No time to properly title this.

The family that watches pop culture tv together…trick-or-treats together:
The Lawson Family on the way out the door.

Happy Halloween, everyone.

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  1. Y’all are amazing. My family just watches the tv, without the clever costumes.

  2. Love it. My husband is apparently dressing up as “the guy who is eating all of the candy for the trick or treaters before they get here.”

  3. Love it!! My 11 year old went as the 11th doctor! I should have gotten the Tardis dress to go with him.

  4. I love it!! My family always dresses in theme costume every year as well. This year we’re all characters from Adventure Time (yeah, some years the adults don’t get to pick).

  5. I need a TARDIS dress. You know, one that’s smaller on the outside. So it will look like a size 4 even though it’s totally bigger than that on the inside.

  6. Happy Halloween, Bloggess Family! FABULOUS costumes!
    I’m going as “Overworked Woman in Yoga Pants;” my husband, I imagine, will be, “Man in Boxer Shorts Because Pants are Uncomfortable When You Eat Too Much Mini-Snickers.”

  7. So- I love the costumes, for realz- but is that a bowl full of sticks with hands on the end of them on the shelves behind you? Because, those… those are really something.

  8. Love it. My hair stylist and her family dressed up in the zombie theme. One was a zombie cow, another was a zombie farmer (cause a zombie cow needs a zombie farmer) and her and her husband were zombie hunters.

  9. At work today…a girl walked past in a dalek costume. I was all OH ORANGE DALEK!!! and she’s all OMG YOU KNEW WHAT I WAS!!!

    we was awesome

  10. Love your Tardis dress!! Victor makes a good Dr. also. And the little one is a cutie. Have a great night.

  11. That’s amazing. I’m going as a puppeteer and my dog a piece of taxidermy (a decapitated moose). Completely inspired by your book.

  12. Well now my TARDIS beanie and gloves just don’t seem like enough, people won’t think I’m dressed up they’ll just think I’m cold…I think my next dress project shall be a TARDIS dress, only I’ll probably wear it all the time and not just on Halloween! You guys look amazing!

  13. We tried in vain to get our puppy to wear a cardboard box painted like the Tardis. Apparently, she is not a Whovian.

  14. Shut up! You stole my costume!! I was The Tardis (homemade dress though) this weekend and then again at work today!

  15. Wow! Victor looks so normal between his two women. Great shot!

    Please tell him he is the best sport on the planet…then give him an extra Snickers ! He’s earned it.

  16. I thought you might like to know that my friends’ college age kids taped a note to the door for the trick or treaters…..”My apologies. The tardis is stuck in 1969 and we are unable to deliver candy at this time. Love, the Doctor.” They are some seriously nifty kids.

  17. Oh good lord. This is a beautiful and magnificent thing. I was just telling a friend earlier that there are few things in life better than a pretty girl wearing a TARDIS. The addition of The Doctor makes it better. You already know it, but you are a genius, girl.

  18. and to think I was actually wondering if Victor was one of your imaginary friends!!! Have a great time. Laurie F. from NY where it is CRAZY!!!

  19. I have no idea what any of you are but am thrilled beyond words to see a photo of Cictor!

  20. So skinny bitches are wearing a Tardis this season. Your next book better be a diet book because you look fabulous and I need your secret!

  21. Love it! ๐Ÿ˜€ I went as the TARDIS this year, too, though mine was made of cardboard, with a light on my head. xD My two-year old was the 11th Doctor, my 5-year old was the 10th Doctor, and my husband was Captain Jack! It was pretty amazing. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Halloween!

  22. Do I spy……. Harry Potter books behind you?! I know, it was hard to look beyond the fabulousness of your dress, but ……Harry Potter…..

  23. Oh em gee. I was a TARDIS (thank you, Etsy), husband was a Dalek, eldest daughter was Dr. Ellie Sadler, youngest daughter was a witch. This just proves that our youngest child is boring. Ahem.

  24. I LOVE the Tardis dress!!!!! We had Dr. Who going on in our house as well!! We had a Doctor (Matt Smith), a Dalek, and Rory!

  25. Tonight I was freezing cold lady with blue hair giving out candy because last weekend I was Tank Girl. Hence the excuse to dye my hair blue. I won the costume contest.

  26. Can you make a shirt to raise $ for hurricane victims please? I am one of them but ppl are much worse off than I am. My dear husband had an idea for a t-shirt slogan: We got f*cked by Sandy. Then otherback: that whore. I would buy it to help victims worse off. Things got decimated in my NY neighborhood. Looks like pics of Berlin during WWII. It would help a lot of ppl. Thank you.

  27. My three kids went as the 9th, 10th &11th Doctor. If I hadn’t had class I might have attempted being the TARDIS. Though hearing my child call me “Sexy” might have been more than slightly offputting….

  28. I have no idea what anybody is on about because it tells me the video is currently unavailable.

    Poo to you, internet/Flickr.

  29. Hmmm…apparently ‘the video or image is unavailable’ at this time.
    Well, at least it seems to be ‘unavailable’ for everyone…not the usual, ‘this video is not available in your country’.
    I guess, at least there’s some form of fairness there.
    But still…poopie.

  30. AH!
    For those who couldn’t see it (I can’t either) just click on the big block that says that it’s not available.

