Wil Wheaton’s house, I AM IN YOU

Victor and I are sitting in LAX, waiting for a plane that’s been delayed three times, but it doesn’t even matter because THIS HAPPENED:

The man deserves a damn standing ovation. He settled for a slow clap.

And then I thought that collating looked like fun and so I took over for a minute, and while I was distracted Wil Wheaton pulled out something amazing:

Seriously, y'all.

PS.  Victor said that “Wil Wheaton pulled out something” sounds sort of rude and lascivious so I offered to change it to “Wil Wheaton pulled something out of his drawers.”  Then Victor told me to forget it.  Because he’s unhelpful.

PPS.  Also, there were horses.  Me, Wil Wheaton, his lovely wife, Victor and ponies.  Also, a giant metal chicken.  It’s sort of a long story.  More later if I don’t get distracted by pretty, shiny things.

PPPS.  Did you know that in Pasadena you can buy anthropomorphic taxidermied bugs doing a tarot card reading?  Because you can.  Much to Victor’s chagrine.

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  1. THAT is awesome… love it.

    Shiloh Walker recently posted So long to a series….

  2. My demand has been satisfied. Carry on.

    Backpacking Dad recently posted There’s Definitely a Family Resemblance.

  3. Oh, to have your life for a week…

    Stephanie recently posted I Entered a ‘Vote for Me’ Contest. Now You Must Pay!.

  4. That whole trip is made of pure AWESOME!!!!! Can’t wait to hear more about it.

  5. HOLY SHIT. Total shock/awe.

    Mayor Gia recently posted St. Patrick’s Day Allie.

  6. How wonderful! This gave me just the laugh I needed on a very dull day. I’m one of those sick people who enjoys other people’s happiness. 🙂

    Cassandra recently posted A little plug for people who aren't me (and me a bit).

  7. So I was enjoying Wil Wheaton’s performance in Leverage, thinking about how I like him even more, knowing he will collate paper for you, and just when I think it can’t get better…he pulls out TWINE. Maybe God put him here so that we would believe in humanity again. Thank you Wil Wheaton. Thank you.

  8. Fucking awesome!

    Frivolous Mom recently posted This Kid KNOWS!.

  9. OMG. Could your life be more whimsically amazing?! Unless you can learn to shit rainbows, I think no.

    John recently posted a good old fashioned rant.

  10. BAM!!!!! Take that Nater Tater! Will and Anne Wheaton FTW!

    Dawn recently posted What New Fuckery Is This?.

  11. If my husband truly loves me he will get me one of those bell jar diorama thingies. I should probably let him know that this is a measurement his love is now being judged by though.

    JRose recently posted Musical Interlude: Kiss Off!.

  12. omg he really is the best guy ever isn’t he? I am so jealous

    (BTW this is probably why taxidermied crocodiles, and Wil Wheaton was featured in my dreams last night)

    Lori recently posted Kansas you suck a little bit right now.

  13. Wil Wheaton has my vote for a God among men.

    Amanda recently posted in which the war against bad parking becomes violent.

  14. Now Wil’s someone I love. And I honestly didn’t think I could possibly love him any more… and then there’s twine. Seriously.

    WhitneyD recently posted Nerd Day..

  15. I don’t know who I’m more envious of, Wil Wheaton for spending time with you, or you for spending time with Wil Wheaton. It doesn’t matter, I’m going to act it all out with my action figures later. Especially the twine.

  16. How did this happen?! So incredible.
    We had an epic slow clap at our rehearsal dinner. Brings a tear to my eye.

    Allyn recently posted Pinterest Challenge: Tasty Beverages.

  17. Jeez. I get so excited about twine I can’t even make a coherent comment. Anyways. Already a fan of Wil. This gives him a +20 to Awesomeness. That’s better, right?

    WhitneyD recently posted Nerd Day..

  18. My little geek heart just burst in two. Wheaton, you complete me. Or her. Whatever.

    Stace recently posted Write or clean the oven? Hmm....

  19. My heart just stopped a little. And then started again. And then stopped again a little.

    I think it’s because of this post.

    But it could also be some sort of panic attack. Because I get those now apparently.

    Lauren recently posted I Remember When, I Remember I Remember When I Lost My Mind. There Was Something So Pleasant About That Place. It Was Probably All Of The Drugs..

  20. You live an awesome life in the face of so many challenges. Yay you!

    The Nice Lady recently posted Sheep Crashes High School Reunion.

  21. Oh! This makes me gloriously happy. Long live Will Wheaton!

  22. Oh my gosh, YAY.

    That’s really the only reaction I can muster. YAY!! 🙂

  23. You are such a total lucky stiff! And I think Wil Wheaton must be one incredible guy to not only send you pictures, but have you over to his house. This is great testament to the power of internet communication. You have brought together a virtual ka’hal, community, that laughs, and when necessary cries together even if we never so much as shaken your hand. And Mr. Wheaton is the best possible running gag because it is abundantly clear that he laughs with us!

    From strength to strength, Jenny Bloggess!

    Sj recently posted Mush!.

  24. Oh man, that is so freaking awesome. What a guy! And what a lady you are. Two of my biggest inspirations in the same room together!

    Miranda recently posted Point and click - Putt Putt Goes to the Moon!.

  25. Those picture make me so Furiously Happy!

  26. I love your GIANT SMILE, like this 😀

    The Middlest Sister recently posted The Best Day Ever Invented.

  27. Now if only the twine was wrapped around a spatula …

    Jaime recently posted The construction paper egg wreath that almost wasn’t*.

  28. Correcting myself immediately: Jenny, I love your top! That is my other reaction.

  29. The Wil Collating Paper page needs to be updated, you know, in case PR people aren’t satisfied with Wil collating paper. Don’t like it? BAM! A pic of Jenny collating paper while Wil Wheaton holds twine. A 2 for 1 Bloggess special.

  30. Victor should be getting the Idea about now, that Your ” I’m Famous on the Internet!” thing must really be True! Good going funny Lady! I look forward to your new book & hope you’ll send me an autographed bookplate, even though I bought an ebook!

  31. Holy. Shit. Slow clap, indeed.

    julie @ the semi-reformed nerd recently posted {menu plan monday} week of 3.12.12.

  32. Oh, wait–it’s a dress, isn’t it. I’m a dope. I still love it!

    …I actually have a lot of reactions.

  33. Jenny….only you could pull this off. Shock and awe.

  34. This post needs a sequel.


    WilyGuy recently posted How Do You Women Do It?.

  35. Well then. Pretty freaking awesome. Pretty. Freaking. Awesome

    pgoodness recently posted Smothered with stuffies.

  36. A-frinkin-mazing.
    This made me smile. Which says a lot given it’s after 5pm and I’m still at the office, er cube.

    CubicleViews recently posted Dear CV – How do I stop multimodal coworker stalking?.

  37. And just when you think Wil Wheaton cant get anymore awesome, he magically makes twine appear whilst making collating paper fun. Its almost like he’s a wizard. Holy shit… I do believe he just might be. Maybe he was the inspiration for the whole fucking Harry Potter book series.


    Valerie recently posted How Mannequin Hands Paid for Themselves in 24 Hours.

  38. I was trying to see if that was photoshopped but it appears to be the real deal. Bravo.

    Rob r recently posted Identity Crisis.

  39. Wil Wheaton took you to a tarot card reader???

    tokenblogger recently posted Is it real or….

  40. Wil Wheaton you are awesome……. 🙂

    Alisa recently posted Grocery shopping and greening my home.

  41. Wil Wheaton, you’re my hero! Awesome! Absolutely awesome!

    Stephanie recently posted When life gives you lemons . . ..

  42. MOST excellent. And…the taxidermied many-legged-creatures? VERY COOL. (they aren’t all bugs…some are arachnids…)

    You have the ability to see joy and beauty and hilarity where you are. If you EVER get to NC…look me up. Srsly.

  43. I am not sure who to be more envious of. . .of you meeting Wil Wheaton or of Wil meeting you!

  44. Bwahahahahaha! Ohh this is great.

    Am I the only one who experiences mental discord over Good Wil/Bad Wil thanks to his appearances in Big Bang Theory, despite that the latter is completely fictional? XD

    Ellen Lloyd recently posted How To Inject your Travel Photos with 300% More Awesome.

  45. Looks like y’all had fun! Did the Wheatons’ cat bring you any freaky dead treats like Anne said she thought it might? Thank you for posting pics; your posts always brighten my day. 🙂

    Deana recently posted Brat.

  46. I puffy pink sparkly heart you

    Becky Mochaface recently posted Tuesday Trivia: Presidents.

  47. You are a goddess, Jenny!!! I must admit that I’m super jealous of both of you for getting to hang out with the other person, if that makes any kind of sense. 😀

  48. For a second I read that as “Wil Wheaton’s wife, [named] Victor” and was super confused.

  49. You know what I hope happens? I hope that aliens try to figure out our culture by reading your blog.

  50. This post is so awesome I’m hyperventilating here.
    Either that or I just need another drink.
    Or is this a sign I just had too many drinks?
    Nah, there’s no such thing as too many drinks, right? Right??

    Carol recently posted Another reason why I’m going to hell. But that’s okay, because that’s where most of my friends will be anyway..

  51. Oh darn! Gold Bug doesn’t ship!!! And I thought I’d found the perfect gift! haha!

  52. I’m so with Laurie (from comment number 49)!!
    Can you imagine? That’d be epic!

    Carol recently posted Another reason why I’m going to hell. But that’s okay, because that’s where most of my friends will be anyway..

  53. The sheer awesomeness of having you in a picture with Wil Wheaton is a bit too much for my brain, I’m afraid. Can’t wait for the rest of the story! *shoves away shiny distractions*

  54. Holy crap that man is the bomb! I am so incredibly happy that I plastered pictures of him all over my walls as a youngster. I was clearly right in my obsession. Thanks Jenny I love when people prove me right

    Denise recently posted What makes me happy.

