As I mentioned this weekend, Victor gave me an adorable and emotionally unbalanced rescue kitten for our anniversary.  I can only imagine that this kitten was originally given up because he likes to pretend that he’s drunk, and when he gets really into it he thinks he’s some kind of deadly karate master, and he starts kicking inanimate (or invisible) objects as if they have personally offended him.  Not even a joke, people.

PicMonkey Collage3

I think there might be something wrong with him.  So far, in every picture he looks either passed out or belligerent and possibly high.  And that’s exactly how he came up with his own name.

Introducing…Hunter S. Thomcat:


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  1. Reminds me of my old cat, Olive. Except she was less ‘drunk’ and more ‘the soul of a serial killer caught in a tiny ball of fur’. Watch this one. It may be planning your death. More so than cats usually do, I mean.

  2. We have a similar kitty. His name is Whitey. He’s not white. But he’s wobbly and adorable. When he’s startled, he just falls over.

  3. That is the most adorable, drunk, drug-addled, violent and insane kitten in the history of ever!

  4. Squeeee! He’s sooo cute! Maybe one day he’ll sober up and turn into a respectable kitty… who am I kidding…. I’m looking forward to reading about his adventures!

  5. When I was little, we got kitten who was taken from her mother too early. She never got enough of the nursing experience, so into her old age, whenever she was snuggling with her people, she would suck on our earlobes. True story.

  6. Best. Cat. Ever. I love that “alternate reality” where kittens exist.

  7. I had a cat with similar symptoms – he was exposed to panleukopenia in utero, and it borked up his motor coordination. He was otherwise healthy and happy and lived to a ripe old age. Watching him drink water was a source of great mirth in our house for about 16 years 🙂

  8. awwwww, i want a drunk ninja kitteh!!! i should try to talk hubby into a pet for our 20th anniversary coming up.. good thinking sister!!

  9. But he’s cute. Their are like 4 pictures of our Bob that aren’t crazy he would always try and eat tr camera he didn’t like things covering our faces. Well covering anything we couldn’t wear socks till he was 2 and if our sleeves where to long he’d bite them until we put are arms through. That dog was so damn neurotic, bless him it’s a wonder I miss him so much (I guess having someone in the house more neurotic than me). But crazy animal pictures are better I think.

  10. Yay for slightly unbalanced orange kittens! He is gorgeous (and by gorgeous I of course mean bat-shit crazy, wouldn’t expect anything else from a creature brought into your home).

  11. I totally call my mom’s orange cat The Ginger Ninja. He appears and disappears at will, walking on paper feet. You can tell he’s coming from the paper-crunching sounds. He’s a poor ninja.

  12. I was kind of hoping Ginger Ninja *was* going to be the name.
    IMO He seems deranged in just the perfect sort of way 🙂

  13. Looks just like my Dexter. See? I’m holding my MEOW frame up to the screen. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made rescuing that cat. I hope your experience is the same.

  14. Looks just like my Dexter. See? I’m holding my MEOW frame up to the screen. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made rescuing that cat. I hope your experience is the same.

  15. He looks like he’s yelling at you in the last picture. Or explaining how he expects to be treated. (We have a cat who was born yelling and has never stopped.) Or little black panther kitty, Inky. A ferocious hunter, but every now and then, cuddle-bug.

    Beautiful baby. (You say emotionally unbalanced like it’s a bad thing?) Normal is so boring.

  16. Oh. My. God. All I can think of right now is “Lilo and Stitch”, when they’re all skeptical at the pound that Lilo wants Stitch instead of another “dog” because he’s so clearly . . . not right, and Lilo’s just like “Nope. He’s the one. I can tell”.

    I love how Ferris is just looking at him like “What is wrong with this thing?”.

  17. This kitten couldn’t be any more perfect for you and your family. He is going to fit right In and provide us with hours of entertaining pictures!

  18. And a pirate!! (2nd row, left). He’s adorable (and looks like he will be huge if his paws are accurately photographed lol). And awesomely named :D.

  19. I don’t have any cats or daughters, but I always seem to like the ones my friends have. And, as a redhead, Ginger Ninja is most perfect. I look forward to the further adventures of HST.

  20. YAY! I was hoping you’d name him Hunter S., because your description of him in the car on the way home was just perfect.

  21. perfect name! i keep thinking I want a kitten, but my most recent, erm, house crasher, was about 1-1/2 years old and more than I can handle. She steals stuff from my craft table, she stelas stuff from my computer desk, it’s like having a lazy kitten. she has fits and starts of energy, then she collapses in a giant heap of fat.
    she also eats all the food and leaves nothing for the other 4. Kittens!

  22. Hunter S. Thomcat is a GREAT name for a cat. My wife and I used to have a cat that looked very much like him who was named Jojo Precious Tiger Kitty. Our dogs are Sir Corwin the Beautiful Dog-Faced Dog, Brindled Beast of Sylmar and Lord Buckley Sweetlips, Greatest of All Dane Mutts (The Dinosaur Slaying Dog). In my novel (as yet unpublished) the lead character has a cat named M. Furry Abraham.

    I am a big fan of the good pet names. And of you. And now of your lovely kitten.


  23. Ginger Ninja will stalk you in the night and fearlessly snuggle! Fearlessly!

    Or possibly learn to wake you by knocking things off your bureau. That’s my boy’s favorite trick.

  24. @spinstersister is right, Hunter S. Thomcat looks like he’s got mild cerebellar hypoplasia, usually caused by a virus in utero.
    Ferris Meweler looks quite disappointed in his ninja skills; why didn’t anyone teach that kid that ninjas are supposed to be silent and dignified and hiding in christmas trees, not drunk Rockette dancers?

  25. Excellent! A most welcome addition 🙂

    I can’t wait to see his antics .. just one question – what does he think of Jaunita Weasel?

  26. Excellent name!

    Ginger Ninja is a good name, too, for his sister. When she arrives. If she is also a drunken karate master.

