This isn’t a real post

This isn’t a real post.  It’s just something I tweeted about that was met with so many questions I decided to answer them all here instead.

The tweet: The newest addition to my haunted dollhouse. #dontblink


Answers to questions: Yes, I do have a haunted dollhouse. You can read more about it here. It took me over a decade to build and it’s still unfinished.  It’s 1:12 scale and I either built, repainted or distressed the majority of the pieces in the house. The weeping angel, however, I just bought.  I need to rework it with paper clay to camouflage its joints because you can tell it’s plastic if you look hard enough.

I would add something witty here but one of my eardrums exploded yesterday (true story) and all of the cleverness leaked out of my ear.  At least, I assume that’s what was leaking out of my ear.  Could have been brain fluid.  Hard to tell at this point.  I probably knew what it was before all my brain fluid oozed out.  That’s the problem with exploded eardrums.

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  1. My cleverness leaked out of another orifice, so consider yourself lucky on that one!

    Like the weeping angel, sort of looks like is holding a camera and taking pics of his unexpected neighbours…

  2. Knowing you have a haunted dollhouse is reason #256I think you are so AWESOME!!!

  3. There’s so much awesome in this picture I don’t even know where to start. My favorite: The frog at the foot of the trunk.

  4. Cool… but scary… about the doll house. Not cool… and super scary… about your eardrum. Hoping for a speedy recovery, lovely Bloggess. xo

  5. “Don’t blink. Blink and you’re dead. They are fast. Faster than you can believe. Don’t turn your back. Don’t look away. And don’t blink. Good Luck.”

  6. Oh no! Your ears! Oozing fluids is annoying and also potentially a little bit fun but hopefully not painful.

  7. Technically you can’t see angels in the first place so who knows maybe they look plastic from being so perfectly made by G-O-D. #Angelicapearanceworkbypassedandsolved

  8. Man, Brahm beat me to the punch with the camera observation! It DOES look like the angel is taking a pic! He/she also looks totally shocked & disgusted with the subject of the photo, as if sneaking up behind a POWM.

    I hope you get your exploding ear fixed, and that no loss of brain has occurred, Jenny (though you have plenty to spare, I’m sure).

  9. hope you feel better soon, hope you make a picture book of all the photos of your haunted house, it is so beautiful every time you update us on it and I think it would make a wonderful coffee table book. so much detail that I just want to spend more time looking at everything.

  10. Have you read the book the discovery of witches? It’s really good and part of a trilogy!

  11. If I hadn’t just dyed my hair I’d be straight over to mop up the brain fluid but I know the angel is praying for us both.

  12. Fluid leaking from your ear is not something to ignore. If you haven’t already done see, please see your doctor.

    (I have. Infected left eardrum and burst right eardrum. He thinks it started as allergies and turned into an infection. I’ve got antibiotics. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  13. Good god, you’re whacked. I love it. Thanks for the link for more info because I was having a hard time determining the scale. I thought it might be life size. I should clarify – human life size. XO.

  14. You could do a contest, hiding something in the dollhouse, take a picture, and we have to find it…or perhaps off of the theme of Find Waldo, except it could be your mouse or something. Hope you feel better soon.

  15. Best. Dollhouse. Ever. I considered getting a weeping angel statue to stand in woods behind the house, but after looking at them all I started to get creeped out!

  16. I hope you feel better soon, David Tennant totally needs to visit you after this. That would make you feel better! Although in fairness two things need to happen here: it needs a blue call box and Elvira needs to have some fluid leaking out of her ear.

  17. Its like you visited my brain this week. Just saw “bi
    Link” my first Dr. who experience. Opened this page and almost jumped out of my skin.

  18. Every time I look at pictures of your haunted dollhouse I start to hyperventilate, because owning & furnishing a dollhouse (haunted or not; I’m flexible on that) has been something I’ve wanted to do probably for decades. Thanks to this blog, I’ve realized that it’s basically my red dress and I am trying to gather my nerve to finally start. When I do, I will definitely look to your wonderful house for inspiration.

    I am sorry about your ear. A few weeks ago I started realizing that the hearing in my right ear was starting to fail and I of course could think of nothing but deafness and tumours and my grandmother, who went deaf in middle age and became the source of many painfully amusing family anecdotes (“…but Nana thought he’d said “penis envy” and so then she…”) but when I finally got the nerve up to go to the doctor it turned out to be a lump of earwax the size of my fingernail, and while I was relieved as hell, I also felt sorry for the nurse who had to flush me out, although she was very nice and didn’t at all make me feel like someone who never ever EVER bathes, which is basically how I felt. You, on the other hand, probably never had to defend your cleanliness throughout your ordeal, which in my book is a good thing. Feel better soon.

  19. hey jenny, i wanna share the fancy science word for brain fluid with you – “cerebrospinal fluid” cuz it’s fun to say!

  20. I hate ruptured leaky ear drums!!! It. Smells. Terrible. Who knew brain fluid was so rank.

  21. okay. Weeping Angels are officially the scariest things ever to come out of Dr. Who. That you have one in your doll house is awesome and a half.

