I’m not having a nervous breakdown

Did you know that nervous breakdowns don’t exist anymore?  I know they don’t because I had one (or didn’t have one according to modern psychology) a few days ago and found out it’s now called “Vital Exhaustion,” which sounds like something your car would get diagnosed with.  Regardless of what it’s called it feels shitty and I’m incredibly lucky that Hailey is at camp all this week so that I can do the therapies that are working (and which include sleeping all day, watching South Park, and having extra long shrink visits.)

I’m fine though and today I actually felt well enough to feel guilty about posting, so this is a post telling you why I’m not posting.  If I was more myself I’d put something witty here but my mind is mush right now and all I want is to lay down and sleep for another day so that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

I promise I’ll be back to myself soon.

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  1. “Vital Exhaustion” …I like that they’re clarifying that you’re still “vital” as opposed to actually being exhausted to death…

  2. Vital exhaustion sounds as if guts and entrails are spilling all over the place. Maybe I should stop watching bad sci-fi movies. Sleep well.

  3. Take all the time you need! I’m having a depressive episode right now and I’m at work. How insane is that?

  4. I miss the days when the doctor’s prescription was to go sit by the sea with a blanket on your lap while someone brings you mint juleps. That should be reinstated.

    I was in your exact same spot for a few weeks recently. Sleep, rest, and quiet were the things that helped me find my feet again. Best wishes, and thank you for sharing your journey.

  5. Take all the time you need Jenny. We’ll be here waiting. Just throw us a shot of Beyonce once in a while…

  6. Oh, good, I was just checking on you worried that you were in yet another travel destination hospital ER. I’m glad you’re getting rest and help and not-Internetting. mostly. Feel better soon!

  7. Sleep, it is a wonderful thing. I’d sleep 12 hours a day if it wasn’t for the internet being so damned addictive. Also you know feeding the children and the cat. Most especially the cat. The children are unlikely to start feasting on my toes while I sleep since luckily they are not cannibals. I am less sure about being consumed by the cat. I don’t like the way he looks at me and licks his kitty lips.

    Feel better and do something weird and wonderfully silly just for yourself.

  8. I wish you the best of luck in recovering. I know how hard it can be. Just know that you’ve got thousands and thousands of people out there that value you and think you’re the bee’s knees!

  9. With all of the traveling you’ve been doing, no wonder you feel exhausted, vitally or otherwise. Go. Sleep. We’ll be right here when you’re ready for us.

  10. It sounds so Victorian. Like there’s something wrong with your humours.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  11. Wait, not “oh, good, you had a ‘vital exhaustion'”, oh, good, your ovary didn’t try to murder you again.

  12. Take your time to feel right again, we’ll still be here.

    Well not “here” necessarily. We might have stuff to do. And food to eat. But we’ll be nearby. Relatively speaking.

    Actually, watching South Park and taking it easy sounds like fun today. I might join in this activity! Great idea! 😀

  13. I first read that as “vittle exhaustion” and thought it meant eating until you don’t even want to look at food. Rest up, do what works, and feel better soon.

  14. I’m sorry, but Vital Exhaustion just does not convey the same kind of situation as the ever popular Nervous Breakdown. Whoever writes up that psychology crap should be flogged.

    Enjoy your nap. Take an extra 8 hours for me, too, please.

  15. Take care of you Jenny. The interwebs are all behind you and we will be here when you are ready. Do what you need to get yourself feeling better and if that involves extended sleeping and South Park marathons, so be it. No guilt, understood? Now go have a wine slushie and forget about it.

  16. After all that touring, it’s understandable that you need a total and complete break. Get comfy, change those pillowcases occasionally, and see you soon on the interwebs.

  17. If I was you I’d feel cheated! Everyone knows what what a nervous breakdown is. That is like getting shot and then having to tell people when they ask about the scar that you ‘had a flesh wound’. Take care of yourself.

  18. I have been on the verge of Vital Exhaustion for weeks now. I completely understand. Take care of yourself. Personally I’ve found South Park to be very theraputic.

  19. Be well, do everything that feels good right now and for godsakes don’t worry about us. You know we’ll be right here when you get back. Love.

  20. I think that your ability to be so matter-of-fact about it speaks volumes for just how “back to yourself” you’re going to be. Rest well, my friend.

  21. While I don’t want to experience Vital Exhaustion, I should wouldn’t mind going through your therapies. Maybe with an episode of Maury thrown in because those always make me feel better about myself.

    Hang in there…

  22. Oh honey – pluleeeze do NOT feel guilty about not posting. Although I was worried about you when I didn’t get my daily dose of bloggess POV. Just so you know – I ‘discovered’ you via your book – which I began reading in bed about 11:30 p.m. and laughed so hard that I actually fell out of the bed onto my chihuahua sleeping on the floor and managed to NOT wake up my husband ( then discovered you had a blog!!!)
    I love the fact that you are up-front about mental health – I’ve just retired from teaching after 34 years and would never never never have revealed that I had been on anti-depressants for 20 of those years.
    You rock – wish I could claim you as a former student!!

  23. Jenny, you never have to apologize to us for taking time to take care of yourself. If a little internet silence ensures that you will be around for many more eons, I am ok with going back and re-reading old posts.

    That being said, I love that you care enough about us to let us know what’s up.

    Rest up, relax and take care of yourself. We will be waiting for you. And if you need anything, don’t hesitate to let people know. (And be happy you aren’t suffering from “The Vapors” *grin)

  24. Actually, “Vital Exhaustion” sounds like an amazing name for a metal band…

    Chiclet – you toured for 2 weeks. You flew hither and yon across this great country of ours, invaded Canada, spoke to thousands of fans and resisted the urge to buy that 25 gallon container of frosting. You’ve been a busy lady.

    Take some chill time. We’re not the sort to judge.

  25. You traveled like a…well hell, I can’t think of a good traveling comparison. DAMMIT. Let’s start over.

    You traveled a LOT the past two weeks…airports, hotels, and being in public as much as you were recently is an energy sucking experience, even when it’s fun. Take your time and get your energy back. 🙂 I hear Downtown Abby is good.

    Or the current season of True Blood (yay naked Alexander Skarsgaard). 😉

  26. I’d like to suggest that you add kitty patting to your regimen. Feel better, dear. The internets love you and are content to wait for as long as you need.

  27. if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone else. no apologies here, we miss and love you and look forward to healthier days when you’re up to it.

    peace and love,

  28. Take the time that you need – sleep and South Park sound like great remedies. Hmmm . . . haven’t watched South Park forever – do they still kill Kenny every episode? Feel better soon 🙂

  29. Take care of yourself Jenny. Rest up and don’t worry about anything else except feeling better and spending time with your family 🙂

  30. Hang in there, friend! Rest up, quote Cartman and Stan, and we’ll be waiting for you when you feel up to returning to us!

  31. I am having a “viral exhaustion” right there with you. Hope it gets better for you soon!

  32. There there now, there there… Everything is going to be alright.

    As your attorney, I advise you to listen to this song in bed with a giant plate of nachos:

  33. At least if people ask why you’re not getting back to them, you can say “it’s vital that I sleep on the couch all day. Literally vital. Ask my doctor and this medical textbook.”

  34. Jenny, take your time getting back to top notch. We’ll wait. Personally, I’ll be happy whenever you’re back as long as you’re as amusing as always.

  35. I’m pretty sure a big bowl of PASKETTI will fix just about anything. I’ll be right over. xoxo Love, Carm

  36. Jeez! A think the Brits are lagging a little behind on the politically correct soothing psych talk, we’re still calling mine a ‘catastrophic mental breakdown’.
    Whatever you call it, it’s horrible, and all consuming.
    I’m glad you’re getting the help and support you need.
    Take care of yourself lady.

  37. So sorry, and so in the same place, except I haven’t taken the time off yet. All I can think about is taking a bus to nowhere… Feel better, be good to yourself.

  38. Hopefully it wasn’t all the signing at Costco the other night… or all the cajoling of Victor to get him to sign as well. Thanks to both of you, BTW, it was a pleasure to see you both. 🙂

  39. After seeing you in Portland, I was simply amazed at the energy you were pouring out to the 200+ crowd. Not at all surprised that you need some downtime. Take care of your amazing self!! You are awesome, and we love you!

  40. Vital Exhaustion sounds like The Vapors. or Hysterical Paroxysms. Like something not of this century. Perhaps the cure for Vital Exhaustion is chocolate cake, a nice cold Coke, and a large Swedish lady to beat the rest of it out of you err I mean a massage.
    Feel better soon!

  41. Hah. I actually just had one, too. Except I don’t have any time to take off of work for it because all of my days off go towards rheumatoid arthritis flares.

    Stay strong sistah.

  42. Feel better! Never feel guilty for taking care of yourself. A healthier happier you makes you better at all the things you are already great at; being a mommy, blogger, wife, etc.

    We love you!

  43. Love you! And I have to say that I was all excited when I read in Parade Magazine that Katie Couric was reading your book or your book was in her pile to read. I was all proud of you and shit and then I was like, Jenny doesn’t actually know me. And then I felt like a weird stalker and then, oh whatever.

    Anyway, feel better, put cold (or hot) cloths on your forehead, and fan yourself. Also, demand that Victor feed you grapes or chocolates.

  44. First Pluto gets demoted. And now Nervous Breakdowns are a thing of the past? I’m not sure that I can cope with all this newfangled hogwash. Not. Sure. At. All.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  45. I’m sorry you feel so shitty. Been there myself just recently. And South Park cures many ills. Don’t forget ice cream and chocolate (seriously, the chocolate contains tiny levels of serotonin that will help). I hope you feel better soon. And don’t feel guilty about posting. The most I’ve done in the last week is update my Facebook with useless trivial shit.

  46. I was wondering where you’d been! I did worry for a moment that all that travel and commotion might’ve caught up to you. Take as much time as ya need, lady. We patiently await your return to hilarity.


  47. No guilt, honey. That’s depression lying. You do whatever it is you need to do and feel better. You’ve been to this rodeo before, and you’ll be there again (goddammit). You know how to do this. We’ll be here sending you mojo till you feel better.

  48. *Hugs* and *Kittens* and *Unicorn toots*

    Hope you feel better soon – or at least feel like drinking and writing your problems away.

  49. Please no apologies! Just take care of yourself. Not everyone has had “vital exhaustion” per say, but every woman in America has been damn near close if not there, so we all get it. Sending virtual hugs.

  50. Sometimes being yourself isn’t being witty and making everyone laugh. We don’t love you in spite of you being mush, and I think you know that. I hope you do, anyway.

    I’m glad that you have time to surf your coping mechanisms. I know that when my 12 year old is away, I feel crazier because I don’t have to be “together” for him at first, but then I have more time to get busy healing. Or whatever. The 18 month old is a totally different story.

    Anyway, take care.

  51. You can tell it’s LEGIT vital exhaustion, because your body shuts down.

    …too soon?

