UPDATED: Dare Greatly. But don’t get caught shoplifting.

I just showed this to my seven year old daughter:

[protected-iframe id=”c8594a1bbff13271f322cd65335ed951-58006636-3982706″ info=”http://c.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f9?isVid=1&isUI=1″ width=”480″ height=”270″]

Her reaction:  KATY PERRY HAS A TV SHOW?

I’m a little sad for America right now.

PS.  More Katie/red dress/non-farting details here.  Set your DVR’s, y’all.

PPS.  True story, I almost stole the necklace I’m wearing there.  I figured if I got caught I could blame it on Brene Brown inspiring me to “dare greatly” enough to steal a necklace from the Katie Couric show.  Then I actually read Brene’s brilliant book and it didn’t have anything about shoplifting in it at all.  Missed opportunity, I think.

UPDATED:  So the show was great and I owe a giant thank you to everyone who ever supported the red dress project in any way.  Thank you!

As a quick aside, here’s a 5 minute clip from the show if you missed it or if you’re my mom and don’t have a DVR:

[protected-iframe id=”7d87782642fff0bd81c0c7668147a37e-58006636-3982706″ info=”http://c.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f9?isVid=1&isUI=1″ width=”480″ height=”270″]

Personally I watched it with Hunter S. Thomcat, who made an amazing cameo:


He was unimpressed with the whole viewing, which was nice because it kept me grounded.

"Did you see me? I fucking MADE that show. Now I will sleep through your part. Sitting up. That's how smug I am right now."

His smugness lasted for about about 2 more minutes until I showed up wearing the red dress and I screamed, “HUNTER, I’M ON TV WITH KATIE-FREAKING-COURIC!” and then he freaked out and fell backward off the bed.  Probably because of the volume.  Or the awesomeness.


My bet’s on the awesomeness.

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  1. I was wondering if it would be a lame show having just seen the first commercial about it tonight. No way it can be awful if you’ve graced the couch!

  2. Being a law-abiding citizen is overrated. Look how well theft worked out for Winona Ryder? And hey, you’re on Katie! (Never mind that she makes me puke in my mouth just a little.)

  3. I think I have lived away from America for too long, I don’t know who either Katie Couric is or Katy Perry. Wish I was there to see you on TV though.

  4. In the war of necklaces on that promo, yours totally kicked all the ass. No one would have blamed you for stealing it, just like no one blamed Rambo for stealing all those grenades and tanks to take out the bad guys.

  5. On the one hand I want you to have the necklace but on the other hand I don’t want you to go all Lindsey Lohan on us (but we’d totally raise bail money if you did).

  6. AWESOME! I’ve never seen the show, but now I’ll have to watch it! You looked amazing in your little clip by the way.

    On a more personal note: Do you have any tricks to help with anxiety? The pills just aren’t working for me this week. I hit the bottom of depression/anxiety last week, and almost didn’t make it through.

    Sometimes I wonder if anyone would even notice….. I’m not a threat to myself……yea, no I’m not. Just feel like crap. Why am I blabbering about this here and not on my blog? Never mind.

    (Deep breathing, bad TV and an occasional propranalol. Or a cocktail. Whatever works, my friend. ~ Jenny)

  7. DVR set. I’ll be out when it airs live, so I can look forward all day to snuggling under the blankets and watching my favorite bloggess. Plus, Brene’s book sounds interesting. Should be a great show.

  8. That was definitely a who-can-wear-the-biggest-necklace contest. But you win for the WAY you wore it. And the “Who, me?” dramatic face they showed for the promo.

    You’re all, “Me? Be brave? I totally just farted on your sofa. And I’m about to wrap you in twine! If only you knew, you adorable miniature shiny giggle-box!”


  9. DVR set AND I’ll be wearing my new maroon Bloggess Tour Date t-shirt (You know, the one I’m going to add “I missed Jenny Lawson in Denver because Bipolar decided to kick my ass that day.” or something like that) that I just got in the mail! Yay me!

  10. that necklace is totally screaming “steal me!”
    also, i think katy perry probably will have a talk show one day, so good for your daughter and her mad prophecy skillz.

  11. Katie just kept telling me to “dare greatly.” No Bloggess to be seen. And stop telling me what to do, Katie.

  12. I set the timer on my phone for you. If I didn’t, I’d end up missing it while being 8 episodes deep into whatever is on HGTV. And as cute as that guy on Income Property is in a sleeveless shirt, I’d rather see you.
    Glad you are feeling better. 🙂

  13. I read a quote once that said (paraphrased) “We are not afraid because we are powerless, were are afraid that we are too powerful!” I believe this to be more true than we know.

  14. This has nothing to do with your post (though for the record, you’re Traveling Red Dress movement is incredible!), but I thought you might find this amusing.


    Wil Wheaton sold a dented ping pong ball on Ebay for over $1100 dollars (for charity, of course). The product description he wrote just made me go “I need to pass this onto the Bloggess, because maybe it will go with her Wil Wheaton Collating Papers redirect.” Or, if nothing else, at least maybe it will get a chuckle or two.

  15. She’s always been a little too perky for me.
    On a side note— as a teenager, I was arrested for stealing corn. My friend wanted to have a corn roast, but we
    had no money. So, picture..2AM…farmers’ corn field…20 miles out in the boondocks…filling a garbage bag with
    with fresh yummy corn. And who happens to drive by?? STATE TROOPER!!! Seriously?!??
    Thus began my life of vegetable crime.

  16. Oh, WOW! You are fucking stunning. What a gorgeous dress. I’m putting you on my list of people that I can have sex with if the opportunity arises. Wait. Do you even like sex with short, fat guys? There’s lots of photos of me if you click the orgasm link at the bottom.

  17. I didn’t get a necklace. Or a dress by a fancy designer. BUT… BUT… oh wait i can’t tell yet. I’ll tell later. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  18. Sigh…kids these days. Never thought I would say that or, we weren’t like that as kids. And yet..I am saying it again and again. Damn whippersnappers and their loud music and strange clothing, get off my lawn!


    Wait. How the heck am I going to record it when I’m 4800 miles from home????

    I’m wondering if a certain girl wearing the TRD in Germany will make a cameo appearance. I mean, it’s not the same thing as suitin’ up & passin’ gas on almost live TV, but it’s the best I got. Which is pretty good.

    But that’s a BIG *if*.

    (can’t wait to see it; hope I figure it out by then….)

  20. Should’ve taken it, you could totally pull it off if they caught you. They’d be all, “Hey that’s ours, why would you do such a thing?!” and you’d be all, “I’m the Bloggess, read my shit, I’m quirky.”

  21. I’m pretty excited to see this. I would say, for certain, that you are someone who dares greatly. It’s something I see in you that I try to emulate.