  55. Okay. Now… I can sleep.

    Andrea recently posted Strangers sharing garbage... It's a beautiful thing..

  56. love that he’s in a tee shirt, even having guests.

    And those bug domes are fucking awesome.

    braindonkey recently posted Netflix, I think this description is wrong… Rubbadubbers.

  57. OMG! How cool is that?! FURIOUSLY cool.

    Now…stories! We need stories!!!!

    DogsDontPurr recently posted Critter Cat on the phone.

  58. Wil Wheaton is my hero.

  59. Someone once told me at one of the many conventions we go to that Wil Wheaton was a douchebag. I think, in retrospect, that the person telling me this may have, indeed, been the douchebag in question. Thanks for the perspective!

    Also, those bug dioramas are absolutely astounding in their complexity and beauty. Awesome. I wish I could afford one, that kind of talent needs to be monetarily compensated!

    Kim recently posted Alphabet Copper and Sterling Earrings.

  60. My faith in humanity has been restored. Wheaten & Twine. Sounds like it could be a folksong. 🙂

    Teresa Hill recently posted She: Please don’t let him be more than 25. He: Please let her be at least 25..

  61. Wil Wheaton just became even cooler.

    Brett Minor recently posted Meet the Parents.

  62. Me: “OMGOMGOMG! The Bloggess went to the evil Wil Wheaton’s HOUSE! And the COLLATED PAPER! And he held TWINE!!!

    Husband: *confused face* “Say that again in English?”

    Me: *laughs until I can’t breathe*

    Taryn recently posted Monsters Ate My Brain.

  63. I just am getting more and more jealous of your awesome. Wil’s too, but not as much. What a good day. 🙂

    Rebeccah recently posted That Farm Gene Might Have Skipped A Generation. Or Two..

  64. I doubt anyone will care about my comment, but I had to type it:

    You collated papers with Gordy, who had *leeches* in his *drawers* on his *thing*. Do you understand how cool that is?! You sideways hugged Punky Brewster, who punched two of the Friends a whole lot more than bodyguards should’ve allowed.

    Gordy pulled out his twine.

    If you’d kick him sideways on his butt while walking. . .well, then, I’d died of my jealousy.

  65. This must have made your year. Screw being a published author- Wil Wheaton pulled something out of his drawer and you WERE RIGHT NEXT TO HIM! Awe-some. Congratulations! Your unicorn will be arriving in the mail in 6-8 weeks.

    Johi recently posted That wasn't me. But thanks for thinking that it was......

  66. Wil Wheaton…you are a king among men. Bravo, sir!
    Jenny, you are my hero. : )

  67. Wow. I always saw Wil Wheaton as some sort of Santa Claus who was wonderful and made everyone happy but didn’t actually exist. But now I believe.

    This post is my Weenie Whistle.

    Brian recently posted The day I learned how to ride a dirt bike..

  68. Ohmigosh you went to Wil Wheaton’s HOUSE!!!!!!!!! Ten-year-old me and present-day me are dying. DYING!!!!!!!

  69. I forget, did you get your mice at Paxton Gate (http://www.paxtongate.com/)?

  70. He looks so…sassy pullin’ out that twine. Like, “I KNOW what you like.”

    Although I also love love love Matthew Broderick’s expressions with the eggs and whatnot.


    in bed with married women recently posted True Wife's Tale #8: Dusky, "I have had one great love and one great lover, and they are not the same man.".

  71. It is not possible to love Wil Wheaton more. What an awesomely cool guy. We salute you, sir!

    Jen c recently posted My Week via Instagram.

  72. This is SO awesome! Words cannot describe. Also, I am having trouble breathing – not sure if I am laughing or just overwhelmed by the amount of awesomeness. It is 01.30 AM and I will go to bed a happier woman than I would three minutes ago. That sentence makes sense. I swear.

    Nat recently posted Because sometimes the universe decides to stop being a dick and be awesome instead :D.

  73. I’ve been reading a bit of his Tumblr of late and have come to the conclusion that you two may have been separated at birth. Just maybe. And if that is true, how awesome that you have found each other again.

    annie recently posted Five Years Out: Why I Will Not Go Back to Teaching in Public Schools.

  74. I gotta ask…..how much did you spend on taxidermied bugs? And were any of them Jitterbugs?

    And Re: post #60: Yes, this whole event SHOULD be made into a folksong. I will look forward to hearing it. Out there. Somewhere.

  75. ROCK. ON.

  76. That is freaking awesome!!!

    Wil Wheaton, YOU ROCK!

  77. OMG THIS IS INSANELY EPIC!!! I saw WW’s tweet the other day TO Nathan Fillion about twine and wondered if something was up …

    I just can’t get over how awesome this is.

    Jess K recently posted My Butt Hurts..

  78. OoOh!! I’ve BEEN to the Gold Bug!! They did get just a little snarky when I wanted to take pictures in the shop, but that’s ok – the innate coolness of the stuff in the shop made up for their snootery.

    Also – two BIG thumbs up for Wil’s coolness and showmanship.

    Laura Jane recently posted Axis of Awesome.

  79. Wil, Bloggess, and your recent obsession with Doctor Who. How awesome is it that these various things I love and admire are all congregating? It’s like the internet is merging into a single site!!!

  80. wil wheaton, you’re my hero. bloggess, you’re my heroine.

  81. I am SO happy for you!

  82. I sqeeeeeed so loudly when I saw this post that I frightened the neighbors. Deeeeeelightful!

  83. Yippee for you! And, you look like hot stuff while doing it. Nice

  84. Wil Wheaton, if you’re reading this, I am your new superfan.

    Jenny, we want to hear the Long Story!

  85. That’s like your whole bucket list minus a Tardis.

  86. This is too awesome! Just when I had given up on dreaming, I read this and realize that sometimes, just sometimes, dreams really do come true. Well, I don’t know if it was a dream. Maybe it was more of an internet acorn that has finally grown into a giant Wil Wheaton oak tree with Jenny by it’s side all wrapped up in a nice twine bow. Still, I think I’m going to steal some acorns from the squirrel outside and see what happens. Thanks Jenny & Wil for making me laugh!

    Michelle aka The Insanity Wrangler recently posted So I am unique?.

  87. Wil Wheaton, the Bloggess, paper AND twine..?


    *head explodes*

    Vinny C recently posted The Time I May Have Set In Motion The End Of Mankind....

  88. –>I thought the obvious joke was Wil pulled out his Willy. No?

    WebSavvyMom recently posted Wordless Wednesday - All I Need is a Minivan.

  89. Is it weird that I actually want to cry right now??? I remember when Wil Wheaton pulled leaches out of his pants in the Stand By Me movie but this is awesome too. You have resurrected one of my all time loves. And this man knew River Phoenix personally. He met him. Touched him. Well hugged him at least b/c that was in the movie. The great River Phoenix taken too early. Wow blogess you are my hero!!!!

    Holly from 300 Pounds Down recently posted Sick day.

  90. Okay, I would totally want to do this just to be able to say Wil Wheaton’s house, I AM IN YOU!

    Em recently posted Love: Wishing Boats.

  91. Oh My God! That is beyond awesome! I am simultaneously so happy for you and so JEALOUS! Wil Wheaton! Collating! Twine! SHUT UP!

  92. Wil Wheaton is the man, man.

    Molly recently posted The Six Steps of Writing a Cover Letter.

  93. Seriously?
    You are amazing.
    Wil Wheaton is amazing.
    The mad, bizarre, uplifting joy your posts bring into my life scare me.
    Then, I read the booktopia thing and found out that you are a fan of Neil Gaiman and he is also a fan of you. Good lord, woman. There’s too much furiously happy stuff going on here.
    I feel like that damned pig on the geico commercials…. Wheeeeeeee! Whee! Wheeeeeeeeeee!

    Ima Wurdibitsch recently posted Poetic, Don't You Think?.

  94. Odd. I didnt feel the Earth implode. His house must be awesome proofed

    Mrs. Mustache recently posted $250 is Too Much For a Uterus Lamp.

  95. 95
    Holly Waterfall

    I love that Wil Wheaton has twine in his drawers! I also love you Jenny for posting. I just put a shout out to my friends for some uplifting thoughts and who posted-NO ONE. But YOU JENNY-you came through. Virtual hugs to you and Wil. THANK YOU! oh and Lisa Wood and her bugs are awesome. I don’t even like bugs but those things are cute 🙂

  96. You, Wil Wheaton and twine….my evening is now complete. Wil’s awesome factor just skyrocketed!

    karen recently posted Fibro Friday! - Sensory Overload.

  97. i have been depressed all day, but this seriously made the gloom clouds part for me. thanks, i needed that! =)

  98. wil wheaton wins the interwebz.

    stephgas recently posted stuff and things..

  99. That man’s a star! Oh, wait…

    Pam recently posted Mellow.

  100. For the first time in a really long time…I don’t know what to say. Which doesn’t make me too thrilled.


    Nevermind. THAT totally counts.

    Carrie recently posted Being accepted just the way I am isn’t so SCARY after all….

  101. Honestly, my love of Sheldon Cooper was making me think this Wheaton fellow was a bit of a cad. Ridiculous I know, as he was just playing a characterized version of himself.

    Your blog, and his participation thereon, has completely changed that.

    Lindseh recently posted Condescension really isn't a good look on anybody.

  102. This is just further proof that Wil Wheaton is awesome.

    Amanda recently posted Movie Nights.

  103. Awesome pictures. Love it!

    New Mommy Confessions recently posted Deployment Curse in 3....2....1.

  104. This right here? This is why I Love the internet and yes, if I weren’t already married I’d marry it.

  105. Wil is such a good sport – love him even more! And kudos to you!

  106. Oh my god this made me… What is it you like to say?

    Oh yeah…


    Andie recently posted Being a woman in public: just like wearing swastikas and shouting racist slogans.