  27. Hunter S. Thomcat is a multi-talented little guy: martial arts AND gonzo journalism? It’s all too much for me.

    I hope he doesn’t take Ferris Meweler on a trip…

  28. What a wonderful kitty and name. We adopted some rescues earlier this year and the girl is just now acting normal. Thank goodness too cause for a while I thought we might have to find her a new home

  29. One of my cats was like this as a kitten. She was never what I’d refer to as sensible, she had this perplexing habit of chasing dogs and she liked to watch animals hunting each other on the discovery channel. She lived to be 21 in virtually perfect health until the day she passed.

  30. Adorable! I wish we could have another cat, but my little grey lady would be most put out if we got another one. She still hasn’t forgiven me completely for bringing home the kids. 🙂

  31. You likely have a CH kitty (Cerebellar Hypoplasia) and that is why it is a rescue kitteh. Do you have video of it walking around (stumbly)? Doesn’t mean the little ninja won’t live a long, happy life!

  32. Love him! We have a white cat, peek a boo, he came with our house, he has mad ninja moves about 8pm every night. We aren’t sure what his previous life was like, but apparently ninja moves served him well on the streets…

  33. Welcome, Hunter S. Thomcat, Ginger Ninja Extraordinaire!
    I am certain you have a fabulous life ahead of you in Jenny’s household! Looking forward to hearing about your escapades!

  34. I really want to adopt a kitten, but our landlord wont allow it. I’m hoping that he just…doesn’t come over (ever) and we can sneak it in. And keep it. I NEED a furry little cuddle buddy.

  35. This post is TOOO funny! I can’t stop laughing at Hunter’s hilarious poses. I am so glad you have a new baby to help fill the Posey sized void in your heart. It seems that your husband knows the secret to you. You seem to be doing much better, and we are all grateful for that. You are our life support!

  36. I LOVE him. My kid just downloaded a book for my iPad that’s called Ginger Ninja. I have NO IDEA where it came from but I fully approve – especially as I am building a ginger army and we could use some ninjas.

  37. Ah, the stripey orange lunacy. The name seems completely appropriate, honestly.

    I have a similar furball, orange and striped and FULL OF THE BATSHITTERY OMG.

    When we first got him, he came to us in a 6-pack-sized cooler bag, and the first thing he did was, in a panic, to hook the very front edge of my nostril with one claw. Then he fell asleep in my cleavage by way of apology, and after a power nap, decided to clamber up my back to attack my swinging ponytail.

    My fault, I know. Presenting a self-grown TOY is just asking for it. So I chopped off my hair (I’d been thinking about it already, I swear) and he stopped Velcro-walking up my torso every time I got out of bed, and instead settled for tormenting our older cat and refusing to learn the Dangers of Things That Can Fall On You. Like humans, or things humans are carrying, or certain pieces of furniture, if hung from in particular ways.

    Our existing cat hated him on sight, and wasn’t much thrilled with the interactive experience, either. Ginger Ninja describes the new guy’s attitude toward Arlo, the pre-existing cat. While Arlo hissed and growled, Finn ignored him unless he was using him as a noisy, smacky tackling dummy. It was especially fun to watch our 18-pound, 8-year-old male being tackled and toppled by a 3-pound, 3-month-old kitten, then summarily ignored when he was no longer fun to climb on.

    He got stepped on roughly five thousand times before he was a year old. He’s 2.5 years old now, and still hasn’t learned, except to begin ‘fighting back’ by turning around and swatting whoever’s tripped over him. At least his constant indignant cries of ‘How could you step on me?’ made Arlo sympathetic, and now they’re best buddies. And he’s a really sweet cat, when he’s not being a twerp. He gives excellent cuddles, I must say, and purrs so loudly you can hear him across most rooms.

    We called him Finn, after Neil Finn of Crowded House, because all of my cats are named after male singer-songwriters, and WHO AM I TO BUST A TREND, AMIRITE? I think Finn’s rubbing off on me…

  38. We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the litterbox when the ‘nip began to take hold.

  39. He’s adorable. If I ever need a poster child for drugs, alcohol, violence or insanity, he’s the one!

  40. We have his doppelgänger. His traditional name is Fred, we call him “The Terrorist”. Good luck with yours.

  41. @liz- proof Jenny’s commenters are funny too.
    Ferris Meweler looks quite disappointed in his ninja skills; why didn’t anyone teach that kid that ninjas are supposed to be silent and dignified and hiding in christmas trees, not drunk Rockette dancers?

  42. Your cats have the best. names. EVER.

    If mine didn’t already have names that they actually answer to (sometimes) (okay, occasionally) (alright, mostly never but the way that they ignore me makes it very clear that they’re doing it in response to those names) I might petition you to rename them for me.

  43. He is cute so I can let this one slide…..but I was really hoping for Chairman Meow!

    That would have been too funny!

  44. I read about your Posey. I’m so sorry. We lost Mabel (beagle mix) and AnneCat to cancer within month of each other. We wound up w/rescued little all black kitties. They, too, are insane, based on their 5:00 am chases. We call it “the running of the kitties” except no one gets gored.

  45. Dang it! I’ve been sick a few days and didn’t get on the internet until it’s too late to offer you the suggestion of using our orange cat’s name for your newbie cat! It would have been perfect. Our 10 year old cat is named “Redneckitty,” or sometimes just “Rednaked” for short. He is the very epitome of redneckedness. He is a total badass and has spent nearly every day of his life living up to his name. One example (of many): In one of his early years he calmly strolled up our sidewalk to some big Dalmation that was just walking down the street minding his own business (on a leash even) and quite clearly said “take this motherfucker” and smacked the crap out of that dog’s face and calmly strolled back over to our front porch. That poor dog was never quite the same after that. I think he even had to get doggie psychotherapy just to be able to walk out of his yard again.

    We had to get this doormat just to warn people:

    Holy crap, I’ve never seen an URL that long—-have you? Hell just Google “beware of cat doormat” and it will show you. You’re gonna need one of those. Come to think of it I would love to see you and Zazzle make us “Beware of Sloth” and “Beware of Kangaroo” and “Beware of Giant Metal Chicken” doormats! That would be really cool. And by the way, I’m STILL waiting for you and Zazzle to make us tiny little dangly style Beyonce earrings. I totally want them.

