under your name in my google blog reader. I couldn’t figure out if the post was from you or her! It’s nice to know that two of my favorite blogs are buddies though! 🙂

  6. Not only do I love this blog for its own content, but it is a GOLDMINE of other good blogs…whether featured as above or discoverable by trolling the comments section. Thanks, Jenny. You’ve got some damn fine stalkers! You must be really proud.

  7. Good Lord, one of your telethons would be AWESOME… Think it over, online telethon, you and James Garfield….

  8. I think this ad thing is really working out for you *and* them. I’ve added them to my Google Reader.
    *stalker but not really*

  9. I love Red Means Go! Hilarious blog. I’m with Shannon. She said it perfectly word for word.

  10. I posted this comment at Annah’s blog in her post about hiding her dogs from her landlord and figured your readers need to know this info, too:
    If you have depression, your pets are emotional support animals and you can have them in “no pets” housing. I wrote the first edition of “Best Friends for Life,” published by the Doris Day Animal League and I explain what you need to do, including the sample doctor’s letter. I’m sure the guide is still available–just Google. I think the Doris Day Animal League is now part of the Humane Society.

  11. The web filter here at work won’t let me access this blog. Siting “profanity / blog”.
    But I can access yours. Huh. I can’t wait to get home and see what this one offers!

  12. Red Means Go + The Bloggess is like sex + chocolate. Two amazing things coming together… It’s magical, really.

  13. Can I voice a wondering? Wait, I have a better one! Can I voice a wondering with you listening attentively? Why do you wear wigs? And the pictures on your douche cannoe safe blog, are you wearing them in your pictures?

    You may now stop listening!! 😀

    Huge Fan,

  14. For someone with anxiety, you sure are secure … I mean, how many people share other people’s brilliant blogs with the universe? Smart and secure people. That’s who. You’re like a human blogging juxtaposition with wigs and xanax. *smitten*

  15. i’m so late on this but OH EM GEE ANNAH! if this isn’t achieving blogging famosity, i’m not sure what is.

    i keep thinking about getting wigs. and just wearing wigs. not like doing my hair. just having all different wigs.

  16. “Unnecessary” swearing? That’s like “unnecessary” oxygen.

    I love this blog, and the blogs it leads me to!

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