  107. Fate will shine her golden light on WW.

  108. Wil Wheaton is my hero!!!!!

  109. This is just the best. WW is just so (all the words that mean all the best things).

  110. Best day ever!

  111. I am confused. Is this Photoshop? Is this real life? Is this forever? And if so, Will Wheaton wins the Internet Awesomeness Award for life. Go Wheaton! GO WHEATON!

  112. HOLY SHITSNACKS. It’s an OMEN I tell you. Maybe there’s something to the Mayan 2012 theory after all…?


    Cherie recently posted Because..

  113. That is SO awesome!!!

    Theresa recently posted CKB 3/18/2012.

  114. I’m SO jealous of you….. I’ve loved Wil Wheton since he first appeared in Star Trek….. and those bug things are fucking awesome…. I need to buy them.. but in a way that the bf will not find out… cuz I have a feeling he will not appreciate their awesomeness.

    Jaime recently posted Did You Know.... chemistry is fun!.

  115. This is awesome… I tweeted a reply to Nathan Fillion the other day… twine may have slipped into it somehow… is there a particular has tag I should use? 🙂

    So Mr Fillion, Mr Wheaton has seen your twine and raised you collating paper with the bloggess whilst holding twine.

    I think nothing short of Mr Fillion holding a ball of twine on a spatula whilst collating paper on a unicycle could ever beat this. 🙂

  116. WHAT THE. You win the internet.

  117. 117
    Gretchen SB

    My heart is filled with so much joy!!

  118. I hate how he’s mean to Sheldon on Big Bang Theory, but I really do love Wil.

    Even Stewie’s pronunciation of his name.

    TWINE FOREVER!!!!!!!

    Stephanie C | Seriously? Really?? Seriously? recently posted Top 10 Ways to Live On The Motherfracking Edge....

  119. You guys are awesome! There is not enough silly in the world…

    a recently posted Everything evens out eventually....

  120. Did you ever dream that would happen, Jenny?!! Wow!

  121. Oh. My. Just when I thought this day was going to be pointless, you have made it wonderful! Thank you!

    Heather recently posted March Photo A Day - A Sign.

  122. When I go to LAX, all I get is shoved around like a hillbilly tourist. What a bunch of shit.

    the muskrat recently posted the dad 2.0 summit and what i found in texas.

  123. This man needs a monument of awesome made in his honour. And people can come and collate and hold twine at the base of it all day to just try to emulate the awesome.

    Renee recently posted Why yes, I do have more excuses!.

  124. Somebody send that man a Unicorn Success Club t-shirt.

  125. I CANNOT wait to hear about the rest of your trip because I bet this is just the tip of the iceberg of awesomeness.

    alaina recently posted Red Beet..

  126. This is…the best.

    Et tu, tutu?

    Lindsey recently posted First outfit post!.

  127. Wil Wheaton kicks ass.

    elz recently posted Special Event Style.

  128. It’s like you took Christmas, Halloween and a birthday party, wrapped it in a big, shiny, rainbow colored box and strapped it to the back of a unicorn. Only cooler.

    Alyssa S. recently posted But I’m really NOT paranoid.

  129. I had to stop walking by “Gold Bug.” I kept steaming up the glass display cases with sweaty envy.

    Anna recently posted Hello world!.

  130. That is just… awesome!!!

  131. You and Wil have melted my heart in such an awesome way today.

    And the word awesome will never be overused when it concerns you both.

    Maureen recently posted St. Patrick’s Day Beers And Recipes.

  132. O_o

    Chuck Baudelaire recently posted New Words, Better Than Mine.

  133. Wil Wheaton is all kinds of awesome. You just made my day.

  134. LIKE, LIKE, LIKE, LIKE! 😉

    That just made my day! I’m smiling from ear to ear! (kinda like you in the pic!)

  135. Ok. First, as a STNG tween, I was in love with WW. Now I just think the guy freakin rocks! I <3 people who just go with life and explore its quirks 🙂 So yeah, you freakin rock too 😉

    But! That said.. Where is the bug doing tarot??? Did you buy it? The closest I see is one collection stamps..

  136. WHAT?! How did you get so lucky!
    I LOVED him in Eureka and The Guild!

    Jamie-Lee recently posted New Home Pie (Mandarin-Cranberry Meringue).

  137. Another boring day of blahness just ended with FURIOUSLY HAPPY! So happy for you, Jenny!

    tamaratattles recently posted Nene Leakes Shows Up at Taping for Ali Fedotowsky's New Show.

  138. The twine is a thing of beauty.

  139. Sigh… so many questions running through my mind – but I’ll just have to keep reading your posts to understand more.

    It’s fantastic that you’re doing more with your blog than just sharing thoughts (however random and hilarious they might be).

    Bozo recently posted Search for a Hangman.

  140. Mother Mary in a Margarita – this is by far the best thing I’ve seen all day. Granted, I haven’t seen a lot, but this rocks my face off. And dang you for turning this into a cliffhanger like a soap opera on a Friday, Jenny.

    Kelly recently posted My Last Will and Testament.

  141. There is so much win here that I don’t even know what to say.

  142. This is, hands down, the best thing to ever hit the Internet.

  143. You made my day! This is my favorite post since you acquired the giant metal chicken.

  144. How funny that I’m reading this at the same time I’m watching an episode of Big Bang Theory with Wil Wheaton!

  145. I echo all the previous comments – holy crap, how awesome, how did this happen, can I be you for a week (or day), and at first I thought Wil Wheaton’s wife’s name was named Victor. Awesome.

  146. Turning on The Big Bang Theory to discover the Wil Wheaton is staring in tonight’s rerun makes this post better times infinity.

  147. Just to be in your shoes for one day…that’s all I ask. You are so incredible!

    Tracie recently posted The Lorax.

  148. That goes beyond awesome. SO COOL.

    Veronica recently posted POP goes the … squash?.

  149. 149
    Holly (a.k.a. adoreprince)

    I’m so confused. How does one go from plane delay at LAX to collating at his house? I mean, I do know the whole back story, but… did you call him? Did he see you there? Did you miss the plane, and stay with them, and talk sci fi all night long? Put down the pretty, shiny things and provide additional details. Pretty please.

  150. I’m currently watching Will Wheaton on a rerun of The Big Bang Theory. He looks so huggable!

    I’m secretly hoping that Nathan Fillion is waiting for the moment to do something really remarkable … instead of doing what he seems to be doing — being really lame about being famous. Ugh.

    Of course you are fabulous. You are a sparkling rainbow of Unicorn-ish Success! 🙂

    Kadesh recently posted How I Stay Sane ....

  151. And to that I say, “Nathan who?”

    Toni K recently posted Love With All Your Heart.

  152. Blown. Away. Wow.

    Wendy recently posted My Weird Little Thing.

  153. Jenny, isn’t life just wildly wonderful some of the time?? Thank you for the laughs and snorts. Mostly, thanks for hanging on the internets…with @wilw


  155. No freakin’ way?!?!?! This is probably the best blog post ever or at least in the past month! Oh my gosh! Will Wheaton, collating papers, string/twine, ponies, giant metal chicken, and tarot card reading taxidermy bugs, how is that much awesome packed into one post?! Wow. Mind. Totally. Blown.

  156. 156

    I think Sheldon would have a heart attack and do his twitchy face shenanigans.

  157. Seriously!!!! Not only does this show Will Wheaton’s awesomeness even more, but now I must have tarot card reading bugs!!!

    BTW, I told my hubby this weekend that if I had been a Unicorn I would have stabbed him. Not to death or anything. A love stab really…lol!!!! Not sure where that story fits in except I thought you might find it funny!

  158. 158
    Michelle Meyer

    AWESOME…TOTALLY COMPLETELY AWESOME!! That is all I have to say…

  159. It seems that there are few things that delight you that AREN’T to Victor’s chagrin 😉

    Jen recently posted March 13 is K9 Veteran's Day.

  160. You look SOOOOOOO happy!

  161. I want to be you for a day. Preferably the day these amazing pics were taken. This makes me Furiously Happy!!!

  162. You have the BEST life! Or maybe it’s the craziest life. They are almost the same thing 🙂

    Brenna recently posted CHEESECAKE!!!.

  163. The internet only makes sense on your blog.

    edenland recently posted I just like typewriters..

  164. *squeee* You are the luckiest blogger out there!

    houndstooth recently posted A Puppy On The Trail.

  165. Wil Wheaton is awesome! So are you btw. I want pics of the ponies or it didn’t happen! Did Juanita ride on one too!?

    Lesley recently posted I have a Secret....

  166. That is adorable!
    And I imagine most of Victor’s life is spent in a state of chagrin.

    Anne (@notasupermom) recently posted Teaching Kids About Generosity.

  167. Did you know that if you do a Google image search for the word “weird” the very first thing that comes up is a picture of taxidermied squirrels playing cards.

    I thought of you. 🙂

  168. You’ve got collating, twine and Wheaton, lucky! 🙂

    Michelle recently posted Things Heard While Getting the Boys Ready For Bed.

  169. You know, between this and Stand By Me….Wil Wheaton is my hero.
    Second only to The Bloggess, of course.
    Much love!

    dysfunctional mom recently posted Southern Daddies.

  170. 170

    Totally. Awesome. I am very jealous, but I would have never been able to carry off a conversation.

  171. And that’s why Wil Wheaton is forever number one in our hearts….and our drawers.

  172. FANTASTIC! Will is da bomb!

  173. Will Wheaton is amazing!! I am immediately going out to buy Stand By Me in his honor…and because that movie rocks.

  174. And I fail at spelling!!!!! WIL is now more than welcome to spell my name Kelly or Kelley or Kellie or Kellye or Kelleigh in retaliation. Sorry Wil!

  175. So much awesome!

    Tracie recently posted Slow Breaths.

  176. Just when I think you can’t possibly do any better on your blog…you go and BLOW ME AWAY!! Much respect.

    LisaW recently posted The Wheel of Life....

  177. this rocks in so many different ways….LOVE!!!