  46. Love the name. It seems to suit your possibly drug-addled kitten well. And kitten who can rock that much ninja awesomeness is just flat out awesome.

  47. My Thanks to Victor and You Jenny for sharing the new- Ginger Ninja- kitty Love.
    My ancient girl has been gone 6 weeks now and Mr Nana thinks it “too soon”, to adopt a new Jellicle fur ball.
    I just turned 50 and say- Life is Just too dam short for waiting periods,especially, when it comes to loving animals,
    Much Love,

  48. I will take drugs, alcohol, insanity. violence, please. But hold the drugs and violence, and please take away some of my insanity. Basically just give me the booze.

    Ginger Ninja is awesome and full of mini hugs. Your house must have been like a happy, frantic zoo this weekend!

  49. I’m so glad you went with Hunter! When I read your description pointing to his name in the previous post, I laughed so hard I almost peed! Plus, Hunter S. Thompson, for practical purposes, shortens so nicely down to “Hun.” Can’t wait to read more of his adventures in Bat Country!

  50. Sounds like you definitely need to post a video of his shenanigans

  51. This has nothing to do with ginger ninja awesomeness, but I just learned today that male echidnas have a 4-headed penis. Based on your love of animals, I thought you would enjoy this fact and could help share it with world.

  52. He’s so cute!! I love that little Ginger Ninja!!! Good choice on the name too. hehe! Can’t wait to see more pictures!

  53. Hunter makes Ferris look well-adjusted. And, brilliant choice in name!

  54. Reminds me of a kitten we got when I was a kid. Her name was Tea Rose for about 6 hours until she freaked out on us and my mum changed her name to Sid. As in Sid Vicious. Next cat we got could not be named anything else but Nancy. People thought we were weird. I’d have to agree.

  55. I like to look upon animals with judgment and a proud sense of superiority. “look at you, all crazy and stuff. Lashing out. Crapping on the floor. I would never behave that way (on my current medication).”
    Animals and their lack of self control. It’s pitiable.

  56. Awesome cat name! Almost as awesome as Machine Gun Larry, which shall be my next Pet’s name… Male or female.

  57. I had a red cat I tried to rescue in college who acted so high that he’d try to eat everything in site. I called him fire crotch behind his back and maybe that would explain why he ran away.

  58. Cats are a little bit crazy. Every last one of them. I think that’s part of their charm.

    Gee, I wouldn’t mind if my fiance showed up with a puppy for our anniversary….but I don’t think he will. And we would be far more alarmed if a dog attacked invisible things than a cat, I daresay.

  59. One of the things you learn from years of dealing with drug people, is that you can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug… or apparently, an adorable kitten with that crazed look in his eyes..



  60. I just fucking teared up a bit! You two are such good people for taking in a ‘special’ crack baby kitty. God bless. Long live Hunter! RIP, Posey!

  61. What a cute little kitty. A normal animal wouldn’t know what the hell to do in your house so I think Hunter will fit in perfectly.

  62. OK, well, my beloved Odie has been reincarnated and decided to come live with you. He must have felt you needed his crazy, funny, out of this world personality. Congratulations Jenny, you have been blessed!!!!

  63. Rescue kittens are a surprise bag,
    your kitten may have Cerebellar hypoplasia …it’s kind of a birth defect…
    …many of those live wonderful lives because they have absolutely no idea how much joy they can spread just by being alive. I have rescued and adopted several of these out.
    Usually symptoms of cerebellar hypoplasia can be seen immediately at birth in cats, but sometimes can take two months or so to become apparent in dogs. Cerebellar hypoplasia causes jerky movements, tremors and generally uncoordinated motion. The animal often falls down and has trouble walking. Tremors increase when the animal is excited and subside when at ease.

  64. Ginger boycats. They totally rule. He looks like he’s gonna be a big boy! Ferris, let the games begin!!

  65. I had a puppy with cerebellar hypoplasia. I would often describe her as acting drunk, especially when she got tired. Cats can have it, too. Maybe google the symptoms to see if they fit?

  66. I was laughing so hard at this my beloved came over to see what the deal was and I usually like to read your blog aloud but I just couldn’t, I was laughing too hard. These pics are priceless! The name is AWESOME! I love it. My cat’s name is Chuck cuz he’s a tuxedo cat and has a little Charlie Chaplin mustache LoL 🙂 I’m still laughing hard… I hope I make sense and don’t have too many typos…

  67. Furrreakin’ Adorable! Love him!

    Sadly, my kiddo is allergic to cats (among other things). We found this out after my beloved fur of 10 years passed away and the seasonal allergies of my child of 7 1/2 drastically improved. So sad. I miss my kitty. Really want another. Not sure if I’m ready to get a hairless cat.

    Ya, there is a really bad joke in there somewhere…

  68. Hee! I had the feeling that you’d end up going with some variation of that name. Sounds like Hunter S. Thomcat the Ginja fits right in with your house hold. 😉

  69. He looks just like my orange tabby Buddy! But I guess all orange tabbies look the same and all do seem to have odd personalities.
    Orange kittens are so much fun!

  70. Congrats on the new member of the family.

    We named our cat The Mogwai because she never meowed, but instead made the sound of the first Gremlin (you know, before he ate after midnight and started self generating evil mutants). She eventually started meowing like an average cat but I have a feeling Hunter S. Thomcat will not sober up anytime soon. I doubt any of your pets will ever be average. 🙂

  71. My sister’s stray rescue kitten acts very similarly. I think it’s also because for the longest time she was getting her name changed as my sister is terrible at guessing genders even when looking at the cat’s crotch. So I can understand the cat holding a grudge.