    Also, freaking ADORABLE.

  31. Thank you Erin for helping us internet-challenged folks. I clicked, and it showed up.
    Beautiful family!!!

    Happy High Holy pagan New Year to you and yours.

    (This is the witchy Julie, in case that last salutation wasn’t a big enough clue.)

    (Gawd, I need to stop doing this identification thing…… )

  32. Why was the photo removed???

    OK – I just finished your book “let’s pretend” OMG! thanks for all the laughs! I’ve been very sick with Shingles and your book really got my mind off the pain for a few hours… so thanks again.

    I wish I had known you were at the Texas Book Fair!!! Did you post the event on here? I live in Houston , if you are going to be in this area I’d like to know ahead of time. Hope this sounds like a big fan and not a stalker ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. @melmart 88,

    I just pissed off my Whovian wife (I am *totally* not one) by noting that that door note is *TOTALLY* Dr. Who. Because when the TARDIS is fixed, he DOES NOT return to hallowe’en night and be there to hand out candy. Which he could totally do. Because HELLO, TIME MACHINE. She keeps shaking her head angrily and muttering, “It doesn’t work that way… ” and I keep bellowing, “TIME MACHINE!!! What part of that is hard?”

    Then she said, “Well, there was a time when the Doctor couldn’t control the TARDIS, and wherever he landed, he was stuck there for a while,” but I (correctly) observed, “Yes, and you know what else is totally Dr. Who? That he didn’t show up five minutes BEFORE it broke with the repair kit, hand it to himself, and fix it before it broke. Because HELLO!!! TIME MACHINE!!!”

    Apparently, I’m a big meanie for understanding time travel, and understanding that once you have a working time machine, it becomes REALLY, REALLY hard to have suspense or even problems.

  34. I love it! I’d give you all millions of treats if you turned up at my house!
    I went to a party last night dressed as Minnie Mouse, I made my own ears and everything it was so much fun. Next year I’m going to try for something a bit more geeky though ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Well dang… Flickr is denying me the privilege of viewing the “image or video”.


  36. Complete disappointment in that I can’t view the picture. I’m sure it’s awesome though!

  37. It works for me when I actually click on the not-picture. Try that?

    Very cute costumes.

  38. ADORABLE! (and I mean you, Jenny, in the Tardis dress.). I went as Hipster Dorothy, my husband wore his Pirates of the Carribean shirt, and our daughter was a Pokemon trainer.

  39. I get the Tardis and Doctor Who, but is Hailey part of the Whoverse or just an awesome Zombie?

    (She’s a little girl walker from Walking Dead. I wanted her to be young Amy but she was very sure she wanted to be a zombie. The heart wants what it wants. ~ Jenny)

  40. I want a Tardis dress ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

    You guys looks awesome! Totally jealous.

    My husband was the 10th this year. He goes around “scanning” everything with his sonic screwdriver. It scares the cats.

  41. I have that dress too! I wore it last night for the trick or treaters.

    Happy Halloween!

  42. What’s Hailey’s costume? I can’t figure out what episode that might be from.

    I love your dress!

    (She’s actually a zombie from Walking Dead. ~ Jenny)

  43. Love the Tardis dress–and that you married someone willing to dress up as Dr. Who. How awesome is that?

  44. Ha! You and I were twins! I so wish I could have gotten my husband to be The Doctor…sigh.

  45. Jenny you look great! Lot of pounds gone since the Katie Couric dress issue! You go girl!!

  46. Jenny, this isn’t really the place for comments like this, but I just wanted you to know that you inspire me. I am 22 and suffering from crippling anxiety/panic attacks/ocd and I sometimes feel like I will never come out of this darkness, but you have show me that is is possible to live with these issues. I hope I can find someone in my life to talk to who is as inspiring as you are. Thanks so much for keeping me laughing.

  47. Great!!! Halloween has always been my favorite holiday bar none. Hailey is adorable as are her parents

  48. i actually got my husband to dress up this Halloween. I went as Rosemary (post-baby-w/satan spawn) and he went as Dr. Saperstein. Nailed it!

  49. Love this! I’m already planning on dressing up my first kid as a dalek for halloween (that’s when you know your a nerd).

  50. I NEEDS THAT DRESS!!!!!!! You could send it to me? Or…I could learn how to sew…….or YOU COULD SEND IT TO ME!?!?!?!?!

  51. Nicely done. I was cat food this year for Halloween so my Halloween costume resume goes like this. Bag of dog food as a child. Bag of cat litter while dating a woman who went as the cat lady one Halloween. The humor was lost on her. Now, with the munchkin playing the role of our blind black cat Pukey. I was cat food. Sure I’ve been other things over the years but this was in addition to my pet care theme.

  52. All you needed to complete the ensemble was one of your adorable animals in a Dalek costume

  53. Completed adorable (As always) and you know the TARDIS is a Steampunk thing, so I am taking that as a personal connection between you and I Jenny. I love you too! ???

    ~ Dr Brassy

  54. I love it!! Victor looks cute as the Doctor, but You are rocking the Tardis!!

  55. Ahh where did you get such an awesome screwdriver? I looked & looked for one this year to no avail. Heck, where did you find a tardis headband. Basically I’m totally jealous of your family’s swag.

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