  52. I don’t care what the “the man” says. I’m still referring to them as nervous breakdowns.

    Take care of yourself. I hope you start to rebound. We’ll be here when you get back.

  53. Substitute “Arrested Development” for “South Park” and we’re twinsies. I can’t keep spending this kind of money on therapy, though…

  54. I know how you feel. Get well soon and remember that there are many more weird taxidermy-animals for you to find out in the world!

  55. Congratulations on surviving the book tour — now time to catch up on your rest.

    Wishing you good sleep, good chocolate, silly cats, snuggles from your daughter, and meals served up by a sexy cabana boy your patient husband. No chicken … Beyonce would never stand for it.

  56. Sorry things are crappy at the moment. In an effort to boost your spirits, I just finished reading your book (I finally got the time to read and enjoy it!) and I can’t stop reading the part about Barnaby Jones Pickles being a pirate in a past life because it makes me laugh-cry EVERY DAMN TIME! This whole book is sheer genius and you are wonderful.

  57. Please tell me I am not the only person who thinks “Vital Exhaustion” sounds like some sort of Victorian ailment that would be treated by smelling salts or steam-powered vibrators or both.

    Sorry you’re feeling so rough – hope you feel better soon!

  58. Ugh ….I blew it with the html code. Take TWO.
    …meals served up by a sexy cabana boy your patient husband.
    No chicken..>Beyonce would never stand for it.

  59. After all that travel and dealing with people (my own personal hell), it’s no wonder your body said a big old NOPE, time for a break! Take care of yourself. 🙂

  60. You are just what I want, right where you are. You are a party of one. Thanks for using all of your energy running around the planet with that book tour, so our lives could be brighter. Now I am sending all of my energy back to you so you will feel whole again. Bless you. Sleep. Restore. Heal. Bless you, dear one.

  61. I hope that you continue to feel better, Jenny. You have had to travel so much and go to all of those events … no wonder at all that you are exhausted. Sending a prayer your way.

    Kathy M.

  62. I’m on the brink of vital exhaustion (that sounds weird, actually) and I have come up with a great idea. We need a Vital Exhaustion camp. It needs to be located far away from everything. It needs to have comfy beds in cool, dark rooms with our without snuggling animals. There needs to be ice-cream, wine, fondue, and other comforting foods and there needs to be an on-call massage therapist. Also, there needs to be an option for a you stand-in, someone who will go be you in your life while you relax and heal from vital exhaustion.
    Jenny, you’re really well-known and have some pull so can you start the kickstarter for this camp, please?

  63. Well, it’s no wonder you feel like crap – the grueling schedule that passes for a book tour is ass-kicking. As for the new term, I kinda prefer “Vital Exhaustion” over “Nervous Breakdown.” It sounds so much more important and serious than the demeaning ‘NB’ – breakdowns are for wusses, but even Batman & Wonder Woman can end up vitally exhausted from all that fighting crime.

    And look at you with all the authoring and blogging and book touring and smiling and signing AND being an awesome mother! You take that vital exhaustion and rest up, veg out, maybe eat some tacos and get better. We all will still be here. . . .

  64. Thank goodness for that “vital” in front of “exhaustion.” Clarifies that you’re not suffering from “lackadaisical exhaustion” or “superfluous exhaustion.” But you are a strong, strong woman and you will kick exhaustion’s ass just as soon as naptime is over.

  65. Take care of yourself and know that you’re not the only one suffering from “vital exhaustion” this week. I am both happy and jealous to know that you get to see a shrink about it though…I’m pretty sure my friends are done filling that role for me.
    Therapies that might also work:
    – eating ice cream
    – watching a movie that is sad throughout but also funny and in the end everything works out okay
    – snuggling a soft kitty

  66. Take Care! You’ve been so busy with all this touring that anyone would be vitally exhausted. Sleep! Think of happy things – like hugging sloths and buying dead unicorns. Don’t worry. We’ll be here when you get back.

  67. Thank you for keeping us in the loop– you take such good care of us 🙂

    After seeing you in San Diego last week I’ve been thinking a lot about how drained I would be if I were you… having to put on the public face for 200+ every day. You hide out for as long as you need.

  68. ~Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur~
    ~Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr~
    Would you like a warm beverage?
    Take care sunshine. Take all the time you need.

  69. As much as us fans desperately want to feel like we share in a piece of your life, I can’t imagine doing what you do, sharing so much of yourself with us, being honest, sincere and kind throughout encounter after encounter when I would be thinking, “I just want to be tucked in to bed, watching Murder She Wrote and emptying pudding cups with my face.” The balance of loving and appreciating my fans appreciation while trying not to resent the accompanying personal demands would be a giant struggle for me, but you are a fine piece of class who walks that tight rope with truth and integrity. I hope as your tour winds down, you find days rich in vital peace and contentment. I wish we could give back to you some of what you have given to us.

  70. You know, suffering from “vital exhaustion” makes you sound like a celebrity. At least you’re suffering GLAMOROUSLY. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  71. A friend of mine used to long for the revival of what some northwestern tribes called “the menstrual hut,” where the wimmins could go hang out for a week without people yammering at them. Have to admit it sounded like a pretty good deal, almost enough for me to take out a time share on an ovary to get some of that “away time” myself.

    I don’t know why you’re so vitally exhausted, though. I mean all you had to do was go everywhere, talk to everybody, put up with everything, and be both hilarious and brilliant the entire time. What’s so hard about that? Wait, that sounded so much more reasonable when it was in my head…

    Anyway, relax and enjoy recharging, and we’ll just camp out here by your self until you get back to her. 🙂

    And we’ll sing Kumbayah, backwards in pig latin, the entire time.

  72. Clearly, vital exhaustion is the most important sort of exhaustion a person can have. Not like the shitty run of the mill kind that lesser mortals get. Hang in there!

  73. Go and relax. Hibernate for a bit and watch tons of movies or read tons of books. Hopefully all will be good again soon.

  74. Well-timed “vital exhaustion” for the win I guess? I think I’ll keep calling mine nervous breakdowns, feels more descriptive. Something between a couple of flat tires on the interstate and a marathon of nothing but that Life Alert commercial.

    Many virtual hugs to you. Rest well.

  75. I actually had to look up Vital Exhaustion because in my mind nervous breakdown always sounded like a panic attack. According to UCSF, “Vital Exhaustion (VE) has three defining characteristics: (1) feelings of excessive fatigue and lack of energy, (2) increasing irritability, and (3) feelings of demoralization (Appels, 1990; Appels & Mulder, 1988a).”

    In other words exactly like working at my previous job. Blar. Nobody wants that. 😛

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Source for the quote, if anyone cares, also contains lots of technical information: http://www.macses.ucsf.edu/research/allostatic/vital.php

  76. It must be contagious….I’ve been in the same state lately except I’ve had to still go to work. I go home though and crawl into a ball covered in blankets. I’ve been like that for a couple of weeks now. Hopefully the funk will lift soon for both of us. Sending hugs.

  77. Sleep and feel better with no guilt attached! My Vital Exhaustion is currently called shingles relapse, and as I lay around feeling exhausted for no good reason, I also feel guilty like I’m scamming everyone with a phony illness. I swear, guilt is a sickness in and of itself!

  78. I approve of your plan to lay down and sleep for another day! I don’t even have vital exhaustion (just the regular sort) and think that sounds delightful. Perhaps I may adopt your plan for myself. Mmm… Sleep… zzzz…..

  79. Be kind to yourself, lady. Think of it as processing. Sure, it’s a lame, uncomfortable way to do it, but it’s still productive. Kudos to you for recognizing what is going on and finding ways to nurture yourself. Keep it up 🙂

    …now to take my own advice 😐

    -=Johanna =-
    (the short, pink haired girl who was drawing a blank in Seattle. I had much fun, BTW)

  80. Two years ago I had al Vital Exhaustion. My sister knew something was wrong when she walked into my kitchen and I had my head actually laying on a rack in the refrigerator, bawling, squalling, and drooling on the broccoli .

    My very understanding doctor pronounced me certifiable, but instead of sending me for long term therapy, she filled me up with xanax and ordered me to sleep for three days and call her on the fourth.

    I needed that.

  81. Is someone worried it is politically incorrect to imply you are nervous? Or broken down? So does changing the terminology alleviate the problem? Of course not. Does it make you feel any better? Of course not. Vital Exhaustion feels like a nervous breakdown.

    Rest and get well.

  82. I personally don’t find any exhaustion to be “vital” to my life. I actually find it damn inconvienent thank you very much. But I am glad when I let myself give into it like you have and take care of myself in the ways my body is telling me it needs to be taken care of. But, seriously, doctors, tie your thinking caps on a little more tightly before you come up with these catchy names. . .

  83. (((hugs))) Creepy creepy internet hugs to you Jenny. Sleep and watch as much South Park as you need, we’ll all be here waiting for you. <3

  84. After all you’ve been doing lately, you deserve a few days of rest. Traveling is exhausting; add stretches of time where you’re in front of audiences, and it’s nervous-breakdown-inducing. Or extreme exhaustion, whatever the psychologists are calling it these days.

  85. isn’t “vital exhaustion” an oxymoron??? Hope you are feeling better soon – you are too “vital” to all of us to be down for long…xoxo Anne

  86. Oh, well then I’m excited to discover that I, too, am NOT having a nervous breakdown! Phew. I was worried there for a minute.

    Now, bring me a blanket so I can take a nap and finish this episode of Masterchef.

    Some ice cream would be nice as well.


    (Psst, feel better soon. Rest up and get your mojo working again, babe!).

  87. From the “Been there/done that” contingent, I’m so sorry, darlin’. Take care of yourself, and hope things improve soon!

  88. Please feel better soon!! For the record, your “lazy” posts from the road still make my day.

    Also, I am reading your book right now and 1) I LOVE it and can’t put it down and 2) I have APLS too!!! I’ve written about it on my own blog (sorry, it’s kind of a long one), I only discovered it because I had a stroke (I’m 36). Scary stuff, but I’m glad you’re ok and that you have Hailey. I am too scared to try.


  89. Perhaps Vittle Exhaustion (as noted by Ms Cats Meow above) would be a good treatment for Vital Exhaustion.

  90. I’m glad you have the time to take care of yourself this week! Keep it up! We love you and want you to feel better!

  91. Oh, and I was going to type-sing Soft Kitty to you as well, but someone beat me to it. Which is probably a good thing, since my type-singing voice is almost as bad as my vital singing voice.

  92. My mother always called it “an episode” …to each their own I suppose. Take care!

  93. Take all the time you need and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty. You’ve done a hell of a lot of work for this book and your websites- take a while, no deadline. The internets will all be here whenever you get back. (p.s. while South Park sounds like fun, I always found that Mystery Science Theatre and some ramen noodles did the trick for me. And also, the sleeping for a couple days thing. We’re rooting for you, always!)