  72. Hunter is just AWESOMELY CUTE! Even all drunk and stumbly. I too have a new kitty, he’s not a kitten, and came with the name Chute (chew-tay), which apparently is Guatemalan slang for nosy, which really does fit him. Plus, he’s adorable to boot; we have nicknamed him Chewy because it’s easier for my kids to remember HOWEVER, I keep accidentally calling him Louis (Lou-ee). Which was okay until that creepy moment when we found a headstone at the cemetery with the first name Loius and the last name Bowman (which is my last name, btw) on it. But it wasn’t HIS headstone, it was his wife’s. So now it’s creepy to call my cat Louis because apparently Louis Bowman was a bigot who didn’t even want to let his wife have her full name on the headstone, just her first name and initial followed by “wife of…” I don’t quite get it and it’s not like that’s “just the way it was back then” because that was the ONLY one I saw like that.

    And now that I noticed I’m rambling, I guess I’ll close with a CONGRATULATIONS on your new friend :o)

  73. Welcome Hunter!
    Tell mommy to check your paws…poo can sick and cause karate kicks…
    Dont eat the dead stuff, they are your mommies friends.

    Dont eat bugs cause you will throw them back up in places which will chill and thrill your mommy.

    Dont settle for any toy made in China, or food with corn ( from China)
    Insist on hand crafted toys made with recycles fur and leather, and local organic catnip!
    Insist on the BEST corn free cat food. never eat corn, as it is bad for you and contains nothing for your growth and development.

    Tell all this to your Mum as I think she is too busy to read all the way down to this post, #125.
    Gotta go, I hear thunder and have 4 foster kittens ( 9 weeks old) to round up and read them a bed time story and put to bed.

    Nite Hunter!!!
    Katmoz!!! 🙂

  74. Absolutely love it! It would have made less sense if you got a kitty who just sat there NOT acting a little drunk, right?

    Congrats again!

  75. Perhaps at times Hunter S will be Hunter hiss Tomcat. You’re in my top five hero list fo’ shizz.

  76. Chairman Meow is adorable! (I told you it was going to stick.) But Hunter S. Thomcat is a pretty great name, I guess, at least since he does look completely wasted.

    I think I need to watch Fear and Loathing now and imagine Johnny Depp as an adorable orange kitten.

  77. you can just feel Ferris Mewler’s “Omg….what is THIS that you brought home?”

    “WHY ME????”

  78. Some cats steal baby’s breath.

    This one just takes it by force using a combination of stealth and throwing stars.

  79. Oh, I love tiny orange kittens, but from my personal experince, they are crazy pants. We had one named Chester who would not meow but squeak and growl. Also, he would sneeze and fart continually! He now lives with my mother in law….


    Re: what other people have said about maybe Hunter S. Thomcat having a touch of cerebellar hypoplasia, it’s possible. But all kittens are complete spazzes at his age, so maybe not. If he *does* have mild CH, it is completely not going to affect him in any way, except that he will walk like he’s a little drunk. Seriously, CH *basically* means his brain is permanently set at the place that your brain is set after about four martinis. It’s not a bad place to be.

    But like I said, kittens at Hunter’s age act like they are on cocaine all the time (which, let’s face it, Mr. Thomcat probably is). Ferris Mewler is looking at him like, “I want to party with THAT dude.”

  81. I just got a little kitten who shares Hunter S. Tomcat’s crazy. He is totally insane…he will walk on his back legs, slashing in the air with his ninja claws, AND he has Diablo of the eyes. We names him Blackie Chan.

    Hope you have many years to get scratched and attacked by Hunter S. Tomcat. Enjoy!

  82. He’s got them moves like Jagger, he’s got them moves like Jagger, he’s got them meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow moves like Jagger.

    -The End

  83. Hilarious! I have always had orange tabby cats and I swear they all have “special” personalities. My current cat I named Samson but his name for most of his kittenhood was “f*&^ off Samson” because he loved to jump from the floor to my thigh and hold on with his needle sharp kitten claws. Now that he is 14 he is just Samson 🙂

  84. Welcome to the family, Hunter S. Thomcat! The world definitely needs more possibly-drunk-slash-high kitties in it. Well done, sir!

  85. Hunter S. Thomcat is so cute it ought to be illegal! What a doll baby! Are you sure you don’t want to send him to me? 🙂

  86. Awesomely spastic cat!!! Ferris Mewler looks totally freaked out. Maybe Hunter will attack HIM from the Christmas tree this year.

  87. Still photos will simply NOT do for this. He looks like he may possibly be a member in good standing of the Ministry of Silly Walks.

  88. He looks FABULOUS! All flamboyant and a total camera whore–too cute!
    The fact that he’s a rescue makes it 100% more awesome, too. Victor is a stand-up dude. 😀

  89. There’s a way for you to parlay your brilliance into one more money making venture: Pet Naming Service. I would totally pay for you to name my next pet.

  90. Gingers are notorious for demise-plotting. I think this one inherited the soul of my departed son, Baby Foo. Looks just damn like him. Enjoy? 😉

  91. He clearly knew to pick your family. Hunter S. Thomcat is no fool. A ninja, karate master kitten by day and a mind-reading, toking cat by night. Purr-fect! 😉

  92. No. no. no.

    He’s a KARATE master, for goodness sake.

    That’s a Mr.Meowgi if I’ve ever seen one.

  93. That last shot is AWESOME. Hunter is one lucky cat to grow up in the limelight like this. Hope it doesn’t go to his head. I’d hate to see him all fat and lazy and wearing $1000 Italian leather collars in a few months.. Ah, fame. The bitch….

  94. “MAD KITTY!” dances are as hilarious as the “MAD DOG!” racing that happens in my house. Ferris looks like he’s plotting: I imagine one of his eyebrows raised and secret “you just wait until she’s not looking, kid” thoughts. Good think Hunter has ninja skillz.

  95. Looks just like my cat, and sounds like he acts like her too.

    Those crazy ginger ninja cats.

  96. This is AMAZING, possibly the cutest cat ever, even if he IS on drugs/slightly disturbed!
    It made me think of Tim Minchin’s ‘Taboo’ song….. “Only a ginger can call another ginger, ginger, Just like only a ninja can sneak up on another ninja” 🙂

  97. May you, Hunter, and your family have many wonderfully happy years together!

  98. I have my very own first ginger rescue kitty this year. Mr. Frodo Baggins is the eatingist, complaining-ist, stand on my back kitten I have ever met. 😀 Congratulations on your new Hunter S. Tomcat. 🙂

  99. That first picture! I’d say you should sign him up for cage deathmatches, but it’s probably best to keep his skills well supervised in a warm and loving home.

