Photos from the road

This isn’t a real post.  It’s just pictures from the road as I continue leg 2 of the tour (Maryland tomorrow and the next day).

Someone bad-ass made me a superhero cape…Beyonce on one side and a silver depression ribbon on the reverse:


Waiter…there’s a mouse in my cake.


Why yes, actually, I am wearing a NASCAR shirt at the NASCAR museum. Because one cancels out the other.

Bloggess cupcakes.  Bonus points if you get all the references.


An enormous thank you to everyone who has made this tour so absolutely fabulous so far.  Friendships have been made.  Cupcakes have been shared.  Xanax has been imbibed.  Double Unicorn Success Club status has been conferred on all.

Thank you.  Thank you to everyone who has supported and continues to support this bizarre and wonderful journey.  Thank you for understanding when I need to hide under a table.  Thank you for caring.  Thank you for being the very best kind of misfit.  Thank you for teaching me I’m maybe not so much of a misfit after all.  Thank you for helping me find my tribe.

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  1. Thank YOU for being so awesome & so brave! It was so great to come out last night & hear you & meet you AND have my picture with you! When contemplating whether to make the drive to come, my husband encouraged me with “Get busy living, or get busy dying.” And I’m so glad!! You make the world a happier place!

  2. double unicorn success club??? pee pants EXCITED!!! how awesome are those cupcakes?! and the cape rocks, too. just finished your book and it is going down as one of the best books i’ve ever read. a sincere thank you for writing it.

  3. One day… one day I will get to meet you! Youre gonna be signing all kinds of shit for me too!! LOL Congrats!!!

  4. Misfit? never. Uber author star? Yes. Ive read your book twice and am sharing the love deep down in the bowels of Melbourne.
    T xx

  5. Thank you so much for coming out to see your merry band of misfit minions. I know that I appreciate you for all the laughter and tears you have provided me with over the years. If you ever need someone to block the bathroom door or to pretend that you’re not under the table, please feel free to let me know.

  6. Tell whomever made you that fabulous cape to set up an Etsy shop so all of us depressed souls can buy one!

  7. OMG wait. If you ate Copernicus and he’s in you, it’s just like the Trilogy of Terror doll when his spirit invaded the woman in story #3! Someone, anyone, tell me you remember that ABC Movie of the Week (especially when he chased her making that horrible noise (that I still can make/hear)).

  8. Ah, cake and cup cakes, just the thought of them make me crave insulin. Anyway, glad you’re having a wonderful time. Make sure that if anyone takes a cup cake that they take the whole thing. No one likes that person that just leaves a part of a cupcake. Oh, and I used douche canoe in reference to a hockey player when I was reffing the other night. Gotta good feeling that’s going to catch on in the hockey community. Thanks.

  9. What is the weirdest thing you have recveived? And when are you coming to Intercourse PA? You need to do signing in intercourse because everyone can see you in the middle of Intercourse.

  10. OMG i am absolutely fucking in love with this whole tour. You’ve seriously made me believe *I* could be “normal”

    that while I was fucked up and broken, some where there was someone just like me who did the same things I did

  11. Thank YOU for being so awesome and sharing your adventures with us. Thank you for your sense of humor. And thank you for making me feel less out of place.
    Thank you!

  12. I always have to be careful when I look at your blog because you never know when a mouse picture will make an appearance. And I am terrified of mice. There’s actually a name for that – mousaphobia I believe or something like that. Luckily, I’m reading your book on my ereader, so I don’t have to look at the cover 🙂

    Best of luck as you continue on your tour.

  13. You are getting some awesome tour mementos! Apparently, you are beloved by persons who make crazy and delicious baked goods! It was a wonderful feeling at the Dallas signing to know that there is indeed a ‘tribe’ that I fit in with after a lifetime of envying “the cool kids”.

    Rock on, Jenny!

  14. I had you sign two copies of your book for me in San Antonio — one for me, and one to serve as a “traveling red dress,” only with more swearing and less poufiness. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that it’s already on its way to its second person “in need,” with instructions to pass along at just. the right. moment. Because despite our flawed, misfit selves, we’re all confident and kick-ass enough to know when that is.
    And Copurnicakes for everyone, I say!