  94. “Vital Exhaustion” sounds like a Monty Python episode! Rest up. Every now and then I stay in bed the whole day on Sunday. The little one comes in to check on me, “Whatcha doin’, mama?” …. “Resting, baby. Now will you hand me the remote?” Sometimes we all need some down time.

  95. Sleeping is good. It’s my hobby and I am damn good at it. It keeps me from eating because I am a depressive eater. So SLEEP!!

  96. I’ve been vitally exhausted myself recently. You keep doing what works for you. Luck and love to you!

  97. Take care! Be glad that “vital exhaustion” no longer qualifies you for a 5150! The beds, television and food are so much better at home.

    Rainbows and sunshine coming your way.

  98. Go take a horizontal vacation…always makes me feel better. That and crap TV (that schaudenfreude thing, good to know others’ lives suck even more than ours do) and CHOCOLATE – lots of CHOCOLATE!!!

  99. I had a feeling you were not feeling well, I think it’s in the air! Feel better soon

  100. Rest well. Travelling and having to appear in front of oodles of people is taxing to the soul after a while. We’re all fine here. We’ll mind the store for you.

  101. “Vital Exhaustion”?? Is it just me or does that sound as scientific as saying you have “the vapors”? 😀

  102. After a really crappy day yesterday I opened your book and read almost the whole thing…it made me laugh out loud countless times. And by the time I went to bed my day didn’t seem all that bad anymore. As a brand new fan I appreciate your honesty about your ups and downs in life and your strength for getting through some tough stuff. We all need people known, and I guess unknown (because you’ve never met lots of us) to offer support and kind words to get us through from day to day. So take a nap, and eat some chocolate and read our comments and let them lift you up to a better place if they can. Your words do that for many of your readers so allow us to return the favor…

  103. Feel better soon! And may I recommend some really bad scyfy/horror movies like BATS! or CARNY! to make you feel better? You can tell how great these are by the fact that they both have Lou Diamond Phillips in them and they have exclamation marks in the titles!! <- like these!!

  104. Feel better soon! I kinda like the sound of “vital exhaustion”. It’s oddly appropriate to the meltdown-y feeling.

  105. Hope you feel better soon. I only read your book after I attended your reading and book signing in Seattle, and it just makes so much sense. I was recently diagnosed with anxiety and depression, and I thank you for being so open about it. My mother and brother suffer from it as well, so I guess I just don’t have the hang-ups or shame most people do when it comes to this stuff–it was “normal” for me as a kid. But I thank you most of all, Jenny Lawson, for making it okay to be a little “not okay.” I raise my Xanax to you. And my buspirone. And my Ambien.

  106. I have the same thing happen to you. Take care of yourself, eat lots of comfort food. I just started to read your blog after my friend recommended your book ( which I LOVED!) And I love how honest and funny you are! Feel better soon!

  107. feel better! remember one day at a time! today might be total shit, but tomorrow might be better!

  108. I don’t have anything witty to say either, so I’m just sending you a virtual hug. You are fabulous!

  109. vital exhaustion, huh? i wish you all the best. you’re a light in my life. take good care of yourself.

  110. Now you have proof that you’re a celebrity, because it’s always celebrities who have to be treated for exhaustion when every one else knows it’s really because they had a huge public breakdown.
    Take care of yourself above all, we can make do with a few more days in between posts.

  111. Take your time and know that we will always be here for you. You give so much and so openly of yourself to your fans. So many days, I felt there wasn’t anything to laugh about and you proved me wrong and helped me to laugh again. Take your time. Take care of yourself. Just know that you are very important.

  112. Toss some Family Guy and vodka in there and you’ll recover quicker. 🙂 And maybe some Nutella. And jelly beans. And an old afghan that your grandmother made. With the thermostat set to fuck-cold and a fire blazing. 🙂

  113. I hope you feel better soon and can find a way to keep those “episodes” away. Mental illness is rough. I live with a man who has severe P.T.S.D. and he sleeps a lot. I’m glad you are giving yourself permission to rest. Take care.

  114. Can I just say that I saw you at the Costco Seattle signing (saw you, no signing, I had a 2 year old and a hungry husband to bring a gigantic pizza home to so I couldn’t stay) but you looked beautiful. The most smiley, pretty, and snarky vitally exhausted person I’ve ever seen! Damn, you must look AMAZING when you’re feeling well!! Take care. Sleep. We’ll be here when you are.

  115. wow, you’d think you just finished up a book tour or something.. : ) Feel better we will wait like stray cats that you feed once, and now can’t get rid of.

  116. Is that a snobby version of a nervous breakdown? I can’t say “I’m about to have a vital exhaustion,” so it’s of no use to me;) I guess they couldn’t fix it so they re-named it.

  117. After the crazypants summer you’ve had I’d be shocked to the core if you didn’t vitally exhaust. Maintaining that smile and level of awesome for all those peeps in all those different cities AND traveling hither and yon? You is superhero. And all of those that benefited from seeing your lovely face in person say thank you and here’s a xanax and sleep until Hailey gets home. You deserve every minute.

  118. Vital Exhaustion – just sounds exhausting saying it. I will say it gives a more classy ring than “nervous breakdown”, so I say go with it and rest up. We want you in tip-top shape to make us all laugh and feel better (no pressure!). You are awesome, but don’t let the pressure of being awesome take it out of you. Unicorn Success Club members, Lawsbians, and the rest of us weirdos will be here waiting for you. As patiently as we can. 🙂

  119. Dear lord do I hear you, barely got to work today, didn’t have anything pushing me to crawl out of bed and face the day I had ahead of me. But here I am and I’m feeling much better and you will too soon, I just know it.

    Jasmine Tea. That always helps.

  120. So…then what do they call nervous breakdowns? Or panic attacks? I don’t understand why doctor’s want to keep making really hard things sound fluffier than they are.
    Get well.

  121. What’s it called when you start hallucinating cats? I got 2 kittens recently (Jenny Pawson & Catthulhu)) and they’re not allowed in the bedroom because I’ve spilt too many antidepressants on the floor and I keep waking up in the middle of the night and seeing them climbing on the bedroom furniture, but they are really out in the hall.

    Seriously though, don’t feel guilty – you must take care of yourself. Sending you much love & hugs.

  122. I had one of those things a few weeks ago. Did you know that if you take a ton of Xanax, you can basically wipe out your memory of an entire week and lose a bunch of friends without knowing what you did? True story. But feel better!

  123. So glad your girl is at camp so you can take care of YOU. It really sucks to be vitally exhausted but still need to put on the brave face for the kiddos. Here’s to another day of sleeping, and hope you wake feeling much, much better.

  124. I’m so sorry. Get your down time, take care of yourself, and call it whatever the hell you please. It’s your insanity, you get to name it! I think I’m going to name my insanity, Seraphina. Sounds lovely but can really be a bitch.

  125. I had a nervous breakdown last year and now you’re telling I didn’t have one and I have to reframe it all in my mind and start coming to term with the fact that what I had was vital exhaustion and that I have allowed myself to be treated for the wrong thing for over a year and I now can’t see how that’s helpful and I just don’t know how to feel at all now. Thanks Modern Psyhology!

  126. Huh I read it as ‘Virtual exhaustion’ which sounds like your online life is exhausting you. If this was the late ’90’s you could write a great thriller around the title. Sorry that you’re suffering from whatever it’s called, I did know that nervous breakdowns didn’t exist anymore because of Marion Keye’s book ‘Saved by Cake’ she was also surprised that nervous breakdowns don’t exist despite the fact that she was having one.

  127. Get better soon! Lucky Hailey’s away so you can take some you-time without feeling bad (and don’t feel bad about not posting, either. I feel like I’m repeating myself…).

    I know how you feel – sending hugs and also chocolate-vibes (I can’t actually send you chocolate (because I’m in England and also don’t know your address, I would if I could…), and also if it’s just the vibes then you can get the ‘mmmm’ feeling and still be all slim. Win-win.).

    I feel like I got lost in parenthesis there and I’m sorry for the ramble… the gist is feel better soon! I could’ve just stopped after the first sentence

  128. So basically (to quote Cartman) you just said “Screw you guys, I’m going home”? Good, have a wonderful rest, feel better, bone up on all your South Park Peabody-Award winning episodes, and then come back to telling us more hilarious stories that make us spew our drinks all over our work computer monitors during lunch. And don’t tell my boss that’s what really happened. Please.

  129. You were not put on this earth to enterain the hu-mons (said with a Ferengi accent.) You are exactly who you are supposed to be. At the moment, you’re helping quite a few people realize that 1) we’re not alone with this depression and anxiety shit 2) DEPRESSION LIES 3) our value is not based on what we do for others (i.e. entertain) 4) ethically taxidermied animals are fun and 5) you are exactly, perfectly, delightfully, honestly, fuckeupedly you and I am very grateful for that!

  130. I missed you in Minneapolis due to me being ill, but with that whirlwind tour, I’m not surprised you have “vital exhaustion”. Hope you get plenty of rest and South Park (I still love the “fun with weapons” episode)! 🙂

  131. Well, you may not be, but I am. Step up your game J-Bloggy. I kid, of course, but that kind of tired will make you insane. See you on the flip side. 🙂

  132. Sending you soothing hugs. I’m sorry you had to endure “Vital Exhaustion.” It really doesn’t have the same ring, does it?

  133. I totally concur on the whole stay-in-bed-all-bloody-day wistful thinking. Want to blog, but can’t be bothered as I know no one but my parents read it. Sad, I know.

  134. Take care of things there, we will be waiting when you return…Hope you get the transmission fixed… 🙂

  135. Sweet dreams! And if you do get your hands on Vitameatavegamin I hope you share sources.

  136. I’m so glad you’re not having a nervous breakdown. I AM, however, having one, which I am about to go write about on MY blog, although I don’t know that writing about it helps…is usually makes me feel worse and leads to potentially lethal combinations of alcohol and medication. If I’m dead in the morning, please know that I love you like…like bacon. Cuz i REALLY like bacon.

  137. I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this. I’ve come to the conclusion that my life is one big mental breakdown. I know you have real life people for you, but I’m here for you too. Feel
    Free to email if you need to talk, or if you want to feel better about your life; read my blog haha. It will get better, or so I’m told. <3

  138. Vital Exhaustion sounds like a term from the days when men thought cooping up women and forcing the them to rest, and by rest I mean stare at yellow wallpaper until they go sir crazy and start seeing things, was considered a viable treatment.

  139. Take care of yourself. The time I didn’t have nervous breakdown, I totally didn’t crawl into my bathtub fully clothed and cry.

  140. Aunt Suzy (noticing her 21 yr old nephew looks very worried): What’s up buddy?
    Nephew (leaning in, whispers fearfully): I think I’m having a nervous breakdown.
    Aunt Suzy (placing hand gently on his arm): Is it your first?

  141. My sympathies to you, I’m going through a similar period myself. Hugs to you.

  142. Take care of yourself! Sending you much love! Never feel guilty of taking care of yourself. You do what you need to do!