  100. We used to laugh at our orange and white Willy (named because we thought he was a girl for a couple of weeks). When he’d spaz out, careen off the furniture, or hang from the ceiling at random moments we’d say “he sees dead people”. But it turned out to be seizures. Might be good to have Ginger Ninja checked out.
    He’s adorable and has found himself a perfect home.

  101. Kittens are so effin crazy. I cannot wait to hear the shennanigan stories.

    That is a great cat name. Our most recent cat is named Not Willie. He gained it by being a stray that mysteriously showed up after a neighbor put out Missing Cat! posters for his cat Willie… who looks mysteriously like Not Willie. Long story moderately short, we took the cat to the guy…. he said “Nope, Not Willie” and Not Willie just kind of adopted us.

  102. He sounds alot like my ginger kitty Charlie, after Chaplin or Manson depending on whether he’s making us laugh or bleed. His nickname is The Assassin for his habit of winding through my feet as I descend the stairs. He was a spirited freaky little kitten who has grown into a giant, fat vole eating machine. He still makes us laugh but thankfully has learned to keep his nails in (usually) when he randomly bats us as we walk by.

  103. Happy New Kitteh to YOU!
    Happy New Kitteh to YOU!
    Happy New Kitteh, DDDDEAAAARRRR Blooooogggeeeessssss!
    Happy New Kitteh to YOU!

    What? You don’t sing that to people when they get a new kitteh? Why not? 🙂

    I too am getting a new kitteh. His name is BG and I fully intend to refer to him as Barry, Andy, Maurice or Robyn depending on the situation. Buwahhhh!

  104. What a super cat! Love that he is a rescue – WELCOME!! I have 8 feral cats that I am feeding AND nutering/spaying as we can catch them. And three indoor cats who watch from the windows. After feeding the ferals, it looks like Jonestown on the patio. We call it Feraltown. Yes, I am the crazy neighborhood cat lady.

  105. A) That is an excellent name. B) That rear-leg kick is impressive. C) OH MY WORD, I love the one-eye-closed photo. You may never need TV or internet again – this creature is too entertaining. Congrats on the new member of your family.

  106. Good for you for going with Hunter S. Thomcat. He may need an MRI and bereft of kitty Xanax, there’s always weed or booze. Per my previous comment on your last post. Surely he’s not possessed by Satan. (Well blow me down!!! We used to have a cat like that named Dude. Sadly, he was possessed by Satan. I’m sure that this cat is not. I mean what are the odds? Good luck. “My previous comment.”)

  107. I love good quotes, kitties, rescues, and gingers. You and victor win the internet.

  108. Too adorable. I once had a cat that used to chase invisible objects every night at 10pm, without fail. It was kitty parkour in my hallway.

  109. What a purr-fect name! I’m a big fan of Hunter S. Thompson and I’m sure he would approve. Ginger kitties are awesome. We have one although he is no longer a kitten, he is a grumpy old man-cat.

  110. It’s a ginger! Congrats on the new addition to your family. =^_^=

  111. I love a Ginger cat – especially a drunk, Ninja Ginger cat! Welcome to the family Hunter S. Thomcat!

  112. Love the name. I think we need to rescue a kitty. It will help my boyfriend get over his imaginary allergies. (He’s only allergic to things I like that he doesn’t.)

  113. That is so awesomely perfect! I love it when a fantastic name just happens.

    He’s a cute little devil. So stripey!

  114. My sister has a kitty who does the same sorts of spazzy things (he wobbles around like he’s wasted, he misses the couch completely when he tries to jump up on it, sometimes his leg just starts flailing around) and he is THE AWESOMEST FUCKING CAT EVER. Except maybe for Charley, who also has the same thing going on and is on youtube here: Take a look; if your new little furrbutt has the same thing, you are in for years and years and years of good times, not to mention fodder for a million blog posts.

  115. He is the cutest thing ever! Also, I’m trying to use your anniversary present to convince my boyfriend that this would be a good gift for our anniversary. Our cat Lando is bat shit crazy and needs a friend.

  116. Long ago, my great uncle bought his wife a cow because it reminded him of her when he saw it. I’m just sayin’ Victor loves you.

  117. Just when I had talked myself out of wanting another kitten. Great. Now I need to find one of THOSE.

    Also? I spied TWO Beyonce-like roosters made from reclaimed metal at this shop on Route 404 in Maryland, on the Eastern Shore. Came *this close* to buying one, but my husband was with me and after I tried to explain “Beyonce” to my teenage boys and their eyes rolled right out of their sockets, I decided perhaps it would be better to leave them there for someone else to purchase. Also, I didn’t want to hold the rooster on the rest of the way home.

  118. You have no idea how much I was hoping you would incorporate the Hunter S. Thompson reference! You have made me very happy and Hunter S. Thomcat even more happy. YAY FOR RESCUE KITTENS, ESPECIALLY ONES THAT ACT DRUNK!

  119. Looking forward to the inclusion of the Ginger Ninja joining Juanita, Beyonce, Hamlet and co on the 2013 Bloggess calendar!

  120. Those pictures made me giggle helplessly. The picture used with the quote is fantastic. (I named one of my cats “Andrew” because his chill nature reminded me of my stoner friend Andrew.)

    As someone who just had a orange tabby kitten show up at our door last year, I must say that they definitely are Ginger Ninjas. Enjoy him. (Nifty fact: the orange tabby gene is an X-linked chromosome, meaning that most all-ginger ones are going to be males.)

  121. As my husband says, there’s a seat for every ass. Hunter S. Thomcat has found his seat. It’s like he was created just for you.

  122. Delightful name! You might want to take his crackpipe (previous post) away from him all the same. And I need book recommendations cuz I think I’ll go crazy reading yours over and over again, so I was trying to read the book titles behind Hunter in those pics. More closeups, please.

  123. Haha, I was going to suggest “ginja” as a name. Ginger ninja. Hahahha. Or “dart” since dartanian is too hard to spell. Good luck with your sweet kitty!