  178. I am very impressed but not exactly sure why….

    "Susan Says..." recently posted Kitchen Disasters: Anniversary Edition.

  179. Ok, here’s what just happened. I was watching Big Band Theory and it was the one with Will Wheaton. I *also* had my laptop open and started reading your post. BAM. It was like Jesus spoke directly to me thru WW. True story. I thought I reached my RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of Wheaton, but I find myself wanting more!!

    Rach recently posted Brallelujah!.

  180. FANTABULOUSLY AWESOME. So awesome in fact that I wish I had something better than All Caps. We need glittery font. Just for super awesome exclamations. Yay Wil, you are deserving of glitter font.

    kim(frogpondsrock) recently posted Sunday Selections #61.

  181. I am not sure how to express my love for you (I am a new fan). Perhaps some sort of twine based interpretive dance would be appropriate. But you don’t want to see me try to dance. I’ll have to think on it some more. For the record, in the last couple of weeks, I’ve read your entire blog. I’ve laughed until my stomach hurt many times and been deeply touched. Ew, not in that way. Get your mind out of the gutter.

    Ashleigh recently posted March 1- Self-Injury Awareness Day.

  182. Wow, seems the power of Will Wheaton just blows some people’s minds on here.

    I shudder to contemplate all the hours of sleep lost. Ouch.

    Sedge | noob-dad recently posted The Cat Saved My Life, But Will It Kill My Baby?.

  183. I’ve lived in LA my whole life, and I never knew you can buy that in Pasadena!

    Go figure!

    Cheryl D. recently posted Going to Buy a New Car. Oh Joy!.

  184. How beyond AWESOME is that! And to pull out TWINE on top! WHEEEEEEATON, rules. Period. That is all.

  185. Fess up. It’s some sort of dastardly magic, isn’t it?

    What else could explain the way I do my damnedest to stay away…but your posts keep sucking me right out of work mode and into hours of procrastination. Stop, Jenny. Please.

    Super Earthling recently posted Run, Teddy Bear, Run!.

  186. Awesome. Now I can’t breathe, I have a major cramp in my belly and my cat is looking at me like I’ve finally stepped off the deep end. I needed that laugh.

  187. I don’t care what Sheldon Cooper says Wil Wheaton is the best.

  188. This whole story is furiously awesome: it makes me smile. I’m glad Wil understands the importance of twine, too (he must be getting pretty good at collating paper now, don’t you think?)

    Claire J recently posted Deutschkurs No. 2 – On The Nightshift.

  189. Wheaton – Shmeaton.

    You’re totally looking good there, doll. And I mean that in the most lascivious way.

    Or I’m too evolved and sophisticated to notice such things.

    Your choice.


  190. That is awesome.

    Bobbi recently posted Going to the Dark Side.

  191. I don’t know whether I am supposed to go “aww” or “ack!” at those bug things. I kind of love the Butterfly and Caterpillar Target Practice one though. What does that say about me?

  192. I never knew that a man holding twine could bring me this much happiness. Wow. Just wow.
    I’m tearing up a little bit here….

  193. I genuinely started hyperventilated a bit when I saw that first picture. Cos like, this all is just some kind of voodoo. Awesome voodoo. Voodoo of WIN.

    Like, I just don’t even know what the world means anymore. Is it a bad place because the people in power don’t care if birth control could help a woman stave off cancer if it also might prevent her getting pregnant, or is it an amazing place because people like you and Wil Wheaton exist and have a sense of humour and kindness and things like this happen?

    I just. don’t. know.

    Anonymouse recently posted Bipolar Blossoms.


    Anonymouse recently posted Bipolar Blossoms.

  195. true and pure awesomeness!!

  196. What a dude! With twine and all. Drawer twine too! Victor doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    Kaitlyn recently posted Not the Only One.

  197. About the time you posted this I was sleeping in my bed and dreamt Nathan Fillion finally gave up, went to you in person and brought you a picture of him holding twine.
    Didn’t happen though, did it?


    Louise recently posted Yes for a day COMPLETED!.

  199. You are the luckiest bitch in Texas Jenny!!!! Wil Wheaton is the shit and you are the bomb for sharing your amazing world with us! Keep on keeping on and never ever let anyone tell you to stop!

  200. Wow. WOW.

    I can’t stop smiling.

    Way to make the world a brighter place.

  201. WHAT? I can’t wait until you go to Nathan Fillion’s house!!!

    Lynn from For Love or Funny recently posted This is my brain on estrogen.

  202. I am so excited for you!!!!

    Jen recently posted hey Richmond Girls… (and other Aussie Knitters).

  203. My brain just exploded… This is pure awesomeness.
    Wil and you rule the intertubez!

  204. Worlds colliding AWESOME

    Gary recently posted Rain. I love it (and food).

  205. How friggin AWESOME!(Now that Ive cleaned the coffee that spewd from my mouth off my laptop )
    This has got to be the best post since Victor opened the front door and met Beyonce! ( which is actually how I stumbled onto your world of awesomness through Pinterest)
    Im so incredibly & furiously happy for you 🙂 and also a bit jealous…………

    * I thought his wifes name was Victor too ,which would have totally made this post MORE awesome if thats even possible!

  206. 206
    Ramsitari Belle

    Did anyone else notice that he’s wearing the same shirt, even? Jenny- you are my new favorite blogger!

  207. I’ve been following along for a couple of months now… and by far my favourite posts have been your Wil Wheaton adventures… so AWESOME doesn’t even come close to describing this!

    Only problem is… what else in your life can possibly come close? 😉

    Oh yeah, and you’ve probably alienated Sheldon Cooper for life… :p

  208. So I clicked on through to the bugs and got super excited when I saw the apparel tab. Do you know how hard it is to find tiny aprons for caterpillars? I’m never going to hear the end of it if my little Camilla can’t be her favorite squirrel for Halloween. Also? That apparel tab was bullshit.

  209. Ha! You have the biggest smile on!

  210. i just had to shar this with you, b/c, of you, my boyfriend got me this for my birthday! best gift ever!!! and i owe it all to you!

    i want to pist a pic, but it won’t let me..but it’s my very own taxidermied squirrell drinking a pbr!!!!

  211. i’ll post if on your FB page. i named him earl 🙂

  212. 212
    craig @09thehippy

    In your face William Shatner. Will Wheaton knows how to step up.

  213. 213
    Queen of the Weezils

    I tell ya, Wil Wheaton is rapidly solidifing his place as my third favorite Star Trek actor. #1 is DeForest Kelley, because I grew up with the original series and Bones was my favorite character, and that was the whole reason I even started to like science fiction. Plus I really like the name DeForest. I can’t knock him from that pinnacle because he’s dead and that would just be rude. #2 is Patrick Stewart, because Next Generation came at a, shall we say, “defining” moment of my teenagehood. I still crush on bald guys with British accents. I can’t take him down from #2 because, well, he’s PATRICK STEWART. But #3? That’s up for grabs and Wheaton’s got it. I was never a big Wesley Crusher fan, but I am a big Wil Wheaton fan!

    Avery Brooks, I await your next move.

  214. The sheer joy on your face makes my day. And I now love Will Wheaten even more. And you must (MUST) tell more of how the hell this all happened.

    Becky recently posted Lullabies.

  215. Say what!!!!!! You MUST tell the story. We NEED to hear it.

  216. 216
    Sandra (a.k.a. Sandrandan)

    Wow wow wow wow. Jenny, you live an amazing life, and I’m so grateful that I get to live it vicariously through you. And, Wil Wheaton is my new hero.

  217. How cool is that? Awesome. Just…. AWESOME!

  218. Holy shit! Seriously?!!!

    So much awesome.

    Marni recently posted Well... it wasn't a walker after all.

  219. WOW! Did you feel like you’d explode? Or maybe you’re more used to celebrity. The one time I met a celebrity I thought I’d explode if I touched him. I have a picture with the author, but as everyone who sees it says, “You’re like a mile away? Why didn’t you get in closer?”

    That’s so cool. You’re my hero.

    red recently posted To Live and Love in the Blogosphere.

  220. How totally awesome.

  221. I have now unnerved all of my coworkers by yelling YES! when I saw this. (Let them think what they want). This could not be more awesome!!!!!

  222. NO. SHIT. this is so equal to every awesome that is awesome.

  223. OMG. I don’t even understand how this happened; my mind has been blown. Totally amazing and awesome.

  224. You are living proof that dreams really can come true. You are awesome!

    Jo recently posted The Zodiac or Not Letting the Darkness in.

  225. Double A++ and 50 bonus points for that T shirt, Wil Wheaton.

    julie recently posted Quick and Easy Banana Bread.

  226. HOLY FREAKING CRAP!! The Trifecta of your life! Wil Wheaton, collating, and twine! I can’t even imagine how much your mind must have been screaming “WIL WHEATON!!!”, as you maintained your awesome cool. I cannot wait to hear the whole story!

  227. I don’t think that could have gotten any better!!! And you look beautiful!

    Nicole recently posted And Speaking of Music.....

  228. I don’t know whether to be creeped out or amazed by those bug dioramas. But yay! for Wil and Anne Wheaton. Could they be more awesome?

    Courtney recently posted Isn’t time we stop blaming victims and start holding men....

  229. Oh my goodness. How awesome.

  230. Okay, I know you’re both married, but please, if Victor ever goes in a taxidermy-related accident and Wil’s wife is snatched by aliens, promise me you will get together with Wil. Think of your readers.

  231. At last! Jenny, are there tears in your eyes in the first picture? LOVE the permagrin too…good times.

  232. Words cannot contain the awesome. Should have sent a poet. *Sniffle*

    Reneesance recently posted SALE Wild Orange and Brown Print Vintage 1970s Dress.

  233. It appears…that all is right in the world. 🙂

  234. Wil Wheaton is like…your BIGGEST fan!

    Abby recently posted Attitude...It's What's For Dinner.

  235. Is that the kid from Stand By Me?

    Birdman recently posted The stripper, a pictorial.