  143. “Vital exhaustion….” Yeah, that does pretty much sound like it would suck. It also sounds like something I would be diagnosed with so I’m sending you hugs. Lots and lots of hugs. Because I’m fairly certain that virtual hugs would be the cure to vital exhaustion.

  144. Take care of yourself, Jenny! I totally believe in the power of sleep. I am an excellent napper!

  145. Too bad the remedy for Vital Exhaustion is not vital, multiple alcoholic beverages. Soldier on and feel better!

  146. I feel so behind and out-of-sync with my lingo usage as I was not aware of that new “phraseology” but I guess that is the new thing that I learned today. 🙂 no apologies needed. Take your time and feel better 🙂

  147. You just need to put a Juanita Weasel therapy to work for you (she’s a great listener — surprisingly tolerant of the odd emotional filibuster) and fill your Juanita Weasel sippy cup with the right mood-enhancing beverage. Works like a charm! You will get sorted out the way that works best for you though and feel less in need of a tune-up soon. No pressure, but the child can’t stay at camp forever and eventually you’ll be speaking over the South Park characters! That is when we all seem to find the strength to re-adjust our mental health underoos.

  148. I swear there has got to be something in the air. Today was SHIT for me. Sinking further and further into the funk. How do I stop it? How do I keep this from happening?

  149. I’ve been missing your posts – thank you for telling us what’s happening. Also, I wish you could recommend your doctor to me; a few days of sleep and Southpark sounds like the cure to a lot of ailments. Thinking of you and hoping you start feeling better


  150. *hugs* I am glad you are taking care of yourself. Thank you for being yourself, and for sharing with us so openly.

  151. Vital exhaustion sounds rather, well, not-vital. Hope you recover your vitality soon, and it sounds like sleep is exactly the remedy for that.

    Sorry my first comment here isn’t funny. I’ll try harder next time.

  152. “Vital exhaustion”?? I dunno, to me if one were exhausted of vitality, it would mean they were dead. Have you checked to make sure you are not, in fact, a zombie?

  153. Wishing you all the rest and recovery you need to feel like yourself again! Take as much time as you need. We’ll still be here….

  154. “I promise I’ll be back to myself soon.”

    Sure we’ve talked about this before. I take it to mean you’ll be back to your other self soon. One is no better than the other, albeit one may be wittier than the other. No apologies necessary on either front.


  155. Take care of yourself! I’m glad at least some things are helping a little… I hope the sleep and South Park and shrink visits keep helping, and you feel better soon! <3

  156. Sorry to hear that you’re feeling vitally exhausted. Weird that they call it that now. I’m going to choose to interpret that to mean that the exhaustion is important, as a signal to rest and recover.

    Please don’t worry a bit about all of us out here. We’ll still be here when you feel like posting. We still love you when you’re mush-inclined. In fact, sometimes we love you better because you can tell us you’re kind of mush, and so are we, and that’s a really nice thing to know sometimes.

    Hope that you’re feeling better soon. You’ve got a pile of strangers thinking of you and wishing you good things.

  157. Wishing you all the best to get back to being “you” again. We all think you are swell and will be here when you return. Sending you rainbows, unicorns, and glittery happy thoughts.

  158. You need a dose of Firefly. That always works for me. In all seriousness I went through some pretty severe depression in the period before I received my kidney transplant. Remember Gene Wilders’ response the Cleavon Little telling him if a man drinks like that and doesn’t eat he will die? Wilder just said “When?” That was me. It just didn’t matter. I was always sick, I was sick of being sick, and I wanted it OVER. My counselor helped me detach my emotions when making day to day decisions, and just use logic as much as possible. She never said cheer up or get over it. She knew that was BS – it wasn’t not a choice on my part, it’s just how I was and I needed a way to function. Telling someone with depression to cheer up is like telling someone falling off a building to just not hit the ground.

    Idk if that would work for you. It doesn’t make you better – it’s just a workaround. In engineering we call it a hack. But hey, it’s worth a shot. Hope the end of the tunnel comes soon.

  159. Okay, while you are “not” having a breakdown, I am “not” able to figure out how to write on my photos I post on my blog. So, when you are back to breaking down, maybe you can educate me on that? Kidding. Sorta. Not at all. I have been distraught not seeing new posts. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Get back to yourself soon chick!

  160. Vital Exhaustion, compared to non-vital. At least your Exhaustion is important (you know it’s important because I put a capital E). It could maybe save the world. Your Exhaustion is like when Alexander Fleming discovered mold on his bread and it led to penicillin. I might be wrong on that bread part, but I’m definitely right on your Exhaustion being imperitive to the well being of mankind. You’re like the Nicolas Cage of non-breakdowns. I salute you madam. Godspeed.

  161. Well, I don’t know if you get past the first 235 comments on your posts but if you do, here’s mine:

    I found that Colloidal Silver helps relieve depression.
    I found out on accident.
    I got West Nile Virus, and I knew Colloidal Silver killed MRSA among other things so I gave it a try.
    Aside from the pain from the virus I felt so much better!
    I could not understand it, I was not sad all of a sudden……….
    I did some research and sure enough I found that it helps.
    It’s been a week of NON SAD days!!!

    Oh, and I got better and didn’t die from West Nile, that was a plus.

    Take care,

  162. Rest up, sweet, tired you. It’s to be expected…right?

    Dreams of larger-than-life-chickens and operatic kitties upon you.

  163. Been battling the evil funk monster too. I hope you feel better & dig out of the hole quickly

  164. Battling one right now. I don’t think anyone cares. Son wants daddy all the time. I haven’t put him to sleep since he was 3 months old, he’s now 2.5. I feel like if i drove off the road, the spot i picked out to end it before i met my husband, that no one would care or miss me. So sick of not being able to leave this town. Agoraphobia sucks ass. I’m useless amd worthless. I’m ready for that spot that curves. Ready to drive my car off of it. No one would miss me. Period. End of story. I suck as a mother and wife. Im am a failure.

    (That’s depression lying to you. If I’m not listening to mine then you shouldn’t listen to yours. Your family would be devastated without you. You need to tell them how you’re feeling so they can help you get help. Sending you such love. Never give up. ~ Jenny)

  165. Vital Exhaustion. Yes. I identify with that. Do they have a term for, “My anxiety got so bad last week that I threw out my neck”? Because I’d hate to be the Alpha Case for that one. My life is embarrassing enough.

  166. Big hugs to you!!! I recommend watching Dr. Who re-runs and listening to Pink Martini’s “Hang On Little Tomato”
    …and kitty cat snugggles are magical too. 🙂

  167. We–your tribe of misfits–are sending love and hugs and good thoughts your way! Hope you are able to get some much deserved rest.

  168. I can’t believe no one else has busted out with this yet, but —

    Those bastards!! They killed Jenny!

    It is reassuring to know that you’ll be back in the next episode, be it ten minutes from now, tomorrow, next week, or three months from now.

    Unless they’ve finally really killed Kenny. Then forgive me, I haven’t seen an episode in many years.

  169. Vital exhaustion? That makes it sound like it’s required!

    Take time for yourself. We’ll be here when you’re ready.

  170. Normally I’d offer up hugs, but in this case I think I’ll offer up a knuckle bump and say you take care of you. We will patiently (well, mostly patiently) wait for you to do what you gotta do to take care of you. 😀

  171. @Rhonda of comment 254–I am so sorry to hear what you are going through and thank you for being brave enough to share with all of us. Please know a fellow Bloggess fan is sending good thoughts your way tonight. I wish you the best and hope you are able to find someone–a friend or a counselor–who can provide in-person support in this difficult time. It may be a cliche, but as the line goes in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”: “remember no man is a failure who has friends”. I hope you’ll count us all among your virtual friends tonight.

  172. Wow, vital exhaustion. I wonder what they’ll name a nervous breakdown next? Necessary fatigue? All joking aside, I hope you feel better. And thank you for visiting Portland, Oregon. You brightened many a day with your reading and signing, especially mine.

  173. I have vital exhaustion every day because of an allergy. What allergy, you ask? I am extremely allergic to stupid people. My medication of choice, since prozac doesn’t make people seem smarter is wine.

    Jenny, thanks so much for coming to Costco in Seattle last week. I was thrilled to meet you and get books signed for two of the most motherfuckingly awesome women in my life, my daughter and my good friend. You kinda made my hubby a little tingly just meeting you, too. He loves your blog.

    Get better, and know you are loved and appreciated.

  174. Hang in there, Jenny. Just treat it like you would any other illness. Take care of yourself. Drink fluids. Don’t forget to eat. Sleep when you can. Laugh if it is possible. And remember that you have reached out to all of us and we love you and are pulling for you!

  175. I had the honor and delight of hearing you read in Seattle and meeting you afterwards. I sure hope the tour didn’t cause (or contribute to) your vital exhaustion. Thank you for coming! And take it easy. You have the best fans in the world (of course) but we’re not worth hurting something vital.

    I had my own vital exhaustion over a decade ago, got fixed up with therapy and meds and I’ve been okay ever since. I tell you this so you can look forward to good times.

  176. Hope you feel better soon!! Definitely sleep if you’re able and it’s helping! We miss you – but we can wait. 😉

  177. I hope you feel better soon. Don’t apologize. No one apologizes for getting chicken pox, so no one should have to apologize for feeling emotionally under the weather.

    That’s what I think anyway.

  178. You don’t need to promise to be back to yourself. I love the fact that you share who you are on your blog – good days as well as bad days. It is so nice to know that there are others who have emotional ups and downs and aren’t afraid to own them. Thank you! I hope you feel better soon.

  179. Suffering with my own bout of “vital exhaustion,” I know how much it sucks. But the good news is you will get better I guarantee it. Golden Girls clips on youtube helps for some inexplicable reason. Hugs and love.

  180. Take care of yourself and Get better soon!! and I agree with #276: No need to apologize, If your trip to the west coast was at all a factor in why you feel bad, I just want you to know that , everybody at Elliott Bay Books in Seattle was SO EXCITED to see you and me personally, one of the best things to happen to me this year. You rock our world. Thank you for all you do.

  181. My voicemail used to say “I’m sorry, I’m not here to take your call right now, but if I return before I get back, please keep me here, so that I can find myself” It made people a little worried about dealing with me, then I had to use the phone for work purposes, so had to change it. In other words, I think I kind of know how you feel. So, here’s a HUG, and hope that you are able to take the time you need to get back in the groove. Sparkly Unicorn Shit Here.

  182. Been there, done that and occasionally still visit. Whatever they want to call it, it feels like crap when you’re living it. Take care of yourself Jenny; we your loyal followers are send all kinds of positivity to you and will be here when your ready to post again.