  15. Yay! They are:
    1) a flying mouse with a cape
    2) your scary monkey who gives hugs
    3) blank
    4) silver depression ribbon
    5) you once went to 1867 with your parents
    6) the red dress that you look like a pin up in
    7) twine!
    8) unknown disgustingness
    9) Beyonce the Giant Metal Rooster
    10) mouse dropping?
    11) Tardis from Dr. Who
    12) the font from your British book version

  16. Can just imagine the bookstore management:

    “Someone brought her a cake with a mouse on top??? And a cape?”

    “What kind of woman is she? What’s a Bloggess?”

    “How long do you think these people will be in our store?”

    “But, damn, she sells books.”

  17. Oh man . . . pressure! I am coming to see you on Sunday. I cannot live up to those awsome gifts, though. You will just have to be content with my very unique form of awesome and sparkly personality. It’s really a treat for all!! (i.e. you might wanna just stay in the bathroom).

  18. EEP! I’m bringing you something AWESOME tomorrow! Not cupcakes *even though I am a baker* but something even more epic! I cant wait to see you! <3

  19. Loved them all, but my favorite would have to be the chocolate cake.

    But then, whenever there is chocolate cake, it is always my favorite.

  20. Awww… You gived me goose bumps!! Yay for Tribe Finding!!! God.. I hope someone brings you a chief headdress because that would be all bad ass….

    See you tomorrow!!! Yay!!!

  21. I so enjoyed your reading in Atlanta and the Q&A session. I just wish I had been able to get down there earlier. Those silly kids of mine got in the way. Go figure, I had to make sure I had childcare before I could leave. The cape is awesome. Besides, you got to escape me going all “fan girl” on you, and trying to get you to read my blog. Thanks for simply being awesome and inspiring me that it is possible.

  22. It sounds like you’re having a blast, but can I ask… If it were me, I would be exhausted and by now wouldn’t want to come out of the bathroom, even if, literally, everybody who came up to me held a complimentary chicken in a superhero cape holding a rodent cupcake. How are you managing? You *really* deserve that cape. My hat goes off to you.

  23. No, thank YOU for schlepping all over the country (and being away from Victor and H at home) to bring us all such high entertainment. Hearing you read in your own voice was hysterical and priceless. Hope you have some rest coming up.

  24. I had the great pleasure last night of getting a text at 1 am from a friend of mine who doesn’t read blogs. It said, “I am reading this book by a girl named Jenny Lawson, it is so funny I’m crying. Made me think of you, you should read it.”

    I’m a little bit proud that whenever my friends cry they think of me. Also, so excited that people who weren’t aware of you before get to share in the awesome. Also, mad that he has a copy before me.

    Also, Yeah Jenny!

  25. Based on these comments, I think I’m the only man following you, which I’m perfectly secure in doing, and just because I’m not telling my friends that I follow a babbling woman who plays with dead animals and that I’m enjoying it immensely, doesn’t mean I’m ashamed of it. Much.

    The RB

    P.S. I want you to come back to SF so I can meet you, but if you do I will probably steal your cape. Just a heads up.

  26. LOVE the cape- that is beyond awesome. I wish you would come to Lynchburg or Roanoke,VA. Would love to get to see all of your greatness in person.

  27. So excited to have been able to make your signing in Charlotte. You are so funny, the book is AWESOME as is your blog. Love that you are so down to earth. Love it!

  28. Damn! I wish I had the skills to make those cupcakes or to sew (anything, not just the kick ass cape… because I can’t even sew a button onto clothing). I just finished reading your book and may or may not have wet myself a time or two laughing. Keep up the awesome work!!!

  29. “Thank you for helping me find my tribe…”…That’s only fair, you helped us find ours! xoxo

  30. LMAO continually. Is there room under the table? Thank you thank you thank you for making my life a little bit lighter, and making me think about EVERYTHING. Corte Madera was a little bit too north for me – maybe you can stop on the Central Coast (Santa Cruz/Half Moon Bay) sometime?