  124. Bwaaaa Haaaa Haaaa! Awesome name for an obviously awesome little guy! I should send you pics of our kitty. Even though her name is Coraline, she’s become known as the Christopher Walken of cats, due in no small part to her insane eyes and Walken-ish hair. (Really? NOT a good look for a chick cat!)

  125. My kitten’s name is Ginger Ninja and he is awesome. My previous ginger cat Tigger was a darling. There is something very wonderful about Ginger puddies. Welcome to Hunter S Thomas.

  126. As a long-time cat wrangler I can tell you without hesitation that there is something wrong with most kittens. Would you have it any other way?

  127. Awww! I am cat-phobic but kitties are sweet! this one seems to be entertaining as well. So happy for you and your newest member of the family =)

  128. Perfectly awesome…if cats weren’t trying to kill me by way of allergies that even shots don’t take care of I would rescue my own ninja cat to try to shadow kick my dog. But believe me I tried before and was deathly ill for most of the year, I had an bad-ass cat named Romeo who loved me passionately and hated my husband just as passionately to the extent he would pee on anything my husband left laying on the floor. Year well spent in semi-misery as I didn’t have to pick up after my husband. At least he taught my hubby to pick up his stuff! LOL

  129. I think I know what’s wrong with your cat. He’s an orange tabby! Every orange tabby owner (myself included) can attest to the fact that the genes that carry the orange tabbyness also include mild insanity, hyperactivity, and twitchiness. Also may include a tendency to lick your hair when you get out of the shower and a love of snuggly belly rubs (caution is advised).

  130. I’m extremely racist when it comes to cats and really prefer the red ones…. I fucking love Hunter, please continue to post pics of him. He gives me hope in humanity. I have no idea why.

  131. Lucky you! Orange tabbies are the absolute BEST! And the name is perfect. My orange tabby was a successful ‘hunter’ just last night. Fortunately I saw him coming and managed to slam the door closed in his face before he could bring his mouse inside.

  132. Perfect name! I was going to suggest the name Duke when you first introduced him, but Hunter S. Thomcat is perfect.

  133. I am not even fucking with you: One of my dog’s nick names is Ginga Ninja (as in Ginger Ninja). I liked it so much I had to make up a ginger vodka and pear sake based cocktail (bearing the same name) to celebrate. So my dog and booze…your kitten is in good company.

    Also, your Hunter S. Thompson quote reminded me of my favorite Frank Sinatra quote: “I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day.”

  134. I would look into a possible upper-respiratory infection, what with the squinty eye and all. Maybe he’s a good candidate for lysine cat treats to increase his immune system, just in case his tiny body is fighting something. He does look healthy, but like he’s been indulging in a few *ahem* notable activities. Maybe he ate the boobie shroom from the front yard?

  135. Clearly he needs his own reality TV show–I’m thinking something along the lines of Celebrity Rehab meets So You Think You Can Dance. Hunter looks like a breakdancing powerhouse.

  136. My favorite,

    “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” ~ HST

    Love the name!!!!

  137. The pics are hysterical! Hunter S. Thomcat, may you have a long, healthy life full of ninja kicks and fun with your new family!

  138. I’m totally surprised that you didn’t go with “Stormaggedon, Destroyer of Worlds!”

  139. I love you much more for choosing this name. To paraphrase his namesake: “There is nothing more helpless and irresponsible than a cat in the depths of a catnip binge.”

  140. What an adorable kitten!!!! A little insanity has never hurt one 🙂

  141. Insane kitties are the best. Keep up the ninja kitty pics so we can live vicariously though HST.

  142. Perfect! This kitty was meant for you.
    I have now talked my husband into moving because I need a kitty & we can’t have one in our flat!

  143. I applaud your decision to not only adopt another animal but to take on a ginger (we need all the help and love we can get). Looks like a cutie, I hope he calms down in a few months!

  144. This is HILLARIOUS! The pictures alone made me laugh out loud but when I read the story I couldn’t believe it. We just adopted a rescue kitty as well, also a Ginger and he was CRAZY. I say WAS because we simply could not handle the ADHD kitty and he needed a to be in a home with no other pets. Must be a Ginger thing.

  145. FYI..your book was pinned by Real Simple today 🙂 and I wish my cat was a cool as yours.

  146. I agree with the commenters who have suggested he might have Cerebellar Hypoplasia. One of our kitties has it, and in addition to being hilariously flaily, she is the sweetest, snuggliest thing you’ve ever met. It doesn’t phase her at all, but she *did* have to get two teeth removed last year because she broke them after several years of repeatedly crashing into things.

  147. Don’t be offended, but it’s too appropriate that you are the person who ended up with the insane ninja kitten.

    Much like he came up with his own name, he also managed to find his own natural home.

    Plus, in case you didn’t notice, your grey tabby has already made up his mind to kick the little ginga’s ass. You can see it in that photo. He’s just waiting for his moment.

  148. Please please please tell me that you’ll soon be making a ginger ninja T-shirt available in your store! I need to have it. With that exact same picture an everything. I’m begging you! 🙂

  149. We named our (now 6 month old) son partially after Hunter S. Thompson!! His name is Thompson Hunter, but I think most people get the reference. I hope our son will grow up to resemble his namesake, although I suppose I could do without all the drugs and violence.

  150. As a writer who couldn’t be more unlike Hunter S., nevertheless I have always loved him. Here’s my favorite Hunter quote: “Have no SMALL wrecks.”

  151. I have a feeling Hunter S. Thomcat and I would get along just fine. 🙂 Maybe one day we’ll both sneak out and get high together.

    Just kidding. I don’t do drugs. But I do enjoy joking about them.

  152. Ginja is, in HST’s own words, “One of God’s own prototypes. Some kind of high powered mutant never even considered for mass production.” So, of course, he chose to come and live with you.

  153. I had an ex-wife who brought home a kitten that a six-year-old had accidentally slammed a door on..

    He was blind as a bat, crazy as all get out, but sweet as they came. My ex named him Random Numbers out of the Heinlein book “Time Enough For Love”

    I called him Doorstop. Seemed more fitting.