  22. I have had my kid on notice for the past two days that “on Thursday at 3pm, i am watching a show, you are to shhhhhh unless it’s a commercial.” He was like “yeah, ok, whatever, mom but I will need a snack to keep me quiet.” He’s like a bottomless pit. AKA. a teenager. But regardless, I am excited to see you, and yet, kind of sad you didn’t feel vulnerable enough to take that necklace. Oh, well.

  23. I was excited to see this on tv today! Especially since I a) never see commercials because everything is tivoed, and b) I rarely pay attention to what’s on tv when I have my laptop open.

  24. Buy it, Karma gets you everytime and would you want someone to think it was alright to steal something of yours? Plus you are NO Winona ryder or one of those other theives. YOU ARE Better than that.

  25. Haven’t seen her show yet.. but have set the DVR for your episode today. So can’t wait! And the book sounds interesting too.

    Side note.. we came to see you in Gaithersburg, MD, and my daughter brought a friend of hers (who never heard of you), and she had such a great time, she wants to borrow my copy of your book. I’m doing my part to destroy the minds of 16 & 17 year olds. Scratch that.. that girl already has a mind much worse than mine. >.< Love my "adopted kids".

  26. aw I wanna watch – will this be available online for those of us in the UK?

    Also, you totally should have taken the necklace. It’s gorgeous!

  27. My local listings have Dr. Phil in the spot that should say Katie. Hoping that this is just a typo and I get to see you this afternoon.

  28. I don’t think there is any greater metric for measuring whether or not you have “arrived” than to fart in front of Katie Couric. May we all have that opportunity.

  29. So looking forward to this and the pep talk it can give me. I have been daring greatly for quite a while now, and I’ve suffered nothing but rejection and setbacks. I’m mighty discouraged, but I’m still at it.

  30. My mom once made a comment about Tom Cruise and Katy Perry getting a divorce… *smh*

  31. SHOOT! It is today! I didn’t set my DVR .. cuz I am seriously lacking in the remembering category of life! This sucks monkey nuts. 🙁 I wonder if I can get it on youtube later?

  32. Totally forgot to do that. I blame the cat, she was supposed to remind me. I guess I will have to catch the clip on youtube or hulu or someother internet site…no not that one, sheesh get your mind out of the gutter.

  33. I too am sad for America’s youth. My 4th grader had to draw pictures for her spelling words. One of the words was ‘twilight’. She drew Edward, Bella, and Jacbo! Not the twilight your teacher meant.

    DVR set to record Katie!!

  34. I love Brene!! I love you. It’s like my worlds are colliding (to Quote George Constanza). 🙂 But in a good way! 🙂

  35. DVR is set. I will watch it when I get home.

    Wait, you DIDN’T steal the necklace? How could you have missed an opportunity to do so, and then when you inevitably got caught, be able to say, “Can we just PRETEND THIS NEVER HAPPENED?” For shame, Jenny. For shame.

  36. I already have my DVR set! I can’t wait to watch you on the show!

    Also, don’t they usually give the guests little gifts of some sort. You could have just set you thought the necklace was a part of your gift, or you thought it was in your rider.

  37. *sigh* I can’t watch this in England, So I am totally making up an interview in my head…& it is hilarious!! I can however identify with the shoplifting bit…I tried it when I was 14 but got caught and had to return my haul of posters, costume jewellery and novelty erasers….I have been traumatised ever since…

  38. My DVR is not cooperating. I have asked the rest of the world to stop for an hour so that I may watch.
    Also – I would’ve almost stole that necklace too… then not… then wish I had.

  39. How the heck did I end up with an hour of Heidi Klum? Do they not know that Jenny is waaaay more important? WTF Charter…you messed up. *sigh* Now I have to tape all the Katie shows so I can see The Bloggess. As my kids would say “stupid charter”. ;(

  40. The only show I watch that isn’t local news or on Netflix is Jeopardy!, but for you, Jenny, I’ll make an exception and see if The Perky Cheerleader From Hell’s show is on in our area. I did see the TED talk with Brene on it, but my main take-away from her talk was, “Wow, this woman doesn’t seem to understand statistics or science. At all.” Perhaps the book will be better.

  41. Did you know Jennifer Lopez will be on tomorrow? You should show up and just be all, “No, I’m Jenny from the block!” And then do that finger snapping thing like up in the air and all. You know the one.

    I’m sure you and Brene were fab.

  42. I say steal it anyway. The universe is obviously telling you to do so. Because she works in mysterious ways… or … some shit.




  43. Yay! I can’t *wait*! The husband is working late tonight, so I own the remote control for once – wahoo!

    I’m such a fan, Jenny, I’m afraid I must admit to having quite the girl crush. Now excuse me while I go dig out my giant jewellery…

    K x

  44. I believe “dare greatly” is the second tier of dog dares. There’s “I dog dare you” which is just a regular dare, and then there’s “I double-dog dare you” and that’s the “dare greatly” variety, and then there’s “I triple-dog dare you” which is the “super-duper dare greatlier”. It’s all very scientific and well-documented. Look it up.

    The RB

  45. Your daughter’s only seven. It’s to be expected that she knows who Katy Perry is and not Katie Couric. I bet they would’ve given you the necklace if you asked! 😉

    I’ll have to read that book. I’m not nearly daring enough.

  46. Thank GOD you posted this in time for me to RE-SET my DVR. For some reason, I set it for the 17th, and I would have been so annoyed if I missed this. Plus, I think the 17th is that fifty shades of stupid book, which would have added insult to injury.

  47. Just finished reading your book and texted my son that you make me not feel so weird about hiding behind a bush when I saw the Schwann’s man outside my house, cause I couldn’t talk to him… which was actually hard to do because it was us and my dog who wbas an Irish Wolfhound.. and big…

    Thank you… You are great!!!

  48. I wish we could see you on it in the UK. In fact, I wish you would just come to the UK for a tour. In fact, screw the UK, just Edinburgh will do! We’ll bring taxidermied pine martens in kilts with alcoholic beverages stuffed inside. It’s the Scottish way.

  49. “I’m a little sad for America right now.”
    Your sadness has only just begun? The world has been in the crapper for some time, young lady….

  50. Thank you for being brave enough to do this! I suffer from depression and anxiety as well……..I went through a time in my life when I couldn’t get out of bed, couldn’t leave my home, had a service dog when I finally did leave to help with anxiety.

    To blog about it and the whole idea behind the red dress means a lot!

  51. Watching you on Katie, and I love you more than ever. You have helped so many people with this blog and now you will explode into even more kick-ass famousness. I wish the best for you and your family. Thanks for helping me to see my own wonderful self despite the lying bitch of depression. Thank You – Thank You- Thank You!