  236. Jenny my respect for you has increased even more. You were in Wil Wheaton’s house and he totally looks as if he knows you are there I looked at the photo closely and it does not as if you drugged him or anything.

    Vivian recently posted The Safe Age.

  237. I’m going to assume that you and Wil Wheaton were collating the minutes of the first ever Unicorn Success Club board of directors meeting.

  238. Oh, damn. And then he pulled TWINE out of his pants???

    I might be in love. With you AND Wil Wheaton.

    Who needs that other Canadian-who-shall-remain-nameless-because-he-obviously-has-no-damn-sense-of-humor-or-sense-of-fair-play anyway, right? Pfft.

    Misty recently posted Whip It, Whip It Good.

  239. That man defines the term “good sport.” Wil Wheaton, I salute you.

  240. Hey, you didn’t even need to wear your confidence wig! That’s awesome, good on ya!
    I’m so jealous. Jealous that Wil Wheaton got to hang out with you and magically pull twine from *somewhere* and jealous that you got to colate papers with him. It looks amaze-balls and I hope you had the best weekend ever!

    GurlNxtDoor recently posted New Domain.

  241. Does life get any better than this? I have been loving the whole AMAZING thread and re-reading it. But Wil just upped the ante and made that bar so damn high that it just can’t get any better. If it did, I would explode all over from too much joy and that is a mess I don’t want anyone to have to clean up.

    I am truly in love with you and Wil Wheaton. Thank you, both for this amazingness.

  242. There is hope for humanity. Thank you both for keeping us inspired. I really think that, “the Canadian-who-shall-remain-nameless will be sad for all he has missed out on!

    circle recently posted Up to no good ….

  243. This makes me so happy, and who doesn’t like happiness, amiright? I am a huge fan of Wil’s character on “The Guild”, and knowing that he is also a totally kick-ass person in real life is mind-blowing and amazing. I already knew you were amazing, Jenny, because… DUH. So many reasons!

    In-person twine and collating FTW!

  244. OMG, Wil Wheaton is AMAZING!!!!! When I didn’t think I could love him any more…he does this.

  245. This makes me SO DAMN HAPPY!

  246. Wil Wheaton rocks and his brother is my husband’s doppleganger. And not just because he shares a beer with a paper chicken.

  247. This is freaking amazing! I love the face he is making while holding the twine.

    Rachel recently posted Bacon Whole Wheat Pancakes.

  248. See, this is why the Oxford Comma is important. You said “Also, there were horses. Me, Wil Wheaton, his lovely wife, Victor and ponies.” And I’m all like, “Oh, how sweet, you both have spouses named Victor. Except his wife is named ‘Victor and ponies,’ which is kinda weird. But hey, maybe that’s some kind of affectionate nickname. Like maybe his wife calls him ‘Fluffy Penisbottoms.’ But maybe you didn’t know his nickname because that just didn’t come up in the introductions, maybe Wil introduced his wife and not the other way around. Any maybe because you already knew who Wil was.” Which is a lot of maybes. And also a shining example of why you should use the damn Oxford comma, to avoid these kinds of confusion situations.

    Literary Elly May recently posted Photo.

  249. I less than three you so hard right now; so much so in fact, that I’m considering asking you to led one of the squads of tiny baby bunny airborne soldiers I will someday command. Because I feel that you would see the totally lack of crazy, and utter importance of it all.
    Have I mentioned how awesome this post is?

    Kristina Waters recently posted you can never cross the same river twice.

  250. 250


  251. 251
    Jami Riley

    Did you meet his cat? HIs cat is awesome.

  252. I applaud you both at a variety of speeds for this pile of excellence.

    Sarah recently posted And so it goes on.

  253. I hate how he always plays ubnoxious characters on every show, that you tend to want to gut with a knife before the show ends.

    I might have a few unresolved issues, but regardless…


    I totally have a non-gay man-crush on him now.

    Ed Adams recently posted Wacky Weird News Wednesday.

  254. Wil is Jesus, Joseph, and Mary all rolled up into one powerful, twine holding, paper collating motherfucker.

    and you, dearest Jenny, are a bigger god than Alanis Morissette was in whatever that movie was.

  255. Wil Wheaton is a god among men.

    Karen W recently posted I'm going to go ahead and change my name to Monet.

  256. Wil Wheaton is a god among men.

    Karen W recently posted I'm going to go ahead and change my name to Monet.

  257. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah. You were in my hometown???

    But I’m so excited that you and Wil met up! How awesome are the two of you!!

  258. My husband just described Wil Wheaton as always having had a “George Cloony-ish grin on him”. I think he now also has a man crush.

    Wil Wheaton: Fulfilling dreams and turning men just a little gay everywhere.

    Maria recently posted Hair Crisis, Red Alert!.

  259. i don’t know if the twine made me laugh harder or the devious look on his face after pulling something out of his drawers, but regardless very well played, thank you for that!

  260. Um, Jenny… In the link you provided for the taxidermied bugs (And, by the way, who doesn’t need a caterpillar building a snowman?), you failed to mention the other artists noted. Bruce Wolf’s works in the series “Death By Cat.” Right up your alley!

    My husband inquired the other day “What makes you happy?” I decided that 2 things bring me endless joy. 1. Your blog. 2. Trying to convince my husband that you are a hoot. Someday, he will realize that he and Victor are kindred spirits, living parallel lives as the husbands of women like us.

    Thanks for yet another laugh.

  261. That just totally made my day. You look so blissfully happy.

  262. +1

    Scarlett recently posted A long, long time.

  263. I’m with you on your love of Neil Gaiman, the guy’s a genius. But-

    What is with this Will Wheaton obsession? I had to go to google to even find out who he was! Stand by Me, which was cool but so long ago it might as well have been in a galaxy far far away, and a supporting role in far less cool Star Trek: Generation Next -or whatever, which ended in the mid 90’s. His career seems dead since then, but you seem to try to prop it up now and then. Wait, Is this part of your taxidermy fetish?

    If I were God.. recently posted Female sex moans; Fact or Fake-tion?.

  264. I saw on Facebook that Wil had tweeted that he’d gotten to spend the day with YOU, and I was all, like “JEALOUS!” but in a good way, because really, I only thought he meant he was reading your book (because Anne had already burned her soup while reading your book, so I figured she was done with it and now it was his turn), BUT NO – when he said “spending the day with the Bloggess” he MEANT IT – IN PERSON AND EVERYTHING – and so now, I’m TOTALLY, all, like “JEALOUS!” (but in a really good way because I love you both so much).

    This is my today’s FURIOUSLY HAPPY moment. I’m markin’ it down. YAY!!!!!! 😀

  265. Freaking freak I am so freaking jealous right now!!! Holy crap. You are incredibly lucky. Also hilarious.

    Sarah Allen recently posted Live in the present for 15 minutes a day.

  266. I’m conflicted about Wil Wheaton–

    On the one hand, I loved him in Stand By Me and STNG. Never was a bigger fan girl than I.

    On the other hand, he’s such a douche canoe to Sheldon on Big Bang Theory. Wil! Maybe you could convince the writers to make you a more likeable character!

    Still a big fan girl of Wheaton, tho. This post just cements that further in place. What a guy.

  267. What an amazing guy. Funny thing is before I read this I was watching a Criminal Minds episode that featured Wil as a serial killer.

  268. 268
    Keaven Neely

    This is just too f-ing awesome!

    Just made my day!

  269. God bless you, Wil Wheaton

    Jenny recently posted Balsamic Pasta Salad with Bocconcini and Roasted Asparagus.

  270. I hereby declare The Bloggess to be the unadulterated queen of all things awesome! Wil Wheaton, Punky (only because I am not positive how to spell her Christian name) and BUGS!?!??!

    I bow to your superiority, your majesty.

    Sweety Darlin recently posted The Blogroll Mixer.

  271. 271
    Hannah Awesome


  272. I didn’t find Wheaton collating paper sexy before, but I do now. You are persuasive.

    Monica recently posted Save the rich. They need you..

  273. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this post ever since he put on FB that he’d seen you!!! Woohoo!! <3

  274. From the dome bug lady’s website about the bug poses that capture the bugs and their”…everyday lives hidden from praying human eyes.” Whaaa-aa-aat? Praying eyes?

  275. And then out came the twine. Wil Wheaton for the WIN!!!

  276. I honestly don’t know what Wil Wheaton has done professionally lately (he’ll always be Wesley Crusher to me), but he is totally my favorite celebrity in the history of like, EVER, now. Standing ovation, high five, pat on the back, big hug, and my last cupcake are all his. (But only if he shares the glory, affection, and empty calories with you, Jenny. He totally owes his success to you. Kinda.)

    Sweet Sassyfats recently posted Two Days at the Theater: Third Graders vs. Kindergarteners.

  277. Joy + I shared the taxidermied bugs with a bug expert woman who is getting married in case she wants to register there….

    Kathleen recently posted State Champs!.

  278. I would like to tell Wil about something I just learned LAST YEAR, after 18 years of teaching: Almost all copy machines collate for you. AND they even STAPLE! Poor guy is collating too much. Stop collating, Wil! It’s really cutting into your twine-holdin’ time!

    Sarah recently posted Bloggin': Azia from Azia Said What?.

  279. O!M!G! It’s like a dream come true!!! I wish I was you!! 🙂 But, I would love to know how the horses fit into the story!!!!

    Rachel recently posted My All-Time Favorite Go-to Meal.

  280. Wil Wheaton is sooo dreamy :3


  281. I was already pretty sure, but now you’ve finally convinced me that Wil Wheaton is, in fact, the coolest person on the planet.

    Karen Peterson recently posted Open Book.

  282. ZOMG. ::squee:: That is all I can say.

  283. Holy crapsnacks (to use my kids’ version of your favorite epithet)!!! I actually went to wake up my 11yo last night to show her…she was awake & on her computer, but I’d beat her to it so I still got to be cooler, temporarily. So. Freaking. Awesome. of WW.