  183. Jenny, sorry you feel so bad. 🙁 there is a book that really helped me with physical pain as well as emotional symptoms (especially anxiety and insomnia AKA the Devil!). It’s has great reviews on amazon. It’s not a stupid self help book. It was on 20/20. It helped a lot of people, including some famous people, as well as little ‘ol me. 🙂 it’s called the mindbody prescription by Dr. Sarno. I know there’s a slim chance you’ll check it out but I’m not one of those crazies who recommends dumbass books like chicken soup for the soul (im a different kind of crazie all together 🙂 This is a book rooted in science that explains why this is happening in the brain and things we can do to stop. It has TRULY helped me. Best of luck to you 🙂

  184. I am sorry you are struggling right now. I am beginning to wonder what is in the air, so many people are really hurting and fighting through the battle of depression right now. I’m thankful you have a therapist and that you can relax this week. I sometimes wish I could claim vital exhaustion and check into a spa or something and pay someone to pamper the hell out of me for a few days.

  185. Nooooooooo! I’m so sorry! Take care of yourself and do what you need to do for yourself!

  186. Dearest Bloggess,
    Surround yourself with (alive) fur babies of the animal kingdom.
    Whenever I feel shitty and the anxiety starts to take over and I think “I’m not going to make it”, I drag my sorry ass to the dog park. Their little doggy antics never fail to make me smile and lift my spirits. A sneaky pat or two lifts a weight from me and I feel so much better.

    So, my dear, go get HST and snuggle up on the couch or bed and let his little heart beat soothe your own.
    It really does work. I promise. xx

  187. Jenny, not sure what time you posted this blog entry but it was sometime on Aug 21st and so far there are 283 people (284 as of me) saying in varying was the same two things — you are amazing and keep on.

  188. I hope you can acknowledge how difficult it was to do such a gargantuan book tour, with all the socializing, over-stimulation and adrenaline running through you.

    You deserve a good rest. The MRI turned out normal, so I wish I’d gone to your book signing instead. 😉

    Be gentle with yourself, acknowledge your awesomeness, and rest up.

    Hope you are back on soon!


  189. OH MY GOD YOU WATCH SOUTH PARK WHEN YOU’RE ANXIOUS, TOO!!??? We are kindred, dearest Jenny. Feel better, my heart.

  190. Give yourself a rest. Saw you in San Diego and you said that after this tout was over you would collapse. You were fabulous. Now allow yourself to recover. We’ll still be here for you when you’re ready.

  191. I was going to say something about how “vital exhaustion” sounds like something that leads to zombification, but I see another commenter beat me to it. Technically, I suppose “vital exhaustion” would be more like when a Frankenstein’s monster shuts down after running out of juice, though.

    Anyway, take care of yourself and get all the rest you need. We’ll be happy to wait for you.

  192. When this goes around, I remember my favorite card my 11 year old sent me. It says
    “Laughter is the Best Medicine”
    and on the inside it says,
    “Unless, of course, you have diarrhea”

    It’s like that sometimes Jenny…

  193. Hey! Why doesn’t my name show up pink? How do I make this happen? Hmmm I’m feeling left out. 🙁 Again, feel better Jenny.

  194. Jenny,

    As a long-time Lawsbian, I was thrilled to meet you in Seattle. It’s meant so much to me to read your posts, to have something to share with friends and family to better explain why I have to hide outside large gatherings, to feel like I’m not so alone. I’m sorry that it was so taxing for you, but I can’t be sorry that you came. I stood in a crowd of hundreds of people and never once looked for the exit. Thank you for being a voice for mental illness, thank you for bringing your quirky sense of humor to everything you do, and thank you for helping us all find our tribe. Now take a load off and get some rest. You’ve definitely earned it!

  195. One: Never feel guilty for posting, I drink up your words like a kid trying to get the last drops of a milkshake, sucking noisily through their straw.

    Two: Please get better! You’re wonderful and all that, we shouldn’t have to tell you this. Silly Bloggess.

  196. Feel better! Consider me virtually wrapping you up in a fluffy blanket, giving you hot chocolate and petting your hair … all things that, according to my grandmother, are automatic cures for any emotional stresses.

  197. Sorry to hear this. Whatever they are calling it today, take very good care of yourself and never feel guilty for doing what you need to do to get well.

  198. Long time reader, first time poster. I’ve been there before, with occasional small relapses. I know it’s really hard right now, but don’t feel guilty. You don’t have anything to feel guilty about. You are a wonderful person, who gives so much joy to your family and to lots of people all around the world (I’m from Brazil). I hope you are eating something and you’ll feel better soon.

    PS: Why no one told me before there are no nervous breakdowns anymore? Sheesh..

  199. Don’t feel guilty! Go buy yourself some shoes. Or an ethically taxidermied bat (bats are adorable!). And get well soon

  200. I hope the therapies are helping bring you back to yourself! If all else fails something sweet or deep fried taken 3 or 4 times daily may help.
    Don’t worry about not posting we’re happy to hear from you whenever your ready to to write.

  201. I am sorry you are feeling bad and I hope it turns around and you feel better soon. Our brains and bodies are certainly funny things and you have been going full force all year (and longer). Sometimes, our brains just say “Whoa!” and we must stop and take care of ourselves. I look forward to your wit and sarcasm, but I look forward to you feeling better more.

  202. My guess would be that doing a book tour for someone who suffers from social anxiety would be the ticket to “Vital Exhaustion”. Hang in there! Add some “I Heart the 80’s” to your TV viewing, and you will be back to your snarky self soon! 😉

  203. *HUGS FROM A STRANGER* <= not a "bad touch", I promise.

    I was actually wondering how you were holding up with all this touring, especially after reading your book.

  204. I know you can’t help it, but do not feel guilty…EVER…for taking care of yourself. You cannot help others unless you feel reasonably capable of not murdering random prostitutes on street corners when they jaywalk in front of you when you are running late to an appointment. It ALWAYS comes down to keeping the prostitutes safe from my bumper. Period.

    ALSO – thanks for being open and just being real. I am amazed at your wit, talent, and willingness to go to the personal hell those of us who suffer with anxiety can reach and then examine/explain it to the world in a way no one ever has before or ever will in the future. You ROCK.

    Remember…do it for the prostitutes!


  205. The important thing here is to take care of yourself. Don’t worry about being funny or anything like that. Rest & feel better! Hugs!

  206. Feel better, sweet lady! I’m not sold on renaming nervous breakdowns…..but either way, it sucks and I hope you’re feeling like yourself real soon!! Hang in there! 🙂

  207. Dude, my iPod totally “autocorrected” my nickname… Should be Zan not “San”. Is “San” even a name? Is it even a word?!

  208. Ok weird- I totally wrote a supportive message to post and I hit “submit”. Then I saw that my iPod had changed my name to “San” rather than being Zan (cue above comment which I then wrote after). But now it looks like my first, supportive message didn’t actually go through & now I just sound ridiculous. I think my iPod dislikes me. Anyways, long story short- rest and feel better soon! Hugs!

  209. Ah, so I guess I wasn’t using the correct lingo when I asked my doctor a few years back if I’d had a nervous breakdown. Good to know what to call it.

    I hope yours is over soon. I’m picturing all your tiny taxidermied friends gathered on your bedside table staring in your general direction, waiting for you to feel better. So you can make them say hilarious shit again.

    Hugs to you, sweet lady.

  210. How is this for muchos exciting…my book club is reading your book! So you can probably go ahead and sleep for another week because that is 15 copies sold right there. Obvs your work is done.

    Sleep tight, enjoy Southpark. I hope you see the one where they are at the dance and the Crips are there. Except they are actual cripples not a gang. Amazeballs hilar.

  211. Rhonda (#257) – I have felt exactly the way you are feeling. Your depression is LYING to you. Your husband needs you, your little boy needs you, your friends need you, and WE need you. Talk to someone, and if they can’t hear what you’re saying, talk to someone else. It will get better. This is not forever. And I promise you, a day WILL come when you sort of wish for those “Daddy’s boy” days to come back because your little boy will suddenly be all about Mommy. Hang in there, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask for help. You are precious and irreplaceable.

  212. It’s time for Wil and Anne Wheaton’s new puppy to pay you a visit and cheer you up. Feel better!

  213. Here it comes, here it comes. It’s just your nineteenth nervous breakdown.
    I love that song. Perfect fit for what was happening in the 60s, along with Mother’s little helpers.
    So very Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath-ish.

  214. You. Are. Awesome. You don’t owe us anything, so don’t feel guilty, ESPECIALLY when you’re taking care of yourself. Have a renewing time. =D

  215. Here it comes, here it comes! It’s just your nineteenth nervous breakdown.
    It’s a great expression and an insightful song. It fits perfectly with the angst of the 60s, just like that other Stones song . . . running for the shelter of your mother’s little helpers . . .
    So very Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath-ish.

    Climb on back up out of there, girly.

  216. Sleep all you want, you deserve it – a book tour is exhausting and you were fabulous in Portland. I know how I feel when I have to travel for work and what you did was so much more. I can’t imagine doing what you did. You are awesome!

  217. My goodness how many time zones have you been across in the last weeks? that’s enough to f*** up any woman’s hormones and the seasons are getting ready to change i.e. Less Light so you gotta have a kit ready for that too, it’s called SAD:( If at all possible get your hands on the movie Stuart Saves His Family, it has healing powers. as much chocolate as you can have brought in, I like to watch documentaries about 1200 lb people in order to bolster my self esteem, The Star and OK mags and ice cream. be leery if victor asks you to sign anything legal looking, look for the work commit. love, love,love the blog!!!!

  218. Damn shrinks! Why would they give a condition the kind of name that you have to explain when, by definition, you’re too exhausted to listen to or explain anything?

    So glad that you know & remind us there’s always another point in the cycle that will not suck. Take good care.

  219. I had one of those in July and was quite annoyed to learn that they don’t exist anymore. Glad you’re taking care of yourself. As far as I know, there’s nobody out here who requires guilt from you, so let yourself off the hook. You’ve been working so hard on this book tour, pushing up against your discomfort around people over and over. A bit of rest and South Park is only fair, really. Nice of your body to wait until Hailey was away, though. It’s like we know inside that we just need some time that’s for us and us alone. Take it without guilt. We’ll all be here when you get back. {{stranger hugs (the nice kind, not the creepy kind. I’m not being virtually inappropriate here, just offering empathy even though you’ve never met me.)}}

  220. Feel better soon Jenny. I was worried when I saw no posts and I am relieved to hear you are ok, albeit not as ok as you deserve to be. So you should not be posting but YAY that you did, if that helps to relieve your guilt. And BOO to me for being selfish that I am glad that you did! I am just coming around from an “illegitimate” nervous breakdown myself and I do believe that cartoons and extra long shrink sessions were very helpful. And dog cuddling. That works too. Finding your audiobook is what really healed me. And I listened to it 3 times in a row. And it saved me because I truly knew that I was not alone and that there was somebody out there that was amazingly so much like me. And that person was really funny and cool and living a life and doing things and writing a book and even had a family. It gave me courage to fight my really bad days of pain and savor the ones where I am ok, and it brought me out of a deep vortex that I had been stuck in since I had a horrible and crazy accident happen during a hysterectomy 6 months ago. I heard you say somewhere that 22 people had been saved by this blog or by the book. 23 Jenny. I think I am number 23. So thank you for giving me back my life and the ability to laugh at it.