  52. Thanks for sharing your story on Katie! 🙂 I am a blogger too and have been thinking about sharing with my readers that I struggle from depression, Bipolar, OCD, and PTSD but I’ve been chicken. I haven’t been daring much at all. I think seeing you on Katie was my cue that it’s time.

  53. It’s not shoplifting if they GIVE it to you. And considering someone in wardrobe put the necklace on you, I’d say that’s totally “giving”…unless they said, “We’re not giving this to you. It’s just on loan while you’re on TV. Then you have to give it back” in which case it’s still not shoplifting, but downright stealing.
    I know I’d support you in stealing that bling, though. It’s totally sparkly.

  54. I just watched you on Katie Couric and you were so great! And you know what else? Katie’s site has crashed from all the people going to find out about how to get their own red dress! I’d call that a success.

  55. Jenny, you have probably done more for me than the psychiatrists , therapists and hospitalizations have done. Like most of us here, I have had many problems in my life. Sexual abuse as a toddler; abortion by a man who was on heavy duty drugs and I thought I loved. I married him later and was beaten, had my arm broken, held down by him and 3 of his friends who tried to put mescaline in my mouth ; was verbally and emotionally abused by my mother who could not find it in her heart to care about me. Much more but that is the general idea. Thank you for letting me know that I am not alone in this world and , though I have major depression, PTSD, panic attacks and bad anxiety attacks – I am not crazy. Am I?? You were beyond words on Katie today and I felt as though I just wanted to put my arms around all of you and have a good cry followed by a sincere laugh. I feel that the red dress symbolizes so much and I will get one to remind me that I am a person and am loved by some. Thanks,thanks, thanks.

  56. I’m so glad our local network shows Katie for a second time in the evening (10 I believe). Although I’m dog tired I will pry my eyelids open with toothpicks if need be…can’t wait to see you , Erin and Kelly. Also? I should probably get a DVR.

  57. Awwwww just saw Hunter S. Thompson on the show! Love the original red dress, makes me feel braver just looking at you in the dress on the Katie show!

  58. I just watched it, you looked fantastic and you did a great job! That was amazing that Katie gave out all those dresses, and that she is going to give 500 to people out in TV land! I went and checked out Gilt and they only go to 18 so I am not going to bother trying.

    On Tuesday I lost my job (not a fit after 2 years?) and although I had a great attitude about it this morning when I woke up I was in the hole! You have inspired me to get off my ass today and know that I am amazing, I am talented, and I will find a new job! It was there loss not mine!

    I am going to look for my own red dress…ill send you pics if I ever find it LOL

  59. I hope you read your comments. I’m just wondering if you have an email for Erin? I just recently found out I have Lupus. When I watched your segment on Katie, and her talking about it I just burst into tears. Because NO one understands me. My mom tries to, but she just doesn’t. It would be nice to talk to someone who understands. Its so scary…

    (You can find her at @QueenofSpain. She’s good at answering tweets. ~ Jenny)

  60. You totally rocked it, girl! So proud to be a fan right now. 🙂 My daughter said I need a red dress. I just lost my job too and need a kick-ass mood booster. She’s registering me on Katies site. Keep it up. We love ya!!

  61. I just watched the show and you were fabulous as was Brene Brown. I am definitely going to share this with my dearest flifelong friend who made two suicide attempts after losing her job two years ago (with no history of depression) and is still on the long road to recovery. Thank you so much for your honesty and courage! You are saving lives and I have to go out shopping for a red dress!!!!

  62. I set two alerts on my phone so I don’t miss you! I missed you when you were in Chicago, so I’m so happy as I was able to catch your interview. You were hilarious, beautiful, and fabulous. Great job!

  63. I rarely watch TV in the afternoons. This afternoon, I decided I wanted noise while I worked. So, I flipped channels. “Gee, I didn’t know Katie Couric had her own show” I thought. I’ll listen to that. And what to my wandering eyes should appear – our darling Bloggess!!! At which time I remembered her post about being on with Katie Couric. I thought it was one of the early morning shows, and that I’d already missed it. (I have limited brainspace, and had dropped some important data. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

    It was a BEAUTIFUL piece, and I’m honored to have caught it. You are a beautiful woman, creating wonder and specialness in the world. And I’m counting this as yet another miracle of the Red Dress.

    Where do we write to petition for Saint Bloggess?

  64. Sooo excited! The episode starts in 15 minutes here! Also, glad you are feeling better! Depression sucks!

  65. I made sure my friends knew this was airing today. I knew Kelly way back when we both had (BEST OF) blogs at MSN Spaces, and I always knew she was a rising star! She was certainly a star in that milieu as well, and I happened to be lucky enough to call her a friend then, too.

    I will also say, I bought your book on Kindle and read it while my co-sleeping two year old daughter was asleep–and I had to leave the room at least three times because I was laughing so hard as I read, I disturbed her. The other times I just got on the floor and tried not to laugh as hard as I had the impulse to. I’m sorry. That’s probably not what any author wants to read ever.

  66. I set my DVR and am watching it now… you ROCKED!!
    Makes me want to have a ‘red dress’ moment…just because!
    and you so could have pulled off a hand/eye trick to take that necklace home with you!

  67. *LMAO*

    Darlin’ you are a hoot!

    BTW…just got done reading your book “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” and I LOVED IT! Gods I needed the laugh it gave me! When I was reading your chapter describing your first acid trip….well I managed to thoroughly alarm one of my roomies, who is also a cousin, with my laughter. Laughing so hard no sound was coming out of my mouth, tears are rolling down my face, and my feet were waving madly in the air. He took one rather alarmed glance at me, turned to our other roomie (who has been my BFF for like FOREVER) and asked “Is Jana having a seizure? Shouldn’t we call an ambulance? She has asthma ya know.” Ishte calmly looked over at me, grinned and shook her head “Naw…she’s just enjoying a book. Probably written by someone as crazy as she is.” Josh just shook his head and left the room talking to himself. That’s alright though…in the year I’ve lived here I think we have managed to reduce Josh to talking to himself several times. He swears there is a nervous breakdown in his future….apparently living in the same household as two Alpha females does something to the average man’s brain. But…well…since Josh is not average (doesn’t exist in our family jungle) I think it’s a major accomplishment to reduce him to this level. *beaming*

  68. Okay, I just watched you on the Katie Couric show. So I thought I’d just pop around your blog a bit and see what it’s all about. And OMG, I think we’re going to be friends. Doctor Who, Vogons….Jenny, you speak my language. LOVE it. And I love that you’re inspiring women to love themselves and take time to do something for themselves. I’m off to buy a red dress. Keep being awesome Jenny!