  284. Wil Wheaton dated a girl that dated a boy that I dated. I am now officially only 4 degrees of separation from The Bloggess. Score.

  285. That’s a lot of joy to bring with a simple ball of twine.

    Matthew Miller recently posted Inspired by George Takei, Send Stacey Campfield some hay.

  286. 286
    Scottsdale Girl

    The sheer awesomeness of these pictures SHOULD have made the internet IMPLODE. But oh how furiously happy I am that it held strong.


  287. OMGOMGOMG! That picture made me hyperventilate from all the AWESOME!!!!

    Wil Weaton and Jenny Lawson collating together is like HEAVEN ON F**KING EARTH!!

  288. Ba – Zing – A! Awesome. This has made me furiously happy!

    Cindy recently posted Saturday Night Dinner Party.

  289. Jesus Lady Christ with a vibrator! Twine!

  290. CONGRATS, that is seriously awesome.

    Mindy recently posted Disneyland Engagement Shoot - Kristie and Dario.

  291. The only POSSIBLE addition to this awesomesauce would be if there were a picture of you and Wil running out into the street to yell “WOLVERINES!!!!”

  292. I saw Wil Wheaton post that he spent the day with you and I was both jealous, and immediately anticipating your post(s) about it. You two make the internet fun again. 🙂

    Wendy recently posted The end of an era….or maybe just intermission….

  293. I’ve been dying to read about this event since he tweeted about it! Deatils! Details!

  294. I said it about the last picture of Wheaton collating paper and I will say it again about this one – HOW CAN YOU COLLATE BLANK PAPER! I swear he does these things to irritate me. He is so getting a rash because of this…

  295. 295

    can you get anymore BADASS, bloggess????

  296. Does Will Wheaton have offspring? I hope he does and I hope he calls them “Mini Wheats” ..I’m sure you’ve already suggested it.

    Rach recently posted Brallelujah!.

  297. Your serve, Matthew Broderick.

    (Jenny will probably be in the city in early August – just sayin’. )

    Snarkier Than You recently posted The Green Jeans Saga.

  298. I read that “me, Wil Wheaton, his lovely wife Victor.” Apparently that’s how I roll. Is it possible to collate blank paper?

    Elisa recently posted If I Had A Hammer I’d Hammer In The Morning.

  299. Total awesomeness!

  300. 300

    Holy Shit-Snacks!

    Did he share his home-brew with you?! That would be top of the world awesome.

  301. 301
    Jen Navarrete

    I LOVE this! LOVE it! You rock!

  302. Amazing to think that somewhere Matthew Broderick is thinking, “Wow! The BLOGGESS went to Wil Wheaton’s house!! That’s so cool!” (For Wil, because you were at his house… did I make that clear? That’s what I meant at any rate.) I think you’re going to be hanging with the fabulous SJP soon! Oh wait, they live in different houses, don’t they? Well Matthew Broderick is pretty fabulous all on his own, so that’s fine. 🙂

    Amy - Hamlet's Mistress recently posted SOC Sunday: Past My Prime?.

  303. Fantastic! This made me smile. Take that Nathan Fillion:-P

  304. Awesome! Wil Wheaton, you rock! For knowing how to have fun and for knowing how to NOT take yourself too seriously!!! Super cool guy!!!!

  305. And just like that, the bar is raised. You do know how to have a good time!

    Fran recently posted Disney World: a Magical Kingdom.

  306. Saw a Fillion interview on E the other day and I couldn’t hear a word because I was thinking, “He’s so cute and well spoken, it’s a damn shame he won’t pose with twine.” I mean, we’ve all let it go, I know, but he’d be a Goddamn hero if he’d just do it! Surprise us, Fillion. You have nothing to lose and thousands of fans to gain.

    p.s. ^ so funny, @Snarkier Than You.

  307. SO MUCH WIN!!

  308. So awesome. All of it.

    Dawn recently posted Christmas Eve.

  309. Wil Wheaton is just awesome. Even if Gordy LaChance is a wet end. 🙂

  310. I don’t think that could get any better!

    Jennie Jackson recently posted Not If, When.

  311. Wait, why are you & Mr. Wheaton perusing stacks of papers? Are the two of you starting an H&R Block franchise? I bet you two could come up with some clever business deductions. Taxidermy expenses for various small critters, for one.

    Dave B recently posted The Lemonheads Played "...Ray," and More, at Maxwell's (Monday Show).

  312. I know that Wil Wheaton is Sheldon’s arch nemesis but I kind of like him…look at those collating skills!

    Jenn recently posted Happy Birthday Dad.

  313. Does Wheaton own another shirt? Thats the same shirt hes wearing in the collating paper picture.

    Gemma recently posted Parajunkee's View: Supernatural Smackdown > Round 4, Day 7 Glory vs. ....

  314. I feel like jumping up and down while holding your hand and saying, “I’m so happy for you!” as if you had gotten engaged because this is that amazing.

    Micah recently posted Beauty Product and the Beast: a review/rant of zero importance..

  315. This is entirely TOO awesome! TWINE!

    Jenn recently posted {Plus Size Fashion} What I Wore Wednesday.

  316. That’s hot.

    Melissa recently posted Moonwalking with Matt Damon.

  317. so much irie in this post! X-D <3

  318. There is nothing finer than the smile on your face in pic #2. Nice work, WW. Nice work.

  319. I’m not even 100% sure who Will Wheaton is, other than someone who collates paper, but good grief this is fantastic!

  320. wil wheaton = officially the coolest celebrity ever!!! (other than you, of course ;))

  321. I met Wil W on the set of Stand By Me when I was 14. I’m sure the memory is engraved on his brain as I played such a pivotal role as Girl #4 in the barfing scene. I’m still anxiously awaiting my Oscar nod.

    Jen recently posted A Hip-Hop a Hip-Hip-Hippity-Hip-Hip-Hop....

  322. I’m having fantasies of Wil in his little Star Trek uniform. RIGHT NOW.

  323. Will Wheaton for the win.

    Zak recently posted Kale Chips Are Where It’s At.

  324. I sincerely hope this is followed up by, “Nater Tater, I AM IN YOU.” Since that’s the only way he can get the W now. Well played, Wheaton. Extremely well played.

  325. Taxidermied insects in dioramas under glass? It is no wonder third-world countries want to kill us all.

  326. How did this HAPPEN???

    Wil Wheaton is now one of my favorite People-I’ve-Never-Met (you’re among them, btw).

    EmSpeaks recently posted An Unusual Request.

  327. It looks like he is about to burst into giggles and that just totally makes my day.

    Elisa recently posted Fail Whales Are People Too.

  328. The t-shirt he is wearing must be his collating t-shirt. . .

  329. 330
    Charlotte K

    this. is. awesome.

    what’s the deal with you and these dead animals?

  330. That. Is. Fucking. Awesome.

    I couldn’t be more jealous of you if I tried. I’m green…GREEN with envy!

    Mrs. One Day recently posted Trifecta Writing Challenge-The Last Cigarette in the Pack.

  331. 332
    E.D. Beale

    That is more awesome than I can handle…

  332. Awesome with a side of awesome sauce!

    Really, what more could you ask for? Maybe Ferris Mewler’s ears peeking over the edge of the windowsill, but I think that would be overkill.

  333. The photo of you collating paper while Will Wheaton holds twine almost broke my brain. It is so awesome!

    Also, I have been going through the anthropomorphic taxidermied bug site and I think I’m going to order the one titled “Caterpillar Listens To Music,” because from the title I assumed he would be listening to an iPod. But he’s listening to a Victrola. He’s old school!

    Mandy recently posted Tantra Guy (Or That Time My Hairdresser Propositioned Me With Swing Dancing and Tantric Sex).

  334. Mother of God! This is so awesome, it pulled me right out of an oncoming panic attack. Now I can die in peace.

  335. Haha, this made my day. Wil’s facial expressions are hilarious and you look adorable!

  336. You were at the Goldbug in Pasadena and I DIDN’T GET TO SEE YOU?!?

    My heart!
    It breaks!

    …but not a whole lot because,
    hey, I am so sympathetic to the social anxiety thing.



    Rebecca recently posted And Another Thing:.

  337. Your happiness at this dream-come-true is making me happy 🙂 Thank you.

    Madfishmonger recently posted Rainbow Brite Messenger Bag/Backpack.

  338. Nathan who?

    Mary recently posted Sterling Vineyards Napa.

  339. I can’t wait to hear the entire story… mostly Victor and the ponies!

    Virginia recently posted Preparing for the End.

  340. Because Wil Wheaton is the most awesomest guy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    Rebecca recently posted Where am I?.

  341. You are proof that dreams do come true. Ha Ha! Love you and totally love Wil Wheaton. He had me at twine,

  342. I think I just died of jealousy on all accounts !!!

  343. Life is simply amazing. This just completely changed my disposition for the day. Thank you, Jenny. Thank you Wil.

  344. KICKASS!!!

    PS- You have a really pretty smile 🙂

  345. Oh Jenny. Oooooh Wil. Such awesomeness. I knew there was a reason I liked Wesley Crusher.

    MainlineMom recently posted Hockey Night with the Houston Blogging Chicks.

  346. OMG that’s fucking cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!

    Michele C. recently posted You Can’t Go Wrong with Meat Wrapped in Meat…...

  347. Seriously splendid.

    Penbleth recently posted And then my head exploded..

  348. Wil Wheaton knows what’s up. Classy move, Wesley.

    Chris recently posted 12 days that amaze, Day 3: I keep good company..

  349. You have totally arrived. Rock on, Jenny!!

  350. OK, you are my hero! I am not sure how you managed to make this happen, but it totally made my day. I amlost fell out of my chair. And by the way, Wil Wheaton is BY FAR the best celebrity EVER for being so cool!