  31. Wow… everyone is really bringing their A game. Hows a girl to compete?!? Unless I kidnap my husband and make you sign his nipple!!!

  32. You’re welcome. I won’t get to see you tomorrow, but a friend of mine should be bringing a picture of my boobs for you to sign. 😀

  33. This just made my morning… er afternoon. Thank you for this.

    Husband and I are already planning on seeing you in Boston and we have to figure out what to bring with us. The bar just keeps getting set higher and higher…

  34. Now I want a superhero cape, Except mine would be filled with just liquor bottles and failed aspirations. Great, now I have depressed myself.

  35. Awesome cape! Now we can watch for you flying through the air to rescue all the twine and metal chickens of the world.

  36. I know this totally isn’t the point but holy shit balls you look amazing in that blue top. You’re “literary” glowing. Ok that was a stretch but just roll with me here.

  37. Thank you for bringing us into your wacky and wonderful world. You make me laugh everytime I read your blog. Im so proud of the way you deal with your issues. It can be scary to throw them out into the world for us to see. We love you and totally support you!

  38. I missed you in FL! 🙁 I wasn’t a super huge fan just then, but now I’m a super huge fan. I bought your book, so come back! LOL.

    No really I’m bummed I missed you here. You rock.

  39. That cape is SUPER bad ass. I’d say I’m jealous, but really, you earned it!

  40. Seattle is full of misfits! You better get that tour headed in this direction, pronto! Loving your book, but would love to have you sign it for me. Knock knock, mother fucker. Hurry up, it isn’t raining at the moment!

  41. Did you get a NASCAR hat, too, because that would really complete the look. Bonus points if you picked up an official NASCAR gun rack.

    P.S. I love you (not in a crazy stalker way).

  42. Since the very beginning, you’ve always been my very favorite and most full of awesome kind of misfit. The kind that makes me want to misfit in the most spectacular and silly and furiously happy ways.

    There may be lots of Jennys in this world, but there is only one Bloggess.

  43. Come to St. Louis. There are multiple reasons why you should do so but, a big one is that we have Beyonce’s siblings. (Yes, multiple.) Well, *I* don’t actually own them but, you can see them where they live. And, you can get pizza good enough for the President at the same time. Bottom line: St. Louis needs you and loves you and your book!

  44. That cape is awesome. And someone has some mad cupcake skillz.

    Thank you for giving us a reason to rally. Your blog and book are awesome. And so is your brain. And so are you.

  45. 1. I KNEW I should have put a “basketti” sign on cupcake #8… seriously, who would get that?
    2. 2 of the just have chocolate chips because I couldn’t figure out how to make an appropriate lady garden or decent Bloggess logo and I ran out of time.
    3. Sugar cupcake Copernicus was, somewhat ironically, brushed with “luscious peach” to make him look aged.
    4. Wait. Are my little cupcakes on the Bloggess today? WHAT!?!?!?
    5. Dear Jenny, you’re a-freakin’-dorable and lovable. Thanks for being you. And for coming to Atlanta so we could adore you in person.

  46. I really REALLY hope I can make it to see you in New York!!! I’m not above begging for help.

  47. You don’t need to thank us, Crazy Lady. You know we love ya!

  48. So, at first I thought the cape was a moomoo…. The cape is much better.

  49. Was in NYC this week and got my second copy of your book, this time signed. My kid schleped across Manhatten for it. You were apparently surprised to see a young man in line and asked “why?” He replied “Mother’s Day gift”. “You win” was your response. I win, actually. Thanks. I had not finished reading my first copy so I read on the plane home. The bad thing about your writing is that one needs another person, right there, to share it with. People on the plane were not really interested in zombies. Oh well.
    Take care, you bring light to my world and that has to count for something.

  50. Arnebya, I too was haunted by the steak knife-wielding, come-to-life Voodoo doll and its “rabblerabblerabble” noises still haunt my nightmares all these years later. I have a feeling that story may be why both of us ended up *here*.

  51. 43Jami said on May 18, 2012 at 1:57 pm
    “Misfit Tribe mating call.”