  69. I just have to tell you I watched the show and was so inspired by all the women there. You are now officially in my blog-reading rotation!

  70. Saw you on Katie today. Loved the segment, and I love the red dress movement. It, and you, inspire me. Thank you for daring to be open about your struggles and quirks and joys. In doing so, you give the rest of us permission to be unapologetically ourselves. And that is a beautiful gift to give to so many.

  71. I have a job and I could not see it and now I am all binged off. You going to post it on your Blog?

  72. I absolutely ADORED watching you on Katie today – I couldn’t get home from work fast enough to watch the show on my DVR! You are such a brave person, and an inspiration to so many (including me!).

  73. Jenny,
    My mother took her own life in January from a combination of physical and mental illness. I read your book shortly after that because I wanted/needed to laugh. I never thought I would get more then that but I did. You have helped me greatly be reminding me to laugh, love, embrace myself and most of all grieve. Thank you for being you. Ashley

    P.S loved you on Katie and HST was a star as well 🙂

  74. You looked fantastic as did all the women in red. I was unfamiliar with Brene so I’m glad I got to see that show. Pretty awesome.

  75. I saw, I saw! You were GREAT! I was really bummed when I had to make an emergency trip to the dentist today and thought I wouldn’t be able to see it – only then, your entire segment played while I was in the waiting room! It was awesome. 🙂

  76. You were fabulous and beautiful on the show!

    Did you notice the middle picture of you on the screen in back of the stage was totally highlighting Boobs McGee?

    I could barely focus on you and Katie because of your glowing and magnified rack!

  77. I just happened upon this on tv. You were great. I must admit that I’m a little teary-eyed right now.

  78. Just watched you on Katie, you were beautiful and amazing.
    I am so inspired by you! Thank you for being you and for being fantastic.

  79. I love that necklace. It’s actually mesmerizing. I think it may have sucked my soul out with its shininess.

  80. Why am I just finding out about you? I watched you on Katie and I’m loving the story of you and the red dress. I think more women should do the whole red dress thing, not just because I will make more money (I know, this statement makes me suck) but I think as woman we need to love and trust in ourselves.

    You kick ass.

    Just sayin’

  81. I’m pretty sure that the necklace sucked my soul out with its shininess. It is MESMERIZING.

  82. I just saw you on Katie. I like to say, if you next door we’d be best friends. I have two best friends that are dealing with depression and anxiety. I want so bad to save them but know know they have to do it themselves. I do keep sending them positive saying, books, etc. thoughts?

  83. Wow! What a great show! Look how brave and awesome you are! Go girl go! BTW, thanks for your book and blog, you bring a smile to my face daily. Wish I was brave enough to be as honest as you are! You are an inspiration.
    Be well,

  84. Jenny, I read your book earlier this summer and fell in love with your humor and way at look at life. I am now reading your blog, but I have never written. I suffer from depression and anxiety, my sister is bipolar. We have issues but because of your book and blog I am learning to embrace the issues and move on! I am now watching you on Katie, you are beautiful and you have given me inspiration and you have given me endorphins when I laugh out loud at your musings. You are wonderful and please keep writing. THANK YOU!

  85. Wow, got a little misty eyed watching you on Katie just now. You were freaking fabulous! Mahvelous, dahling.

  86. I loved you all on the show! Some of the finest women blogging on the planet!

    I will become a fan of Ms. Couric if she keeps building upon smart topic! The minute she caves to bullshit, I ‘m outa here!

  87. Hey Gorgeous!!!

    Just watched this teaser and I am sad….I don’t have DVR so I didn’t get to see the show. Do you know where I can download it and/or watch it on the Interwebs????? REALLY want to see it and share with the 10+ peeps for which I gifted your book….

    Much love and respect—

  88. I was at work, so I texted my husband 5.5 hours before it aired to set the dvr. He failed to check his phone. He is so fired. And I’m sad.

  89. Jennie,

    You were wonderful to watch on Katie today. My 12 year old daughter and I watched your segment and loved it. She has heard me laugh out loud while reading your book and looks at me like I have 3 heads. I want her to be not so self concious that she limits herself like I have and I think brave women like yourself, who put it out there, help her realize it is ok and not just her nutty mom saying something crazy. Thank you.

  90. Holy SHIT, Kong TV in Seattle is doing a Katie again at 9pm here! AWESOME..I am drunk and this is going to mean so much more to me…..tomorrow.

  91. Omg! I forgot to set the DVR and had to text my son to please please record it when he got home from school…and then I called him when he got home to make sure he got my text! He said yes, in the middle of English class. He was probably like, “that’s just my crazy mom wanting me to record the Blogess.” I dunno why he seemed annoyed.
    Oh, and I totally thought about you today when I was talking to a friend and she said someone told her tanning beds help with depression (yeah, and melanoma) I told her to try a box of chocolate ex-lax & a frap.
    You looked amazing and always inspiring. And dang- your teeth looked so white and sparkly…much like the necklace, (it had to weigh 10 pounds).

  92. You were so great on this show. How the hell do you find the guts? I mean I know you have a family that knows how to kill, disembowel, and stuff things, so maybe you have extra guts laying around your potting shed, but seriously. How do you do it?

  93. And I’d you notice GILT is almost totally sold out of red dresses tonight? You have inspired a lot of shoppers. Go Jenny! Fix that damn stinking economy.

  94. Great show…except for one thing…. I met you in person and you are beautiful…even if you were on the verge of depression and Victor came to Seattle they made you look nothing like the Jenny Lawson I met. I am torn. I am still torn ….does it matter if people really get IT, or am I missing what IT is….

  95. This has nothing at all to do with this post, and is mildly inappropriate, but anyway:
    I just finished your book and, since I spend a lot of time in SE Asia (I’m in eastern Indonesia now), I can relate to your X-Lax incident far better than a person really should. And your ‘elephant with claws and a snake for a trunk’ metaphor is probably the aptest I’ve ever heard. So thank you thank you thank you for giving me something to laugh about this morning while my current elephant was clawing its way out, and now that I’ve taken antibiotics hopefully I won’t have to think about it again for a very long time.

  96. Wow! You were terrific on Katie yesterday. Can’t wait to read your book. Keep doing what you do as you are helping so many people and nothing is more a more potent anti-depressant than giving back to the community. Have a fabulous day and I’m putting on a stellar red blouse in your honor today.

  97. Jenny, I missed TWO episodes of Jeopardy! for you: last year’s rerun and today’s Power Player contest. You were totally worth it, and the ladies of the Red Dress were also good to see. Brene not so much, Katie not so much. You totally deserve that necklace, by the way. I’d ask them where it’s from and see if you can guilt them into sending it to you. Use those Jedi Mind Powers you use on PR people (“You will send me a large sasquatch, bearing that necklace”).