  351. How lucky is Wil Wheaton to be in the same space as you? Very very lucky.

  352. Your readers are all bowing at Wil’s feet for his unparalleled awesomeness. You GO, dude!!

  353. I feel it’s a moral imperative that you purchase the bus having a tarot card reading.
    Some of that mystical information could be pertinent. 🙂

  354. how awesome! SQUEEEEEEEE!

    hello haha narf recently posted Life Changing.

  355. Seeing this post has officially made this the best day ever!!! Wil Wheaton is one hell of a classy man

  356. Ho. Ly. Shit.

    That’s by far the coolest thing I’ve seen this year.

    Heather recently posted Karen strikes again.

  357. Ok, we can all agree that Wil is cool for collating and super cool for the twine and hosting bloggess at his house, but take a closer look at his t-shirt. Is that C-3PO holding up a boom box like Lloyd Dobler? I think that excels him to epic coolness. A geeky 80s girl’s dream right there.

  358. The internet exploded. You two are fabulous!

    Rebecca recently posted Homemade granola bites.

  359. That’s just greatness.

    Matthew Broderick’s house next?

    Jax recently posted It's Happening, It's REALLY Happening.

  360. 361
    Lisa Litviak

    Will is now my favorite person in the whole world.

  361. I don’t know… Should I be more jealous of the ponies or the Wil Wheaton time? If I tell you there are bugs in my apartment, would you come visit me, too? I’ll invest in some taxidermied art…

    Dana the Biped recently posted Surprise! It's a Dog!.

  362. 363
    Bonnie West

    We all love you Will Wheaton. You have made the Bloggess happy. !

  363. I’m cyber hugging you in my head. I’m not scary, don’t worry.

  364. so, has victor begun to pack his things yet? when i got a gift from my fav celeb, my husband was told “pack your shit! we’re getting a divorce”. wil wheaton is down right AWESOME for hanging with you!!!

  365. ps.. why is he NOT holding some form of taxidermy friend? you guys need to have dead puppet playhouse and photograph that. why is he not wearing an apron yelling about how his mother fucking souffle was ruined? that would be K-I-L-L-E-R!!

  366. JENNIFER ARCHIBALD LAWSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOTHERFUCKIN HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Carm recently posted Amazon is toying with my emotions – Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.

  367. Oh man, I LOVE Gold Bug! The minute you said, “anthropomorphic taxidermied bugs doing a tarot card reading,” I knew EXACTLY what you were talking about. I think there’s approximately one other place in the world that might have those (Armed & Dangerous, in Philly). One time, they had some taxidermied goats in the windows wearing crowns. CROWNS!! It was epic. Also, their Yelp reviews are largely about how mean the owner is, and when I Yelped that I had never had an issue, I got hate mail on Yelp saying that I was a liar.

    This reminds me to hit up Gold Bug next week when I’m in LA. Of course, I don’t get to combine that to a trip to Wil Wheaton’s house. Not without the trip ending with a restraining order, that is.

  368. OMG. so awesome. Also? I want the bugs.

    Suz recently posted My first art blog text post!.

  369. I officially love Wil Wheaton. I was already in love with you!

  370. There’s only thing that could make that more geektastically awesome and that’s … um … uh … huh … yeah, I got nothing. That is GEEKTASTICALLY AWESOME all on its own!

  371. Truly awesome. That is all I can think to say. 😀

    The Pear Lady recently posted Versus – twiharding my hunger.

  372. 373
    Gregg Barnes

    This is a fantastic follow up post to original Wil Wheatin Collating papers post. And a great followup to twine being held. Thank you Wil and The Blogess for filling the holes in our lives left by a lack of follow up posts.

  373. ‘m not sure how you kept your cool. One time I just THOUGHT I saw Wil Wheaton and I was fan girling the whole drive home even though .02 seconds after I thought I saw him, I realized it wasn’t him. Just the thinking I saw him makes me go nerd crazy so being in his house would probably cause me to implode.

    Samantha recently posted I'm Sorry I Don't Care About Your Baby.

  374. Wil must truly be holy. What a gracious host, man, I can’t say that I would have a collating station ready in case you dropped by.

  375. Wil Wheaton for motherfuckin President!!!!!!!!!!! Jenny for Queen.

  376. This is why we never talk on the phone anymore. You’re too busy hanging out with cool people.


    Y recently posted The Loveliest Napkin.

  377. No, but seriously, this has to be fake. That’s not even twine. I reckon you and Wil were just hanging out, you asked him to hold some twine and he said “Sorry, I don’t do that. None of us do. It’s Nathan’s Law, but I can ACT like I’m holding twine, on account of how, you know, I’m an actor and stuff again, still, now. I can totally act. Did you even see me in all those things I did? No, the ones where I wasn’t playing ‘evil me’. Yeah, see. Okay, check this shit out.” and then he TOTALLY acted EXACTLY like he was holding twine, but then you photoshopped in a picture of some string. Where I come from, twine is green. He probably didn’t even have a rule about holding string. You could have totally got him to hold string and then photoshopped in twine. He wouldn’t have had to act or anything. You know, because for an actor, doing acting makes it a work day, which makes it all boring like working in an office, collating papers and such. I’m….I’m rambling, aren’t I?

    Slippy recently posted Heh, I just realised that the assistant to Rowan Atkinson's 9th Doctor in the 2009 Red Nose Day Doctor Who special episode is none other than .... Bob (aka Kate) from the classic episode of Blackadder II. Of course, it had to be, really..

  378. Take THAT, Matthew Broderick. The ante has been upped.

  379. Jealous! How can I get to hang out with both you and Wil Wheaton?

    I must make this happen.

    Kat Rowley recently posted In Which I Consider Seppuku.

  380. Ama.Zing. Did you rifle through his medicine cabinets? Only because that’s what I would totally do if I ever went to one of my childhood idols’ houses. (Which, come to think of it, might be why he and/or Ricky Schroeder have yet to invite me over.) *sigh*…I bet he has the best stuff in there.

    bschooled recently posted It’s like reconnecting with your inner-child, only to discover that it’s grown up to become an angst-ridden tween..

  381. 383
    Warped Mind

    Shutthefuckup. SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wil Wheaton is frickin’ amazing.

    And you, my dear, win the “I Am Kind Of A Big Deal” prize. Because you are kind of a big deal!!!!!

  382. Love the twine, REALLY love the bugs. Does it seem redundant that I pinned them?

    Jennifer Flint Designs recently posted Taking a Pinterest.

  383. He is now my new favorite person.

  384. 386

    Seriously you are HILARIOUS and Will is AWESOME. Kudos to his down to earth personality. He is at the top of my list these days.

  385. I saw this taxidermy mouse riding his guinea pig time machine and thought of you. http://www.tophattaxidermy.com/taxidermy-chuffy-time-machine.htm

    Not sure what that says about you. Or me. But, someone is thinking of you at least.

  386. YAY! So glad you’re having fun in LA. That clown on Main St. is possessed, so be careful.

  387. Does Victor know about the twinkle in your eye there? I’m telling.

  388. Ah, there’s my feed. I don’t want people to miss out on that post. It’s fucking brilliant. I lied.

    Simone recently posted The right guard.


    How do I stop yelling?

    Oh good. That’s over. Anyway! You HAVE to look at this, Jenny!

  390. So amazingly awesome. I love every bit of this.

  391. Wil Wheaton is totally invited to all future playtimes.

    Thiefree recently posted Recent events and Muppet Me.

  392. Did anyone else read that as ‘aromatherapy taxidermied bugs’ for a minute? That was a weird minute…

  393. 395
    Judy Black

    I love this . I wish there was a love button to click

  394. Note to self: Visit Pasadena. Wear Large coat. Sew secret extra large pockets in said coat. Tell no one.

    Valerie recently posted How Mannequin Hands Paid for Themselves in 24 Hours.

  395. You are so awesome!

  396. 398
    Not Supermom


  397. I’ll be Beyonce’d. I thought I had the best day ever today when my son came home from Afghanistan and I open my reader to find you doing your damnedest to one-up me. Well played, Bloggess, well played.

    Handflapper recently posted No wonder my septic tank keeps backing up..

  398. Just look at you in his house!

  399. Does it get better than this? I think not. Yay Wil & Jenny!

  400. I gasped so hard I choked on my spit. HOMAGA

  401. like the bloggess? Check out http://theforeignwife.blogspot.com/?m=1

  402. I did NOT know this: PPPS. Did you know that in Pasadena you can buy anthropomorphic taxidermied bugs doing a tarot card reading?

  403. I keep coming back to look. Because this just fills a hole I didn’t even know was there. Two of my favourite people in the same room, being awesome!

  404. I cannot even begin to tell you how happy this makes me. I always thought Will was cool. Coolest of the cool now. A god among geeks. (You do bring out the best in people, you know.)

    Varda (SquashedMom) recently posted Wordless Wednesday: Men in Trees.

  405. First @wilw responded to a tweet by one of my friends (last week — truth), and then he pulls out twine while he lets you collate? Standing ovation nothing, he deserves a relentless tsunami of adulation from the masses.

    btw, I observed a 3-foot Beyonce in front of a house down the block from me. As soon as camera meets cable meets computer, I plan to do a blog post on it. Beyonce: it’s everywhere.

    kmkat recently posted Ten on Tuesday, the happy music edition:.

  406. I think you just broke the space-time continuum. Also, I’m totally putting the caterpillar funeral on my wedding registry…I’m pretty sure that’s how you start a successful marriage.

    Lisa recently posted The Ongoing Saga of Atticus Finch...who may or may not be a zombie.

  407. Will Wheaton, Brian Boitano, and Jeri Ryan are now my heroes. You know, along with firemen and everyone in the military … Anyhooooooooo, I read this and I thought of you!! Camera-ready at all times! http://thispersonisamongus.blogspot.com/2012/03/this-is-so-amazing-i-cant-even-come-up.html

  408. I want to be you when I grow up. Not like you. you. In a non-creepy i’m jealous of your life kinda of way. You are more famous than famous people, cuz famous people invite you to their house. Then again, if I were you I probably would have gone all 11-year-old-with-a-crush and embarrassed myself. You can be you, I will be me and we can all be Furiously Happy.