  154. Dude! Big orange kitties are the best. I had to put my Francis to sleep about 2 months ago. He thought he was a dog as well as kept our house relatively free of small woodland creatures (not the good kind). Welcome to the “Big Orange Kitty” club. Enjoy.

  155. So goddamn cute. Kittens are just too adorable for their own good. I have a giant orange cat myself, named Gurglepurr. His full name is Dr. Phineas Gurglepurr, but that got annoying to scream whenever he’d do something bad, so it was shortened to Gurgles. Interesting cat names are fabulous. Our other two are Widget and Monkey.

  156. I can’t be the only person humming Tim Minchin while looking at the pictures.

  157. Of course he’s damaged. All the best ones are. Welcome to the family, Hunter.

  158. Beyond cute – Gotta love a bat shit crazy (ginja) kitty. Love the pix. Now I want one – too bad the kid is allergic. Hey – wait a minute – who wants a sloth-like teenager who remains inert during daylight hours? Free to slightly marginal home.

  159. OMG-he’s adorable!
    My recent rescue kitten turns 6 months old next week and she is the love of my life! She makes me so darn happy!
    Ok, so my husband and our other cats are also the loves of my life, my my little Lily Mae is the freakin cat’s pajamas!….which is fitting being she is a cat.

  160. I have a kitten who is exactly like this! Sorry to say, She is now one year old and still exactly the same! She is a silver tabby but has a ginger belly so I call her the ginger ninja which just confuses people who can’t see her tummy!
    I’ve lost count of how many times she (Scout – from To Kill A Mockingbird) randomly attacks the wall or invisible enemies. It’s entertaining at least!
    Have fun with your lovely kitty. Doesn’t take away the pain of the loss of another pet, but having cute distractions definitely helps xx

  161. Had a kitten like this one and he would climb up on top of our cupboards and eat the drywall. Maybe it’s just a ginger thing to be mental-kitty. 🙂 They are quite adorable tho.

  162. If you are seriously wondering about his balance and/or rear end, you might want to google “cerebellar hypoplasia”. We caught a video on it recently and think we’ve finally figured out what’s up with one of our cats.

  163. He looks like my kitty Hobbes… Who was named after Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes because he was so adventerous 🙂 I miss him…

  164. Long ago, we a cat named “Gozer” because, well, you saw Ghostbusters, didn’t you? He was 8 pounds of solid, crazy-pants muscle. Adorable as a Steiff stuffed toy except for his evil yellow eyes that showed you his soul. I miss him terribly.

  165. I want that as a poster!! Is he having ear issues? Poor guy. I hope the unbalanced thing isn’t anything major. 🙂

  166. Oh sure, they start out cute…and then they turn into something out of a Stephen King novel (think cat-gack in extremely unusual places, items shredded for no apparent reason, cat pee on items left on the floor, your head handed to you on a serving platter…you know, the usual SK plot items). :-/ Seriously, the little kitty is adorable; good luck! 😎

  167. Can you mention in your next blog post what camera do you use, please? I looked everywhere for the answer but couldn’t find it (although, I draw the line at reading all the comments people leave you – it’s insane). Congrats on the family addition – he’s Barney Stintson awesome. And I vote for ginger ninja tshirt. Thanks!

  168. Rescue animals are the best kind.

    We’ve got 3 – two cats who act as management, 1 dog who acts as, well, a dog.

    Unfortunately we didn’t have the joy of seeing them as babies though – but I suspect as much as I love them (I have a favourite, don’t judge me) I don’t know if any of them would have been as super-eye-wateringly-cute as the mighty Hunter.

    You are going to have to get a bat now… right?

  169. The first picture of him kicking some invisable enemy away at the bookcase literally made me laugh until tears came to my eyes. Just thought I’d tell you that…

  170. ALL kittens are insane. They have rich imaginary lives.

    They don’t call it a feline freakout for nothing!!

    Yay Hunter S. Tomcat!!

  171. Kittens are great…. then they turn into cats and I have to find them new homes in pillowcases, down by the river!

    Oh, did I say that out loud?

    Dogz Rule, Katz Drewl!

  172. WTF? Car ID numbers from 1970-79? You guys in some kind of car racket you want to tell us about?

  173. Love it! Best name in the world, and also cutest kitty in the world. Oh, the kitties I would love if I had moneys… And the sloths I would hug….

  174. Orange cats are crazy. It’s a scientific fact. The late Donald, an orange polydactyl cat, would break into my parents’ neighbors’ house and hold the husband hostage. As in if the man tried to leave a room, Donald would lung at him and growl. For some reason, the neighbor still liked it. Apparently, breakin and entering and false imprisonment are endearing qualities for a cat? He also attacked a plumber by clinging on the the man’s leg and not letting go. Oh yes, and best of all, he did not use his opposable thumbs for good; he would pull lingerie out of my mom’s dresser drawer, look at it, and then throw it on the floor.

    In other words, good luck.

  175. These pics made me laugh and tear up at the same time…he looks SO much like my little smush Nemo who died last December…he too was crazy and adorable all at once. He once got his head stuck in a KFC box (you know the one with the sides that fold down and make the top close)…he stood in the corner of my kitchen swinging his head back and forth trying to get the box off his head while I was laughing so hard i cried. Orange cats just have the “crazy” built in 🙂 But they also seem to the be the most loyal and loving cats out there. Enjoy your new little smush!!

  176. Love the name! Tell Ferris he will always be the sexiest non-vampire cat around. the public just isn’t into gingers.

  177. New kittens are the best drug. I also have a ginger kitty but he’s more of a blob than a ninja. He does have a stump tail though and when he’s excited it spins around like a propeller. It’s pretty fantastic.

  178. He looks exactly like my ginger kitten! Only mine is lighter and less ninja-y, which I now feel I should have asked for when searching for a kitten to adopt. While your kitten is off kicking imaginary foes, mine is falling into his litter box and playing in his own feces. Which is probably why he sneezes and has “allergies” all the time (so the vet tells us). And the fact that he sneezes in the face of my other cats after rolling around in his own shit is probably why Freddie Mercury has conjunctivitis now.