  98. As I got slapped for telling my neice: ‘Its only illegal if you get caught!’

  99. That was Katie’s best show so far. I don’t know if it’s because I knew someone personally (I mean, you and I know each other personally right?) or what. I thought her show was a gonner til yesterday. YAY! Way to save Katie’s show!!!

  100. I DVR’d Katie yesterday and I loved your segment.

    I also wanted you to know that one of the biggest reasons that I decided to finally get help with my severe OCD was your courage in sharing your struggles on this blog. Now, after nearly four months of intense treatment, I feel like I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Thank you for your courage!

  101. Watched it last night and loved it!!! Just started Brene’s book and it is AWESOME. Thank you so much for all that you do and making me laugh on a regular basis!!!

  102. You so rocked it and as for that necklace all I kept thinking was I wonder how bad she wants to move that piece that’s stabbing her in the corroded! At one point I yelled at the TV no don’t turn your head that far and covered my eyes! you were amazing thank you for being an inspiration.

  103. And to think that my son wanted to watch Katy Perry’s movie, LOL Too bad the dare book didn’t have anything about stealing the necklace because it look very good on you.

  104. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. She surely wouldn’t have missed it and you could have always said it was a part of your severance package cause you were leaving the show.

  105. LOVED your segment on Katie’s show! I wish they had given you more time, though. Loved HST on your shoulder at the computer! I think Brene was right, you do exemplify Daring Greatly and you inspire me every day. I want to take this moment to say that one of the things that struck me about your book (aside from making me laugh so hard that I am no longer allowed to eat or drink while listening to the Audiobook) is that in every chapter where you talk about difficult things in your life or how much something really sucked, you end with something positive that came out of it or some positive thought. When I type that, it sounds so mundane, but it would be so easy just to complain about this stuff ina dark humor sort of way and leave it at that. But you don’t. I am so moved by your bravery and your strength.

  106. I realize that this comment has nothing to do with this post, but i’m not tech savy and couldn’t find another way to get this info to you. so on msn http://ca.msn.com/?OCID=hmlogout (it will probably be up only a few more hours, sorry if you miss it), one of the headlines is “15 ways to kill a zombie” (it says “scary flickes to show you how to kill a zombie”) anyways i thought of you and clicked it so i could give you the link to help you better prepare yourself and others against the zombie apocalypse (stupid word to try and spell) and it came to this link, which is almost better than taking me to a zombie killing site. http://lifestyle.ca.msn.com/beauty-fashion/it-girl/15-gorgeous-hair-updates-to-consider-trying-this-fall-1

    for those of us who are too lazy to go to the sites, the headline is “15 gorgeous hair updates to consider trying this fall”. we are going to kill zombies with our great hair fashion?

  107. So I have been following you for close to two years and I have to admit. I love you now more than ever!!
    Katie Couric may be the host of the show but you totally stole it.
    I made my best friend and boyfriend watch it and I basically make all my coworkers read your blog but the good news is…They love you too NOW!
    You are doing such great work for mental illness. Especially for women. I have been struggling with GAD and Panic Disorder for the last 6 years and your blog/book/cut out cartoons have seen me through some really difficult times.
    Thank you. So much. For being you.
    Oh and please write another book 😉
    your biggest fan,

  108. Jenny, I follow you religiously, albeit sporadically. I was curious if you had some sort of cool thing on your website that could send me an email whenever you post something. I’m not really that lazy that I can’t check every day (ok, I am, don’t judge me), but it’d be awesome if I got an email or something that said “Jenny just posted something awesome, you need to read it bitch.” That way I won’t be so sad when I read things after the fact and miss things like DVRing you on Katie Couric. Just a thought/request from a loyal fan in Boston. (Who got to meet you when you were here and thinks you are incredible).

    Keep being awesome. Love & Such, Summer

  109. Jenny,

    I can’t tell you how deeply I was touched by the show yesterday. You were FABULOUS (as was Mr H.T.C.)…. But I downloaded Brene’ book this morning and I just couldn’t listen to it in the car. I cried both times I watched the show and then started again just listening to the introduction.

    You both touched my heart and my soul. Forever one of your fans – Pat R in Haslet….

  110. OMFG JENNY I LOVE YOU!!! I just saw you on the Katie show. You were so amazing!!! You are such a real person! You are amazing! Go Jenny!

  111. Fantastic job! It was so awesome that you got to share these stories with a wider audience. You just keep rockin’ it, even when you’re worried you won’t. Take care of yourself, you deserve it!

  112. Since Katie didn’t give you the bling, did you get to take one of those one size fits all red dresses that she gave away?
    Keep the faith.

  113. I DVR’d you.
    You rocked and made me cry.. on my lunch hour… big soggy mascara running tears.. because I faced the fact that I need my own red dress.
    You are not alone… you are in a room FILLED with wonderful people in red dresses…. and you make a difference…. and you are letting the rest of us know… we are not alone.

  114. I love that Katie is such a fan girl! “Hilaaaarrious.” Awesome. Now if only I wasn’t in therapy when the contest opened for those dresses this morning. It was a tough call: therapy, or awesome red dress. Therapy won, but just barely.

  115. Long time lurker, first time commenter. I’ve been reading the blog for about four years, and I can almost always rely on it to cheer me up. Read, and loved, the book, but sadly missed you on your stop in Phoenix. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I DVR’d the Katie episode and watched it last night. You looked wonderful, and I thought your interview was brilliant. I’m so happy for all the success you’ve found just being your quirky, flawed self.

  116. My love for you, it is known, Khaleesi. But I am madly in love with Hunter S. Thomcat. That cat has some serious personality!

  117. Why must you make me cry?!?! Such an amazing segment!

    P.S. Your voice absolutely does not match your amazingly twisted thoughts. Pretty sure I love you more now.

  118. DVR’d it because of that stoopid work thing. It was great!!! Once again….You.Are.Awesome!!! You make me laugh. You make me cry. You make me laugh so hard I cry!!!

  119. I love the pics you post of your cat! I have three dogs. Do you know what they do that’s as interesting as Hunter S. Thomcat? Yeah, nothing. I love my dogs, but they just aren’t quite as interesting. The three of them tried to eat an entire bag of flour the other night giving them each Santa Claus-like beards, but other than that, nothing. Perhaps I should have slept more last night so I’d be making more sense today. 🙂

  120. I spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to figure out where the cat’s head was in that last picture. Sitting my my desk mumbling “I see an ear but…” and the boss walks in. It would be okay if I had a job where we talked about ears…like a prosthetic ear-maker or an earring tester but…no. So I just blurted out some work related questions before he could comment. So far I am still employed but have yet to find the cat’s head.