    Quick recovery on the eardrum, don’t worry about the creativity loss, it grows back quickly

  22. And that is why you should never pack your ear with explosives. Or your butt, which would seem self evident, but then you watch youtube and you realize that it isn’t.

  23. If it’s brain fluid, there will be a circle around where it leaked on your pillowcase. Truth.
    I’m a nurse. Trust me. I couldn’t make this stuff up.

  24. I’ve always wanted to do a dollhouse, I am so intrigued by dioramas. That haunted house of yours is GORGEOUS – I hope your publisher decides that it would make a great third book for you! 😀 But even more, I hope your ear and brain mend quickly. That sounds pretty unpleasant. 🙁

  25. Gah!!! Weeping angels terrify me in ways that very few things do. Especially since the whole “that which holds the image of an angel becomes an angel” thing. In other news my husband still won’t let us get a new tv even though I’m convinced we’re doomed to horrible angel death. I guess it’s lucky that the toddler never blinks when watching the tv!

  26. I am incredibly jealous of your weeping angel statue. Well, the entire dollhouse actually. I think I would have enjoyed playing with dolls much more when I was younger if I had a house like that.

    Just remember–don’t blink! Whatever you do, don’t blink…

  27. That reminds me of the episode of Friends where Monica offers to share her doll house with Phoebe who then puts weird things in it like a Kleenex ghost. When Monica says she doesn’t want a ghost, Phoebe says, “Well, no one *wants* a ghost, but you’ve got one!” Phoebe would love your doll house!

    Good luck with the ear issues!

  28. OMG, the weeping angels are the creepiest. Stephen Moffat is such a flipping genius. I still have nightmares, and statues care the ever living crap out of me these days.

    Sorry about your brain fluid.

  29. I didn’t ask any questions because I blinked and the angel got me. I was transported back in time to 1827, and would have been condemned to live out my life there, but fortunately the Doctor was passing through and brought me home.

    True story.

  30. I sincerely hope that your haunted dollhouse has a mad scientist laboratory…seriously. That would be amazing. And a “Portrait of Dorian Gray” reference with a painting that lives in a room of its own…yay! Horror is great 🙂 Feel better!

  31. So sorry about the eardrum! Thanks for posting the picture of your new dollhouse room though. I recently read a book and thought of you. Have you read “The Sixty Eight Rooms” by Marianne Malone? It’s a great read about 68 miniature, magical rooms. I also thought of you when I read “Among Others” by Jo Walton. Awhile back you posted that books help get you through life. Me too. Hope you feel better soon.

  32. You should take pictures of your haunted dollhouse but don’t mention that it’s your dollhouse and then when poeple are all ‘what is this?’ You can be all ‘oh that’s just my living room.’

  33. I had a ruptured eardrum my freshman year of college. It started as a cold that backed up into my ear and led to an infection. The bad part? Even after a round of antibiotics, the infection wasn’t gone! I ended up having to go to an ear, nose & throat doc. He had me hold my nose and blow so he could find the hole in my eardrum. Then he took this little doohickey and vacuumed all the gunk out from behind my eardrum. Then he put me on better antibiotics. It was nice being able to hear out of that ear again.

  34. Glad to hear you got the eardrum looked after. I ruptured one when I was a kid (springboard diving), and it was no fun. Speedy recovery. 🙂

  35. I really hope your ear gets better soon!
    I love your haunted dollhouse. The pic of the Weeping Angel is super startling when viewing on a smartphone.
    Me: oh, new addition, let’s look before we read the post. *pan right* HOLY CRAP ANGEL!! *pan left quickly so the Angel is hidden again*

  36. Maybe it was anti-freeze leaking out. You might want to check the level before winter…

  37. Since you’ve been to the doc already and know it’s an infection you’ve got that angle covered. I just wanted to say, it’s not always an infection. I got tubes in my ears when I was 11 because I was constantly getting fluid behind my eardrums, and it’d drain every now and again over the next few years, always really gross.

    By the time I was an adult the tubes had fallen out and the holes were healed. But I still occasionally got the buildup, especially in my left ear. And I’d get weird symptoms, like feeling sick for no reason, though usually they’d disappear within a few hours.

    Finally one time it happened and I noticed my balance was off too, so I went to get my ears checked since the inner ear is what affects balance. Yep, fluid buildup in the left one. They gave me Entex. Problem solved. So next time I felt that way I took Sudafed, which did pretty much the same thing. No more yuckies.

    Now that I’ve bored you to death about my ears: AWESOME dollhouse. 😀

  38. Seriously. Don’t blink. Plus.. I think that was just extra awesomeness leaking from your ear. When you have an abundance, it tends to spill over a bit.

  39. It looks like the weeping angel is trying to take a picture with an invisible camera. Am I the only one seeing this?

  40. I think the angel looks like he’s sneaking up on the doll to kill her. I’d turn him into some sort of evil fallen angel with glow in the dark eyes & black wings. Maybe some blood. I dunno. I’m warped that way.

    Hope youre feeling better soon. Ruptured eardrums hurt!