    Can I second this? And yes I want a T-shirt, or at least a T-shirt big enough to wear as a nightshirt. Like… yesterday.

  52. Dammit! After reading this “not real” post and all the comments, now I am SUPER pissed that I missed you in Charlotte!

  53. Just want you to know that more than one person got me your book for my birthday. Because everyone knows how much I crazy love you. While you’re adding tour dates, how about Jackson, WY? I will come… And there are buffalo here…. Dammit, I almost always love living in my small town!

  54. Oh also, I have totally perfected my zombie apocalypse plan. Thank you for opening my eyes to the serious nature of this problem! Also, you’re welcome to join me. Because I have the BEST zombie apocalypse plan you’ve ever heard. And you’re funny. And we can be there for each to take turns hiding in the bathroom with panic attacks, k?

  55. Oh, and because I don’t seem to be able to stop posting today, my Collectors Club members are currently enjoying a private Zombie Apocalypse sale in your honor. Just thought you might want to know that you may have detrimentally affected my art and those who wear it forever.

  56. Come to Minnesota! We’ll make you wild rice cupcakes and wild rice pancakes and wild rice rice.

    just come to Minnesnowta!

  57. This is all really awesome.

    All except for the KNOCK KNOCK icing.

    It admittedly looks like semen.

    JIZZ JIZZ, motherfucker!

    And there, I had to go and ruin a perfectly lovely post. This is why my husband never takes me out on dates any more.


  58. You are getting verrrry sleeeeeepy.. you want to come to Deeeennnnnver… you are powerless to resisssssssssssst….

  59. This is one of those comments begging you to come somewhere. You have been warned, so here it goes:

    Please come to Kansas! Pretty pretty PLEASE!!!!
    (preferably Wichita, it’s the closest big city to where I live)

  60. Holy crap! So looking forward to seeing you in Annapolis on Sunday, but I don’t bake or sew. I hope you will love me even if I don’t bring homemade awesome gifts. I’ll come with my unbridled admiration.

  61. This is just so much fun to read about your successes. My book just came out but my author talks, etc., will be a bit more subdued! Keep up the great tour.

  62. That’s it, I need my own cape now. Mine shall have Freud on one side and a ribbon for constipation awareness on the other.

  63. Thank YOU for coming to NC. I know I’ve already said it, but seriously. Thank you. My favorite authors NEVER come to Charlotte, so you were something of a first for me. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.

  64. I love that you say this isn’t a real post because it’s awesome! I love you, in a totally non-stalker-even-though-you-shouldn’t-be-surprised-if-I-show-up-at-your-house kind of way. 🙂

  65. OH. What we forgot to tell you because we were wrapped up in social anxiety at the awesomeness of meeting you: What else you need. To go with Ron Weasely et al. You need someone with more cash than I have to buy you this:

    And then you need to have the second Holly in line last night make a cute little wizard cape for the stuffed otter. And then you will name him (dun du DUN!): Harry Otter.

    That was not my idea, though I desperately want to claim it. It belongs to the second Holly in line last night, the one who thanked you when you told her she was the second Holly in line. It was the one thing she really wanted to tell you, besides thank you. So I’ll let it be her idea, even though I’m the one who actually told you, for which I should totally get credit. Harry Otter.

    Who is ponying up the cash?

  66. Love the pictures! (some of them made me hungry!) The blogging tribe really is one of the best, isn’t it? I’m having so much fun! Happy to hear everything is going so well.

  67. You know you’ve got something when you’ve made people say “Wait – which Beyonce?”

    Congrats on your success, it is well-deserved! <3

  68. When you go on the book tour for your second book (!), please schedule a stop in Metro Detroit or Grand Rapids or ANYWHERE, because it would be such a thrill to come and support and cheer you on!

    I got a lump in my throat reading your last paragraph. Thank YOU, Jenny. Every time I read one of your blog posts, every time I get even a minute with you at BlogHer, every time I say to another blogger “do you read The Bloggess?” and they squeal YES OH MY GOD SHE IS SO AWESOME, when I shared a photo on Facebook of a big metal chicken and said this reminds me of The Bloggess and got into an awesome conversation with another blogger about how much we love you….it makes me feel like I am part of YOUR tribe. And that is one fucking awesome feeling.

    p.s. Elle Persephone wins +1 Million Internets for knowing the references on all the cupcakes!