  121. Yeah — I watched and bawled my eyes out. You are an amazing person and I am grateful I found your blog.

  122. Wish I could see the whole show! Thank you for helping to keep me going even when the Black Dog starts barking…

  123. Thank you so much for posting that….my tv people must be stupid because the info said it was your episode but when I clicked to watch it was all Heidi Klum….ugh!

  124. I absolutely loved your segment…so proud of you for hanging in there and getting through that situation. HST is a star and he knows it.

  125. Genuinely in a bathroom having a panic attack when I’m supposed to be out with some of my best frienda. Remembered that this is a place where other people hide in bathrooms. Felt ok enough to go back. Thanks Bloggess.

  126. Literally laughed OUT LOUD and couldn’t stop myself. Poor little guy.

    And CONGRATULATIONS, Jenny!!! How wonderful you must feel!

  127. I’m beginning to think that cat is another one of your freaky mail-order creatures that you can pose in all sorts of crazy positions! He is too hilarious! He also disproved my theory that all orange kitties are super sweet and chill.

  128. I can just hear Hunter S. Thomcat falling off the bed “NOOOOOOOO you have not heard the end of me yet! I will be VINDICATED!!!”

  129. Your voice surprised me!!! It was so comfortingly soft – I bet when you were in HR – people would come into
    your office and present you with problems that they already knew how to handle – just to get you to talk to them.
    You rock –
    and so does Hunter!!

  130. The show was great and I’m bummed I didn’t sign up for the free red dress in time!

    More importantly – is that an Abominable Snowman I see on your wall? SO Jealous!!

  131. You have given me hope to hang on for years. I’m fighting really hard to come out of the bathroom, to look at my withered body that as been eaten alive by depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I want to see the sun again. I would love to think that someday, I too, could have a red dress moment, but at this point, it’s all I can do to survive each hour. I may be one of the hopeless, but to all of you who battle this demon of mental illness, and make it to your red dress day, you are my heroes.
    Jenny, thank you for making us real, instead of the invisible, less than human souls that the rest of the world discards.


    So glad you added the clip for all of us poor people overseas! I had a shitty day today and you made it all better… again. And in 5 minutes no less. I should start paying you what I’m currently paying my therapist, because clearly, you’re doing all the work for her.

    And can I just say that your voice throws me off every. single. time. I should really be used to it by now.

  133. OMG I loved it! Thanks so much Jenny for sharing and all that you do! I just about pissed myself with that part with the cat on your shoulder! You are so brave and inspiring. No, not stroking the ego but if it makes your day then stroke stroke.
    Love you lots for making each post hilariously honest. Such whit. I want to be like you when I grow up. Wait .. right now would be great. You take interns? I am in Houston. Sucks you sold your house here. Now I will have to figure out where you live and go hang out in the tree area with Beyonce and hope that you notice while I admire stalkingishly from afar.
    Okay, so I don’t like bugs and I have a kid and believe me .. you would know my almost 4 year old son was on your lawn and in your tree and Beyonce wouldn’t have a chance and I don’t have $100 to fix Beyonce nor replace her/him. So, long story short .. I will just sit at work and read your blog posts and snort and day dream of being like you.

  134. So, I set my DVR up and was excited to watch the show. But then because of my boys, school, karate, birthday for my husband, etc, I forgot about it. Last night, I turned on the TV and was really surprised to have my name show up in the recorded items. It only took me a couple of minutes to figure out, then I was super excited again. Thank you!

  135. You. Are. AMAZING.

    The next time you find yourself not believing the same, think of this common thread between all the comments and messages you receive daily.

    You are gorgeous, curvy, and AMAZING.

  136. That necklace would look awesome in your jewelry box! (Then you and I could share it! LOL) I dont think Hunter stole the show, he contributed to your awesomeness! I would gladly wear a red dress in your honor, because you make me laugh when I didnt think I could. Love you much. Keep moving forward Jenny… Smooches <3

  137. You’re fucking fabulous. And so is Hunter S. Thomcat. I totally would’ve wanted to thieve the necklace as well, so good job on your restraint! The red dress was glorious. Maybe you ought to have an entire red bathroom some day, to kind of mix the hiding-in-the-bathroom thing with the feeling-awesome-in-red thing. I don’t know. Maybe it would just be unfortunately like showering in a ketchup bottle.

  138. Jenny, you rock, that was awesome!!

    @Tom (222) – you should come up with a gorgeous red vest (thinking paisely silk or brocade) that would serve as the “Man’s Red Dress.” Unless, of course, you would LIKE to wear a big red dress in which case, totally no judgies.

  139. See, this is how you find out if Katy Couric reads your blog, because if she does, then she kind of has to give you the necklace now!

  140. The show was fabulous. You were fabulous. Brene was amazing (I’m definitely checking out her book). Your posse of red dressers had wonderful stories. I’m so glad they included the first donee of the red dress, as in your original post. I missed out on the give-away, but that’s okay. I can watch the show over and over again. BTW, you seemed less nervous than you sometimes do in public; those new meds must be spectacular. All around WOWs for you.

  141. Hunter is the most photogenic creature on the Internet right now. Also, that might be my favorite action shot of all time. Also, are you aware of the fact that you are pretty damn amazing?

  142. I wish I could experience, just for one day, what it feels like to be able to help that many people. (smh) I’ll probably never know. Thanks for being screwed up you (and I mean that in the good way.)

  143. Enjoyed seeing this episode! I don’t have DVR but was fortunate to be on vacation and be able to catch the show!

  144. Every time I read anything you write or hear you speak, I feel like you are speaking right to me!! You did such an amazing job on the show!!! Keep on DARING GREATLY….and inspiring the rest of us who sometimes doubt our “greatness” and our “darefulness”. =) HUGS

  145. Whenever it becomes legal, please post the entire show. Those of your fans who live overseas were not privileged with the opportunity to record the show, no matter how adept with a DVR we might be 🙂

  146. I can only imagine how proud you must be of the community you have built. That folder you keep of the people who decided to seek help must be one of your most prized possessions. You do amazing work, Jenny Lawson!

  147. Dear Jenny, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am so proud of all your achievments this year……JUST WOW…You bring joy to us all that have been privilaged to read your humor and make the days that seem very heavy a bit lighter………………..ROCK ON GIRL FRIEND……………………………………….Lisa

  148. I am so damn proud of you!!!! You have really made me feel so much better about my own weird shit that I do and I really feel like I’m not alone. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  149. The picture of HST falling off he bed is hilarious. I laughed out loud and scared the dogs. HST would be proud.