  41. I am so sorry about your ear. Personally, I think the angel is going to eat your gypsy lady…
    Just a note: DO NOT get water in your ear-seriously! My son hit the side of a bed and exploded his ear drum when he was7-healed completely, but the infection from just a drop of water that got in was NASTY!!!

  42. You are the shit. Seriously. As is that episode of Doctor Who. I mean, Carey Mulligan is so brilliant. Though Martha is not my favorite companion.

  43. OH, and hey, is there a place on your blog to, like, subscribe to your blog? Or must I become one of those obsessive, semi-stalking freaks who checks back here every 13 or 14 hours to see if there is a new post. Because I hate being that freak (although I’ll do it if it is necessary).

    And, if I don’t like wearing dresses (any color, even red), would a sparkly red shirt do instead?

  44. Don’t even get me started in brain fluid.. Long story short- I used to work for an amusement park, I was handling a special access for a guest I a wheelchair on a water ride. I was bending over and a huge rush of orange fluid came gushing out of my nose. I went to the first aid station telling her how badly my head hurt and how I was certain brain fluid was coming out of nose… She looked at me as if I had been smoking crack and told me there is no such thing. Ass hole, what does she know.

  45. The minute I saw you had a Weeping Angel this picture jumped to mind (the link is safe, promise, it’s on Pinterest) Its proof of Tardis in Kensel Gardens, a London Cemetery. Which: A) is awesome because it is in a CEMETERY. and B) LONDON….

    Also, Jenny, you really want to (promise) google “weeping angels” on Pinterest if you never have, because I couldn’t find the picture I wanted since I pinned so much so i was searching for it – and to make a long story slightly more bearable – cos-play!

  46. The minute I saw you had a Weeping Angel this picture jumped to mind (the link is safe, promise, it’s on Pinterest) Its proof of Tardis in Kensel Gardens, a London Cemetery. Which: A) is awesome because it is in a CEMETERY. and B) LONDON….

    Also, Jenny, you really want to (promise) google “weeping angels” on Pinterest if you never have, because I couldn’t find the picture I wanted since I pinned so much so i was searching for it – and to make a long story slightly more bearable – cos-play!

  47. Blink is one of my favourite Doctor Who episodes EVER! I love the Weeping Angels but I have friends who hate them so much it is ridiculous (how can they hate them? Blink gave us some of the best Doctor lines of all time!!). I am seriously considering buying some of those to hide in their houses and scare the poop out of them when they find them. Is that too mean?

  48. I really like the concept of your dollhouse. All those great characters. I assume that it will become more than just a kind of conceptual shrine and it will become a kind of play; a story line that either interacts with your soap opera family life or that has its own life with the characters present. That would be very interesting as I am sure you already know.

  49. I feel your pain, really I do. Back in 2003 I ruptured my eardrum while blowing my nose. Between the pain, drainage and ringing I thought I would go mad. I still have a mostly constant buzzing in my head from it, but with a lot of care it mostly healed and the hole closed up. Though whenever I get a sinus infection the doctor tells me it swells up in there pretty badly. Some advice, lay a towel on your pillow and keep a tissue nearby. I made sure to lay with my ear down flat on the pillow (with towel), it minimized the the throbbing and it drained out mostly clean and I avoided any further infection. Hope you feel better soon…hugs, Melodie

  50. The weeping angels freak me out. I can’t even think about them without getting nervous and looking over my shoulder (in fact I just looked over my shoulder, because writing about them freaks me out too). By far, the scariest thing in your haunted house.

  51. I have like 70% hearing in my right ear… totally sucks… im pretty sure my brain fluid leaked (jumped ship, same thing) when that 30% of hearing escaped…

  52. Anyone who has their own weeping angel has to be a little extra awesome 😀 “Blink” is probably my favorite episode–deliciously creepy 🙂

  53. The Weeping Angels were awesome in ‘Blink’ but then Moffat went and whimsy-banded them up. Thppppt. But that one in your dollhouse is badass. My grandfather built me a Victorian dollhouse when I was a teenager and everyone thinks it’s weird. You have confirmed that it is, in fact, weird.

    Also I just wanted to thank you for posting about your anxiety disorder and your trip to AFPs concert. I blogged about it (don’t look or your eyes will burn).

  54. Sorry about the ear. I doubt all the cleverness leaked out, it’s probably a temporary thing!
    I love the haunted dollhouse!! It’s amazing and so very YOU!

  55. Wow.
    The website I’m on apparently has some major Doctor Who nerds.

    Ignore the cartoon character and focus on the statue.
    Step 1. Stare at statue.
    Step 2. Stare at statue
    Step 3. Become bored and convinced nothing is going to happen, shift eyes away from statue.
    Step 4. Shift eyes back, jump and yell bad words.

    This would’ve been a thousand times more terrifying if I’d actually seen Doctor Who. As it is, I screamed, then said “oh that is awesome”, bought one, put it on my ghost pet, and decided not to look at that particular pet too often because yelling bad words is bad.
    Ghost pet-

  56. I am not sure which is scarier, full sized weeping angels or little ones that can sneak up on you.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  57. OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!! You have a don’t blink angel!!!! THAT IS THE COOLEST THING EVER!!!!! I loved that episodes. One of the very best Dr. Who episodes. LOVED it!