  69. Thank you so much for coming to Charlotte!!! You’ve got a real knack for story telling. Meeting you was amazing and hearing you read on drugs is probably every bit as good as when you’re not. Thanks for brightening my day on a daily basis. Get well soon to you and Juanita both!

    Yours truly,

    Fan of the foxen.

  70. Jenny, we (myself and your other fans on the Barnes and Noble staff) are so psyched for you to come to Annapolis! Wear the cape! Is it too late to bring Wil Wheaton?

    NO, we are not asking ourselves who you are, or how long you and your fans will be in the store: we are counting the minutes until you get here! I’ve been following your blog for years, and I actually screamed out loud when I got the email from corporate that we were going to be able to have you come to our store. (From the office next to mine: “OMG, Was that MELANIE?” “Yeah, but I think it was a happy scream.”)

    You’ll find friends here who can’t wait to meet you. And we’ll try to be cool and not all fan-stalker-y and we’ll try not to beg you to be our BFF and freak you out with sheer unadulterated adoration…but if a little bit of heroine worship leaks out around the edges, forgive us!

  71. I am the one who made the cape. I posted on my blog about it. You can check it out and leave me a comment if you’d really like one. Thank you Jenny for being so completely amazing. I can’t believe you called me a bad ass. If you said it it must be true!!!

  72. You are very loved, Mrs. Jenny… you make me feel like I’m not a misfit… guess this would be an awesome friendship in the making.

    Love you dearly… like Beyonce Cupcakes and Super Jenny Capes… 🙂

  73. I’m still trying to find the balls to wear my red dress to whenever you’re in Chicago. I don’t know how you do it, but I love you for it, Jenny.

  74. Wow, getting your own superhero cape is bad ass, I am completely in awe! Here’s to hoping leg number whenever you can make it brings you to Oregon.

  75. No Jenny, thank you for being YOU and sharing your world with all of us. The world is a better and brighter place because of you (and Taylor Swift). Please pretty please with a xanax on top, please come to Seattle, washington. The weather is even cooperating. It’s not the usual raining sideways we’re known for.

  76. Thank you so much for signing my copy of YOUR book and 50 Shades of Gray! You have a wonderful sense of humor, and I am so happy for you and your success!!!

  77. I am still grateful to have been able to meet you, even if it took 3 klinopin and a grumpy ass Husband to get me there. Also still pissed my kids left me nothing but index cards to write my little note on. Seeing as I was pretty drugged by the time I got to you, I had to “Cliff’s Notes” version my note to you on my latest post/book review… and yes… I am a horrible follower who only last night finished the book. I didn’t want it to end. 🙁

  78. I AM SO DEPRESSED I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO SEE YOU ON TOUR. You should come to Chattanooga, Tennessee because damn, it’s CHATTANOOGA. We have the Chattanooga Choo Choo. I will give you something way better than a cape and baked goods.

  79. WOW… those cup cakes are impressive… I’d have to really step it up if you ever make it out to Arizona..
    Seriously, congrats… this must be a TRIP AND A HALF.

  80. My dyslexia read the line about the cape as “Someone bad-ass made me a reverse superhero cape…Beyonce on one side and a silver depression ribbon” and I was like, wait, isn’t that just a giant bib? But I still thought it was cool.

  81. AHHH!!! How did i miss that you are coming to Maryland?!!! LOVE your book and LOVE your blog!! So bummed right now that we can’t get to Gaithersburg or Annapolis. Any chance you will ever come near the mountains in Western Maryland to Deep Creek Lake? In the meantime, we’ll just read and re-read LPTNH and keep up with the blog. By the way, the laughter you inspire is our Xanax! It is good medicine to laugh so much. So “Thank you” Dr. Bloggess, for keeping our prescription of giggles fits and belly laughs up to date and in such abundant supply! 😉

  82. Seeing your cape makes me want to get a confidence cape. I would wear it when I felt less then super….so all the time really…

  83. I would just like to point out once again that you have more comments asking you to come to Seattle after this post than any other locale. This has to mean something. 🙂 Come to Seattle!