    Freddie Mercury my cat, not Freddie Mercury the person, obviously. But the person’s memory lives on in my cat, who interestingly enough looks almost exactly like Ferris Mewler. So you and I have similar taste in cats. Creepy or serendipity? You decide.

  179. His paws are GINORMOUS! Perhaps he is so wobbly because of weight distribution problems… or it could be the booze. One of those.

  180. I used to have a kitten that looked exactly like yours. His name was Cheddar and his sister’s name was Faith. My son named them both. Cheddar was an hyper as your cutie-pie! We gave him away to a family member and they lost him within two months, I think I cried for just as long at the loss. They let him out on Halloween! An orange cat, left out on Halloween. It seems so wrong to me! I’m glad your little ninja kitten is bringing you happiness!

  181. I had a kitten about that size show up at my door after a thunderstorm about 3 weeks ago. She was wet and LOUD! When I opened my door she ran straight to me. . . . and is now “fixed” and declawed and happily aggravating my 12 year old cat! I didn’t come up with as good a name as you did, we call her Annie, as in Orphan Annie.

  182. Orange cats RULE! My Pumpkin found us a few years ago and decided to stay. While he is not really insane, he is rather bad-ass. Wishing y’all years of happy!

  183. That top pic where he is doing that sort of bad ass, backwards round-house kick…. awesome! I can picture a small dog to the right, outside of the frame of the photo flying backwards from the force!

  184. I was kind of hoping for Chairman Meow…then he could gather all of the other animals and put them into a rural animal collective that would result in the starvation death of a large portion of the population. The Great Experimeowment!

  185. Ok, so after reading your book, I was pretty convinced that you and I are separated at birth.

    I need to send you a picture of my Ginger ninja…….make take me a while to figure out how.

  186. I want one! This kitten is so cute! Awesome! You should get Victor another metal chicken to thank him for giving you a ninja kiitten!!!

  187. I am a redhead. I also have spastic cerebral palsy (teh sexiest of the palsies). I also like drinking.

    This cat may be me in a cat form.

  188. I love you even more. I too have an insane drunk cat. He earned the name Doctor Gonzo for similar reasons. Congratulations on your newest family member!

  189. I concur. What the FUCK is up with ginger kittens? We just got one ourselves about 6 weeks ago and all I can say is…wow. He could be your kitty’s twin. In every way.

  190. I saw the words ginger ninja and thought that was the kittens name. I love it. I will think of him by that name always.

  191. I love your ginger ninja! best cat ever, I once had a rescue kitten who i names rocky because e had a mean left hook. 🙂

  192. I need some tips on how to convince my husband to let me get a kitten. I had an awesome cat named Otis and then just two weeks before the wedding, my cat dissappeared. I was devastated and my husband consoled me but I think he was secretely happy because we already had two dogs and were about to move somewhere that frowned upon our 3 animals, but was ok with two.

    I’m starting to think perhaps my cats disappearance is now a little suspicious…..

  193. We have four lunatics in our household. I honestly think the insanity is linked to stripes.
    They like to yell at my bedroom door in the morning. And if I don’t wake up, they stick their lips in the gap UNDER my door and yell some more. The older male is defective, he has asthma. His sister is just plain crazy. The younger male is quite literally trouble on paws. And his sister is as sharp as a spoon, sweet, but really…?

  194. Oh, and the older female fuzzbutt, when she was a kitten, my son was holding her and she latched onto his nipple to try and suckle. My son now has sympathy for breast feeding women…

  195. Hunter sounds like my mom’s cat, aptly named Tweeker. She grew out of the weird (which was sad) but became a completely kick-ass snake killer. She’s 19 years old now, so maybe a bizarro kittenhood prepares them for a long life.

  196. We think it’s “purrrrrfect”, big fan of Hunter Thompson (& if I were you, I’d hide the booze!). Enjoy the new kitty, he’s terrific!


  198. minding own business, reading blog, kitten pictures, spit coffee on keyboard
    keyboard still works, apparently

  199. Oh. No.
    Sleeping at my feet right now is a 4yo, 20lb, orange cat, named after my husband’s favorite author.

    Hunterkitty is *different*. He’s stubborn, clumsy, sweet, and comes when called. He sits on the windowsill and yowls at dusk and dawn, and we have yet to figure out why.

    He also caught 2 mice before he was a year old.

    Good luck. 🙂

  200. He seems just as much fun as out little Ginger Ninja ‘Red’. Sure it’s a ginger thing. Hope he brings you as many giggles and love as ours does xoxo

  201. We adopted a kitten several years ago. Let me tell you. Dont paint with a kitten around. I put the roller pan on the floor and 5 seconds later the little shit decides to epileptic fit right in the middle of it. I spent more time cleaning paint out of the carpet than the actual painting.

  202. Full length bathing suit had me crying – some of your best stuff is dialogue between you and victor – sit down, have a chat with him you’ll have your next entry!

  203. It’s a marmie! No kidding, marmalade cats are the best cats. They do have a wee tendency to have stress and (probably related) digestive issues. Mine has kitty IBS. He has pica and eats plastic when he gets anxious. We once found a stash of bubble wrap he’d hidden in the back of a closet like some bulimic, stress-eating cat. But he’s also the sweetest cat evah. When I pick him up for snuggle time, he never scratches or bites, he only does that cat-being-held-by-Pepe-Le-Pew big-eyed, back-paw-pedaling maneuver. He’s the best.

    My point wasn’t to talk about my cat but to say that your cat will probably be high-maintenance and very loving, which is to say, perfect for you.

  204. Hi, Jenny,
    I just wanted to thank you for the Ginger Ninja photo and to let you know that it is a FABULOUS image for those of us who work for Adult Literacy programs. I’ve shared it on our facebook page in posts designed to recruit new volunteer tutors. I hope you and Hunter don’t mind. Also, if you decided to add this image as a poster or magnet in your shop, I bet you’d get a few buyers from the world of nonprofit literacy work. Just a thought!

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