  58. What is it with ears exploding and leaking brain stuff?? Okay, so mine hasn’t exploded yet, but I stress the yet because if the pain is any indication, it’s going to happen and soon. That said, love the dollhouse! 😀

  59. In case it was brain fluid, here’s a wonderful poem by Billy Collins called “Forgetfulness”


    The name of the author is the first to go
    followed obediently by the title, the plot,

    the heartbreaking conclusion, the entire novel
    which suddenly becomes one you have never read, never even heard of,

    as if, one by one, the memories you used to harbor
    decided to retire to the southern hemisphere of the brain,
    to a little fishing village where there are no phones.

    Long ago you kissed the names of the nine muses goodbye
    and watched the quadratic equation pack its bag,
    and even now as you memorize the order of the planets,

    something else is slipping away, a state flower perhaps,
    the address of an uncle, the capital of Paraguay.

    Whatever it is you are struggling to remember,
    it is not poised on the tip of your tongue
    or even lurking in some obscure corner of your spleen.

    It has floated away down a dark mythological river
    whose name begins with an L as far as you can recall

    well on your own way to oblivion where you will join those
    who have even forgotten how to swim and how to ride a bicycle.

    No wonder you rise in the middle of the night
    to look up the date of a famous battle in a book on war.
    No wonder the moon in the window seems to have drifted
    out of a love poem that you used to know by heart.

  60. Dearest Pumpkin – WHY DID YOUR EAR DRUM EXPLODE??? You weren’t just sitting in front of Dr. Who and had the membrane of your ear blow up? Did you??
    Love love love the dollhouse – but I’m really worried about that ear.


  61. The haunted dollhouse is absolutely awesome and I’m glad you were able to get a Weeping Angel for it; any Whovian with a haunted dollhouse would need a Weeping Angel. I think it’s a law, somewhere.

    Good luck with the leaking brain fluid. I just had my appendix out yesterday so while that’s in absolutely no way related I just thought I’d say from one person in pain to another: solidarity.

  62. Your dollhouse made me smile. That hasn’t happened today so I wanted to thank you for that.

    I also want to thank you for sharing the current mantra flowing through my head. Depression lies. I’m in a down swing and this probaby isn’t an appropriate post for this, but thank you.

  63. What’s under the bell jar, a blue unicorn??
    I had a terrible sinus infection last winter. While I was at work, the pain and pressure built and both eardrums ruptured. Blood and brain juice came gushing out of both ears!! I immediately went to the doctor, who shoved that thing in my ear(OWWW, WTF) and said “ugh, that’s too gross to look at.” Haven’t been back since.

  64. I gasped and kinda stared at my screen for a minute like I shouldn’t blink. I’d be scared to even turn my back on the dollhouse now.

  65. Your dollhouse is so amazing…I wish I could shrink myself and go live inside it! Although I’d have to avoid that room in particular. Can’t wait to see your fixed up version of the Angel! Sorry about your ear by the way, and I’m sure you did know what is was that leaked out before it leaked out.

  66. I am in love with your dollhouse. Can I ask, where did the female figure come from? Did you make her?
    Feel better,

  67. Oh. My. God. “That which holds the image of an angel becomes an angel.” So the picture of the angel on your blog makes your blog an angel and now I can’t blink again, ever.

  68. I totally sympathize with your ear issues. I went to a new doctor yesterday and in my exam she told me my left ear was all plugged up with wax and asked if I wanted it flushed out, so I said, sure, and then 2 nurses spent 10 minutes squirting warm water in my ear and eventually had to resort to the “scooper” (their word) and then they pulled out a giant wad of ick that was the size of a potato beetle but not nearly as cute. It looked like something had crawled in my ear and died. It made me a little light-headed. And now I’m thinking that something important from my brain was what got flushed out, a small crucial bit of lobe, because I’m an actress and when I did my play last night I forgot lines that I’d never fucked up before the ear thing. I hope you heal painlessly and quickly!

  69. As Barbara recently responded: “That which holds the image of an angel becomes an angel.” Which means that you’ve now propogated Weeping Angels right across the intranets. So now, everywhere, people are staring intently at the Angel on their screen, not able to look away.
    Ah, well. Stops them looking at porn I guess.

  70. I just got caught up on the haunted dollhouse and holy hell it’s awesome.

    Sorry about your leaking brain. The good thing is that stuff comes back – there are special brain fluid reproducing glands up there to balance things out. So feel better!

  71. Weeping angel!!! I want one of those for my desk at work … but then I’d have to stay there forever, never taking my eyes off it incase it suddenly touches me and throws me back in time. Damn, the sacrifices we make to have an appropriately geeky desk theme.

  72. I can totally see this turning into something like the Winchester house! (The inspiration for Stephen King’s Rose Red).

  73. You could pretend that all the anxiety and depression was leaking out of your ear because it wasn’t feeling welcome anymore.

