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  1. Nice….Now you need Victor to build you a studio when you can display yourself…er…yeah.

  2. I love how the skull is the hair dryer and it’s just floating above…

  3. !!! The best! I love it. It really should be the back cover of your paperback release, that would be so cool.

  4. dude, that rocks…..the eyes totally have this……deep, soulful……”I will screw with you and you will love me for it” thing going.
    Nailed it.

  5. How amazing. You have way better friends than me. Even though my internet friends are totally awesome.

  6. If you squint your eyes and look real close you can see Will Wheaton collating papers inside the third roller to the right.
    p.s. I may or may not be drunk.

  7. Even prettier than the real you, and that’s saying something. It’s not actually true, of course, but, it is very nice.

  8. Love love love it… whimsy and the right attitude at the same time! Use it for book number two… or the new Fox animated series based on your book… and uh keep it away from the stalkers (just saying…)

  9. thanks for the share!! Kelly V is excellent and a very lovely painting of yourself (and Hamlet)

  10. That is simply divine! What a FANTASTIC artist…now I must go check out her wares.

  11. It’s awesome how many pictures of you people have taken it upon themselves to create, but have you ever wished you’d put a different picture of yourself up in the first place? My photo is on all my books and I kinda wish I’d brushed my hair first. Looking good, though!

  12. Thanks for linking us up to her. Those are some amazing works.

    They look like they belong in a book…or a book should be written around them.

  13. I’m new to your blog, so I don’t know the meaning of the mouse in the red cape, but he/she sure is cute 🙂

  14. Love it! And I love her stuff! I didn’t look at the ones you picked out first, and we ended up picking a few of the same ‘likes’.

  15. I agree with Sayre and whoever else said this should be the paperback edition cover, because it really is awesome.

  16. That is amazing! I love her work, especially Stream, Knothole, Thoughts and Green Tea! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  17. classic!!!!! the dryer blowing the skull right out of his hand. ……keep having a titter when i think of this…BRILLIANT post.x

  18. The painting it awesome!! I sometimes wish I had talent to paint and draw instead of the insane need to write, but I don’t have that talent. She does and it is fabulous!! 🙂

  19. Ohhh I envy your painting skills! I soooo love this! I wish I could draw myself, too. LOL

  20. you lucky, lucky girl!! She’s my favorite as well! amazing!! how big is it?? I have a tattoo on my ankle from one of her paintings.

  21. That is gorgeous. And reminds me, after I read your book on my breand new ereader, i am lending it to my sister. she said and i quote “isn’t that the one with the mouse on the front? I kinda wanna read that” then I had to explain to my family, including my very proper grandparents, your taxidermy habit and how I wanted to put Juanita on my birthday cake but my toothache has cancelled all cake plans.

  22. Wow, Kelly’s paintings are fantastic, even though she’s missing a scene where a fancy mouse is riding on the back of a flying platypus in the Sonoran Desert. Other than that, what a great talent.

  23. Iwant her to illustrate my book, the one that I haven’t written yet, but will start writing right this second if only to get her to illustrate it.

  24. So fantastic! I love artwork like that. I am in the process of adding new pieces to my own collection so that there are no so many naked pictures of me in my house, and these are awesome!

  25. I second The Ho from Idaho’s request (Comment 58) for a Bloggess art gallery – that would be so cool!

  26. I love this so hard.

    Which is saying a lot, given my debilitating fear of both mice and portable hair dryers …

  27. NOW I know what to do when a taxidermied mouse climbs on top of my head! Of COURSE!

    Perfect portrait. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  28. EW reviewed your book, mentioned your website, and now I have to read how many fucking back posts to catch up? I didn’t want to like you ( I already have a ton of DVR guilt! And so I can’t possibly do blog guilt too), but then I read “unicorn success club” and now I’m so afraid I will miss something really funny, AND everyone will be talking about me because I don’t know all the cool posts Jenny Lawson has written.

  29. Whoa. That looks great and all…but what is Ferris gonna think about this?

    Isn’t up top where he stays??

  30. Wait, now I have to stare at that picture – you all see a skull getting blown out and here I thought Hamlet had a teeny Phantom of the Opera mask…

  31. Man, I love that. Like would hang it in my own house. And not as a creepy shrine to you, but just because its that awesome.

  32. incredible! now just be sure not to spill any strawberry – or other flavored – gravy on it!

  33. That is so freaking amazing. Art is the ultimate gift and art about yourself, even better!! I heart you Bloggess!

  34. Looks great, but I’m not sure if Hamlet should be tossing around that mouse skull. It’s probably brittle. And stuff. You know, like how mouse skulls are. Um… yeah.

    The end.

  35. Ask her if I can share these with my students and have them write the stories behind them. They look like stories waiting to be illustrated by words from my gifted kids
    Shari- your soulmate that you haven’t met

  36. Wow, I am SO jealous. I LOVE Kelly Vivanco and it is my dream to have her paint my kids. Not literally paint them, but make a painting of them. But you knew what I meant.

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