  150. So very awesome… go Jenny! I love how big this has become. (Also, on a shallower note, do you know who made that necklace? Would love to track it down.)

  151. I always cry when you mention the people who have gotten help when on the verge of killing themselves after they read your blog. You’re wonderful Jenny. I’m savoring each page of your book, I’ve had it since it shipped I am just going nice and slow. xD

  152. So LOVED you on the Katie show yesterday! You ROCKED that red dress! Thanks for being you and showing up in the world. It’s a better place with you in it! Much love!

  153. You make me laugh and smile, and some days that isn’t an easy thing to do. You are a gift! Love the raw humor. Thank you!!!!

  154. Didn’t watch katie and the interview because television is from Satan as you well know…I rarely comment but I read you like my life depends on it- because it does pretty much and now I have your book- You are a mofoheroguidinglightsuperpowervag! Oh Jenny Jenny Jenny you are magnificent ! Thank you so much for coming out of the bathroom long enough to blog and write your amazing book- keeps me afloat in the deep end! LOVE!

  155. I wish to fucking god that they’d caption online clips. Hell, I wish they’d caption the entire shows they put online, not just the clips. It’s easy, and if the captioning doesn’t transfer over from when they do it for TV, there are simple programs for people to use to do it. So whoever is putting it online can easily caption it.

    You are perfect, Jenny, so of course any videos you make yourself are captioned. (please?)

  156. I love your psychotic kitten. I want him. Although my husband would die of an allergic reaction, and then you’d be sad because you’d have no psycho-kitty. So never mind. I loved you on the show. I never watch TV, because I don’t have cable, but I made a point of being home to see you and Brene yesterday. I even plugged in the aerial myself, like a big girl! Thank you for being fabulous even when you feel terrified. You are fantastic!

  157. I ALMOST CRIED you and Hunter S. Tomcat were so amazing! I can’t tell you how much I needed some cheering up, thanks for this. You’re the best!

  158. The picture of Hunter in mid air falling off the bed is priceless! I’m not a cat person, but he’s one hell of a funny cat!
    On a different note, is that a picture of a sasquatch on your bedroom wall?!?!
    That made my day! 🙂

  159. I love the idea that maybe talking about my mental illness can make me powerful. What a beautiful thought.

  160. I love that you were so glowing on the show. It’s great that your awesomeness is being shared with more and more people, so everyone will know they are not alone!

    I also just love HST!

  161. You are so full of AWESOME, Jenny! Thank you so much for being so open in front of all of us about your depression and anxiety, and for getting mental illness out there in front of more people through your blog. More people need to know that it is okay, we are not wrong for being this way, we are not damaged or broken. We are okay and lovable. And very awesome!

  162. Am I the only one wondering why you have a Sasquatch (sp?) painting in your room behind the TV? Impressive.

  163. Hunter was awesome in that video clip. You didn’t do too bad either.

    Just kidding, it was great to watch.

  164. Watched the show and loved it. A great pairing, you and Brene Brown. Is that a Yeti on your wall? And how is it you get such awesome photos of Hunter in mid-air?

  165. This makes me so happy… been feeling terribly alone lately..reading your blog helps me get through the day.

  166. You posted this on my birthday, which makes it extra special. Also, I too have a kitten who sits on my shoulder. Plus her latest talent is rocking iPad games. If you want a giggle, check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRJk_jVuHY4

    Congrats. You are doing a whole lotta good! I’m tempted now to make you a beautiful or weird necklace that you won’t have to shoplift.

  167. You were great!

    But HST looks psychotically evil in the on-the-shoulder pic.
    I am glad he got his comeuppance…

  168. Finally getting around to watching your piece on Katie, it’s just wonderful. But the REAL reason I’m leaving a comment after years of reading your blog is that picture of Hunter falling off the bed backwards. That picture = instant giggles! Love you, adore you.

  169. Thou art da bomb! Thanks for sharing the video clip.

    Your action shots of Hunter made me double over! Cats are funny as heck.

  170. I have done pet portrait photos and I’d really like to know how you got that fantastic shot of Hunter S. Thomcat about to fall off the bed. That’s awesomesauce! (Well, the photo is, not that he was about to fall off the bed). Tell me please! Thanks – Allison

  171. So it’s been awhile since I stopped by…the cat is new to me but so is the bizarre pic on the bedroom wall….is that a Sasquatch? I couldn’t stop staring at it. And the necklace? Cute, but you don’t need it. You’re stunning on your own.

  172. I am a new fan, I read your book this summer and laughed all the way through it. It was given to me to read by my psychology major daughter who could totally relate as well. Just saw you on the Katie show. YOU have beautiful eyes. The cat is adorable. (I have three and no, that is not weird at all) Today I am going to look for patterns and material. My red dress will be shorter cause I have great calves and crinoline for maximum twirlability. You shouldn’t steal the necklace, that’s wrong, but maybe if you had asked they would give it to you. That Katie seems mighty agreeable.

  173. The show was just fabulous, and parts of it really hit home for me. Going to have to buy Brene’s book now. And a red dress. You’re terrific, Jenny!!!

  174. Love the necklace. Love the dress. Love the cameo HST. And just love you and how you express yourself. You are a breath of fresh air.

  175. Great Job! I have anxiety too when speaking, unfortunately it gives me a red rash all over my neck and chest. I would have matched my red dress!

  176. Oh, I love the Yeti pic on the wall of… your bedroom??? Very cool. That photo of HST is absolutely hilarious. Thanks for a great laugh. Again! Love you!

  177. That cat. Simply fantastic! I have no words for how much I love Hunter S. Thomcat. He is the cherry on the sundae of your blog (and I really, really like cherries).

  178. This is fantastic. You’ve reminded me that I have three red dresses I’ve been meaning to repair and get into circulation.

  179. You were so great on the show! I have a question though- is that a paint by number Sasquatch painting in the background of the last picture? If so, I’m jealous.

  180. tread carefully there. cat’s can plot revenge for years at a time, slowly, unassumingly setting everything up, then one morning BAM! morning coffee gets ruined by the skulls of thousands of tiny birds he’s been saving. But in your case, that won’t be such a huge deal…..damnit Hunter the most creative you could do for the woman who collects odd taxidermied animals (and dresses them up no less) is bird skulls?

  181. Jenny – I loved the show. I’ll be honest, I cried. Could be the funk that I am in right now, but it really touched me. You so deserve all this positive attention. You’re a beautiful soul.