  74. I’d love to make something like that!! But alas there is not enough space in my apartment.
    However I need me one of those weeping angels.

  75. is it just me or does the angel look like she should be holding a cell phone/digital camera and taking a picture??? lol

  76. Jenny, could you (would you) post big detailed pics of your dollhouse rooms, so we could add references to books as we find them. It would be fun -we might find references you didn’t even realize you had. No work for you except posting the pics ( i think.)

  77. The doll house is awesome!!!

    I once exploded both eardrums at once! I had been walking around with a sinus/ear infection and had said OMG my head is going to freaking explode next thing I knew I sneezed both ear drums ruptured and my girlfriend went extremely white ( she’s an OR Nurse) you would think shed be fine with blood dripping out of her girl friends ears?!? To make matters worse she just stood and stared At me who was down on my knees because exploding your head hurts!

    Moral of the story… OR Nurses are not very helpful on patients who are awake and not cut open!

  78. OH MY GOD, the weeping angels are the creepiest things ever. I am officially scared of your dollhouse. And also think that a life-sized version would make the scariest haunted house ever. I can already feel the adrenaline.

  79. Next you need to get one of the Silence for your doll house. Of course you may already have done so and just forgotten about it. That’s the problem with the Silence.

  80. Is that a ghost to the left of the candle, sitting in the chair? Is your dollhouse actually haunted, or does it just resemble a house that might be haunted?

  81. While playing flag football, I was trying to catch a pass and ran full speed into the bleachers. When I came to, they were pulling me out of the jumble of seats and I found that I had ruptured my sinuses and brain sack. No permantant damage, unless you knew me before and after, in which case I am now totally effed. I forgot what we were talking about….

  82. That house belongs in a museum! You are so talented!
    What’s with the creepy angel taking pictures of the back of Morticia’s head?

    Sorry about your brains. Feel better.

  83. A haunted dollhouse – the only place a weeping angel would be welcome. Creepiest creatures ever. As soon as I see one, I have to blink. I’d be a goner.

  84. I love your Dollhouse! It’s very creative and amazing! The weeping angel is a nice touch, I’m not sure if there’s anything scarier than that.

  85. Having your eardrums explode from ear-infection, means that you’ve a high tolerance for pain, lady. Yikes! Next time your ears starts! hurting, you need to see your doctor, because eardrum explosions aren’t a good thing – it may reduce your hearing, if it hasn’t already *hugs*

    the weeping angel = Epic Awesomness! 😀

  86. I feel like I could keep staring at that room and still keep noticing new things. You are one crafty lady, and your attention to detail is amazing. Love it!

  87. Sorry I can’t play along with the haunted house. I’m not “into” Dr. Who…too creepy for me. I gave up scary stuff when I saw the movie “Carrie” on opening night back when I was in high school. That last scene is a doosey (sp?).

    I love your sense of humor, though. Just finished LPTNH. Total hilarity and pretty much how my life has been, too. No taxidermy with my family, but grandpa did take my brothers hunting every fall .

  88. Sorry about that ear thing.All sorts of weird diseases and conditions going around now. strange days, indeed. Be well soon, or at least have less ailments, lol .

  89. OMG, that is sooooooooooooooooo cool! The haunted dollhouse, that is. Not that your ear exploded!

  90. I just found you today and thank the fuck for it! I need to see your dollhouse, which I LOVE! The vampire hunting duck and you gave me my first laugh today. Good thing because you might have found me curled up under pumpkin man in the attic in your dollhouse.

  91. Awesome dollhouse! Very creative! And goodluck with the eardrum! Make sure not to lose more brainjuice! I am waiting for that second book!

  92. WOW! When I first saw the pic I imagined it was your basement… What a cool Doll House!

    Hope your ear is doing better. Happened to me once and OMG the pain.

  93. The weeping angel is absolutely creeptastic! I love that you’re a Whovian. I hope you feel better and your brain regenerates it’s lost fluid. Maybe try a cork in your ear?

  94. Oooh -bust eardrums=not good. So glad you have antibiotics!

    Love your doll house – scale weeping angels are seriously cool. I am not sure I could sleep with one in the house. Maybe I should get two and aim them at each other.

    Hope you are better soon!

  95. I NEED a haunted dollhouse! But then I’d just be copying you…so I need to come up with another type of dollhouse…or another type of haunted thing…

  96. Hi Jenny,
    That dollhouse is pretty creepy, but I love it! =) I wanted to tell you that I picked up your book, the audio version, at my library this week. I’ve been listening to it during my commute to/from work. It’s great! I spend a lot of time both laughing hysterically and being horrified that this is ‘mostly’ true. And, I think if I’m not very very careful I’m going to cause an accident on the road…. because I’m not the greatest driver while snorting coffee and laughing my head off. =)

  97. My father passed away three days ago from a heart attack, and beyond Facebook, you are the only website I’ve visited. Its a perfect place to put on the blinders to the unimportant things in life. You remind me that what really matters is love, laughter, and taking care of myself.