  221. Just wanted to apologize if i submitted something inappropriate. not trying to get this comment on site. my conscience will bother me all day if I don’t apologize, that’s just me, thanks Sheila

  222. I don’t know how to tweet but want you to know I understand. Have had a nervous breakdown myself a few times. I am glad you are home though I always felt safer in a hospital where I could rest and not explain why. Take care, Jenny. You have shared so much of yourself and made so many laugh while knowing that laughter is sometimes a defense mechanism and, without it, more horrible things could happen. You probably will not get this because of the tweeter thing but that’s okay. My thoughts and understanding are with you.

  223. If I was having a nervous breakdown, and I believe I’ve had them, and come close on many many other occasions, the last thing I would need is some textbook or doctor telling me it isn’t *really* a nervous breakdown. I’d probably start spewing obscenities and turning red and steam would come out of my ears. DO I LOOK LIKE I’M *NOT* HAVING A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN NOW???

    That’s me though, I keep that crap bottled up inside til the top bursts off sometimes. Sending cleansing thoughts your way today and wishing you peace and balance 🙂

  224. You think YOU feel bad? Thanks to this post, I now have to change the tagline on my blog. Thanks a fucking lot. (“Your front-row seat to my vital exhaustion”? That sounds like shit.)

    PS: Hang in there, friend. Or else I’ll kick your ass. As soon as I recover from my vital exhaustion, that is.

  225. Hang in there! I’m a new fan (was just informed of your existence late last week – am already an adict.)
    The blog with Jefferson Peabody made me laugh so hard I cried! Thank you – needed that. Started your book and am cracking up there too. You make a difference and you make people smile. The world needs more of you! (And funny dead animals)
    For my contribution, I will pass on some advice from my parrot, Simon:
    “Don’t poop in your water”
    and if that doesn’t help, he also says “Schmoop schmoop” a lot and that seems to make him feel better!

  226. Your blog and book have helped me so much with my own “vital exhaustion” that I wantd to say thank you! There is a lot of love out there for you! Just take your time.

  227. Glad you’ve got the time and space to work through this one; sorry you need to.

    Sending virtual offerings of evil chocolate things that contain zero calories. Several buckets-full.

  228. @ Rhonda from above – listen to Jenny. listen to Kari. don’t listen to a belittling inner voice….wait for the one that says “YAY ME”. It will come, and family helps!
    My little girl hurt my feelings when she only wanted Daddy for months–then she did an about-face and only wanted Mommy. My mini-brainstorm was to stay in the room listening to the bedtime stories so I could get a hug&kiss at the end of the story…and now Daddy’s doing the same thing.

  229. Take care Jenny! We read your blog on your schedule, you don’t write it on ours. We can wait. 🙂

  230. Alright, Now I know what I was experiencing after I lost my job by being a whistle blower! I kinda like Vital Exhaustion. So much sleep, so much therapy, so much Mental Health Day Camp, now in Transition day camp and Vail Clubhouse(walk in MH day camp) lots of drugs.
    Take care of yourself Jenny, I was at your book signing in Mpls, love you! Love the book, Love the Bloggess.

  231. Done that “vital exhaustion” thing — just do what you need to do for yourself!! Too bad more of us can’t afford to check ourselves into the hospital for 24 hour TLC for a few days when this happens. Nevertheless, this too will pass and you will end up stronger for it.

  232. I have no fucking idea how you manage book tours and publicity and the circus around being you, how you process it all. I can barely get out of the condo. Needing a vacation is perfectly reasonable.

  233. On another note: If we can call a nervous breakdown “vital exhaustion”, can we go back to calling depression “Melancholia”? It sounds prettier. I’d rather have Melancholia.

  234. i was flipping through my zin magazine (for zumba zin members)– beause i am a non-exercising zumba instructor who still holds the license because it makes me feel fit.. anyway, i was flipping through the catalog and your book was on the books of summer list! yay! very seldom do i relate to anything in that magazine- actually never, but it’s part of my zin membership fee… and i was bored at work so i flipped through it.

  235. So sorry to hun Jenny, really do hope you feel better soon. I’m so glad I’ve stumbled upon your Blog and your book since I’ve began my venture into this online world. You are an inspiration 😀

  236. WTF….what about us ????? SNAP OUT OF IT! 😉
    (I hope that created at least a smirk)

  237. Jenny, we’ll be here waiting whenever you come back. Take as much time as you need.

  238. Well, at least they don’t call it, “having the vapors” anymore, which sounds more like you’re having a really bad case of flatulence rather than “vital exhaustion.”

    Actually, “vital exhaustion” sounds just as Victorian as “having the vapors,” just… not as smelly. Which makes it sound like you’re having some sort of Steampunk thing going on, and that makes me wonder about your doctor.

    Still, it’s not surprising considering the publicity treadmill you’ve been running on. Rest up, restore your soul, and we’ll be here when you’re ready.

  239. It’s so unfair that they keep cancelling all the good disorders. I, for one, am waiting for “hysteria” to be officialy reinstated.

    Let’s hope you find some equilibrium soon. Because hey, without you a lot of us wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing. So it’s basically all about us.

  240. I also suggest Pinky & the Brain for shits and giggles to relax to.
    There is something calming about an Orsonwelian mouse trying to take over the world with a side kick who wants to put rubber pants on a chimpanzee.

  241. My heart bleeds for you Jenny, because I am right there with you. Never feel as if you are letting us down if you take a week, a month, or even a year off from posting. We are all behind you 100% and want you to take the time to rest and recuperate. We will still be here when you return. Take good care of her Victor! She is special!

  242. Vital Exhaustion??? That is so fup duck! Take care of your wicked self and kick Vital Exhaustion’s ass.

  243. After searching the top 10 women blogs your blog website was mentioned as one of the top 10 to check out. How crazy coincidental for me that the day you post about “vital exhaustion” attack, episode, whatever you call it…I stumble across your blog the very next day. On August 21, 2012 I experienced “vital exhaustion” and left work early. Before I made it home I stopped by the cemetery and not just any cemetery, but the one where my father and mother reside. What was I searching for at the cemetery? I still am not sure, I justified the visit as a perfect place to go and cry.
    What’s the point of this message? I sympathize and feel your pain. It sucks and I know that I’ll eventually feel better again and I am confident you will too. You are not alone. Feel better soon.

  244. Good heavens, girl – you’ve been going full-blast doing things that are normally way out of your comfort zone, with the book signings, interviews and such. Take some down time and recharge before you go zombie on us! Hogs and quiches!

  245. Vital exhaustion? That makes it sound as if the exhaustion is somehow crucial to one’s existence. Be exhausted! It’s very important! What a bullshit name for a very, very tough thing!!!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  246. Hope you feel better soon. Vital exhaustion calls for vital recuperation…and in the meantime, we’re LOVING your flashback posts, so don’t worry! xoxo whorrified

  247. I don’t know about whatever you decide to call them, but I’m down with “Melt down of epic proportions”

  248. I thought xhaustion was what fancy people and celebrities had instead of nervous breakdowns. Congrats on reaching celebrity status, rest, and get wel soon.

  249. When I was in the fourth grade I told my teacher I felt like I was having a nervous breakdown. She told me I needed to be at least 25 before I had one. Now that I am old enough to have one apparently they don’t exist? Not. Fair.

    Feel better. 🙂

  250. @Ernestine

    When I recall that the treatment for Hysteria was a professionally administered “paroxysm,” and that the vibrator was literally invented to prevent repetitive motion disorder in the physicians administering said jilloffification, I enthusiastically support this revival. Especially if it’s covered by insurance. As for my Tiger, I will happily administer hers, with the help of the KinkLab Viberite.


    As someone just exactly the age to have missed every cool thing because the Baby Boomers carefully broke it just before I was old enough to enjoy it, I feel your pain. And there’s no way I’m changing the name of that awesome film to “Women on the Verge of a Vital Exhaustion.”

  251. Mental breakdowns are refreshing in so many ways. Like icey ice water on your face – or soul. Vital for change. Vital because you’ve pushed your body too far, to the point of being so exhausted that it’s vital you collapse.

    Makes perfect sense to me!

  252. So that is what I have. I want to sleep for a week. But I know I’ll feel better once you do and write again.

  253. I don’t usually post on websites, but I read yours all the time and was just heartbroken to hear that you were feeling so terrible. Please rest as long as you need and know that all of us who love you so much and think you are one of the funniest people alive will be here when you come back. You bring a smile to my face every day and I hope you feel better VERY soon!!

  254. If it’s any consolation, “I know they don’t because I had one.” is fairly clever.
    Feel better, and don’t let HST near your chicken pot pie.

  255. Not sure if this will help you today Jenny, but I finished your book today. I’ve had it from the week it was released here in the UK but I’ve been off this week and I couldn’t put it down. I adore your honesty and your ability to just put things into perspective. You’re a damn inspiration lady, and though these dark patches will always be around in some form, you bring a tremendous amount of light to a lot of people’s lives. Thank you for being you, just as you are in all your fragile wonder.

  256. You are you, and anxiety is part of you. It isn’t a bad thing, so there’s no need to apologize to your adoring fans for taking mental health time. We know you, and we still love you.

  257. Of course you’re exhausted. You’ve been all over hell’s half acre (aka 2/3 of north america) shilling your books to hundreds, possibly thousands of people.

    I don’t know if you remember this, but you have an anxiety disorder and don’t like large crowds of strangers. Even if we’re adoring strangers and strange in appealing ways, that is still going to be very tiring.

    Watch TV, surf the web, play with your smart and charming daughter. It’s the responsible thing to do.

    We’ll be here when you get back.

  258. Jenny, you fix yourself a chambourd slushy, get comfy on the couch and rock that South Park marathon all you want. We understand. I had er hem…”vital exhaustion” for like EVER a couple years ago, so I know of what you speak. You’ll kick that vital exhaustion’s ass, I just know it.

  259. Sleep is the very best medicine. Take care of yourself and if you need it, keep on sleeping even after she comes home from camp. Maybe she’ll be tired enough to nap with you!

  260. I’m sure you’ve heard it from many people, but thank you. I have been fighting my first bought with depression over the last few months, and having your posts to empathize with has helped more than I can say. This one has come along at just the right time; replace South Park with gory mystery novels (because hey, life could be worse), and blogging with an inexplicable fear of checking e-mail and otherwise communicating, and you’ve got my last two weeks pegged.

  261. Take care of yourself, lady. “Vital exhaustion” makes the process sound almost pleasant…I’m pretty sure that’s the *complete* opposite of what a nervous breakdown is like.
    I know you’ll get yourself back up and running. You’re awesome like that. 🙂

  262. you know what finally allowed me to get off the couch from all the i-hate-being-an-allergy-kid parent recovering i was doing with endless episodes of law & order and doc martin? kefir. it’s my drug of choice. it makes my stressful life more manageable. when i drink it every day i don’t feel like i need to stay in the life-is-too-hard fetal position. if you ever want to try it and you’re back in houston, let me know. i’ve got plenty of kefir grains to share. all super yucky times end. this one will too. hugs.