    Brea recently posted Ten Things Tuesday--Classic Books by Parents.

  409. Love 🙂

  410. Awesome. You lucky fish. And you deserve it so, enjoy!!

    weezafish recently posted ANYONE KNOW HOW TO DISABLE CAPTCHA??.

  411. I was wondering if the next time you see Mr. Wheaton, you could ask him why in the movie Toy Soldiers (my favorite Wil Wheaton movie where he is taken hostage in a private boys school) does he go all vigilante? He could have totally stayed alive if he had just let Rudy (Sean Astin is only Rudy to me, he has no other movies as far as I’m concerned) do his thing.
    Anyway, that’s all. If you could ask Wil that question and let me know, it’s always bothered me.

  412. Awesome. I <3 Wil Wheaton. this is just another thing to prove how Awesome he is.

  413. Wow! I have never liked him more. That is awesome.

  414. The man deserves a freaking medal. I don’t know of many other celebrities who are this awesome about responding to fan requests and being just super awesome in general. Promote that ensign to captain damn it!

    The End

  415. only way it could have been better is if he presented you with one of the insects doing a tarot card reading, but still pretty cool

    Steve recently posted Super easy chicken casserole.

  416. I’m assuming that “Much to Victor’s chagrin.” means you’ve once again added to your taxidermist family.

    You’re like the Angelina Jolie. Of dead things that is…

    Bodaciousboomer recently posted Sucks, suckier, suckiest….

  417. 419

    aaahhhh the President and Vice president of the Unocorn Success Club~~~~~~~~~~

  418. 420
    Jennifer N.

    The Caterpillar Funeral is screaming for your doll house!

  419. 421
    Tori Lester

    So, I just started watching The Big Bang Theory reruns on TBS before I go to bed at night. Last night Will was on the show and I about fell off the bed laughing because I actually knew who he was…thanks to you. My husband thought I was so weird for laughing and enjoying the show as much as I did. Thanks! I had a Jenny moment at my house!

  420. I’m sure there’s some amazing backstory here that’s got you IN WIL WHEATON’S HOUSE!! But what I really want to know is how a well-endowed gal like yourself can wear a top like that?!?!?

  421. Answers to the questions asked in the comments: Yes, no, maybe, no problem, how dare you, exactly, too much, monkeys are better, I bought the caterpillar funeral, and strapless bra.

    Jenny the bloggess recently posted Wil Wheaton’s house, I AM IN YOU.

  422. I’m sure that you and Wil Wheaton together, collating and holding twine are one of the signs of the End Times.

    Jami recently posted Going for a record.

  423. You can get anything in CA. 🙂

    Allie recently posted Blogging Success: Failure Is Success.

  424. This delights me in a way that only Will Wheaton, Twine, and some hardcore collating can possibly accomplish. Wil is clearly a very upstanding gentleman and I wholeheartedly approve of his actions. I’m curious how you ended up in his house. I can only assume that advanced bartering was involved and the negotiation was one for the ages.

    Andrew recently posted Office of One.

  425. 427
    Phoebe Walker

    I never thought I could get a boner. But, here we are.

  426. I cannot believe you went to GOLD BUG without me! I even told you about the freaking store at Blog Her in the gold bathroom of the hotel. Aaargh. I love that store. And every time I go I think of you – and my kids always want me to buy something to send to you – especially when I see the taxidermied animals with little crowns.

    Jennifer Taggart recently posted Has Universal Pictures’ The Lorax forgotten the lessons learned? #Loraxwashing.

  427. 429
    Heather Greywolf

    Mr. Wheaton? My hat is off and I bow to you, Sir.
    You are ten kinds of what makes this world awesome. 🙂

  428. Just watched the episode of “Big Bang theory” where Whil Wheaton is taken of Sheldon’s mortal enemy list. Well done Whil.

    Vivian recently posted My child would never.

  429. I actually gasped when I saw the pictures! So much awesomeness in one place. There are no words madam.

    Ups, downs, twine or spatula, Jenny you are my hero!

  430. Beardless Wil Wheaton was always a favorite of mine, but not bearded Wil Wheaton? He’s a jerk on Big Bang, he’s a jerk on Eureka, he just rubbed me wrong due to my inability to separate him from his characters. But now, now that I see him collating AND holding twine, WITH THE BLOGGESS, now I love him again. As I obviously was meant to do all along.

  431. 433
    Nancy in MN

    Wil Weaton is AWESOME

  432. Wil W, you will forever be adored by the female blogging community.

    not blessed mama recently posted The Saw. And, I'm Weird.

  433. We are sooo in sync these days, it’s eerie. I was delayed in an airport too the other day. And then I found this and thought of you, Jenny. I don’t know how to get it for you, but I suspect you have reached the level of influence that unusual taxidermied animals simply cannot escape your gravitational well. So I’m hoping just telling you about it will start a chain of events that will bring it to you. And without further ado… (wait, one more thing – be sure to read to the end) …

  434. I almost feel like it’s a shame that I’m more of a Star Wars fan than a Trekkie. But you’ve had Will Wheaton collating papers and holding twine; and Jeri Ryan holding a spatula and you hung out with both of them! Seriously, people from Star Trek are amazing. Now if only Ewan McGregor would hang out with me.

    Trekkies, you win this round.

    Dwayne recently posted The Fairest of Them All....

  435. Haha I may be drunk but I thought it read me, Wil Wheaton, his lovely wife Victor, and ponies!

  436. Love. So much love. Wil Wheaton was my second crush ever, just after Jonathon Brandis. Sigh…. and sigh (for two different reasons)

  437. It would be awesome if you could get him into a red dress. lol.

  438. Insert here. Ahhh, I really needed that. Thank you Wil Wheaton and Jen.

  439. Just when I thought Wil couldnt get any cooler…

  440. You need to contact ABC. Tell them to give us a show with Castle holding twine, even for just a short while, and they will get bucketloads of free publicity. Maybe he picks up a whole roll of twine with a tell-tale cut end and tells Beckett he found what the victim was tied up with. Maybe something got broken and he used twine to tie it together so it’ll hold for just a while. Maybe Lanie hands him the little piece of twine with the blood on it that she just got done analysing from the body. Come on. Anything!
    In return, dozens of blog readers will be very pleased with AbC and telling their friends and family how awesome they are for making Nathan Billion hold twine.

  441. Wil Wheaton is the man – I’m sorry I never really saw you much on ST:TNG, but with Big Bang Theory and Leverage, I’m getting lots of good fixes. 🙂

    And Nathan – very disappointed in you!

  442. 446
    Leatrice Caffey

    It’s official…Wil Wheaton is a God…

  443. Have you heard? Nathan Fillion will be playing the god Hermes in the upcoming movie Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (Source: The Hollywood Reporter ). Perhaps you could contact one of the producers or writers, offer them a free signed bookplate in exchange for writing in a ball of twine for Mr. Fillion to hold somewhere in the movie!!! His image holding twine will be forever kept on film, millions of children who will see the movie will remember him holding twine and tell their own children when they grow up, and Mr. Fillion won’t suspect that you’re behind it! I bet it can be worked into the publicity photos for the movie!!! Wait, isn’t Hermes the god of twine????

    Diane recently posted Finishing Flagstone.

  444. You are my hero. Holy crap!

    Criz recently posted Updates on Week 30.

  445. Awesome. I saw Wil’s post about spending the day with you, and then his wife’s post, retweeted by you about some AMAZING socks. Definately best socks ever. They deserve a blog post all on their own.

  446. I’m so loving Wil Wheaton right now. If only Nater Tater were that amazing. Glad he’s good on his word! :o) He’s got my respect for life.

    Devon recently posted Fire In Ice by Devon Stewart.

  447. That is AWESOME and pretty damn cool how he looks almost EXACTLY like the picture he sent you. Smae facial expression and everything.

    And you got in his house. Oh and you were in LA? I wish I would have known, I would have found a way to sneak into LAX so I could meet my bloggy crush in person. Though not in a freaky stalker-ish way cuz I’m not like that.


    Shan @ Last Shreds Of Sanity recently posted Tide Laundry Soap Is Currency For Drugs. Apparently..

  448. OMG, my 12 year-old self is so effing jealous of you right now, it’s ridiculous. I was never a Star Trek fan, but Stand By Me? One of my all-time favorite movies. You can have your Kiefer, your Corey, your one-day-to-be-hot Jerry. I, my friend, pined for Wil. I hearted him so much…and it turns out for good reason. What a kind, generous, and ridiculously funny man. Please don’t get distracted by shiny things. I want to hear more of this most awesome story.

  449. I have that dress, love it!!!

  450. I am giving you and Wil a standing ovation along with a slow clap.

    Just awesome…

    Shoes recently posted Iron.

  451. I never thought I’d be sitting at my desk smiling and thinking people are awesome because they’ve collated and held twine…but here I am.

    LisaAR recently posted Get busy living,          or get busy dying..

  452. Dude, tell me more! Don’t leave me hanging! Do I need to insert another quarter?!

  453. Wil is the awesomest!!! And clearly a fan of yours!

  454. I just saw Wil Wheaton on Leverage last night and not really being up on who he was to begin with, I am now following him because of the TWINE story. Thanks Jenny, I think.

  455. 459

    Wait. How did I miss this post? Didn’t I tell you via Twitter that I had a dream this happened? That after the Nathon Fillion thing I decided it would be way cooler that Wil Wheaton were holding twine? That was my dream. And now it has come true. Now I can make a t-shirt that says “The Bloggess made my dreams come true”

  456. That Wil Weaton is a collating and twine-holding god! Thanks to you, Jenny for continuing to inspire these random pics!

  457. I don’t want to sound all gay but I had the BIGGEST crush on Wil Wheaton when I was younger.. Maybe that sounds a little gay but IDGAF.

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