    Thanks for being there Jenny.

    Hayley Greene

  98. No, what is infinitely creepier than the Weeping Angel in a dollhouse is someone who cosplays a very good Weeping Angel and stalks people as a hall costume at SF conventions. Life-fucking-size Weeping Angel. Eeeuw.

    Glad you are getting antibiotics for the ear. That has to be painful

  99. LOVE the weeping angel! Although they are quite possibly the scariest monster(?) on Doctor Who, and they pretty much scare the shit out of me whenever they are on an episode.

    While I’ve never first hand experienced having one of my ear drums explode, I can tell from when my hamster blew one of his, several years ago, that it looks incredibly painful. Acro (short for acrobat, because he was an escape artist) was found by our cat Snowball, in the kitchen one morning, and we think he busted his ear while Snowball patted him across the room to my mom because he didn’t know what it was and wanted it put away as soon as possible. He had blood crusted all over the side of his head, but seemed fine until he escaped about a week later and we never found him.

    Hope your ear and brain feel better soon!

  100. If you put a tiny iphone in his hands it would look like he was instagramming the lady in front of him.

  101. OMG, how painful is it when your ear drum ruptures??? I have SO much mom guilt about when my son’s ruptured and I had no idea what was going on. I was just rocking him and bouncing him trying to calm him. Then, the next day, the doc was like, “ya, if you’re rocking someone whose ear is rupturing it causes EXTREME unbearable pain.” me=mom fail 🙁

  102. I’ve seen your posts on your haunted dollhouse before, but for some reason right now it’s really striking a chord with me. Now I’ve got a serious compulsion to set up a series of dollhouses with various themes. Hmmmmm….

  103. Further down the page where you bought the weeping angel … an option to create your own army of weeping angels – freaky!!

  104. I have only recently gotten into Doctor Who and I just watched “Blink” 2 days ago – by far my favorite episode so far. I also told my husband that someone else obviously shared my thoughts that weeping angel statues are creepy. I LOVE the new addition!!!

  105. I have always wanted a dollhouse, but not necessarily a haunted one. Mine will include a tardis in the backyard though. Or in a closet, because residents in my dollhouse would have closets big enough for a tardis.

  106. How to freak out a Dr Who fan – buy a weeping angel statue, put it in their back yard. Move it around when they aren’t looking. . . .
    This episode is one of the scariest episodes of ANYTHING I have ever seen! It’s right up there with “Hush” (season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer – if you haven’t already – watch it now but make sure it’s daytime and you have something to clutch in fear – preferably Victor)

  107. Yes, I almost agree with the moltitude of readers who see an invisible camera (or smarphone) hold by the blue angel. I suggest he’s a also gynecologist-angel visiting a patient. “I can’t see properly, can you hold this flashlight for me please?

  108. Most awesome, and I agree with many of the above posts: the Weeping Angels are the creepiest things to come from Dr. Who.

    Perfect addition to the dollhouse!

  109. Sometimes I think I would like to make a dollhouse or some other project. Then I remember I have three cats who would eat it, lay on it, and pee on it alternately. Sadness.

  110. Wow. One of *my* eardrums nearly exploded last week and tons of vile stuff leaked out. I am beginning to consider the possibility that we are having parallel lives. Except for the haunted dollhouse. I don’t have anything as crackers as that (yet).

  111. I was JUST telling my husband that we need a weeping angel for the garden. I wonder if they make them in larger sizes.

    Also I got a cool new Doctor Who mug that says “Keep calm and don’t blink” And it makes me think of you. 🙂

  112. Where on earth did you get a weeping angel?! & how do you sleep at night with it in your house. Just even looking at it in the picture creeps me out! That is probably among the scariest of all the Doctor Who evils. terrifying addition to your haunted house. terrifying!

  113. I have never looked at an angel statue in quite the same way after the episode of Dr Who!

    After you fill in the joints you could go to home depot or some place like that and get the spray paint that makes things look like rock. Because you are right, it is a kind of plasticy looking.

    Haunted doll house! How cool is that? You rock!

  114. OMG a weeping angel for the garden would be awesome……But then I would be too afraid to go outside!! They are so scary!! Sometimes I find myself trying not to blink for as long as possible to increase my chances of survival in the off chance I meet up with one! I Love the Doctor, but he has giving me a whole slew of new irrational things to be afraid of!

  115. The haunted dollhouse frightens and fascinates me. Maybe it wasn’t brain fluid leaking out of your ear, but ectoplasm…

  116. This pretty much makes you the coolest person I have ever heard of. Holy crap, man. A Haunted Dollhouse?! I freakin love it.

  117. OMG! It took me a second, “What’s new?” And then I saw it. Crreeeeepppy. That episode is the only one that ever gave me nightmares.

    Ok, now to go read what you wrote. I was just soaking in your dollhouse. Just what I needed today. Yay October! We’re almost there!

  118. I totally thought the angel had a camera and was wondering where I could go to find ironic Weeping-Angel-holding-camera figurines for the geeky toy shelf in my office.Disappointment.The Angels are back next episode, by the way. So scared for the Ponds! Hope you can hear again by then.your haunted dollhouse gets more awesome by the week.