  263. Jenny, I wish you well and I know you are strong and will pull through soon! As much as your followers will miss you, we get it & know you’ll be back with us when you feel ready! Sending you hugs >:D<

  264. Your column was the one thing (aside from flipping over my pillow) that I looked forward to during a recent bout of depression that had the audacity to show up at my brain’s front door (knock-knock, motherfucker.) Thank you for that. Please let me know if I can reciprocate the favor. I have a great (er, tragic, depending on your viewpoint) tale of eating wet cat food instead of enchiladas during a work frenzy. It’s funnier when not told as a one-line anecdote. And not gross at all. Kind of.

  265. Girl, you even sleep witty! Get down on the bed witch yo’ bad self !

    We’ll be here when you’re ready for us ~

  266. Are you really going to read 395 comments when you are suffering from “Vital Exhaustion”? If you did, I think that would mean you are not THAT exhausted (kidding). OK, I’ve never commented before but have been reading for a while and secretly adore you (as well as 1 million other people). You crack me up and make me feel normal. A friend of mine sent me this and I laughed my ass off – was hoping it would give you a chuckle and brighten your day if you have not seen it before. http://dog-shaming.com I know you are a cat, stuffed random taxidermi-fied animal fan but this shit is really funny! Maybe it was especially meaningful to me since the family dog recently took a crap on top of my son’s legos in the middle of the living room floor. Peace & love to you, sweet Jenny. : )

  267. I’m so sorry to see that you’re struggling. Wishing you peace and love, and hoping you’re feeling less vitally exhausted and more vitally… vital very soon.

  268. My older daughter just had a vital exhaustion, and my other daughter and I diagnosed that she puts too much pressure on herself and she needs to learn how to be lazy and love her sofa like we do.

    Maybe if you could embrace the sofa-mentality it would help. Ordering Victor to go make you a samwich might be good too. And I find that when things are particularly trying, eating ice cream right from the carton – at Costco – relieves stress.

    You’re welcome (and hope you feel better!).

  269. I didnt think anyone cared. Thank you for the responses. Todsy isnt much better. I cant fight any more.

  270. I also watch South Park when I’m feeling down. Or up. It always seems to work.

    Cartman: “Mom! Kitty is being a dildo.”
    Liane Cartman: “I know a special little kitty that’s sleeping with mommy tonight!”

  271. Rhonda, we all care. We are all screwed up, but it makes us family. Don’t do anything rash, seek,out some help…please.

  272. Huh…”vital exhaustion”?! Yeah, ummmm…pretty sure I’m about “one more thing” away from one of those…jeebus!! How much is one human supposed to take?!

    Glad you’re getting some much needed down time!! Rest well!

  273. . Rhonda — so many more people care than you know. I care and I don’t even know you but I don know what it’s like to live in hell. Please please please ask for help, because it is within reach.

  274. Ugh— I Do know what it’s like —– sorry, typing without glasses

  275. Oh, fer fuck’s sake. Because a new post is more important than feeling better? We’ll wait, darlin’. Kick that fucker’s ass; we’re all behind you!

  276. You have no need to explain yourself. Just take care of yourself and come back when you’re ready.

  277. Also, message to Rhonda: I tried to end my life in 1998. I know how awful it can be. Please try to hold on, you mean more to people than you could possibly realize.

  278. I found that out about a year and a half ago after my marriage ended and I was having what I thought was a nervous breakdown. I was told in no uncertain terms that that was impossible since nervous breakdowns don’t exist.

    Call it what you will, it sucks. I hope your awesome form of therapy works well and things get better.

    Good luck.

  279. My sister in arms. We will both get through this. Look that black hole square in the face and tell it to back the fuck off. #silverribbons

  280. Oh shit lady! You need to go on and do what you need to do to feel better. When I am in a valley (what I like to call those times that depression sinks me) I come here and read your words reminding me that depression is a lying bitch and it will be better soon.

    If I can give back one ounce of what you give to me, here it is: things will change and be better, but for right now enjoy South Park, sleeping, and giving yourself time to heal. Soon enough this will be a memory.

    Feel better!

  281. Nope, Vital Exhaustion doesn’t quite cover that feeling. More like having a massive heart attack while the rest of the world melts away, leaving nothing for you to grab onto as you drown; that’s a lot closer to it. It’s a little long so we should probably invent a name for it, but my Vyvanse has worn off for the day so my brain is having a little trouble being clever.

    I had a massive one last summer, almost exactly a year ago, and I’m STILL trying to get my meds back on track. I remember wanting to do nothing more than ram my car into something and just end it…and then the little bit of sanity I had left kicked in and said “You drive a Volvo; you’re just going to F-up your bumper, and then you’ll be left with one more thing to worry about/have to take care of.”

    There are still INCREDIBLY hard days (even weeks; I haven’t left the house much this year…proof would be the fact that I have JUST NOW gotten my car up to the mileage listed on the oil change sticker, and it was technically due at the end of last December), but no matter how much I sometimes want to be done with it, I have to remind myself that I was happy before and I’ll be happy again…someday; hopefully soon.

    I hope you feel better soon, it definitely sucks when you don’t feel like your self… I’d say normal, but you never want to feel like a washing machine. : )
    Sending you the most furiously happy thoughts I can think of…that includes you too Rhonda!


  282. By “vital exhaustion” do you actually mean “I ate that 25kg tub of frosting I made Victor buy at Costco and now I have frosting poisoning?”

    And also, good work Victor – I think you do an awesome job of sticking by/looking after/putting up with your/our Bloggess.

  283. I’m sorry you are in a “slump” right now. Do what you need for you and then get back to us. We understand!

    On another note … I got your book for my birthday today, if I mail it to you will you sign it and mail it back??? LOL 😉

    Love you!

  284. I’m confident your fans will all still be here when you’re feeling better …

    The “vital exhaustion” reminded me of a nugget of information I learned at my daughter’s middle school recently. You remember the group of mean girls in every middle school? At Parent Night, that’s called “relational aggression” and “exclusionary behavior.” Wow. I think, they can dress it up however, they like, but as I recall from all those years ago, those girls were just b*tches.

  285. 1. You made my life complete by being a panda with me (which I already tweeted, but probably will never stop re-iterating, because how awesome was that for little ol’ me? answer: VERY.)

    2. You deserve a bit of vital exhaustion after a four-leg book tour. Seriously, I’m so impressed with your willingness to reach out to your fans anxiety stuff notwithstanding.

    3. You have indirectly contributed to an amazing dialogue about suicide among gay Mormon youth on my blog. (Basically seeing how you handled a recent suicidal comment gave me a model in handling my own slightly different online suicidal situation. No word yet from the person at risk. My heart is aching for him but I hold out hope. But you might have helped save him by inspiring me to send my people over to shower him with love. At very least, you have contributed to an incredibly important conversation that should have been happening like 20 years ago.)

    Enjoy your sleep and down time. You make a positive difference in this world, and that’s why you are so loved.

  286. I’m sorry if I’m suppose to know this – I’m a new fan – but do you watch Family Guy? Hope you are feeling better soon!

  287. You’re right: there’s no such thing as a nervous breakdown in the DSM whatever book. They’ve now parsed it out to stuff like Social Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks and the like. I still prefer the whole Nervous Breakdown verbiage but whatev! 🙂

    Do not feel guilty about posting. I had to take a long break due to illness and it sucked but we’ve got to take care of ourselves. You’ve got a lot going on & kudos to you for writing a book. Hell, even Salinger only wrote a couple of good books – it’s the QUALITY that counts, not the amount of POSTS you have. Your soup post alone equals 10 posts of a normal blogger. (I confess I do love bisque though….has some substance.)

    No matter what happens, I can only beg you not to pull a Dooce and regurgitate old content too often. Sometimes silence is best (in her case especially). So take care of you and before long some brilliance will enter your mind when you least expect it and we’ll all look forward to seeing it here. In the meantime, take it easy.

  288. You’ve been doing a lot lately and that would be exhausting for anyone, let alone one of us.

    And vital exhaustion sounds like an oxymoron. They say someone is vital when they are looking good and energetic etc. How can you be vitally exhausted?

    Enjoy your sleep and may it refresh you through to your soul.


  289. I will be here reading and waiting no matter how long it takes for you to feel better because

    1. You once saved my life… By reading to me granted it was your audio book but still it was you and you stopped those mean voices in my head that said I am worthless and no one would miss me.

    2. Got me to face one of my biggest fears by NOT coming to NH on tour and forcing me to drive into Boston during a thunderstorm to hear you READ TO ME FOR REALZ!

    3. Now that I am sick again and the doctors have taken away all source of yummy foods and COFFEE and I am a walking zombie you have inspired me to write it all out every whacked out scary sad confused thought even when my head is exploding and I’m laying in a hospital bed You quotebof depression lies reminds me to write it on a bit of paper to put it somewhere other than my head because it’s not true and telling on it helps.

    4. You also start up awesome conversations which I am really sucky at so you have made me more socially acceptable.

    So you take your time I’ll wait cuz I think you are amazing and I am so grateful I found your blog your book and mostly just You!

  290. ‘Vital Exhaustion’, as opposed to ‘Viral Exhaustion’ …like the stoopid shared photos that say how wonderful life is and how blessed we are and all the wise words that make you feel even more like crap when you feel like…crap. NO worries mate. We can wait.

  291. That’s interesting. “Vital exhaustion” is also the motto of the teaching career. It’s no “Be all that you can be,” but it’s certainly accurate.

    Feel better soon! (Or don’t. No pressure.)

  292. Doctor Who starts next week.
    Doctor Who starts next week!!
    I hope that helps a bit. It’s what’s getting me through the week…

  293. Never feel guilty about not posting. Just know that we are here and we are cheering for you always. We’ll still be here whenever you’re ready to share…heck, we’ll be here even if you’re not ready to share, but that’s neither here nor there! : )

  294. Sometimes a quiet house and bad TV is the only cure … (not that I consider South Park anything except quality viewing). Crawl into your little cave if you need to. We’ll be here when you come out — whether it’s today or whenever.

  295. I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better, but I wholeheartedly disagree that we can’t have a nervous breakdown. If that’s the case, what the f happens to me every once in a while? Well, whatever it is, I’m glad you’re getting better and don’t worry – we’re all here for you and totally understanding taking a break from blogging to feel better! No stress!

  296. As I stood there watching you at the Minneapolis book signing, I thought, HOW DOES SHE DO IT? It was had to be exhausting; that grueling combination of performing AND one on one contact with 100’s of people you don’t know from Adam. I give a one hour speech at a conference and I’m wiped. You have no reason to apologize and every reason to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. You’ve had a hell of a year. We’ll all be here when you feel like getting back to the blog.