    PRETTY PLEASE?????!?!?!?!??

  84. Of course it was the very last sentence of this post that made me cry. 🙂

  85. Am new to your tribe. Still standing on the outside looking at all the tribelettes having fun and wishing SO DAMN HARD I had the nerve to walk up and act like I had been here all along and all. So here I am. And you make me feel – well, ok, not less weird. Just less weird about feeling so weird. Thank you.

  86. One of my friends went to see you and she said you were freaking amazing! And she also said you signed a Beyonce puppet for me, so thank you thank you thank you. I will love it and treasure it forever, especially because it’s not a Copernicus puppet that would strangle me in my sleep. (This just took a weird turn. Sorry. I don’t make the rules here.)

    And also, I am geeking out that you went to the NASCAR Hall of Fame that is like, honestly, a mile from where I used to live. Geeking. Out.

  87. I am so psyched to have gotten to meet you today, and to be inducted into the Double Unicorn Success Club too??? This day just keeps getting better and better! Jenny Day in Gaithersburg totally rocked! Thank you for coming to see us! And “Get the fuck away from me!” (Secret handshake to be added later 😉 and maybe a dance, if there is alcohol involved…)

  88. Sofa king awesome. Seriously. I wish I could have seen you while you were out in Hell-A (that’s LA for all of you out of towners) but ya know… the 405 on a Thursday? Even you can’t get me to do that.

  89. I’m so jaded I didn’t know people who never met IRL could care about each other so much (I barely like anyone IRL, besides my husband). I’m a new reader but it seems if anyone is deserving of such things it is you my dear. 🙂

  90. Yesterday, I drove from North Carolina back to New York, because my vacation ended. In front of a farm stand in Maryland, there was a big metal chicken (4 feet maybe? 3?) that looked remarkably like Beyonce, but I was in the wrong lane to swerve over and stop. And the car was full of vacation stuff.

  91. I wish you’d been able to get to Baton Rouge or New Orleans. I’d have been there in a HEARTBEAT! I might even have brought you snacks, but since my fibro is flaring like crazy I might have just brought you apologies for not bringing tasty handmade snacks, which just isn’t a good replacement.

    You’re such an inspiration. I smile every time I see your book for sale, and I actually read your book in the bookstore because I couldn’t wait to get home with it. People stared at me a lot, because I’m the sort of person who laughs REALLY LOUD when something amuses me, and your book was funny as hell.

    Man, I’m typing a lot… I think I should probably just cancel this whole comment but I won’t, so there. You rock, Jenny!

  92. Jenny, You totally rocked Gaithersburg–standing room only, a standing ovation AND a police escort! I’m so glad I made the hour-and-a-half drive JUST FOR YOU. You did not disappoint. Thank you for being you.

  93. Those Bloggess items are awe f**king some! Although why you didn’t wear the Beyonce cape to the NASCAR Hall of Fame is beyond me. Probably wouldn’t even have been the strangest outfit there…

  94. @Annie (#144) – You don’t have to walk up to join in, because by posting here you just proved that you HAVE been a member of the tribe all along and therefore you DO belong. Because we’re misfits, sometimes we go off by ourselves for a while, but we know we’ve always got the tribe at our back. Although sometimes the ones at your back are looking over your shoulder when you’re trying to read and that shit is just rude.

  95. Actually, I think I consider myself more a member of YOUR tribe. 🙂

  96. That cape is pretty freaking awesome. Also, I totally saw a Beyonce look a like at a store and told my mom we needed it in our yard. Yeah… she wouldn’t buy it. Which was annoying. She didn’t even buy the flying pig they had either! So now my yard is both beyonce-less AND flying pig-less. A depressing fact.

  97. So if I come to one of your signings I have to bring something? Time to get to work.

  98. Can’t wait to see you when you come to my town on tour. Also in advance, THANK YOU FOR COMING TO MY TOWN ON TOUR. It means a lot to us. 🙂

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