  119. See I thought I was the only one who collected stuff like this. Thank you for making me appear normal. I just ordered a 2′ Frankenstein for the living room 🙂 Very cool stuff you have!

  120. Love it! I will have you know, I started watching Doctor Who mainly because of you! I don’t know if that is blame or a thank you. You can decide!

  121. I’ve had the exploding eardrum before. I’m so sorry! It sucks. I hope you feel better soon, and that your hearing returns faster than mine did.

  122. I hope you feel better soon! Poor dear. /hug I find myself fascinated by your dollhouse, but my most pressing question is: doesn’t all that tiny stuff get dusty? What do you do about it? Or does it not get covered in dust if the back is closed up all the time? I can’t imagine trying to dust it, with all those tiny pieces everywhere… Or does the dust add to the ambiance? Sending love and good wishes your way! <3

  123. Do you have any idea how hard it was not to squee in sheer pleasure when I saw the weeping angel in the BG of your haunted house room?
    You have made my day with your awesomeness! Thank you!

  124. I looked at the photo before reading the post and thought the Weeping Angel was life-sized. Nearly shit myself.
    There’s a new WA episode this Saturday but I guess you knew that.

  125. Just talking about that episode of Dr. Who at a Boy Scout camping trip. One of the families had never seen that show or any of the new series. Within an hour of getting home, mom said they were watching that episode and got the rest of the shows on NetFlix. They are now fans and think “Blink” is indeed the creepiest of them all!

  126. “Blink” was my intro to Doctor Who…and so began both my love affair with that TV show AND my ever-growing list of seemingly innocuous things that apparently want me dead (according to the Whoniverse). If anything belongs in a haunted dollhouse, it’s a weeping angel!

  127. AHHHHH! Turn the dog around and tape his eyes open or else the doll you is totes screwed! I am so glad I am reading this when it is light out and not near bedtime or I’d be having nightmares about your WA dollhouse! *eek*

  128. Luckily, they got to my eardrum before it could explode, and cut into it instead! Seriously, though, I hope your ears feel better soon. Having ear trouble as an adult totally sucks. My GP didn’t believe adults could have extensive Eustachian tube fail; both of my ears have proven her wrong.

  129. I always thought it would be cool if Fisher-Price made a little people haunted house. Or a cemetary. I know I would have played with that as a kid. That’s why the first three letters in funeral are FUN.

  130. I keep scrolling back upwards to make sure it hasn’t moved. I feel compelled to stare at the picture now. Or ask who is watching your dollhouse.

  131. this is a personal comment, my husband suffers depressive episodes that last varied amounts of time with little to no sense of humor. i wish he read books or blogs and would read yours. i try to hang in there with him but sometimes it is harder than others. i wonder if you’d comment on that. I love you, can i be your wife? kidding

  132. that comment should have been posted to your previous blog comment space, sorry about miscommenting your blogosphere- elaine

  133. Hey, congrats on having your book Let’s Pretend This Never Happened quoted in Reader’s Digest (Oct 2012)! Very cool!

  134. HEY idk if you’ll even see this because I’m relatively sure you get 8 hundred billion emails and messages and things a day, BUT.

    Would you be interested in helping a soldier in Afghanistan save his dog?

    My husband went to Afghanistan last year and in October he asked me to help him save a puppy. This freaking dog was adorable, I tell you what. So anyway he conned me into rescuing this FUCKING ADORABLE puppy who has grown into a giant shedding behemoth of duh, and now another lady here (in Texas actually! barely! Fort Bliss out of El Paso, I’d invite you to visit but it’s a hell) is trying to save her husband’s dog.

    SO, I’m trying to help her. This dog, Ghost, is in Kabul waiting for his family to raise 4 grand to bring him home. They have raised almost $1500 so far. It would be one of the coolest things ever if you could just like, tweet the link and a little “hey go give this guy a dollar” thing, or maybe mention it here on your page. We would be SO FREAKING THANKFUL.

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    Please help this soldier out. It sucks enough to have to be gone from your family for a freaking year, much less know that this dog might die in Afghanistan for the price of a piece of shit used car.

    Finally-do I love you? Beyonce knows I DO. It’s not by chance that I’m typing this on YOUR webpage, and not, like. I don’t know, Martha Stewart or whoever. Oprah. Someone.

  135. Ear issues are amazingly awful. Wishing you all the best in your recovery and I hope this means you get to wander around with a beautiful ear trumpet.

  136. First of all, I hope your exploded ear feels better soon! I had that happen to me a few years and IT IS NOT FUN!!!

    Secondly, I love love LOVE the haunted dollhouse. Honestly? I think I love the little dog that most. Dunno why…just do!