  182. I love to read your posts and think that Hunter S Thomson is just one of the handsomest and hypest cats ever ;o)))

  183. Jenny, thanks for posting the clips, don’t have DVR. Love Hunter, what a cat. I notice that your walls in the photo are brown. Or taupe, whatever. I know it’s the fashion, you probably put lots of thought into it. I think it’s a terribly depressing color. What I’m about to say will probably make you angry, put you in fan hate mode, but I think you should get rid of brown walls. Don’t know what color to replace it with.. Something with yellow, maybe. Not bright, but maybe a creamy ivory with yellow tones. Or a very light butter yellow (will need 3 or 4 coats). Yellow tones are tough to choose because they can turn orange or green. It took me 3 years of tucking paint chips behind the switch plate to find the right pale yellow to paint over the depressing light brown paneling in my dining room. That taupe looks like an institutional color to me. Why not use a more cheerful color? A white with pink tones? I feel sorry for anyone who lives with taupe walls. Maybe I’m showing my age, not keeping up with postmodern color scheme, but there it is. I don’t believe in living with neutral colors, but with colors that make you feel happy every time you look at them.

  184. I just stumbled upon (via Brene Brown) your blog – and love it! Are you familiar with the poem “What Do Women Want?” by Kim Addonizio? It has been my Dare Greatly go-to poem for the past couple of years (not realizing until stumbling across Brene Brown that what I was encouraging myself to do was Dare Greatly). http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/171221

  185. Jenny, I am so totally happy for you! What a great appearance, and what a great story. Like you I have suffered from depression and have considered suicide. Like you I got help and am doing pretty well right now. I still have moments, but don’t we all. Keep up the fabulous work!

  186. I absolutely love the screen shot of you and Hunter… seriously that is a gorgeous picture of you.
    You should totally cut your hair to a chin length bob (look at how the side with Hunter looks) – rock is sista!!

    You are amazing, you are adored and (don’t think I am a stalker) a friend!!

  187. You have a picture of Sasquatch on your bedroom wall?! Man, my walls suck.
    (congrats on the interview – it was great and I plan to pass the link on to someone who I know will benefit.)

  188. My telly died a couple of weeks ago, so the clip you posted will have to do for me. I could use a red dress today. Maybe if I was wearing one, I wouldn’t be paralyzed with fear at the thought of having to leave my house. I have these quasi-agoraphobic days occasionally, but this is the first time it’s happened on a day when I actually do have to leave the house. =( My husband let me cry on the phone a bit and then promised me honey cake and a new book if I made it downtown. I really like both those things. One step at a time.

  189. Finally got to see the show; Jenny, you are a superhero. For reals.

    Oh, and Hunter is a ham. In case you didn’t know.

  190. So I have my little travel photo blog and named it The Journey is the Reward, just because I’d heard that phrase and thought it sounded good. By following your blog, since before Beyonce blew it sky high, I have finally realized how profound those words are.

    My husband of 28 years was killed seven years ago and until recently I’ve felt like I was living in a fog and running away, escaping from it all by constantly traveling. The thoughts and words from this community you’ve created have made me realize that I am no longer confined by the mental fences I used to have. I am free to roam and wonder and, yes, enjoy, being happy again! So I’ve now made the conscious decision to believe that I’m not running away, but I’m running toward new adventures. I’m so lucky to have more than I need and am claiming happiness instead of emptiness! The journey is indeed the reward!

    All of you rock!

  191. I saw you on Katie and LOVED you!!! Also, I have to ask. What are the framed pictures behind the TV? Bigfoot maybe?

  192. Jenny Lawson, You. are. so….. Beloved!!! Yes! that’s it! You are beloved my friend! Thanks for making me laugh. I really love to laugh.

  193. I loved the clip and thought you were warm, funny, and someone I’d like to have a beer wth one day. On me, of course. On a different note, I noticed the picture of an Abominable Snowman/Sasquatch creature hanging on your bedroom wall. What is the story behind it (if any)?

  194. Your picture of Hunter S. Tomcat falling off the bed just ended a long, bad day with a laugh. Thank you.

    You are beautiful, inside and out and I appreciate you so very much!

  195. Every event in life leads up to the next. I’d read your blog before but never heard of the Red Dress. So in love! I have been planning for the past 6 months to wear a Wonder Woman costume for halloween (because of the emotional transformation that has been taking place for me) but I just might have to do something like this too! So awesome. You rock Jenny! Buying your book Friday!!

  196. Hi Jenny,
    I’m a librarian (with all it’s weirdness) and just got my hands on
    your book…. saw you on Katie and just loved you and YES, I would
    love a necklace to show off xo
    thanks for the opportunity and I will post again when I finish the book.

  197. I watched the show, Jenny. My husband even watched it because he thinks you’re awesome even though he doesn’t understand blogging. But he, like me, thinks you’re fucking hilarious, so he watched Katie Couric. LOL I was waiting for you to say something totally out of left field, like you did on CNN, but you were still very good. And you rocked that dress, my friend! Screw Parisian sizing!

    PS: I will never watch Katie again, however, I will probably watch any re-run of your show.

    PPS: Saw your book at Target. It’s 30% off now.

    PPSS: My 7 year old daughter said, “Is that your friend, Jenny’s book, mommy? The one who was on Katie?”

  198. I don’t know if anyone else commented on the abominable snowman photo in the background, and I don’t care to read through all the comments to find out.

    But I love it. And I want it for my office.

  199. I own a red dress that I am still trying to become comfortable with. I can’t stand my body but this video is giving me inspiration to try to find the good in it and maybe enjoy the red dress more.

  200. Oh my dear God. I have to stop reading your blog or I’m going to choke to death on something. The picture of Hunter hurling himself off of the bed is priceless. Thanks for doing what you do and keep on doing it. 🙂

  201. Please be careful! My 3 year old just told me that your cat is a vampire cat. Then I laughed at him and he insisted that your cat is a vampire.

  202. You are amazing! You inspire me to be a better writer. And I love Hunter – he looks exactly like my Oliver, who is also about as impressed with my writing as he is with dry catfood. 🙂

  203. I never read this post and this is the coolest idea. My prom dress was red but nothing like the extravagant ball gowns in your project. However, I developed a fascination with red wedding dresses a while back and there are two magazine pages of red wedding dresses for the future day that I actually do get married. This project is amazing!!!

  204. Jenny, you make me feel like I belong. Belong to this huge, amazing cadre of women across the country who support each other, get a kick about the eight pounds of uncut cocaine on their credit card statement, and squee with joy every time we see a metal chicken in a HomeGoods. You are my virtual best friend and I thank you every day for leaving the bathroom to write your blog.

  205. Love you Jenny, always stay as awesome as you are, and keep up the good work!

  206. I watched this show and won a Gilt gift certificate and ended up buying the style of dress that Katie wore. It is in my closet. Thank you Facebook for sending me to this post randomly.

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