  297. No matter what they say, a breakdown is a breakdown. And HELLO – you’ve been a rockstar traveling around the country – completely outta that comfort zone honey! So take the time your mind and body and spirit need for this “Vital Exhaustion”.
    And I am pretty sure that It’s all right FROU FROU’s song “Let Go” wouldn’t be the same if it said ~ ’cause there’s beauty in the Vital Exhaustion~

    pop in that “garden state” dvd and laugh, dance and cry…
    ‘Cause there’s beauty in the breakdown
    So, let go, let go
    Just get in
    Oh, it’s so amazing here
    It’s all right
    ’cause there’s beauty in the breakdown

  298. You have social anxiety issues. Despite that, you bare your soul to strangers on an almost daily basis (although I know that really the community of your followers don’t probably feel like strangers anymore which is wonderful). You just published a wildly popular book. You just finished a very lengthy and very involved book tour where you had to overcome a LOT and willingly insert yourself into to crowds of fans who, despite all the love they sent your way, were also overwhelmingly focused on you and literally sending unbroken wave upon unbroken wave of focused ATTENTION your way. Frankly, I’ve been really amazed at your fortitude and I think this “vital exhaustion” is long overdue and isn’t a failure of any kind but merely a necessary mental reset. You need to go the other extreme for a bit before you can come back to the middle and feel any kind of balanced.

  299. Take your time, m’dear. We’ll be here when you’re ready. And turn it up, will you? I can’t hear South Park from my couch….

  300. I want you to know that your honesty & openness gets me through some pretty crappy days. I’m so thankful that you have the courage to put yourself out there. For every 1 of us who lets you know how much you help us, there are probably 100 more who just haven’t mentioned it :o)

  301. So the DSM doesn’t recognize ‘nervous breakdown.’ That’s okay, it’s a familiar enough term where it can still be widely used. Also, I believe “bat shit crazy” is a term I have used to describe my feelings or actions in the past. Not exactly ‘official’ or recognized by the psychological profession/community but provides the perfect descriptive sense that is needed. So I’m going to continue to use bat-shit crazy and I think it’s okay if we all use ‘nervous breakdown.’
    Sending positive energy your way to help you along your path of healing. Breathe deeply and enjoy some quiet time.

  302. Here is a feel better Rose.


    Here is an I understand completely Tulip


  303. The interwebs are all behind you and we will be here when you are ready. Do what you need to get yourself feeling better and if that involves extended sleeping and South Park marathons, so be it. No guilt, understood?

  304. They rebranded the nervous breakdown? How disappointing! When I checked in to the local laughing academy I was terribly disappointed to find out they had gotten rid of the padded room and the straight jacket. At least we had a nurse like Nurse Ratched!

    Seriously,though, sorry you’re swimming through the dark water. Stay strong, my friend.

  305. it is no wonder you are exhausted. Being as awesome as you are? must be exhausting. Also? You have just launched a best seller and toured the universe to do so. Sometimes we just need some downtime in our brains.
    Be well. Rest well. We’re all here to support you. Why? Because you are so awesome. the end.

  306. Oh beautiful, perfect Jenny. It doesn’t matter what you call it – nervous breakdown or blippity-clappity-fart – I call it life showing up in full spectrum. I have also taken a long break from my blog because I’ve felt “too crazy” or “too depressed” or whatever-the-hell – as if I am only fit for consumption under one, socially-acceptable, happy version of myself. You and I both know that’s bullshit. Your fans love you because you’re real, not because you’re flawless. Sharing your “dark places” gives all of us permission to do the same. Thank you for continuing to show up to life each day, and to share your struggles with complete strangers. You are a gift to me.

  307. Is it contagious? I only ask because I think I’ve got it, too. Although if the symptoms include mushy brain and wanting to sleep all day then I might have had it all my adult life.

    Seriously, I’m hoping you get all the resting and fixing up that you need and then some because we don’t want you to be anything other than tippy-top shape. I’ll be sending you as many feel-good thoughts and vibes as you can handle in the hopes of speeding up your recovery.

  308. Sorry you feel like shit Jenny…I always wonder and worry when you haven’t posted in a while. So, just know….we of the internet…we love you, and we check on you, and worry, and wait. We know you will be back soon making us snort coke OUT our nose instead of up it, regardless of what your packaging may suggest.


  309. Never feel guilty for not writing, your audience wants to read what you have to say and will wait for you. Take care of yourself and get lots of extra rest. 🙂

  310. I know I already commented, I just wanted to say I hope you’re feeling a bit better and more yourself – I keep thinking about you and wishing there was something I could do! Your funny posts make me laugh out loud and your sad ones make me cry – but most of all, your posts about depression and mental illness make me feel that bit less alone. Stay strong, and as everyone keeps saying, take all the time you need – we’re all behind you! xxx

  311. In light of your south park therapy….. “OH MY GOD! THEY PILLED JENNY!” I hope you feel better soon.

  312. It’s in our best interest that you feel better, so you’re actually doing us a favor taking care of your vitally exhausted self. Thank you!

  313. I love your posts, but you should never feel guilty for taking the time you need for you. I hope you are feeling better. Thank you for bringing me so many smiles! God Bless

  314. Jenny,
    Listen to your body, sweetie, and take a must deserved rest. We all love you and your sparkling wit and your uncanny ability to make us snort wine through our noses when we read your amazingly honest recap of life as you see it. You have sparked the creative in me (thank you!!). You are awesome and you are loved. Can’t wait to hear from you again.
    Huge hugs to you and to Victor and Hailey.

  315. vital exhaustion. whew! at least it kinda has a nicer ring than nervous breakdown. like, “oh, she’s just vitally exhausted. oh. well, that’s cool.” instead of like, “a NERVOUS BREAKDOWN??? is she freakin’ nuts???” hope it passes soon. 😀

  316. Just wondering. Do you ever get any hate mail.? I would imagine not. You are friggin histerical. Love you and would think everyone else does.

  317. Taking care of yourself is always more important than us! No matter what we might say sometimes (:

  318. Wow, Jenny, not much to add to all of these beautiful comments, so just one more non-creepy Internet hug and very lovingwish for a speedy recovery. Just diagnosed with the dreaded R.A. and your blog (and fabulous book) make me laugh so hard I forget to feel sorry for myself. Take good care of yourself, read you soon 🙂

  319. I am so sorry hun. :’0( It’s been awhile since I had a nervous… eh… exhaustion… umm .. whatever *knocks-on-wood* but, I do remember how much they suck! Stress will do that to even the best of us crazies. With all the book tours, it’s no wonder your poor body is demanding a gi-normous time out! Get some much needed rest. You deserve it. Don’t feel guilty. We understand. ;0)

    Hope you are back to your “normal” crazy self soon (because the broken/crazy isn’t fun for anyone).

    Let us know when you are able to finally come out and play. We’ll be here. <3

  320. dosen’t it suck when you are just losing it, and you think”is this a nervous breakdown” because it seems like something that would automatically qualify you to be sent to a hospital if your life were a soap opera, but you’re really not sure because there’s no dramatic music playing, and instead of your family whispering in concerned tones. they’re just asking you where their socks are and telling you that you’re really being a pain in the ass? I feel your pain.

  321. Hope you feel better soon! Thanks for all the all the laughs you have brought me.

  322. I love you, love you, love you (in a non-creepy way albeit this leitmotiv may lead you to believe the contrary).

    Please take care and rest well. I’ll be there wishing for your well-being (being aware of your existence and laughing that your hilarious posts have made my life tremendously better, after all. Honestly)

  323. Dates the hospital! The idea was mentioned while treating me for seizures this month after a stroke in June. You made my day! What do THEY know!?!?!?!?!

  324. I really hope you are feeling better. I know that’s a bit useless. I’ve been to the whatever we call nervous breakdown territory before and have clawed my way back more than once. You can do it too. Take the drugs, let people look after you and don’t ever think you’re more trouble than you’re worth. People really want to look after you and love you. I don’t even know you and I think you are awesome! Sending positives your way.

  325. You do what you need to get fixed up. We are pulling for you! Just quietly, so you can get some much-deserved rest. Hugs…

  326. Just finished your book and feel badly that you were making me laugh my ass off while *not* having a nervous breakdown. Take care, dear. Much love.

  327. I had a nervous breakdown on the toilet one time. No shit. Actually it was an anxiety attack, and you do shit a lot during those for some reason.

  328. Please feel better. I am sending lots of good energy. You are truly an inspiration. I wanted you to know that.

  329. Ok, so everyone has posted all this, “blah blah, support, take all the time you need, blah blah blah”

    But seriously, it’s been 3 days, lady. Sometimes I take your blog posts, put them on a fancy ass spoon and melt it down to shoot it right into my veins. You are always hilarious and awesome and I need my freaking blog heroin, k? You are literally the only blogger I follow, so when you take a break, my world explodes. Feel better MUCH MUCH SOONER THAN YOU EVEN WANT TO. OKAY? OKAY.

    All right, so I guess strong arming you into making ME feel better when you need rest might not work in anyone’s favor, but this is my crooked ass way of saying I appreciate you. So… Thank you and good night!

    (I really do hope you feel better soon, but not just so you can make new posts.)

  330. We all go there, I think. Me, more than most days lately. i keep saying to myself, “this too shall pass…” but the only reason I can even say that is because I have people supporting me that have money and that who GET IT. Otherwise, I’d truly be fucked.

  331. Sending hugs and love your way. Just last week I was a crying mess watching you “depression lies” video. It helped and I’m still here. Thank you. Now feel better and come back to us. You are amazing. <3

  332. SWEETPEA!!!! A girl who has given so much joy and so many laughs (seriously…laughed OUT LOUD and woke DH up on numerous occasions) deserves to take some frikkin’ time for HERSELF!!! Balance and Boundaries, Obi-Wanette!! (((((((HUGS))))))) Come back to us when YOU are ready and not before!!!

  333. First – hope to see back soon! Second – I don’t know whether to be comforted or worried that your fans sound so much like you!

  334. I understand; sometimes we just need to lie on the couch and read novels until we can face the world. You’re an inspiration to me and others for sharing your stories. Take care of yourself — you deserve some time off. xoxo

  335. Just wanted to remind you of all the good you put out into the world. Through reading your blog, I became aware of ProjectNightNight and donated last year. Last week, my Ohio office completed a fundraiser that resulted in approximately 30 packages for donation and other office locations have scheduled fundraisers for later this year. Thank you for all the light, love, happiness, humor and support you give.


  336. I hope you feel much better very soon! 😀 Take care of yourself – sending you non-creepy random stranger love from Ottawa, Canada.

  337. Take care of yourself, Sweetie! We love you, and we’ll make due with rereading your mind-bendingly funny book.

  338. I would just like offer up a virtual Irish Coffee as apparently it is illegal to mail the Bailey’s Irish Cream required to make one. Grrr…..

  339. Hoping you’re OK and feeling a little less “exhausted” after a few days rest. Miss your posts … but your health comes first. Take the time you need. We’ll be here.