    You are all kinds of awesome 🙂

  137. Jenny- I have a mission I honestly feel only you can help with. I need a taxidermied chupacabra. My Dad and I secretly (not that secretly now) love chupacabras and sometimes- maybe all the time- refer to each other as “Choop”. Its a term of endearment, I swear. He recently sent me a Chupacabra bumper sticker. I feel I should up the stakes. And Im thinking a stuffed (ethically) chupacabra is JUST the thing. Only I live in AZ now (I USED to live in Fredericksburg where my Father still resides) and they do not think that shit is funny. So if you see one/ are willing to go on a quest to make my Dad the happiest Choopy on Earth… Id appreicate it. Scratch that. If youre willing, Ill pay whatever the damn thing costs.

  138. First,sorry about the ear situation. I hope you get better quickly!
    Second, this room is AWESOME!!! I love the weeping angel. It’s like an episode of Dr. Who. How did you get that? It’s creepy cool! Don’t blink!

  139. This is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen! I must view the slide show when I really have time to take in all the details. Beautiful!!

  140. I saw that episode of Dr. Who a good couple of years ago, and the very idea of it still scares the crap out of me. Nice add to a beautiful and impressive project.

  141. I think your angel is either taking a picture, angrily, or is about to sneeze and it’s going to be a big one.

    I was going to write “a whopper” but then I realized that I am either referring to something really big or an item of food from the King. The first way, it’s ok but the second make me sentence really weird.

  142. Dear Kate Fox- Re: Stuffed chupacabra. Here is the do-it-yourself, home taxidermy method to get a chupacabra.

    1) Find a coyote who has really bad mange
    2) Follow him/her around until the poor beast dies a natural death (this should not take long as morons from the Discovery Channel will be harassing it constantly for photos, thinking it is a real chupacabra).
    3) Take the carcass home and do that magical taxidermy stuff that taxidermyests do.
    4) Mount it on a board and make sure to pose it so it looks “Natural”.

    Wrap and give to your Father aka Choop, for Christmas. **

    *Note: Mange is caused by mites so your whole house and your Dad’s house will most likely be infested when you are done.

    Have fun!

  143. EEEE. This is pretty much the coolest thing I have ever seen! (Alright, so I don’t get out much)

    I have always wanted to build a doll house (seriously, since even before I got the Barbie DreamHouse when I was like 6) and now that I have seen yours…wow.

    Where did you begin? What is the structure made of?

  144. Blink and you’re dead…holy crap that thing is FREAKY!!! Totally awesome that you have it, I’d be way to weirded out to ever do it, I’m so not that brave! Especially if David Tennant isn’t going to be around to rescue me.

    Sucks about your eardrum, I have migraine associated vertigo (what the hell is that? I know, right?!) so essentially my head is always spinning and my eardrums usually feel like they’re going to explode, though they never actually do. I hate that yours did since I’m sure it’s a terrible experience, but thanks for at least going first so I have someone to look to as an example should mine ever finally take the plunge.

  145. OhmahGOSH, the first thing I noticed in your picture was the WEEPING ANGEL!!! super cool. It’s my favorite scary episode on Dr. Who. Now I’m going to have to find one for our family!

  146. Exploded eardrums suck balls. One of mine exploded so many times that they finally had to start fixing it with grafts. The last time, the doc had to take the graft material frofrem the membrane that covers my freaking skull, since the cartilage ones only lasted two years each. This last one at least lastesd 12 years, but is about to be replaced again. I told my doc that this one better have DuPont or 3m stamped on that bitch, since obviously my own tissues are sub-par.
    The pain meds are nice though…
    Keep breathing, girl. You’ve made it out of the depression pit before, and you have inspired many of us to keep trying to climb out along with you.

  147. just looking at the picture of the outside took me back in time to when I watched the Adam’s Family every afternoon after school, I was looking for lurch, thing or that awesome car they used to drive parked outside, with ravens in the trees, click click (finger snapping sounds).

  148. I love, love your haunted house!! It’s like a museum piece right in your own room. Not that you ever would but Sotheby’s could sell your haunted house for like a zillion dollars. They just sold that lady Astor’s stuff for millions and your haunted house is way cooler.

  149. Wow…your haunted dollhouse is waaayyyy nicer than my real house! Do you think it would be weird if I tried to decorate my home like your haunted dollhouse? I love Halloween, too and that’s the coolest dollhouse I have ever seen! Nice job!

  150. Oh Lord, my eardrum exploded when I was pregnant with my son and I thought I was going to die. The pain was worse than labor and C-section combined. I am so sorry for your ear. Enjoy the ear blood though. That’s always fun.

    PS Be careful flying for a while. The air pressure makes things… terrifying?

  151. My first reaction to this post was Holy Crap that is awesome (jaw drops) and my second reaction is one that I have every time I see anything about the angels, I get the chills/goosebumps, my eyes water and I get a lump in my throat. Every. Single. Time. Hope you are feeling better.

  152. Thank you SO MUCH for linking to the other pics of your haunted dollhouse!! It is, quite literally, the most awesome dollhouse I have ever seen! The Oz shelf had me teary-eyed…it’s my favorite movie of all time!!!

  153. When I first read this post I had not watched Dr. Who since the 1980’s (stop judging me).

    This episode was on last night.

    I am now an official member of the I’m-shit-scared-of-bloody-angels club …

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